How Wall Street Manipulates Everything: The Infographics

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Courtesy of the revelations over the past year, one thing has been settled: the statement "Wall Street Manipulated Everything" is no longer in the conspiracy theorist's arsenal: it is now part of the factually accepted vernacular. And to summarize just how, who and where this manipulation takes places is the following series of charts from Bloomberg demonstrating Wall Street at its best - breaking the rules and making a killing.

Foreign Exchanges

Regulators are looking into whether currency traders have conspired through instant messages to manipulate foreign exchange rates. The currency rates are used to calculate the value of stock and bond indexes.


Energy Trading

Banks have been accused of manipulating energy markets in California and other states.



Since early 2008 banks have been caught up in investigations and litigation over alleged manipulations of Libor.



Banks have been accused of improper foreclosure practices, selling bonds backed by shoddy mortgages, and misleading investors about the quality of the loans.


* * *

And in the latest news on manipulation, according to the FT, "The UK’s financial regulator is probing the use of private accounts by foreign exchange traders amid allegations they traded their own money ahead of clients orders, in a serious twist in the global probe into possible currency market manipulation. The Financial Conduct Authority has asked several banks to investigate whether traders used undeclared personal accounts, two people close to the situation said."

Investors and foreign exchange traders have been speculating for a while that less scrupulous colleagues might have used private accounts at spread betting firms to gain advantages from their inside knowledge.


Hiding personal accounts is viewed as a clear breach of the rules. “If someone was [using a PA] to sell or buy ahead of the fix, I have no sympathy for him,” said one trader.


Personal accounts – or “PAs”, as traders call them – generally have to be declared to the bank and usually to a trader’s boss. Each individual trade then also has to be declared – often through an automatic email that is sent out when a trade is made.


Regulators are focusing their investigations on possible manipulation of a crucial benchmark, the 4pm WM/Reuters fix, in an affair that is echoing the Libor benchmark rate-rigging scandal.

Guess what they are going to find...

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HedgeAccordingly's picture

Today was a solid day.. Mr. Icahn graced us with his whimsical knowledge - 

Looney's picture

Roll out the Guilliotines! And no lawyers, no judges - just the guy who pulls the lever upon a citizen's request.

Hell... If I could bring mine and were to use it, I wouldn't even bother with a mask, or a hood, or a thong over my pants (like all super-heroes)... I would keep pulling that God damn lever...  ;-)

BYOBoP - Bring Your Own Banker or Politician  ;-)


OutLookingIn's picture

And yet ...

Not one word about ,,,

Gold and silver?

Looney's picture

10-4, Breaker... Ten-effen-Four...

InLookin'Out  ;-)

NoDebt's picture

"If you like your capital gains, you can keep your capital gains."

- Ben Bernanke

Looney's picture

.  "If you like your capital gains, you can keep your capital gains."

And "if you like your debt, you can keep your debt" ?

NoDebt, you are scaring the BenSaud outta me ;-)


NoDebt's picture

Oh, no, no, no.  No need to promise anyone they can keep their debt.  They're GOING to keep it.  No promises necessary.

old naughty's picture

These are, loads of cow dung fed to us.

bunzbunzbunz's picture

Good god. How do you justify that attitude of blind violence towards groups of people? I hope for the sake of humanity you and others who type the things you do are just venting frustration and can't truly think they are worthy of deciding that 'bankers' or 'politicians' deserve to be killed. Here's an easy one: statements like what you said are political. You are promoting a political idea. Thus, you are a politician.

What the are using a computer that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for bankers and loans. Get a grip on reality. Do you not think there are people that think what you do is wrong? Have you ever driven a car over the speed limit on a public road? That means you have risked the lives of others more than society has deemed you allowed to. That can actually cause direct harm to another person. Stop looking for fucking scapegoats.

NoDebt's picture

Does somebody have a little sand up their vag?

Chill out, Poindexter.  Nobody's missing the point around here.  We're all adults.  Mostly.  

economics9698's picture

Uh buzbuz bankers like war, win or lose, they really do not care, as long as the peasants die and they can print lots of debt.  Wake up, bankers do deserve the rope.

nmewn's picture

"I hope for the sake of humanity you and others who type the things you do are just venting frustration and can't truly think they are worthy of deciding that 'bankers' or 'politicians' deserve to be killed."

I think you forgot the sarc tag.

Bankers & politicians think they are worthy to decide who live and die all the time.

The Thunder Child's picture

"you are using a computer that wouldn't exist if it wasn't for bankers and loans...."


Stockhold Syndrome

RaceToTheBottom's picture

If they want redemption then return 10 years of bonuses and report for 5 years of jail.  Every WS employee above secretary.

400$ hammers and toilet bowl seats are peanuts compared to the corruption on WS.

TheFulishBastid's picture

Best straight faced comment EEVVVAAARRR!

fooshorter's picture

Sombody call the waaaaaaaaaaambulance!

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

The very word 'Conspiracy theory' is obsolete.  I prefer to be called a Critical Skeptic.

SubjectivObject's picture

and we work in the Conspiracy Fact-ory.

Hedgetard55's picture

"Jer 17:9 "The heart is deceitful above all things, And desperately wicked; Who can know it?"

This is all that is needed to explain everything we see in the markets, in politics, in media, in business... When the controversy surrounding Barry's birth site swirled, I challenged the Big Man, reminding Him that the Scriptures say He is a God of Truth... so, what was the Truth about Barry? "You must reveal it, it is incumbent upon you as a God of Truth".

And He did. The phony, photo shopped BC came out, and the lamestream media rejoiced and accepted it at face value, but the Internet wonks showed beyond doubt it was a phony. Yet the controversy died away, not even Beck, Rush, Hannity or Savage would touch it.


I said "Ah, Lord, you never cease to amaze me, you answered my challenge and revealed the Truth, and it was ignored, denied, spun, derided. Truly the heart of man is desperately wicked and will remain so until the end of my days".

Carpenter1's picture

And yet God seems to be unconcerned with justice being done. We now know these people have been at this for at least centuries, maybe longer. God says that the wicked will have their lives shortened, their place will be removed, and they will fall into their own pit they dug.

I see none of this occurring, except for "little bad guys" who lack the money and power to buy the system, and even they usually get away with it. God is the judge over the powerless, he is only able to bring down those without wealth and power, true wealth and power, not the millionaire, the billionaire.

O' God, where is this justice you promised? Do you expect evil mankind to do your job? You yourself hardly even do it, just look around, this much is obvious.

Hedgetard55's picture

God is a Spirit, and His justice is done in Spirit, not in the flesh.

acetinker's picture

Dunno about the God(s) of the various ancient holy books, they do seem to be falling a bit short of their stated objectives in any case.  I don't think the Creator ever wrote a book.  People- people with their own biases and superstitions, wrote those books.  So, we can't very well expect the true Creator(s)(?) of this reality to actually conform to the wishful thinking of the created, can we?

The Creator hasn't failed.  If It had, we wouldn't be having this conversation.  It is us- you and me and everyone else who is either unwilling, unable or just too damned willfully ignorant to engage in passive resistance and by doing so, starve the fkn beast that rules us.

Belief in a Sky Daddy ain't gonna save anybody.  Only personal resolve and fortitude can do that.


The Alarmist's picture

And then the lord said, "Let there be bonus pools," and there were, and at 54% of NIBBT they were good.

Just doing God's work.

TeamDepends's picture

Everything but bitcoin, argues fonestar.

Rainman's picture

Oblameo don't care about no banks...he on to legalizin the illegal aliens.

are we there yet's picture

Can Obama legalize illegal immigrants from Kenya retroactively? Reminds me of a time travelers paradox.

EscapeKey's picture

why wouldn't they be? it's not exactly as if there are any kind of real consequences.

Alcoholic Native American's picture

Capitalist, adding value

NOTaREALmerican's picture

Suvival of the fittest, Bitchez!!

MrBoompi's picture

No mention of the manipulation of stock prices or precious metal prices?

OutLookingIn's picture

But the CFTC and SEC says that the gold and silver futures market is NOT manipulated.

Every other financial field is - but the COMEX gold and silver market is not!

Yah. Right. As if!

HungryPorkChop's picture

@OutLookingIn, I think you just explained the Bitcoin phenomena.  Since they can obviously manipulate gold and silver, everyone is trying to find an asset which insulates them from money printing.  Money is pouring into Bitcoin like Mice Into Swiss Cheese because it's outside the normal manipulated, dark pool, high frequency traded, 100:1 derivative, blind naked shorting, hedged markets. 

Super Broccoli's picture

oh god, can't they just cash out and crash this whole crowny ponzi shit so that we can start all over again and burst a bran new bubble ?

Carpenter1's picture

Would you crash a system that was allowing you to live better than any king ever lived?
Don't expect these criminals to be in a hurry to bring this system down, printing trillions for themselves at will is a lifestyle they aren't going to match when Mad Max becomes reality.

buzzsaw99's picture

That's just the stuff we know about. Oh, and the bribing of the world's gubbermints, the perversion of the justice and regulatory bodies, the rampant looting of company funds for bonus pools, the cooking of the books, the dumping of toxic assets onto taxpayers...

dirtyfiles's picture

making the purest and best selling spring water of the fukushima reactor cooling pools

they would do it you wanna bet?

TheMerryPrankster's picture

Fukushima Springs, for that naturally refreshing feeling that only naturally radioactive minerals can bring.

Brings the glow back to your cheeks in weeks.


Fukushima Springs when you want to drink the best,

anybody got a powerpoint for a business plan, I think we can get some investors on board  with some snappy slides and some groovy looking bottle labels.

WTFUD's picture

@ 3Bunz
You snivelling cocksucking prick.
You sorry sad fuck timah Geithner apologist.

Sorry for my rant, no hard feelings eh? Your'e only doing what your'e paid to do; to weaken our resolve, ask us to search deep for forgiveness, turn the other cheek taking one every day , month, year up the arse for your country.

You cunt, all of our arses are red raw the Vaseline doesn't soothe anymore, ya dig?
If I was one of those bastards I would not hang around for the lynch mob, I would do the honourable thing and suicide myself, but those filthy scum are Cowards and evil twisted fucks who need to recruit all the psychopaths and dumb sneaky trolls like you to silence&suicide us each and every single day

casfoto's picture

Lets make a bet.......nobody goes to jail.

One thing that bothers me about all these huge fines......who gets the money?. For instance, on the energy rate cheating the people of California ( and the rest of the states ) .....does the money that came from the consumer pockets go back into their pockets or does it go to some beaurocratic bank account so they can spend the money??? The Libor rate scandal is huge. If they got that money back they could balance the budget. Then just recenlty the news about oil price fixing has me in arms. Every time I fill up I think of those smug bastards breaking out a bottle of Camus for breakfast. This system ain't working folks.

DCFusor's picture

That seems to be the plan casfoto - we charge a little "vig" on the crime to run the government - a bribe by any other name smells as sweet, and these fines are only a fraction of what was stolen, else they'd whine we have to bail them out again (when we still are as is).

No, I'm not aware that even one of these guys has gone to jail.  No, I'm not aware that any of this fine money has ever gone back to whoever it was stolen from in the first place, other than perhaps - they didn't raise taxes as much as they would have had to otherwise.

And that's why we want them hung.  Nothing less will put a stop to this, and even hanging of chopping off a few heads might not work.  Just like when you bust the corner crack dealer - someone else moves in to take his place.  But we'd feel better with a few in jail, or gone, no?


acetinker's picture

Exactly.  Ferc has to sue to get funds previously "awarded" by another federal agency?  The true victims will get pennies, if anything.  Excuse me, I'll go into another room, my head is about to explode.

billsbest's picture

The bankers will pull an American Indian Trail of Tears on us, re-classifying the FEMA camps to "Reservations", and those of us they don't massacre will send us into the casino business.

Kina's picture

But the CFTC and SEC says that the gold and silver futures market is NOT manipulated.


I don't think there could be greater evidence than this that the CFTC and SEC are systemically corrupt.

  • The manipulation and corruption of gold and silver on the COMEX has been so regular and blatant for such a long time it clearly shows 'they' know it doesn't have to be disguised.

    The powers behind the corruption of gold and silver are powerful enough to own (appoint)  the executive of the SEC and CFTC, if they are not one and the same.


Cleaely one of the main functions of the CFTC is to permit and facilitate corruption of markets upon instruction. This is not conspiracy, simple obvious fact.


TPTB do these things in the knowledge that they will never by called to account, never be punished, so long as the TPTB status quo is maintained. But as history tells us, as soon as things go bad they go bad awfully quick, and those formerly safe find themselves hiding in corners from incensed executioners.

TheMerryPrankster's picture

The whole point of creating a "market" is to be able to control and manipulate it. There are those "in the market' and those who "own the market".


Witness Goldman Sach's MBS market where they created a market I think it was called ABT and then bet against the bonds they were selling to the suckers.


Marijuana and the ciA, though they make a huge fortune on their Cocaine sales as well, but without a black market they'd make more selling bananas which they tried in the 1950's

see United Fruit company to understand who owns the government.

ToNYC's picture

Narrative first, X-Y Axes to suit the massage.