Spot The Striking Similarity

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Spot the striking similarity.

Below is the US Employment to Population ratio - a nearly perfect, multi-decade low flatline since Lehman...


... And compare it to the NYSE stock index divided by the Fed's balance sheet: a nearly perfect, multi-decade low flatline since Lehman...


Funny how the phrases "improving unemployment" and "record stock market" are so dependent on one's perspective... and the denominator.


* * *


In the meantime, here is the propaganda:


But even that pales in comparison to the one real winner from the "New Normal":

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Newsboy's picture

If nobody hires you, plant food.

knukles's picture

I hear tell that the copies of these charts handed out at the CNBS staff meeting were rolled up and placed the Ladies Executive Lounge Kotex dispenser.


came to believe that a buncha lunatics could preserve our sanity

MontgomeryScott's picture

My second ex-wife, the cousin of the one who played the twin sisters in 'The Parent Trap' (Disney, original, 1960's), told me that 'co-inkie-dinks' were silly. We used to laugh, as I offered that there were no such things as 'coincidinces'.

Inadvertantly, you advertised a product marketed by Proctor and Gamble (Kotex), in trying to make a derivative deleterious statement regarding the mathematical certainties proven by charts presented to you by those who are obviously your elders.

My second ex-wife is a true friend now, and seems to be interested in rekindling our personal love affair together.

You are interested in making jokes about sanitary napkins, while discussing matters of great import.

I hope the jokes work out for you.



barliman's picture


Near as I can figure it out ...

His second ex-wife, who must be 70 if she is a day, has stock in P&G ...

... or has a Kotex stuck in her permanently dry VAG.

One of the two.

It's Saturday night on ZH ... you WEREN"T expecting a full quota of bat shit crazy people?

markmotive's picture

You are witnessing the death of the American 'dream'

Peter Schiff: The American Middle Class is Vanishing

Four chan's picture

they should have bought the fucking dip.

GetZeeGold's picture





Insert incoherent babbling here _____________________


Panic : ON


YES WE CAN.......we simply choose not to.


Max Hunter's picture

Thank you very much! I just sat a laughed hysterically for about 5 minutes..

Crash Overide's picture

Everyone please stop feeding the machine, it's bad for your health.

Oldballplayer's picture

A Kotex up a 70 hooch, is not a tampon. It's a dust cloth.

DaveyJones's picture

damn I was asleep and missed that one

Zadok's picture

Code, or impersonating one.

jon dough's picture

I hear the K man turned down your second ex-wife's sexual advances.

Now that's a co-inkie-dink.

nightshiftsucks's picture

 What are you,a fucking idiot ? Whoops just read your post again,you are a FUCKING IDIOT,

Stockmonger's picture

Your second ex-wife just whispered to me across the pillow: "tell monty I only take off my dentures to go down on Stockmonger now".

This visual brought to you by Kotex, a P&G company.

PT's picture

Xibalba re grow food:  Still gotta do it anyway.  Everywhere.

And anyone who tries to destroy the food needs to be shot.  Or fired.  I hear a lot of US cities can't afford to pay their bills.  I hear that a lot of them have even had to downsize their Police Departments.  Destroying food doesn't sound so smart when the perpetrators become the hungry ones.

Keyser's picture

Can't, according to the EPA, the water in that stream that flows through your property belongs to them. 


aVileRat's picture

man, all those Hooverville dugouts are going to be awesome for 4-square updates. No tall buildings to block the wifi.



Unprepared's picture

Are you telling me Employment = NYSE index and Population = Fed Balance sheet?

Then to decrease unemployment rate, we just need to print more population*? Hence the new immigration laws? These statist politicians are really smart.


*printing your own population at home is illegal.

CuttingEdge's picture

You ain't far off the mark.

Is it 11 million naturalisation documents Obamugabi is trying to get printed? +3% to the population.


DaveyJones's picture

i'll second that vote. there's a lot of "talk" about immigration reform but like lobby reform, it never seems to get anywhere

Money_for_Nothing's picture

What you said is what most politicians think. The current crop of Democrats and John Mccain Republicans don't understand the hoi polloi. Don't worry though. We get a new crop next year. May not be better but will be different.

toxic8's picture

Probably something like that, accoding to the Georgia Guidestones...

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

"Nobody hires you, plant food"

Helluva idea!! In fact the last thing the TPTB want is for you to feed your self. Your dependence gives them influence.
If a fraction of the population were to being supplying themselves and /or their neighbours DIRECTLY with sustenance, this thing goes down, not in flames but in slow green growth.

Ahhh well maybe next time...

Zadok's picture

Hmmmm, planting food is the next best thing to printing your own currency.

PeeramidIdeologies's picture

Weellll one is value added, one is value lost.... It may just be the first best thing.

uncle.bigs's picture

Most fat lazy Americans would prefer not to work.  The expansion of the Fed's balance sheet has enabled massive increases in food stamps, section 8 housing vouchers, SSI disability and many other government dole programs.  When you pay people not to work, they won't work.

Landrew's picture

What a stupid comment, without work on who's land do you plant with what money? A shallow without thought comment, just as our government has treated the workers of our country! This is the worst administration in HISTORY on employment. O'Bummer makes HOOVER look like a genius! 

sessinpo's picture

We are all food. If you nobody hires you, you've already been planted.

jekyll island's picture

If you can borrow money from federal reserve at zero interest and loan it out at 4%, please show me someone who could screw up this business model.

Oldwood's picture

Something for nothing is never sustainable, but its great while it lasts!

RockyRacoon's picture

The charade has gone on for 5 long years now.   Chart #2 tells us that something has gotta give, and it's not going to be pretty.   It's fairly obvious why the Fed ain't gonna reduce its balance sheet, and why it has to increase it incrementally -- or else.

knukles's picture

Who can screw it up?
TPTB in DC, that's who


Remember, the Federal Government could not profitably run a brothel in Nevada seized for tax fraud.

Can spend billions on shit don't work.
And not be fired or thrown in jail


Oldwood's picture

Government is the only entity that gets bigger and stronger through failure. Their failure never seems to demonstrate their ineptness, only the fragility of our state and our absolute dependency on their power.

DaveyJones's picture

that and a dam break

i wish we could get a dam break

PT's picture

Hahahahahaha.  No, it is the banks that are "screwing it up".  By lending money to idiots who can in no way afford to repay their debts.  But why would they care when they get paid more for lending more, they can sell the bad loans to someone else, and they can borrow more ZIRP money no matter what their cashflow is doing.  Oh, but the govt is "enabling them".  After the banksters "lobby" the govt and put their own people in the govt.  The two are, at this point, inseparable.

Only little people have to endure the govt.  Big people get laws changed.  Little people have govt.  Big people have "infrastructure", "overhead", "cost of doing business" etc etc etc. 

disabledvet's picture

say what? sounds like it's time to dial the red phone: something weird about "normal" people wearing masks actually. this is one of the reasons i don't watch television anymore.