With Ackman, Druckenmiller, Robertson, PTJ And Dimon On Deck, Here Are The Best "Robin Hood" Day 1 Hedge Fund Ideas

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Someone must have had an odd sense of humor to name a conference in which the most prominent US hedge funds appear, after Robin Hood - it seems in the New Normal the prince of thieves takes from the Middle Class and gives... to himself. Snyde remarks aside, yesterday was Day 1 of the Robin Hood investor conference, with such speakers as David Einhorn and Dan Loeb putting on their best book-talking face and pitching their currently marketable ideas (which they have put on long ago and are likely selling into strength). Below is a summary of the top recommendations from Bloomberg.

  • Greenlight’s Einhorn - long Micron (MU)
  • Third Point’s Loeb - long Softbank (9984 JT)- owns $1b position
  • Eagle’s Witmer - long Wyndham (WYN)
  • Chilton’s Chilton - long WR Grace (GRA)
  • Lakewood’s Bozza - short Opko Health (OPK)
  • Pine River’s Kuhn - short Progressive (PGR)
  • North Tide’s Laughlin - long Amedisys (AMED)
  • Axel’s Nikolayevsky - long SolarCity (SCTY)
  • HG Vora’s Vora - long Pinnacle (PNK)
  • Maverick’s Ainslie - short Great Wall Motor (2333 HK)

But that was just an appetized for today when the big guns come out, including: Bill Ackman, Tiger’s Julian Robertson, Duquesne’s Stanley Druckenmiller, Tudor’s Paul Tudor Jones, Glenview’s Larry Robbins, JPMorgan’s Jamie Dimon and... Whitney Tilson pitching African real estate?

Those interested can watch the Bloomberg TV intervews at the following times:

  • Barry Sternlicht 9:40am
  • Ackman 10am
  • Max Levchin 11:15am
  • Druckenmiller 2pm

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Flakmeister's picture

It was 50 years ago today,

Lee Harvery blew the man away...

Conspiarices in and out of style,

Its guarenteed to make you wild...

So let me then refute for you,

The crap you have thought for all these years...

Lee Harvey's lonely hearts gun club....

tallen's picture

The whole active management industry is like religion, blind faith that some "investment expert" will pick better stocks. The compounding effect of the 1.5%+ Management fee means that it is pretty much impossible to outperform the benchmark without taking on significantly more risk.


I worked in asset management at one of the biggest AMs out there, the average analyst success rate, 51%. People who didn't perform, went into marketing.

It's all just a marketing scheme to part fools and their money.

It's so sad, with the internet and such advanced technologies that people are still dumb and ignorant enough to get scammed by these people. Most peoples pensions go straight into these active funds. The worst thing is the mission statements of the active managers all go along the lines of "Helping clients have a better retirement".

BandGap's picture

Dumb, ignorant and lazy. It always amazed me how some wanted nothing to do with their investments. They could be smart as shit but the investment world was "too complex". Of course the complexity was manufactured, much like what lawyers do today.

Mercury's picture

No, investing is actually difficult.


But Bernanke has given you a window of simplicity.

PT's picture

Niggaz are not the only ones who "love nots to know".

Blopper's picture

You call that hedge fund ideas???

They are just trading tips.

A good trader would find such "ideas" worthless.

mkhs's picture

You don't know what your talking about.  Even a poor trader like me finds these "ideas" worthless.

toros's picture

Robinhood was all about labor share*.


*note - things didn't start from the great recession. from this graph things look like they started around ...

Racer's picture

They are:

Robbing Hoods

game theory's picture

I didn't actually believe it was called the "Robin Hood" Investor's Conference so I looked it up: "The Robin Hood Foundation, which fights poverty in New York City...."

Do these people fancy themselves as a sort of modern day Robin Hood? The very concept is flawed on so many levels.



gookempucky's picture

Keep in mind that these are the people that wonder why when it rains that sheep dont shrink and at cocktail conversations keep reminding themselves that God promised them that good and obedient wives would be found in all corners of the world-----well he made it round.


jmcadg's picture

Tom Stolper would be proud.

ToNYC's picture

The mice with headphones easily find Robin Hood's cheese. Thanks for the memories.