Russian Lawmaker Who Believes The Antichrist Is Coming, Proposes Bill To Ban Dollars In Russia

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Attracting some attention in Russian media today is proposed legislation by State Duma lawmaker Mikhail Degtyarev of Vladimir Zhirinovsky's controversial Liberal Democratic Party and former candidate for mayor of Moscow (where he got 2.86% of the vote), who seeks to ban dollar deposits and transactions at Russian banks warning that the U.S. dollar is on the brink of collapse. As Moscow Times reports, "Mikhail Degtyaryov said the dollar will collapse in 2017 if U.S. national debt continues to grow at the current rate, and he cautioned that countries with a high dependence on the currency would suffer an economic disaster... In light of this, the fact that confidence in the dollar is growing among Russian citizens is extremely dangerous," he said in an explanatory note attached to the bill, according to Interfax.

Degtyarev's proposed anti-USD capital controls would impose the ban within a year of its passage, and the holder of a dollar account would need to spend the money, convert it into another currency, or see the bank convert the account into rubles at the average rate for the previous year.

Russians could still buy and sell dollars while abroad, hold dollar deposits in foreign banks, and engage in e-commerce.


The legislation would not apply to the Central Bank, the government, the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Federal Security Service and the Federal Treasury.


It was unclear when the bill might come up for a first hearing and whether it would find enough support in the pro-Kremlin legislature to be passed into law.

But before anyone scrambles to convert all their dollars into crisp rubles, keep in mind this is the same candidate who previously proposed banning gay and bisexual men from donating blood, paid days off for menstruating women, and has said he believes Russia will lead the world in vanquishing the Antichrist.

But that's just the beginning. FP recently did a full profile on Degtyarev:

Meet the man who not only would like to lead Moscow in battle against Satan, but would also like to give women two days leave from work every month during menstruation.

For Degtyarev, the battle between good and evil is one that plays out in intensely nationalist terms. "I can say as a believer that I believe in the apocalypse from the point of view of faith. And I think we must prepare," Degtyarev said on Friday. "I believe that we'll defeat the Antichrist -- I'm sure of it -- and that Russia will lead the fight against the Antichrist."


But Degtyarev has no patience for the portended apocalypses of other religions. Late last year, he launched a campaign to stop Russian media from reporting on the possibility that the end of the Mayan calendar foretold the end of the world. "In our compatriots' interests, we ask you to pay attention to the dissemination of pseudo-scientific information about the end of the world in your media," he said in addressing the coverage.


Incidentally, Degtyarev serves as the deputy head of the science and technology committee in the Duma.


But Degtyarev isn't just a kooky crusader for Christ. He's perhaps best known for his initiative to give women paid leave during menstruation. Last month, he introduced a bill in the Duma that would require employers to provide their female employees two days off every month during what he called their "critical days."


"In this period, the majority of women experience psychological and physical discomfort," Degtyarev said at the time. "Often the pain for the fair sex is so intense that they are forced to call an ambulance."


The language of that legislation reads like something of an homage to male condescension: "Strong pain induces heightened fatigue, reduces memory and work-competence and leads to colorful expressions of emotional discomfort. Therefore scientists and gynecologists look on difficult menstruation not only as a medical, but also a social problem."



Degtyarev's nationalism was on full display earlier this week during a visit to a traditional Russian bath house, where he made a shirtless appearance before the cameras clad only in a towel and a traditional Russian hat. In an interview, which you can view below, he declared that when the plague struck Europe, Russians were largely immune to the effects of the disease because of the restorative properties of the banya. Such are the powers, Degtyarev claims, of traditional Russian culture.


In other words, it is safe to assume the dollar will be widely used in Russia for a quite a while longer.

More importantly, the erosion of the dollar's credibility will not take thanks to the efforts of fringe lunatics abroad, but thanks to America's very own non-fringe lunatics, especially those located in the Marriner Eccles building.

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Seer's picture

Well, a one-hit-wonder still came up with a HIT.  Being right about one thing is better than being wrong about everything.  I can agree with this message, the messenger? um, well, not so much...

Aeternus's picture

In russia, vodka drinks you!

Na zdorovye!



Pladizow's picture

"....this is the same candidate who previously proposed banning gay and bisexual men from donating blood, paid days off for menstruating women, and has said he believes Russia will lead the world in vanquishing the Antichrist."

Soooooo, he's more credible then Obama!

rwe2late's picture


Is there nothing worse they can criticize him about? One may disagree, but there is at least a credible basis for such advocacy:


the AIDS problems in Russia,

and the fact that some menstrating women may have more grounds for a legitimate "sick day" than many others who call in sick.

jcaz's picture

.....Behold, the future Treasurer of BitCoin......

New England Patriot's picture

Actually Gog and Magog get pretty soundly beaten by Israel in the last days.

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

don't under estimate the russian orthodox church

TwoCats's picture

Not by Israel, read your Bible  (Ezek. 38 for those unaware).  God himself has to step in and deal with that one.  But, judging by the aftermath, Russia won't have enough army to lead much of anything after that.

pot_and_kettle's picture

neither will europe, and for that I will be glad

stiler's picture

Russia won't have any army left. It is annilated along with the entire eastern balance of power. It's in the text that "only a sixth part" of the force, consisting of Russian, Iranian, German, Turk and Somalian, will survive. The original text says "not even a sixth". Also fire and brimstone is rained down on Russia and "the isles" (?) They are politically destroyed. This event marks the end of the east/west balance of power and the beginning of a OWGov.

Deo vindice's picture

Say what you will, but given a choice I would rather not have blood from a practicing homosexual either.

By a huge percentage, they are the most likely to carry HIV.

This has nothing to do with "hating homosexuals", and everything to do with common sense self-preservation.

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

actually all points have some upside unless you are the husband of the menstrating wife....  reality kinda sucks but it is what it is

rubiconsolutions's picture

".....paid days off for menstruating women...."

Bloody well right they should.

TwoCats's picture

Preceless reference!  Love it.

I am more equal than others's picture



The anti-christ is here.....









Hail satan... er... I mean Mr. President

DaveyJones's picture

Here in America, lobbyists for the AntiChrist just pushed through an anti-vanquish measure

ebear's picture

Flying grenade monkey

TwoCats's picture

A popular line of thought re. the Antichrist is that there has always been someone ready to step up and become the Antichrist.  When the time is right (the world is ready for a dictator again), the current candidate will be ready and waiting.  Obama is just the current candidate.

Headbanger's picture

Since when are the Ruskies so religious!!  I liked em better as a godless evil empire to fear becoming.  Now they is us??

Seer's picture

You have to address people at the lowest levels in order to get their attention.

willwork4food's picture

Now we have become the evil godless empire.

 I always thought Babylon refered to the kingdom of the north (USSR).  How wrong I was.

stant's picture

nope its the yankees, tried to tell ya 150 yrs ago

DaveyJones's picture

That East Orthodox never left, it just laid low for a while. Churches usually outlive their political competition  

JR's picture

The American media always makes a mistake when discussing the Russian people. They were a moral people with an incredible background in strength and discipline; but they were occupied by the Bolsheviks and dominated by them throughout the murdering regimes of Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin and their henchmen  --  all of this supported heavily by Jewish bankers in New York and Jewish family activists in the Soviet Union.

Ironically, when the Soviet Union fell and hundreds of thousands of Jews left for America and Israel, a poll was taken to ask Russians if they favored return of the Jews; 91% said “no.”

The media, of course, was so surprised that throughout it all the Russian people had retained their faith in God.

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

heck, they could look at us now with our hoppleheads and say the same thing, but yet here in the heartland, the Word is still somewhat taken seriously by a remnant... and i believe that remnant will persevere even if this country does not

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

something about persecution and christianity that seems to bring out the real stuff... reading heavenly man about chinese house churches... these people make the evangelicals look like atheists... makes me want to smuggle bibles into korea

Say What Again's picture

Patrick Swayze never looked so good.  I didn't know he could speak russian

rubiconsolutions's picture

"The legislation would not apply to the Central Bank, the government, the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Intelligence Service, the Federal Security Service and the Federal Treasury."

Comrade says - "Do as we say, not as we do."

tsx500's picture

newsflash :  the antichrist has already arrived ... his nickname is "President Stompyfeet"

DosZap's picture

and has said he believes Russia will lead the world in vanquishing the Antichrist.Well that is a dead give away,NO ONE save ONE rids the world from the Antichrist, and HE is not of this world.

pot_and_kettle's picture

His heart is in the right place.  *Some* of his proclamations, not so sure...

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

A toast to "Mikhail Degtyaryov".

The American Dollar has made itself the "Antichrist".

Put it to death before it kills everyone!

john39's picture

well, the dollar certainly has the right symbols all over it...  oh wait, that is just supposed to be art or something.  my bad.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

The American People have allowed themselves to make the $$$ into the "Antichrist"

Fixed it!

JR's picture

And by putting it to death, the American people would put to death the most blatant scam of all history, the grand illusion that calls the Federal Reserve Note "money."

The wrote in 2006: “Between 1783 and 1913, the U.S. dollar was a real store of wealth. Except during war-time periods, inflation within the U.S. was essentially zero. If you saved one dollar in 1800, a hundred years later you could still purchase approximately the same amount of goods with that dollar.

But then in 1913 something changed, and the U.S. dollar started down a long, steady road of dollar devaluations. Using the U.S. government’s own figures, to obtain the same amount of purchasing power of $100 in 1913, you would need $2,038.38 in 2010. “

One of the explanations for the sharp decrease in the dollar’s value from 1900 to 1913 before the Fed cartel was activated in 1914 is explained by G. Edward Griffin: “The concentration of control over financial resources was far advanced by 1910.  In the United States, there were two main focal points of this control: the Morgan group (Rothschild) and the Rockefeller group.  Within each orbit was an intricate maze of commercial banks, acceptance banks, and investment firms.  In Europe, the same process of financial concentration had proceeded even further and had coalesced into the Rothschild group and the Warburg group.”

It was in 1910 that Paul Warburg--a partner in Kuhn, Loeb & Company - a representative of the Rothschild banking dynasty in England and France - and brother to Max Warburg who was head of the Warburg banking consortium in Germany and the Netherlands—met on Jekyll Island off the coast of Brunswick, Georgia, in secret to birth plans for the Fed banking cartel to protect its members from competition.

US Dollar Purchasing Power During the 20th Century:

Dr. Engali's picture

Well he got one thing right. Russia did vanquish Zero from Syria.

HardAssets's picture

This Russkie is freakin' nuts !

If he thinks the dollar will last for another 4 years

TwoCats's picture

Timing is always a difficult thing to call.  He is nuts if he believes he knows the timing.  But, I upvoted you anyway.

RSloane's picture

There are people on the US House Foreign Relations  Committee who think 1] if you put too many people on Guam it will tip over and sink: and 2] there are two Viet Nams and this congressperson likes the southern one better.

Given that backdrop how bad could this guy be?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Kudos to your perfect rebuttle.

I would certainly want to add "Lyndsey" Graham and John McC'insane' to that list as paid operatives of the IsraHell/U.S. Government.

Bottom line, if we were paying attention to our lawmakers in Washington we wouldn't have had Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan Libya, Syria (soon to be Iran) and destination(s) unknown with Operation Twist and QE infinity paying for all of them.

RSloane's picture

By all means yes! Putin had the best explanation for McCain: anyone who was exposed to the vile treatment and torture as a POW that McCain described in his autobiography  would naturally be insane. There are clips of it on Russia Today.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Truth be told.  Putin's comments were justified, but he misspoke when he artributed McCain's treatment with those of his fellow POWs.

Too much is already out there that his treatment was better than many of his fellow inmates because of the status he held as a bargaining chip to the North Vietnamese. 

His father being a high ranking Admiral and also another "sellout" to his Country in the subsequent cover up of the U.S.S. Liberty incident.

I believe McCain was wired at birth that way the same as Dick Cheney.  As for Lady Graham?...  The Mossad have a regular pension for the little cross dresser of gift coupons at any Jimmy Choo's boutique of his choosing.


RSloane's picture

Putin's statements about McCain were soley based on what McCain claimed his experiences were. Putin knew McCain was advocating the bombing of Syria and in its beautiful symplicity Putin was saying : if everything you say is true then naturally you are insane. How was McCain going to respond to that - no really I lied in my book so just ignore it? Putin gave him no out other than to shut up.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Your points well taken.

But when you are talking about the "worst-of-the-worst" on this planet that should have never been allowed to become an aviator let alone a career politician you can't help but want to denigrate and scourge the SOB any way that you possibly can.

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Re:  Bottom line, if we were paying attention to our lawmakers

That's true, but it's pretty much true too that citizens have never been able to control politicians because the politicians are sociopaths.   

Unfortunately, the only way to "control" them is to starve them.    A broke government can't do any damage.   And the citizens do take notice when taxes are raised to pay for the government.

But, also unfortunately, the sociopaths have figured out a way around that.   Both Teams have agreed never to raise taxes but instead finance all the fun Big-Gov stuff with debt.    The citizens even demand their taxes not be raised AND want their Big-Gov stuff.   

The sociopaths win, the citizens living off of Big-Gov win,  the banksters win,  democracy loses.   Oh well.