Markets In Turmoil - Stocks Sliding As Bitcoin Tops $400

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With a shiny red ballon dog selling for $58 million, perhaps it was time to take a little profit in the equity exuberance. S&P futures are down 9 points from last night's close - which in the new normal is considerable (sadly) - with no macro data headlines this morning to spark a move, we will be watching JPY (which for now is rallying awkwardly) for signs of ignition. Meanwhile, as the USD flatlines (despite dispersion in FX), Bitcoin just toppped $400 for the first time ever - doubling in the last two weeks. Precious metals are up modestly; treasury yields are limping lower; and European equities (and sovereign bonds) are having another tough day.


S&P Futures an odd shade of green (called red we hear) this morning...



Bitcoin tops $400...

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You forgot the Sarc tag, but that's pretty funny.

CH1's picture

I guess the Chinese are turning on to BTC.

Could be fun.

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As one Philipino said to another...

'Now where's my fucking computer... oh ...hang on... maybe I can use this gold bracelet?...'

Harlequin001's picture

and as another Philipino said to another

'er wadda ya mean fuck off, this laptop's worth a fucking fortune, trust me... er, you got a plug?'

fonestar's picture

Thanks, I like the smell of FUD in the morning!

aerojet's picture

It's not FUD--it has every aspect of an epic scam.

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

Problem is: aerojet. They'll fucking scream for you to jump in, but never let you know that's it's time to get out. Not one peep.


fonestar's picture

...and when Bitcoin takes a breather and retraces the $300 level idiots like yourself will come out in force proclaiming "the end of Bitcoin".


Keep the lulz coming please!!



tsx500's picture

right on !     only, we won't see 300 again.  or 350.    people had their chance after that quick 25%  dump  from 400 .  you snooze, you lose.  he who hesitates, masturbates !   strong bull markets make it very tough to get onboard.   next stop 500 probably within a week.    and , NO , i am NOT Max Keiser !

fonestar's picture

Because you cannot understand how something works does not make it a scam.

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

His claim that it's an 'epic scam' makes it clear to all that he understands exactly how it works.


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>> IRS Seizes $35,000

A few years ago, five or eight or so, I was put through holly hell by US and Bermudian customs over doing a cash deal.   The day after the deal closed customs agents were all over my ass.  Obviously they had even been using listening devices. 

I had done a number of cash deals in the past with no real problem.  I would take the cash, and the buyer, down to my bank, make the deposit, and get cashiers checks for the seller.  In this case, when I contacted the seller I was instructed to pass the cash along as they would prefer the cash.

Of course, if tax evasion was my motive, I could have taken my share in cash and paid my salesman (woman in this case) with cash and been theoretically Scott free.  I immediately deposited my part into my escrow account, transferred it to my operating account and paid my saleswoman with a company check.  That is what saved my ass from jail, but not 1.5 years of torment.   My female salesperson, that bitch, did her very best to throw me under the bus on the deal but I was bus proof.

The Bermudian government folks tried to force me to to to Bermuda to testify.  I finally had to hire an attorney to get them off of my ass.

I followed the case for several years.  The defendant ended up getting off not guilty but not before having his possessions thoroughly trashed and made worthless. 

Even though I was aware of how to do cash deals legally, that experience put them into the "not worth the hassle" category. 

I don't have a very fond opinion of government folks there to "help" me.


Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

You should have used bitCon, that way .gov would have known right away what was going on and if need be they would SilkRoad you or not fuck with.


CH1's picture

As one Philipino said to another...

Maybe you can move to a likely disaster area, where you will finally be proven right.

Harlequin001's picture

You don't move to a likely disaster area dick head. They come to you, like it or not and when you least expect them.

and if you've no electric in your plug when they do you're pretty fucked with bitcoin aren't you?

There's a reason why gold has been money for 5,000 years isn't there. Nice to know I'm finally proven right though...

Meat Hammer's picture

And how did that Filipino do with debit card transactions or getting some cash out the bank after the typhoon?

You use armageddon as your scenario to slam BTC then pat yourself on the back? Thanks for the laugh.


Harlequin001's picture

Surely you can't be that fucking stupid. What do you have round your finger that's always valuable?

Most people have a gold ring or something but let me guess, you've got bitcoin? Lucky, lucky you. Really came up trumps when the chips were down didn't it?

Why don't you go buy some tulips, they were valuable once too you know...


Bunga Bunga's picture

And in a desaster area you pay a goldring for a case of water bottles, how smart is that?

Oldballplayer's picture

Methinks you are missing the point.


If my home is in ruins around me, I can probable get to my safe in a couple of days.  I guess I would have pulled some PMs out to get me through the next few days.

But in the same way, my bitcoin wallet is on a little USB card that I can put in a plastic bag and carry with me as well.

In a few days I am sure I could either get to a computer or talk to someone over the phone (a relative in another part of the country/world because 46% of cel phones are already back up in PI) and they could do the bitcoin transaction for me--convertin into fiat to use on my debit card.

The end of the world scenarios are nice.  But if they happen everywhere, at the same time, it really doesnt matter what you have to get you through the tough time--cash is king and even then it might not be.

Its just another way of looking at the world.

GoldMeUp's picture

So how are you going to get to your gold when it's buried under piles of rubble, and you're starving and have to leave town to try to survive.  Yeah, I bet some of the Philipinos who had a hidden gold stash might not be so well off right now.


Good thing my bitcoin private keys are replicated all around the world in different data centers.  You could nuke a whole country and I'd still get access to my money.


I know gold has advantages too.  They both have advantages and disadvantages.  It's not just a simple thing where gold is superior in every way.

Exponere Mendaces's picture

Show me a single picture of a Philipino citizen buying food with gold.

There isn't one, because food right now exceeds the price of gold. That is what really happens in a disaster.

SheepDog-One's picture

At this point, let's just assign Pooka shells as the world reserve currency....makes about as much sense as anything else.

fonzannoon's picture

CH1 is there a way for a neanderthal like me who is used to walking into a store and out with an ounce of silver to buy bitcoin without it being a complicated situation where I don't end up screwing myself? 


fonzannoon's picture

appreciate the honesty.

Wen_Dat's picture

I'm a neanderthal like you. Basically need to download wallet, password protect it (but need to download separate program to hide your keystrokes while creating said password). Buy bitcoins from exchange. Backup wallet on computer (not hooked up to internet).... I forgot the rest 

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

You forgot the important part, buying requires bank transfers of fiat to the bitCon'er. Anonymous whatever.


Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

It's a bunch of slick anonymous israeli guys who will pump and dump and then disappear in the middle of the night with ZeroAccountability.

Suckers beware.


fonzannoon's picture

My main concern going forward is that tech is going to lead the way to all sorts of new things, and mediums of exchange could be one of them. I don't know if it will be bitcoin or something else, but I want a piece of whatever it is.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

You find a middle man locally who has coins and go to their shop with an anonymous wallet and account that is set up and on an usb drive. You might be able to find a local pawn broker/check cashier who deals in bitcoins but you will pay a nice above spot price for the service. You won't need a bank account but you pay extra for the service. Once you have them in your wallet you can forget about them for awhile if you are using them as an investment. Assume the same for turning coins back into cash or some other medium. You don't have to trade them on exchanges if you don't want to.


Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

Yes, I do it this way. I have an online store in the deep web where I sell silencing devices, no doc stamps required, no serial numbers, we need hush hush all the way around.

This is the way.

When I go Deep I also 'live off the land'. A high plains drifter.


One thing, the secret tribal code word for the groups is 'shalom' and the secret handshake is 'pinky shake'. Goy does not know this.

fonestar's picture

Yeah, it's really just another ZOG-based conspiracy.  Apparently, the entire world is too stupid to review the code and figure that one out.  Thanks for helping out moron!

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

Don't get so touchy pornstar. If you can make it here you can make it anywhere. It's up to you pornstar pornstar.

Selling the currency porn.


fonestar's picture

All you have is FUD.  Frankly, your stupid posts and links looks like someone has passed you a list of talking points.

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

This is an old game just new technology involved. The old guys who are not interested in learning the tech should team up with younger guys who know the tech and teach them the game in return for the younger guys executing it with the coins here. It is called passing on knowledge and wisdom the type of education they don't teach you in school. You know kind of how it used to be when shit worked normally. Find a young protege you trust and teach them the game in return for them working the tech end in the new market. You'll learn about the tech by osmosis in the process.

LuisCypher's picture



Go to: read the posts and info in the sidebar.
This should be enough info to get you started.

Suggested wallets:

Don't use an online web wallet.
For your PC use Multibit, it is secure simple and light.
For your phone use Bitcoin Wallet.

Get them from here:

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

Getting some face time with people locally who do use it is generally a good idea. Just go and ask questions and use that as decider on how you want to proceed. If you like what you see you've also made some networking contacts you can use as jump off points as you delve deeper.

fonestar's picture

I am willing to work with those who are interested in getting their hands on some Bitcoin (I am personally not selling mine though).

One of the original sign-ups on  100% positive feedback.  And no, I do not recommend Bitcoin for everyone.  At the very least you should be familiar with data backup, programs that use encryption, directory structure, basic security, etc.

fonzannoon's picture

who do you recommend bitcoin for?

fonestar's picture

For people:

1) confident they are not going to be able to make backups and not lose them

2) make a strong private-key, remember it without writing it down or disclosing it to anyone

3) are willing to take personal responsibility for their own wealth (nobody to call if you screw it up)



Meat Hammer's picture

fonz, You can get a payment coupon from bitinstant then take it down to CVS or Walmart and use their Moneygram system to make the transfer.  Set aside an hour or so to get it done.  But first you also to set up a wallet. is a good place to set it up.  Put in $100 or so.  It's been fun to check my wallet and watch it go full retard.

The initial process of setting up your wallet and getting Bitcoins is a bit cumbersome, but once it's done it's pretty easy to manage and use Bitcoin for purchases.  

Edit: Or just do what Skin says below and I'll fuck off.

Skin666's picture

Hi Fonz,

1 ) Go to

2 ) Buy bitcoin off seller (USD price will be clearly visible)

3 ) Pay with bank transfer, while bitcoins are in escrow

4 ) Once the seller has received your bank transfer, the coins will be released to your account.

5 ) Transfer bitcoin from account to a hot wallet on, or download bitcoin qt client to your laptop, waith for the blockchain to sync, back up your wallet on a thumb drive, and delete the wallet off your desktop. BULLETPROOF


If you like trading, this is the best bitcoin to altcoin exchange atm

Bitcoin is already a technological dinosaur. I like to think of bitcoin as the Model T Ford, innovative, mindnumbingly brilliant, revolutionary even, but it will soon be overtaken by the next generation cryptocurrencies.That is the way of the markets

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