Empire Manufacturing Collapses To Lowest Since January

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The headline Empire manufacturing data missed expectations by the most since January (the 4th month in a row) and plunged to its lowest since January. Across the board sub-indices collapsed (every one of them) into contraction with shipments down from over 13 to -0.5, and New Orders down from 7.75 to -5.5. "Hope" didn't save it this time either as the outlook droped to 3 month lows. Labor market conditions were subdued. The index for number of employees drifted downward for a third consecutive month, coming in at 0.0 in November in a sign that employment levels were flat (falling at fastest rate in 2013). The average workweek index fell nine points to -5.3, pointing to a decline in hours worked. This can only be great news for the bulls and guarantees that the S&P 500 will hit 1800 today...



The "markets" react to the shitty news...


Notice stocks shrugged?


Chart: Bloomberg

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I forget.....and last January was lower than what again?

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OK...this is my first reply....I have been a reading troll for so long....What was the story about?

Thank you I'll be back....You know the movie

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can someone tell me how to write my own opinion....not to reply to some one else


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just-my-opinion, don't hit reply but go the the bottom of the page to post a new comment.

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quite a nasty FX move here..

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Whose empire are they referring to?

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"Beating expectations" - all the way down...

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"Beating expectations" will continue until the bonuses improve ...

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must smash Gold and Silver back down

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It was the weather.


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we dont care we are driving Cadillac Synergy...

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WOW! Then S&P 1,900 or bust here we go! Dec 1st at the latest at this pace!

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Chicago fed will come through again.

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Why so alarmist?  I think the floor has yet to be tested.

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Wall Street has figured out that we no longer need production of product for commerce. It can just be made up as we go along.

$3 billion for snapchat? Sure why not. Valuing a social app that cost nothing to create and doesn't make dime as much as Under Armour.

Meanwhile McDonald's menu items continue to hit record highs. McDouble up 20% in one month. Big Mac meals above $6.00.

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McD+dollar menue is a plus....is that a real value or just poor people eatin junk....I'm just say'in...Inflation is a bizz

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repeat after the FED, there is NO inflation

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Quick, we're running out of financial innovation.  Get those quants in here and lets construct some to sell.  Demand is picking up!

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Damn hurrican Sandy...er I mean sequester....er...government shut down....would you believe space aliens?

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lizards with insect eyes and big anal probes.

Ohhh.  did I say that?

Waiting for the Anal Drone Probe.

They will call it ... wait for it.




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No....China...oh did I spell that right

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BAD is GOOD, transfats are too, as well as ACA, LSD, NSA, FBI, CIA, FSA, SSI, IRS, FED, anything with 3 letters and all the stuff we can pack into our happy body holes!


The YUBBLE (Yeller Sooper Bubble) must have GWOTH!

CBs arn't even close to being ALL-IN!

Long live the USSAR!


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Abortions for some....miniature American flags for others!!

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a week ago-  the bullshit jobs numbers, and all i here from douchebags like  cramer, maria, david darst from morgan stanley, and all the other douchebags on cnbc and everywhere was how the market was going up because  we got good news,


fast forward to a week later, and we have a horrendous empire manufacturing number, and these bastards r defending how the market should be up today.


the pain that these assholes deserve can not be put into words.