Guest Post: QE's Economic Miss & Future Valuation Overshoot

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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If the Fed has removed all risk what P/E ratio would be too high?

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its on purpose, the system called the fed reserve is designed for this and over 100 years it has been a great success. 

enslave a free peoples to debt and capture every asset through boom and bust the system creates from debt created out of thin air. 


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History. Isn't that written by the winners?

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C'mon, the market is simply pricing equity in 2023 dollars. 

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Well fuck it I am just going to try to win the Powerball!

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Someday soon, the road can will be full of cement.  Then the fun begins.

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it's a hell of a lot worse if you puss out and sit out the entire equity bull market of the past few years, then get smacked in the face with 5%+ inflation beginning in 2015.   You'll be retiring at age 90.

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  Great comment. These pinheads assume low or NO inflation. The fucking cost of food, insurance, services, commodities, clothing are going up parabolically as a result of this out of control money printing. Where are the earnings supposed to come from? Look at the size of the 'Free Shit Army" already..

   The treasury printed $425 billion last month to pay back extraordinary measures and finance the last two months of 2013. They are going to print over $1 trillion in the first 2 months of 2014 to pay off debt/bonds that are rolling off and to finance the economy. That's before the debt ceiling debate even gets fired up again. (there's no debt cap in place currently)


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This trend will likely continue (coming from a bear that has had a "knockout"). Next year there will be some tapering but the big headline will be how much and how often (eg 84bln vs 85bln, even months only, etc.) I miss the risk-on risk-off swings from 2 yrs ago...