Guest Post: The New World Order – Part 1. The Betrayal Of The Nation

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Originally posted at Golem XIV blog,

In every country I can think of, the sovereignty and wealth of the Nation, which was once the embodiment of the power and will of the people,  is being butchered and sold to the highest bidder. Everywhere, the Nation and the people within it, are under attack. Not from without by terrorists but from within. Because in every country the people who run the State have largely decided they no longer wish to serve the people but prefer instead to serve the interests of a Global Over-Class.

Of course we are not encouraged to see this clearly or if we do, certainly not to speak of it to others. And many of those we might try to talk to, do not want to hear.

Many of us prefer instead to find what warmth we can in the false and threadbare beliefs fed to us by the quisling elite of the State and their close friends and allies in a rigged and corrupted ‘free’ market. Together they tell us that whole functions of our nation which we built and treasure, are no longer viable because they are at odds with the ‘realities’ of a global economy. The more ideological of them proclaim that the state, whenever and wherever it tries to do good, will always and by necessity do harm. The more ‘realist’ among them tell us that once inalienable liberties, must now be curtailed or suspended in the name of defending the ‘nation’ from outside enemies. And yet I want to argue it is now, not ever us or the nation that is being defended or empowered.  It is always and everywhere a small elite who own and control both the State and the Markets who are being defended.

In my view, we are, in most industrialized countries, watching the machinery of the State being used to betray the Nation in favour of global finance and the elite who own it. It is a familiar betrayal in the third world. One we have all watched with sordid complacently as the wealth of nation after nation is gutted for the benefit of the few. The disease is now with us.

I want to make it clear, as I have before, that I am neither libertarian nor anarchist and therefore have no ideological distrust of the State. In my opinion, there have been times and places, when the machinery of the State did animate and represent some of the wishes of the at least some of the people – of the Nation. There have been instances when the State was, in many, though certainly not in all ways, the means by which the great ideal, of government of the people, by the people, for the people, was made real. The creation of the National Health Service in Great Britain is one shining example.

I think that great ideal of government by and for the people is being butchered – for profit. The Nation-State is dying, because any given arrangement of power can be corrupted and will be, by those who benefit from it most – those who hold its powers – in this case the powers of the State  - IF people cringingly let them. And that it what we are doing.

We are allowing the elite of the State, to convince us that we are ‘all in it together’, and to claim that our interests and their interests are still one and the same. But they are not. And we must come to see this clearly – and soon. As long as we deny the truth, that they are not standing ‘with us’, and do not have our best interests at heart – until we can face these self evident but chilling truths, then we are never going to see them for what they have become nor see their actions for what they are.

I think it is critical that we disentangle in our minds the State and the interests of those who control it, from those of what I am calling the Nation. The State and the Nation are not the same. They are, in fact, at war.

The Propaganda War

Our problem and their advantage is that it is deeply ingrained in us to see the State and the Nation as almost interchangeable. The very name, ‘The Nation State’ inclines us to believe that the State and Nation are one and therefore that any action taken by the State, no matter how harsh or unfair it might seem to us, must necessarily be for our good. It allows those who control the State to hide their narrow selfish interests behind a smokescreen of talk about the Nation.

This intentional confusion of Nation and State is everywhere in reporting about global finance and trade.

Battle lines drawn for EU-US trade talks

Cried a recent headline in the Telegraph. To me, it reads intentionally like an old fashioned report of a war.  Wars of any sort are fantastically useful for the elite of the State because wars, better than anything else, encourage people to collapse the State and the Nation together in their minds. Faced with an external enemy it is the State and those who guide it, who marshal our defenses and face the enemy.  And so we are encouraged to assume that when the EU and the US meet it will be ‘our side’ fighting for us, against theirs. But will it?

In reality it will be unelected, largely un-named trade representatives supported and surrounded by a legion of  lawyers, advisors and lobbyists, nearly all of whom will be recently seconded from or still in the pay of global corporations,  who will meet behind closed doors to negotiate in secret. Whose interests will they be fighting for?

They, with the help of a largely supine and grovelling media, will claim to be there for you.  They will be decked out in flags and called by the names of our nations or national groupings, such as the EU. But the truth will be otherwise. Behind the national name plate a largely unseen machinery will be almost entirely corporate. Both sides will be there to seek advantage, not for you the people, not for the nations whose flags they use as camouflage , but for the corporations who pay them. The US delegation will seek advantage for US based global corporations and the EU delegation will seek advanage for EU based global corporations. Both sides will be hailed victorious.  The real question – very carefully never ever raised by the compliant media –  will be who lost? And the answer, studiously unreported, will be the ordinary people of both sides.

The object of the whole endeavour is to roll back soveriegn protections and powers in favour of an ‘unregulated’, unfettered, free market. How can I make such a sweeping claim? Because we have seen the results of over 200 previous Free Trade Agreements which these same people have negotiated and agreed previously. Just think of NAFTA.

If you think those agreements have benefited you, rather than, as I claim, the global corporations parasitical upon your nation and mine , then show me the proof. Don’t trot out platitudes about increased GDP without showing me who owns that GDP.  Don’t bore me with text-book clap trap about how much corporations contribute unless you show me how much tax those corporations actually pay versus how much they quite legally move off-shore to low tax or no tax havens. Show me figures. I challenge you.

In part two I will return to this, and to explain what Bilateral trade Agreements are and what extrordinary and completely anti-democratic new power the State has given to corporations to over-rule Nations and to sue them for democratic decisions corporations do not like.

For now lets move from trade and finance to the actions of the machinery of State itself.

The NSA: Is It American, or British? 

Is the title of a recent paper written by Edward Spannaus at Executive Intelligence Review.

What makes the author think the NSA’s primary loyalty is to either, other than simply being used to thinking they must be? The NSA and its UK counterpart, GCHQ,  exist in thoir respective nations but is it really sensible to assume they feel loyal to the people who live there? And yet the author and his paper, like so many who are trying to understand what is going on around us, are stuck in the logic of what I think is now a world gone by.

If you were to ask someone from the NSA or GCHQ who they worked for would they immediately say, ‘the people’ or would they say ‘the NSA’ or ‘GCHQ’?

All those organs of power whose names and acronyms we are familiar with exist officially as servants of the… well of the what? Of the People? Of the Nation? Or of the State? Once power is created, it does not have to remain loyal to its creators. Any organization will come over time, as ambition eclipses morality, to regard its own survival and rise to greater power as paramount.  Its original purpose will be drowned in a rising tide of inward looking ambition and greed for power.

It is my contention that we have become so used to the word and the idea of ‘the Nation-State’ that we have forgotten it is a compound of two very different things.

One more example, as quoted at Zerohedge,

Melissa Harris-Perry, from the otherwise progressive cable channel MSNBC, critized Snowden’s behavior as “compromising national security.”

But is it really National Security Mr Snowden compromised or State Security? When someone appeals to ‘National Security’ the unspoken assumption is that they are talking about your security and mine.  We, after all, are ‘the Nation’.  But I wonder if Mr Snowden might be more accurately described as having compromised the State’s security rather than the Nation’s. Which doesn’t sound nearly as good, does it? State security has a ring of the Stasi about it. And for good reason. Protecting the interests and security of the State is quite different from protecting the interests of the people who make up the Nation. One is about protecting you and me. The other is more about protecting the position, power and wealth of those who make up the State and its various organs of power. State security is about the security of the jobs and social postion of those who are ‘the State’. It is about the security of a particuar arrangement of power and those who benefit from that arrangement.  Which one does the NSA or GCHQ serve? Which did Mr Snowden really compromise by revealing the extent of the NSA’s and GCHQ’s indiscriminate and unlawful spying upon ordinary and innocent citizens?

If we wish to hold on to the fiction that the NSA and GCHQ work for their respective Nations then how do we explain that the people we elect, even very senior members of the State, even within the government of the day, had NO idea what the NSA or GCHQ were doing? Certainly the NSA and GCHQ were financed by us, and draw their original legitimacy from us, but they no longer answer to those who we elect. So who do they answer to? To what are they loyal and to whom do they report?

Think of how different ‘One Nation under God’ sounds from “One State under God”.

My point is that we are so used to thinking of the State – our elected officials and the machinery that carries out their wishes, as being part of the Nation, loyal to it and us, that we are not seeing clearly that this relationship has ended. I am not saying that the old relationship between Nation/People, State and Market has altogether gone. It has not. Not everyone in the State has forsaken their old loyalties. We are in a moment of transition. But I am saying we need to see the new relationship more clearly, if we possibly can, because only then can we defend ourselves.

We are at war, we need to know who our real enemies are and take up arms against them.

The New World Order

While everyone agrees you cannot stuff a square peg into a round hole, when it comes to the new and unfamiliar, humans have a dreadful habit of trying. I think this is particularly true at the moment. The world is changing, a new order of things is taking shape around us but we are loathed to see it because we insist on trying to see everything through the lens of the previous world order.

The old order was laid out from left to right: Communist to Libertarian. From those who felt the State was there to guarantee certain protections and provide a minimum of welfare and service, over to those who felt any intervention from the State was no more than an abuse of power by a group of self serving insiders. Largely this is still the range of thought and opinion. Those on the Left see the Free Market as the greatest danger to liberty, welfare, justice and fairness, and regard the State as our best protection against it. While on the Right the fears are exactly the same but the State is now the great danger and the market the best protection. Each side regards the other as hopelessly, even criminally, misguided. Each side sees the other advocating that which will bring disaster.

Into this sterile and suffocating tweedledumness a new ideology and power has grown. It is neither Libertarian nor Left, but has been called both. The Libertarians have seen how eagerly and constantly this new politics intervenes in and distorts the market and cries “Socialism”. Which, it has to be said, makes anyone who knows anything about Socialism gasp with amazement. Nevertheless you can read this ‘it’s socialism’ opinion in most of the right wing press and on most blogs where Libertarians comment, such as ZeroHedge or The Ticker.

On the other hand the Left sees the way the new politics intervenes on behalf of and protects the interests of the wealthy (The financial class and global corporations) doing nothing about tax avoidance, nothing to regulate the banks, insisting instead that the only answer is more free market, less regulation and austerity to be borne by those least able to bear it – and sees clear evidence that this new politics is right wing and libertarian.

Both sides seems only able to see things in terms of the labels and world view they are used to and as a consequence see nearly nothing at all. The truth, I suggest, is that we are at a moment when an entire cultural form is ending. At such times it is not one part or another, government or market, which corrupts and breaks, which betrays the values it was meant to embody and ceases to do the job for which it was created, it is all parts at once. All parts of our society have become corrupted.

We must move beyond the politics of the last century, seeking to blame all ills on a corrupt and captured State or alternatively on a corrupt, captured and rigged market. BOTH are true. Both are corrupt. Neither is working for us. A new elite exists in every nation, has control over every State but which has no loyalty to the Nation of people in which it exists any more than a tape worm is loyal to the creature in whose body it feeds and grows.

The New World Order has its own ideology which does not fit happily on the old left to right axis.

The new ideology is not fully formed yet, but already it is clear that it is not Libertarian because unlike Libertarianism, the new ideology believes the State should be very powerful and large and should intervene. But neither is it Socialist, because unlike the Left the new ideology believes those interventions should be on behalf of the wealthy not the poor.

It’s a new world. We need to see it anew.

In Part Two I will look in more detail at what I merely introduced almost in passing in this introduction: the new and rapidly mutating and evolving ideology in the world of Finance,  in particular at Bilateral Investment Treaties which are the real danger point inside the Trade Agreements currently being negotaited.  And  the mutation of the security and Intelligence world into something that spies upon Nations rather than working for them, in the serivce of a new ‘Greater Good’.

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FreeMktFisherMN's picture

The state is nothing but an organized system of theft and coercion.

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Blah, blah, if we didn't know 16000 Dow wasn't in Benny's sight. It's all Bullshit!!!!

carlin401's picture

Good point, thanks for bringing us back to reality.

QE to infinite, we're all going to become trillionaires like Zimbabwe, and BTC will go to a Million $Bernank''s or $Yellens cuz Blodget say's so.

Nobody cares about these little piss ant groups fighting over the hearts and minds of morons.

What matters is the BIG picture, and that picture is the punch bowel is far from empty, that the USA/ISRAEL will NUKE arab/persia, and that there is another 200 good years for the FED to print to infinite, and as always the world will bow to the USA, because majority of the world 'respects power', and those that are willing to use it.

Take Russia, to date the most respected man in Russian history is Stalin, because absolute dictatorial power is really the hard-on for every ape-man(human being), altrusim will not even get you a free condom.

The USA promises everyone unlimited wealth, and if you work FED(eral gubmint), then all the riches in heaven will be yours.




Will this ponzi ever end? Not in our life time, it took 1500 years for the Roman coin to become so fucking worthless that farmers quick sending wheat to make bread to rome.


So What's picture

The state can be good and serves the people if it is run by good men. But good men shunt politic because being a politician means losing your soul. Once elected in office, you have to swear allegiance to Israhell. Tell me if George Washington or Franklin, or Madison, or Jefferson would ever ever do something like that.
But all the politicians now a day swear this oath with glee. No wonder this country is going down the toilet.

carlin401's picture

Franklin was a pedophile, fact.

GW and Madison were asshols.

Lincoln was an asshole.




Only assholes run for public office, and 'good men' are fucking where?

You have to be an asshole to run a corporation or a gubmint.

Good men stay home to be hen pecked by their wives.

If there was ever a fucking urban myth, is that of the good man.


Men of power care only about PUSSY, and MORE PUSSY. Men of power go to gubmint, church, corporation, or the MOB.


Founding father understood the nature of man well, the trouble is political correct morons today, have little understand of the REAL MAN.


So What's picture

And you're the biggest asshole of all.
I have pussy, lot of it, different kinds so I don't think about pussy. Only a frustrated twat like yourself can open your filthy hole, and immediately your obsession with pussy comes.
Get a life you dumb asshole.
There are other things real men care about than the common shits you can't even get.

carlin401's picture

Nope, I live in Asia, and I have all the pussy I could possibly want.

But this wasn't my point.


My point was that men of power are driven by pussy, this is a well established point going back to Norman Vincent Peale and all that genre of men who establish power.


The sex drive is a man's MOST important  driving force in nature, ... look at dogs or lions, ... all there madness for power is the sex drive.


I'm a scientist, so hardly do I spend my day thinking of sex, but I think it needs to be said clearly that MEN OF POWER are alpha males and they want sex, if you don't understand this then your a fucking Orwellian Delta.



Come to earth folks. Why does the NSA spy in your bed room? What brought down Petrayus ? Pussy

How did J Edgar Hoover bring down and control the US government? Sex

If we're going to have an honest discussion about NSA spying and NWO then we have to be open to the SEX subject,

Look at Obama a bath house boy who loves to fuck men in the ass, this is why he wanted to become prez, .. its all about the power to fuck anyone you wish.



IndyPat's picture

In your words and obvious tenuous grasp on the language....

You're an asshol

carlin401's picture

For a BOT you seem at a loss for words.

tenpanhandle's picture

For a scientist you don't sound very scientific.

Truthseeker2's picture

The REAL betrayal began here:


"Not only did all the aforementioned parties gain by the coup d’etat which abruptly removed Kennedy from power, so did many other silent powerbrokers and influence peddlers, financiers and bankers, industrialists and corporate magnates. All told, the political/economic bloc of players who would rather see JFK gone was so large and extensive that the conspiracy of silence really needed no enforcement. Who, after all, would want to leave the reservation knowing that they would never get back on it. That is, if they even lived to tell their story.

When the global power structure is so heavily weighted toward an outcome, there is no stopping it. Such was the case with JFK’s unseemly dismissal. Those in power at the time, who were sympathetic to the war economy cause, were enlisted to what ever degree appropriate depending on their official positions. In the case of LBJ, he controlled all the right assets to ensure an efficient and wrinkle-free coup d’etat. His contacts throughout Congress, the state of Texas, industry and commerce, as well as law enforcement guaranteed that he would get off scot-free. And so it appears that he did, until Nixon aide Roger Stone appeared on the scene."

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

i understand your point.


just look cats. when they fight for sex they can be hurt really badly, even life threatening inujuries.


when they fight for their territory it's just matter of bruises.

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fuck you both- this is what A REAL MAN sounds like-!prettyPhotogallery/2/

PT's picture

Idea for a bumper sticker:  "If you won't let me fish then you owe me fish."

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WE THE PEOPLE, NOT WE THE COURT, OR WE THE GOVT...!prettyPhoto[gallery]/1/

n8dawg84's picture

My God, that was amazing!  What happened in that courtroom?  I feel like it's something I should know and understand.  I just feel like a lot of that went over my head

tenpanhandle's picture

What happened was the "living soil" spoke.  Shut down that admiralty court like a visitation of the plague.  That was awesome.

tenpanhandle's picture

n8dawg4 - what you witnessed in that video was a person who never participated or removed himself from Federal Citizenship and has established himself as a resident of these several states.  In this country, the Constitution has been usurped by the UCC (Universal Commercial Code) and common law trumped by admiralty law.  By removing yourself from this jurisdiction you can gain back freedoms that have been stripped by all the codes, rules and regulations that have been placed on our society by virtue of "voluntary" acceptance of benefits /pseudo benefits with their attached poison (explained in the fine print).  This includes getting a Social Security#, use of Federal Reserve Notes, paying income taxes, applying for and receiving licenses for things you already have a right to do etc, etc.  In essance one is entering into contracts with the State (Federal Govt with capitalized letters as opposed to these several states with no capital lettering) that become binding and that is where the UCC  law (contract law) takes over and controls you.  It is the difference between a Citizen (Federal Citizen) or a citizen (resident of these several states).  If one resides in Washington D.C. or is a naturalized Citizen one is automatically and irrevocably a Federal Citizen.

Most of us in USA have become Federal Citizens and opting out is a tough row to hoe as was experienced by the "Freeman" of Montana in the 1980's and 90's.  You can't do it half way.  You have to walk the walk.  The guy in the video obviously walks the walk so when he talks the talk, the local bureaucrats end up cringing.  They knew that they had no jurisdiction over him and knew they would be personally liable for forcing anything on him and therefore violating his truely held constitutional rights.

There is a book called "Vultures in Eagles Clothing" that is a beginners guide to all this.  Please excuse that this explanation carries generalities and probably some errors or misstated points.  Hope it helps. 

Hint:  It is worth knowing even if you probably would not try to apply it within your own life - at least at this time.  Also, as you learn what has happened to us and our country, you will feel amazed and enlightened and wish to share this with your friends, family and co-workers.  Your friends, family and co-workers do not want to know this information and your persistance will alienate them.

chumbawamba's picture

Close.  A citizen is domiciled in one of these several states; a resident is one who will one day return home to their domicile.  And Federal citizenship is revocable, whether one is born here or naturalized (same difference, really).

I saw this same video yesterday except it was supposedly some guy in a Montana courtroom.  I don't think Manhattan would have a one room court in an office building.

At any rate, what this guy did was invoke natural law in ecclesiastical jurisdiction.  Check out:

I am Chumbawamba.

Cannon Fodder's picture

You mentioned Washington DC. Is there any implications or reasons beind the fact that the United States capital is in a "district" and not in a "state"?

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

If i could up ^ you a thousand for that I would.

Why nobody in the MSM has the intestinal fortitude to make this story go viral is obvious.

Thank you for posting this

JoBob's picture

Wonderful!  "You do NOT OWN ME!"

He is the first truly FREE man I have seen!



daemon's picture

 " Only assholes run for public office, and 'good men' are fucking where? "

" If there was ever a fucking urban myth, is that of the good man. "

You may have some point here, but you should try to stop thinking in "static" terms (like good or bad), they inevitably lead to a moralistic, "absolutist" point of view. People, contrary to how they perceive themselves, are not "immutable isolated islands", they are not only DNA. They are evolving expression of DNA in an environment. For 'I' to exist, there must be 'You' . Try to see dynamic, cybernetic processes at work .


" Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men. "

John Emerich Edward Dalberg Acton

Anusocracy's picture

The State can never be good because it's basis is the initiation of force.

The not quite human people aren't equipped to understand that fact.

carlin401's picture

The basis of government is beating, killing and imprisoning - austrian econ 101


AlaricBalth's picture

I know many on ZH have read Edward Bernays' Propaganda and the techniques used by the "invisible governors". For those who haven't, here is a link.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

and tell me...


the roman coin was made of worthless paper? were the romans living in a digital era where information need 1 second to go from japan to europe?



johngaltfla's picture

After today's usurping of the Constitution, if is far, far, worse than that:


R.I.P. USA November 21, 2013

Crawdaddy's picture

Thanks for the link JGFLA. Agree. The nuke senate option is a big deal. FYI your "Day the dollar died" series was epic.

Gankfest's picture

The forums are full of jobless fat kids who do nothing more than state problems rather than solutions... cough*

LetThemEatRand's picture

"The new ideology is not fully formed yet, but already it is clear that it is not Libertarian because unlike Libertarianism, the new ideology believes the State should be very powerful and large and should intervene. But neither is it Socialist, because unlike the Left the new ideology believes those interventions should be on behalf of the wealthy not the poor."

Facsism.  Neo-feudalism.   A rose by any other name.

carlin401's picture

"when fascism comes to america it will be gift wrapped with an american flag" - smedly butler, 1932


The USA has been full fascist since the 1700's.


The republic under Hamilton, agreed from day one that the nation would be ruled by the 'monied interest', aka corporations.



Oldwood's picture

Laws are enacted to either preserve one's wealth or to take another's. Wealthy land owners were not terribly excited about creating a constitution that would enable the majority to remove their wealth. A sustainable system is one that balances injustices and when powers attempt to remove those injustices, an imbalance occurs creating what we have today.

carlin401's picture

The original founding fathers made sure their shit was safe,

It was Lincoln that started stealing (illegal taxes),

Then in 1918 FED ( more illegal taxes ) made the big leap from Hamiltonian Democracy to Kleptocracy, and its been downhill ever since.


But its stupid to talk about 200+ years ago, and fucking irrelevant, we must deal with the fucking assholes that are our masters today.

Crawdaddy's picture

As a founding member of the "Leave Me the Fuck Alone" Party, I concur. My ideology is fully formed. Leave me alone, don't touch my shit, if you need help - ask.

johnQpublic's picture

i would like to become a member of your party

i dont need or want anything

just to be left the fuck alone

if anyone needs help, get it from crawdaddy

Crawdaddy's picture

Welcome aboard. You are a full member now. All you had to do was ask. Next step - See rule 1.

The Thunder Child's picture

I was going to ask for a subscription to your "Leave Me The Fuck Alone" newsletter but in reality I just want to be left the fuck lone. If I donate $5 to your party can you send me a "Leave Me The Fuck Alone" pin and honorary membership?

After know what to do.

Crawdaddy's picture

All the volunteers for the subscription/bumper sticker campaign decided they would rather go fishing than read mail so that whole "campaign response" metric kind of went to shit.

Excursionist's picture

On a halfway serious note, this article contained in the first few paragraphs a point about the author's being neither a libertarian nor anarchist presumably to help establish credibility and rationality.  I piss on the notion that libertarians are necessarily synonymous with anarchists.  Or that they're even kissing cousins.

The political compass is nothing if not a mosaic of a nearly infinite number of gradations, and I'd self-identify as a resident of its northern region (i.e., libertarian).  That doesn't mean I lack attachment to my community, mercilessly espouse Darwinistic principles, posses a cabin in the Pacific Northwest from where I send mail bombs and abhor giving a helping hand to community members in (temporary) need.

The author should lay off propagating the caricatures.

Zadig's picture

People take their labels very seriously and tend to stop listening once they know you represent a bad (i.e. not theirs) label.  A major step towards enlightenment is getting people to state what they actually believe, rather than which faux tribal group makes them feel special.

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

i love your party.


can i jump in too?

carlin401's picture

Executive Intelligence Review.

The Larouchies are here, and will not be leaving the building.

Well according to them its the 'catholics', which of course means that Larouche has to be working for AIPAC.




Why does ZH post this Larouche stuff? Just to take our eye off of AIPAC & BIS?



LetThemEatRand's picture

Some of the Tylers seemingly believe in Rand/Larouche.  Or at least they like to throw red meat out for the many here who do.

carlin401's picture

On a   continuum of idealogy the Randians and the Larouchians couldn't be more farther apart.


Why not bring the Shriners, and the McCarthyists's from the 1950's?  Where is blogger-fodder about the crazy orthodox jews of brooklyn? and their crazy ideas?


and for gawds sakes why does the tylers not give us a steady diet of scientology?

LetThemEatRand's picture

LaRouhce interview:

"13. What do you think of Ayn Rand?

LaRouche: A mentally disturbed personality, like her devotee, the sometime Chairman of the Federal Reserve System, Alan Greenspan."


carlin401's picture

Yes, I'm well aware that Larouche hates Ayn Rand, I used to read LaRouche frequently back  in the 1960's.

You know back then we all KNEW that LaRouche was CIA !



Greenspan was a nobody that became a somebody, thanks to his brown nosing, not unlike Ron Paul, they all talked the talk, but none of them ever held the Job to be a real GALT.

I am John Galt.

LetThemEatRand's picture

Good for you, John.  If you read LaRouche in the '60's, you are probably retired.  Let's say you were 20 in the 1969.  That would make you in your early 60's.  Need I mention that retiring is not quite "Galting?"  It's more like living off of the fake system you helped build.  But if it makes you feel better to call retirement and living off the system you claim you detest "going Galt," that would say a lot about your ideology.

IndyPat's picture

Goddamnit, LTER.....stop feeding the fucking trolls.

carlin401's picture

why are you still a wage slave?