Behold The World's Real "Death Cross"

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This isn't going to end well...

h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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So we have room to go until we get zero GDP growth and S&P 2500.

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Exactly. Get f*cking used to it.  

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Relax everybody! Everything is FINE!  Please head immediately to your nearest shopping mall for consumer assimilation therapy.

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Off topic. WTF is with the sound ads that have been bombarding me on ZH lately? There any way to turn this shit off? Can I make a donation or something and get rid of this shit?

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Those are the sounds of a free market at work.

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I can appreciate that, but let me pay the piper and avoid shit screaming at me. And it is somehow louder than even the loudest music I can play!?!?! Real buzzkill while I'm trying to get my hedge on.

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Here you go:


Step 1: Add Block Plus


Step 2: Enjoy not having advertisements anymore


It's free.

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Would hate to see that chart with GDP defined as it was in the '70's, instead of todays ponzi Obama market bullshit.

Anyone still confused as to why Bernocchio wants to get the hell out?


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chart shows there is still plenty of room for expansion.

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THANK YOU!!  It Works!

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It's the rebirth of the roaring 20's......what could possibly go wrong?


They said they never had a warning back then....consider this to be that.

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> They said they never had a warning back then...

Perhaps not.

But, what they did have was a future. They already had factories. They had farms. They made things here in the way of everything a population could want or need: furnishings, textiles, electronics ... etc.

We don't have any of that any more. Our warehouses are empty, if they're still standing. We have no manufacturing of any substance. Our furnishings are made of sawdust and glue - and they tell us it's better. It's not better - it's cheaper. For them.

We have all the warnings in the world and the klaxon alarms have been sounding for 30+ years now ... but our ears have gone deaf. We have the attention span of gnats. We can't see beyond the 5" screen in front of our faces - and all that really is is just a mirror. An empty culture for an empty head.

So, perhaps they had no warning then, back in the '20's. Perhaps they got blindsided and pushed into the dirt. But the fact of the matter is, that most got back on their feet and enjoyed a level of prosperity uknown to the world in its history.

Now - we're just gonna be pushed into the dirt ... because now, that's thet goal.

Farewell, Middleclass - we hardly knew ye.

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The only variable here is the definition of "End".

It could just as well be 1000 years from now, long after my life time and my next 6 generations

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We manufacture "fiat currency" now-----no more need for manufacturing, production, or even "real money"----fiat currency is "how we roll" and look how great it works----everyone's a winner----and they said you couldn't print your way to prosperity, go figure!

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Totally agree about the North American economy being more self-sufficient, but the economy and the massive social spending of the 30s didn't really bring things back. It took the massive... and I mean truly massive... federal spending during World War II to do that. And after a brief experiment in demilitarizing the economy in the late 1940s, the military spending was ramped up as was aid to Western Europe (Marshall Plan) and Asia... the function of which was to build them back up so they could buy U.S. industrial output. When it was recognized that that would not work, more aid, debt and military spending (the Cold War) was instituted to provide the rest of the world with U.S. dollars to buy U.S. production. But by that time the U.S. went down the road of massive social spending (Johnson's Great Society) and soon the U.S. would lose it competitive advantage. By the 70s, oil prices shot up, inflation shot up, Nixon nixed the last of the gold/USD relationship, domestic oil production peaked in the U.S., credit and finance expanded, jobs began to be shipped overseas, etc.

More and more I think the expansion of the middle class was an aberration built upon post WWII temporary comparative advantage, the massive expansion of the state (military and social), and dirt cheap oil prices. Plus, in 1960 the world's population was less than half what it is today. 

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I shudder to think you may be right.  However there could be a large middle class again in the developed world if we simply taxed all the gains from fiat creation and by law poured them into critical infrastructure.  Want a new stimulus plan how about: 100% tax exemption on wages and payrolls.  All taxes only on trade and consumption.

I often wonder what the economy looks like without any usury, and by my estimation it looks healthier than a paleo vegan smoothie.

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"I often wonder what the economy looks like without any usuary, and by my estimation it looks healthier than a paleo vegan smoothie."

So true. I wonder what the political system looks like without graft or corruption. Is that even possible? Somehow I think our species got to where it is because of usuary and graft... it's the grease that makes the wheels go round.

But I bet you are right about taxing only trade and consumption... and leaving wages, payrolls (and savings) alone.

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"taxed all the gains from fiat creation and by law poured them into critical infrastructure"

That is SOOOO true!!

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"Comparative advantage"? We have an economist in our midst! Preach on professor : )

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I'm not an economist but, if you can believe it, I am a prof...     (don't hate me ;)

I teach media studies at a Canadian university... (so I can attest to the fact that universties are the epitome of bloat and entitlement... but then that just means it is no different from the bloat of the rest of society).

I research propaganda, persuasion, advertising (mostly military related) and such and many years ago I wanted to find out what really made the U.S. into a military and economic superpower. Then the 2007-8 crash happened and I started reading more about economics, technology, petroleum, finance... and that is what led me to places like ZH. I learned so much... still don't understand half of it. I wish I could understand more about the trading talk on ZH. 

I am like many others here that think there is some terrible shit wrong. And I don't think it is just the U.S. empire that is in decline. If we are truly at peak sustainable production of oil and have left the era of cheap energy behind... then our 7 billion asses are f-ed... unless we can collectively cut back expectations and desires. And humans don't seem to be too good at that.

The upside of the curve is what we are good at, the downside... I am not so sure.


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If you are willing to learn, we are willing to tolerate you.  As far as how we got here, you need to study the financial history of the US.  You may find more in the comments section than in the  headlines.  If you haven't already, read "The Creature from Jekyll Island".  For a crash course, that is as good as start as you will find.

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Just keep changing the y1, y2 scales.

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until someone makes you pay for it....yeah free market (eyes rolling)

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Thank you -  adblockplus works  -

Good bye Kate Upton.




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laughing because I dont know who that is

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Just think; somebody somewhere is getting sick of putting up with her shit. ;-)

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I couldn't afford her for a week! Unless she paid me...umm options, options.

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Uh, how can I get my Kate Upton Ads back ? :)

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I've seen better, and likely with far less hollywood attitude.


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Meet Vera.

All the hotness....sans the attitude.


You're welcome.

Sucks to be an Amercan...all we have is Lady Gaga and Brittney Spears......and Kate Upton can't even sing.

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Thanks GZG, Vera Brezhneva is much more attractive than the dull blonde head of Kate Upton. Just learn both by now.

Kate is just exposing her big boobs but her look is so boring, i don't see any real beauty there but the dumbness!

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To answer your question, I don't think contributing to ZH turns the ads or sounds off. It didn't for me anyway.

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To answer your question, I don't think contributing to ZH turns the ads or sounds off. It didn't for me anyway.

You're correct - the site is the same whether you've donated or not. I view a donation as a karmic balancer for the steps I've taken to view the site without ads.

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I had to replace the harmonic balancer on my girlfriend's SAAB 900. I hope the karmic balancer never needs a special wrench from the dealer.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


I hope the karmic balancer never needs a special wrench from the dealer.

If it does, you can probably pick one up cheap at Harbor Freight. It probably won't last as long as a higher priced one, but it's one of those things that most people won't use very often.

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All this time I thought it was the voices in my head.
Well, isn't that weird!

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I still use Google Chrome (feel free to laugh), and the easiest way to turn off the adds is to stop Java script.

Just right click on the little page next to the web address, and disable javascript.

I can't watch any videos posted here, but everything else works fine.

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Comodo has a privacy-minded Chrome variant called "Dragon" that has some good security built in, but I haven't been able to find ad-blocking plugins for it.

As someone below mentioned, the modified Firefox browser + Tor bundle aka Vidalia offered by the Tor project which is sponsored by the EFF (they fight the NSA) is highly recommended.  It defaults with for its home page and search tool.  For extreme security, the Tails mod does this on read-only media so there's no tracks.  Both are intended for whistleblowers, Chinese dissident journalists behind the Great Firewall of China and such.  While there's been much skeptical light cast on the Tor project ( and others) in terms of fed funding, and indeed its core concept of onion routing originates from the Naval Research Lab, I am still confident in the integrity of it.

If you just want to block ads and keep the database marketers out, use a combo of Firefox + AdblockPlus + DoNotTrackMe.  Always use https whenever possible.

Search Bruce Schneier's blog at for a blog post about Ghostery and the subsequent commentary for more detail on this.

If you use Tor, try getting on sites with the onion:// url.  Be careful, it's the Wild West of the Internet and you are going to see some crazy fucking shit.

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I use adblock plus and ghostery.  Never see any ads on this site on any other.  However, there a 11 trackers I am currently blocking.  If enough people start using ghostery, it will end tracking permanently.

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Ghostery does track you and send your anon info to advertisers if you have ghostrank on, fyi to people downloading it.

There's no perfect solution but anything is better than handing over all your info to the Google eye of sauron.

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Try a two prong attack; go to and download their latest hosts file.  Copy it to the appropriate location.  For the most victimized OS, /windows/system32/drivers/etc/. 

Then instal (if you haven't already) some flavor of Mozilla (Firefox, SeaMonkey, etc).  Install a free add-on called NoScript.  You will have to temporarily enable bing to see the Kate photos NTI posted.  But if you temporarily enable it, it is still blocked the next time they try to steal screen real estate.


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You have the best advice. Modifying the hosts file severs the connection, no third party involved. Years ago I did the hosts thing and am amused when I hear people complain about ads - they just don't happen. Usually that third party wants something too. DuckDuckGo to browse. If you're doing a lot of research, say for parts, turning java on and off is a pain. DuckDuck gets better and better. Unusually, if you have a bone to pick, the developers will actually converse with you. Imagine that.

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Ive thrown in the towel on attempting to remain anon online.  I let Google in, and hope they realizey output far outweighs my sentiments towards government as a whole.  Besided, at this point I would think their profile of me clearly shows I have huge bark and absolutly zero bite.