House Democrat On Obamacare "I Don't Know How Obama Fucked This Up So Badly"

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For five years, congressional Democrats have sprung to his defense when Obama's been in trouble. Now though, amid the dismal reality of Obamacare, Politico reports a familiar refrain from Democratic sources: Obama's "if-you-like-it-you-can-keep-it" promise on insurance policies is his "Read my lips, no new taxes" moment — a reference to the broken promise that came to damage President George H.W. Bush’s credibility with his fellow Republicans. His one-time allies are no longer sure that it's wise to follow him into battle, leaving Obama and his law not only vulnerable to existing critics, but open to new attacks from his own party. Democratic sources say, Obama can expect that lawmakers will be quicker to criticize him — and distance themselves from his policies.


Via Politico,

[Instead of his "fix" and talking points for Obamacare], the White House chief of staff might have been better off revealing a U.S. map with the president’s plan for saving congressional Democrats’ seats — or just apologizing for letting so many Democrats walk out in public and repeat wildly inaccurate White House claims about the health of the enrollment website and Americans’ ability to keep their insurance plans if they liked them.




President Barack Obama’s credibility may have taken a big hit with voters, but he’s also in serious danger of permanently losing the trust of Democrats in Congress.




“I don’t know how he f—-ed this up so badly,” said one House Democrat who has been very supportive of Obama in the past.


The first test of unity: how many Democrats vote for a bill Friday penned by Michigan Republican Rep. Fred Upton. The legislation would allow people to keep their canceled insurance plans through 2014.




Congressional Democrats are on the line in 2014. Many of them voted for Obamacare, defended it in 2010 and will have to stand in front of voters next year and explain the problems.




Even some Democrats who have been big supporters of the Affordable Care Act told McDonough that Obama’s plan for an administration fix to address health plan cancellations isn’t enough for them. They need a bill to get behind. Translation: In addition to skepticism about the policy, it’s not good politics for them to just fall in line behind Obama on the fix.




Democrats who are leaning toward voting for a GOP bill, due on the House floor Friday, that would address the cancellation issue in much broader fashion than Obama would like.


“We don’t have a policy problem,” Pelosi told her Democrats in the private meeting, a defense of the law written by Congress. “We have a website problem.”




No one expects Obama to lose the majority of Democrats on the GOP bill Friday, but even a few dozen defections would be a telling indication that lawmakers are no longer as worried about hurting him as they once were.




Rep. Jim Moran (D-Va.), who passionately defended the law in the closed-door meeting Thursday, acknowledged in an interview that the White House was probably a “little too overconfident and the rhetoric, perhaps, got a little hyperbolic in terms of how perfect this is.” But he also acknowledged it is more difficult for House Democrats to sign onto the White House’s promises right now, particularly the assurances that the website will be fixed by the end of the month.


“We’re not going to all get behind a Nov. 30 date, which is probably not going to be realized...

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Whatta's picture

ok, really, what HASN'T he fuct up?

holdbuysell's picture

Droning innocent women and children.

Creating kill lists on Americans.

Crushing the US Constitution.

Crying crocodile tears.

Reading the hell out of a teleprompter.

Anything else?

Theosebes Goodfellow's picture



~"House Democrat On Obamacare "I Don't Know How Obama Fucked This Up So Badly""~

Nancy Pelosi: "We have to pass it to find out what's in it."

So soon we forget....


Manthong's picture

i am loving this..  just a little pin prick.. can you tell me where it hurts?

Richard Chesler's picture

Repudiate Obozo = Repudiate the banksters.

philipat's picture

This "Fix", apart from the fact that it won't work because of contracts executed by States with the Insurers, is also unconstitutional. The President has a constitutional duty to "Faithfully implement all laws". Only Congress can make changes to any law. If the law IS changed it will doom Obamacre to failure because of the "Adverse selection" in place, whereby the old and sick only will enroll, thus pushing up costs and premiums, which in turn means fewer people can afford to enroll. If it ISN'T changed, it is going to fail anyway because the young will not join. I give it 12 months maximum before it falls apart.

icanhasbailout's picture

I know how they fucked up so badly and wrote about it here: Same things I've been saying for years. The law is a flawed design and the management is incompetent.


Stay away from this thing. It's an identity theft machine, and I will be releasing more information on that topic sometime next week. I have a meeting in Congress next week to try and get this site shut down before any more damage is done.

covsire's picture

What the law is is a just reward for the Godless nation we've become.  It will get worse.  

Basically though, Obamacare is a guillotine.  A massive, complex and sadistic guillotine that isn't quite operational yet.  Just the sight of it and the peasants are running scared.  Insurance companies got one sight of this beast, not even workable yet is sending chills down everyone's spine.  The guillotine has bugs, it's still version 0.8 and isn't quite operational yet.  The American people's heads are at the bottom.  The socialist and communist sheep have been conned into willingly holding their heads under it, expecting the blade to hit everyone but them while they get "enlightment" from the experience.  Then there's the Republicans.  The conservatives have been screaming bloody murder.  The left-hated (read: media) Tea Party has been the most shrill voice all along.  The RINO's though, are pissed.  They sort of agree the Guillotine sucks and they're going to try to fix the situation.  RINO leadership is yelling: "The blade needs oil!", "Train the guys to run it more efficiently!".  They're not acting like they want to save us from it, they want it fixed so it actually works.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

Obama and Bush are both CIA babies.

covsire's picture

The average American can no longer discerne a ravenous wolf from a sheep and those who can't already hate those who can.  I'd say we're still in the first half of the vicious cycle.

zhandax's picture

Yes, but we must savor that ohnosecond when half of the fucktards in congress realized that the superior liar down the street had hung them out to dry.

new game's picture


anyone seen john lately.

sure miss his honesty, sincerity and his values...

we need more people like him

zhandax's picture

John is over at HuPo supporting the base.  Troll much, do you?

asteroids's picture

Obozo and congress suffer from the same disease that killed Steve Jobs. "Magical Thinking". Instead of sound science and honesty they pinned their beliefs on some unproven, illogical, bullshit theory. It killed Jobs, It'll killl Obozocare. Fuckem all.

GetZeeGold's picture




"I Don't Know How Obama Fucked This Up So Badly"


Siam sofa king stew fed....and pretty damn proud about it.


We'll be sure to remember how you held the coats while the boy king and his minions totally screwed us.

nmewn's picture

"We don’t have a policy problem,” Pelosi told her Democrats in the private meeting, a defense of the law written by Congress. “We have a website problem."

Because writing a law FORCING young people to buy something they don't want or need is great policy...right Nana?

Simply amazing.

zhandax's picture

It doesn't even do that.  They first passed a law that states that if the kids are under 26 and have parents with insurance, they can be covered under the parent's insurance.  Why would any of these people even consider?  So we are left with a pile of 27-32 years olds, expected to pull the load for every unfit who sighs up?  Right!

dontgoforit's picture

Gimme anutha hit 'a dat hopium! 

Freddie's picture

Clinton too.  The last 4 have.  Reagan - no because they tried to kill him.  My guess Poppy was behind that one as he knew about LBJ being part of JFK getting iced. 

Carter was in the nuke sub service so he might have been a Company man as well.

tvdog's picture

Obama and Bush are both CIA babies.

So was Jason Russell. Do they program (ala MK Ultra) their own children?

Husk-Erzulie's picture

To an extent, yes.  Not as drastically as a Monarch slave but, depending on the subjects family background and likely career arc, certain failsafes should be implemented at the very least.  If you come from a Company family then more likely than not, at some point unbeknownst to you, you have been tranced and programmed.  (Remember the family trip you took to Belize when you and you siblings were in your early teens?  Dad's acquaintance, the friendly professorial doctor?  Remeber how he took your hand, how he looked at it, spoke softly to you?  The strange feeling that trip left with you, oddly nostalgic, slightly disconnected from time?  Remember something like that?)   The Company itself dates from the second war.  The connections of influence and interest and the techniques of secrecy and control predate The Company.  Some higher level techniques are ancient, derived from cultures and scientific approaches which would seem odd, unlikely and outright bizarre to the average 21st century american.

icanhasbailout's picture

Insurance companies built this beast. Their lobbyists wrote much of the law.


Problem is, they got way too greedy, and built in so many customer gouging mechanisms that they didn't know when to stop. (They probably couldn't help themselves, since rent-seeking is pretty much what they exist to do.) They piled so much of this crap into the law that the end result is that no one who is not already sick, and outrageously-expensively so, gets a better deal by signing up than by saying fuck it I'll take my chances.


This is going to create a death spiral for the insurers since the pricing doesn't work without the healthy people in the pool. So they basically offed themselves with their own insatiable greed - "suicide by lobbyist".

Double.Eagle.Gold's picture

"suicide by lobbyist"


very nice

zhandax's picture

This is going to create a death spiral for the insurers

The only benefit to the public I see in this bill.

Freddie's picture


Karl Denninger does a pretty good job here explaining why ObamaCare is a failure and why insurance is also the problem. Most people forget healthcare pre the insurance racket.

He is hoping ObamCare fails and we get away from the insurance cartel model too.   It is actually pretty good video.

Greg Hunter has good interviews with Dr. Jim Willie too about gold and the dying dollar, Russia the nat gas giant,  the Chinese and yaun.

SF beatnik's picture



thanks.  That's one great viddy. 

Denninger nails it. 

Very enlightening. 


SWRichmond's picture

Yes, kudos to KD for this analysis.

Calmyourself's picture

KD is a great analyst too bad his personality is so authoritarian his site could be huge but at his core he seems intolerant of wide ranging discussion and no one is that smart, imho.

kralizec's picture

And screw this idiotic bill to save ObamaCare, the stupid sonsofbitches should be repealing this trash and if that fails run on a repeal platform and let these fuckers that support this shit twist in the wind!  But that won't happen...we are so thoroughly fucked!!!

venturen's picture

No, No, No....they will just get printed money from the Federal Reserve and that will fix it..  /SARC

t0mmyBerg's picture

Well thats is what I was wondering reading this.  They are going to vote Friday on a Republican sponsored bill to allow people to keep their plans...for one year?  Until just PAST the 2014 elections in which Democrats might be handed a well deserved shellacking?  Why the hell would any Republican propose such a bill that actually BAILS the dumbasses out?  Sometimes I wonder and then I just hang my head in shame.  It is like we have willingly returned to the 1970s all over again as if that was some kind of panacea.  Funny that Obama started his first term spouting about how we were going to undo the failed policies of the past...when his philosophy represents precisely a return to the failed polcieis of the past.  Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat the mistakes.  Well hell Americans cannot even remember the lessons of last week so I do not think there is much hope from that front.  We are well and truly forked.

zhandax's picture

undo the failed policies of the past

No one on the red/blue teams has any interest in doing that.  Until that paradigm is completely abandoned, there is no relief in sight.

johngaltfla's picture

The problem with a dictator is that the legislative branches are for show only. It is up to one branch of government to stop Herr Obama and we are two seats away from a total, worse than FDR style Marxist dictatorship.


For Obamacare to Survive, Justices Scalia and Thomas must Die

HardAssets's picture

  t0mmyBerg -- keeping looking - don't turn your face away from what youre seeing.

Youre almost there - - - the realization that 'R versus D' is a scam, just a diversion . . to fool people.

They're all whores for the same masters . . . and that ain't you, me, or the American citizenry.

They are partners in the destruction of the American democratic republic, and bringing about a collectivist state. (Calling that 'communist', 'socialist', or 'fascist' doesnt matter - it comes down to "WE ORDER and you serfs OBEY US." Same battle of dictatorship and freedom that has occured throughout history.)

scrappy's picture

A wasteful exercise in futility.

It's all going to break.

Triage is the answer, and we should do it ourselves.

XitSam's picture

America is without rule of law or Constitution. Both are routinely ignored from the president down to local police. People assume Obama has good intent for America, but is just wrong on policy.  Obamacare is performing exactly as they wanted, to fail. To irrecoverably screw the private insurance industry. After more floundering, they will introduce single payer as a solution.  Does anyone think that after the IRS targeting Tea Party groups and NSA domestic spying that criticism of the regime won't result in medical care being withheld?

DonutBoy's picture

And don't forget - perhaps worst of all, the Supreme Court routinely ignores the Constitution.  John Roberts believes this is just a tax.  Millions of insurance policies declared illegal by a tax?  We are no longer a Consitutional republic, we have devolved to facism with the facade of the rule-of-law maintained through selective enforcement.

FEDbuster's picture

Santa Clause Party says, "if you won't join the Free $hit Army, then fuck you all and keep your shitty, affordable Catastrophic Health Insurance Plans for one more year.  Then after the 2014 elections we will really put the screws to you. " 

logically possible's picture

This is about the democrats earning some reelection brownie points.

covsire's picture

Jon Stewart will really get serious and ask the tough questions this time.  Then Colbert will make some witty remarks and Anderson Cooper will ask the tough questions.  The Tea Party will still be the villians while the Godless electorate are still fixated on the next Godless communist to "solve" our problems.  

Freddie's picture

ALL of TV and Hollywood are total shit and backed Obama.  Maybe conservative talkers and others will stop pimping for TV and Fox.  Murdoch is for amnesty and gun control.  We have no friends on TV or Hollywood.  RT or Russia Today has the best news on the web.  If the American public pulled the plug on TV they might start becoming non-serfs.

zhandax's picture

I saw an employment ad for al Jazeera US yesterday.  Probably a startup atmosphere, could be a chance to get airtime for some new viewpoints, and think what a completely unique conversation starter at cocktail parties.  All thanks to algore.  Hell, I may send a resume.

SWRichmond's picture

Do you think working for AlJazeera would get you onto the "No Fly" list?

superflex's picture

Green pill for RT.  One of the best sources of news on the web.

I also like nsnbc international (no, it's not affiliated with NBC).

dontgoforit's picture

Funny how it never occurs to the D.C. tipsters that they ARE the problem....just like Reagan said.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

"I told you so." (June 2012)

Way to go America...


And I never had any idea that even their website would go so wrong.

RockyRacoon's picture

Prophetic piece there.   Say, if we want this thing to burn to the ground then we might just need a few more of these bottomless programs!   Let's get it on.   Nothing like spending even more money that we ain't got.

Freddie's picture

The Republicans need to offer up a Repeal Bill only.  We went through this shit less than a month ago and the Dems stiffed them.  Defund it again.