Tim Geithner, January 2013: "Extremely Unlikely Will Take A Job In The World Of Finance"

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

So over the weekend, the world learned that Tiny Turbo Tax Timmy Geithner had accepted a job with private equity giant firm Warburg Pincus. The news was about as much of a surprise as a lie popping out of Barack Obama’s mouth every time he opens it. Nevertheless, the move is particularly hilarious in light of a profile article of Geithner in New York magazine from January of this year, in which the king of cronyism tried to distance himself from Wall Street. Here’s the money-shot paragraph from the piece:

Another fiction that has plagued Geithner is the idea that he is a creature of Wall Street, specifically that he worked for Goldman Sachs. He isn’t sure where it came from—probably just confusion with his predecessor, Hank Paulson, who was the former CEO—but “once it hardened, it was very hard to overcome.” Indeed, he has not really overcome it at all. I can write, right here, in all caps, TIM GEITHNER HAS NEVER WORKED ON WALL STREET, and still someone will comment on our website that he is a bankster who should just go back to Goldman Sachs.


Geithner says it’s “extremely unlikely” he will take a job in the world of finance, but the idea that he is somehow, secretly, working hand in hand with that community persists, and every once in a while someone pulls out records of his phone calls and meetings with CEOs as evidence. Geithner is not really sure what to say about that. “I’m the secretary of the Treasury.” He laughs. “How am I supposed to run a financial rescue if I don’t take phone calls from people?”

At least he is making up for lost time. Those conspiracy theorists making stuff up again…

Full article here.

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Tim goes where the $$$ is.. and he likely knows this chart all too well - http://hedge.ly/1fCbWyG 

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Can Timmy still make appearances for Intuit as the TurboTax poster child?

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a fine example of the filth posing as humans who believe themselves superior and destined to rule over the rest of us.  epic fail.

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What other business entity would take him?

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You guys leave poor Timmeh alone.

He's a great man.

It takes more effort and skill than you can imagine to make LITERALLY everything you say a lie.

Even Barry can only do it like 99.8% of the time.

WhyDoesItHurtWhen iPee's picture

If you like your Fuedilism you can keep it.

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He's a little pussy, unable to contribute to society in any meaningful way, just suck off the taxpayer base.  Some call that "smart".  I call it infantile.  Keep sucking Tim, you useless pric.


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You mean Keebler boy cunt mouth lied? That's a real shocker. Fuck you in the ass with a rusty chainsaw Timmah

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The revolving door!! Geithner takes a job with the private equity firm Warburg Pincus. Paul Warburg, who married into the Rothschild banking family, wrote the legislation for the Federal Reserve, served as the first Fed. Res. Chairman, and co-founded the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) along with the Rockefellers. What a farce this government has become. The 1% is not the millionaires of this country. It is the BILLIONAIRES of the revolving door known as the Wall Street Banking/Government Cartel. These are the same owners of the Wall Street Banks that own the majority shares in every major corporation.

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Timmy's payday: simple as that.

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Timmy has a previous engagement escaping to his mountain hideaway in Argentina.

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Finance? He is taking a job as an under cover heavyweight Lobbyist for the Banksters.

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A job implies he actually does something. He won't do shit except spread cronyism.



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Moonlighting from making those delicious Fudge Stripes?


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Is he worth $75k in BTC to off like Ben Shalom?

Personally, I wouldn't waste one green tip on his puny head.

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LOL Geithner. He never did quite master lying talking without the smarmy grin. He just can't do it.

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Timmay is my Jack of Spades.

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On June 1, 2009, during a question-and-answer session following a speech at Peking University, Geithner was asked by a student whether Chinese investments in U.S. Treasury debt were safe. His reply that they were "very safe" drew laughter from the audience

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Another banker government piece of shit.

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I haven't used this word in here for a while... Timmy is a "COCKSUCKER!"

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Ahh, H.R. Pufnstuf. Brings back memories of innocence. Boy, are they long gone!

666's picture

Is anybody surprised by this? Sure it stinks, but if you were offered a lucrative job, would you decline? That's assuming you did no questionable *favors* to get the offer...

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If he starts mining bitcoins I'm going to have a stroke.

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Will he become a pole dancer for the Illuminati?

Nope, wait, he already did that job.

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If Timmay graduated today, he'd be unemployed with crushing student debt.

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Just updated the guillotine list with his new lies and location.

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Does he know he is a tool and he was used.

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Another incestuous banking relationship.

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Why is there no grass roots movement in this country to repeal The Federal Reserve Act as well as the 16th amendment creating the IRS ?  These laws were enacted DECEPTIVELY , on Christmas Eve no less ( irony ).  Anyone who has suffered a monetary loss because of a deception can understand in their bones how it feels.  

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Fat-Tail Timmy, never says never.

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Timmah belongs in a bang him in the ass prison.  Simple as that.