White House Releases Iran Deal Fact Sheet - President Obama To Speak

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The White House has released their (lengthy) fact sheet...

"During the six-month initial phase, the P5+1 will negotiate the contours of a comprehensive solution... Over the next six months, we will determine whether there is a solution that gives us sufficient confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful. If Iran cannot address our concerns, we are prepared to increase sanctions and pressure.


Suspend certain sanctions on gold and precious metals, Iran’s auto sector, and Iran’s petrochemical exports, potentially providing Iran approximately $1.5 billion in revenue

Israelis, Saudis, and Republicans are already questioning the decision...


Full Fact Sheet:

A Comprehensive Solution

During the six-month initial phase, the P5+1 will negotiate the contours of a comprehensive solution. Thus far, the outline of the general parameters of the comprehensive solution envisions concrete steps to give the international community confidence that Iran’s nuclear activities will be exclusively peaceful. With respect to this comprehensive resolution: nothing is agreed to with respect to a comprehensive solution until everything is agreed to. Over the next six months, we will determine whether there is a solution that gives us sufficient confidence that the Iranian program is peaceful. If Iran cannot address our concerns, we are prepared to increase sanctions and pressure.


In sum, this first step achieves a great deal in its own right. Without this phased agreement, Iran could start spinning thousands of additional centrifuges. It could install and spin next-generation centrifuges that will reduce its breakout times. It could fuel and commission the Arak heavy water reactor. It could grow its stockpile of 20% enriched uranium to beyond the threshold for a bomb's worth of uranium. Iran can do none of these things under the conditions of the first step understanding.

Furthermore, without this phased approach, the international sanctions coalition would begin to fray because Iran would make the case to the world that it was serious about a diplomatic solution and we were not. We would be unable to bring partners along to do the crucial work of enforcing our sanctions. With this first step, we stop and begin to roll back Iran's program and give Iran a sharp choice: fulfill its commitments and negotiate in good faith to a final deal, or the entire international community will respond with even more isolation and pressure.

The American people prefer a peaceful and enduring resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon and strengthens the global non-proliferation regime. This solution has the potential to achieve that. Through strong and principled diplomacy, the United States of America will do its part for greater peace, security, and cooperation among nations.



Fact Sheet: First Step Understandings Regarding the Islamic Republic of Iran’s Nuclear Program

The P5+1 (the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia, and China, facilitated by the European Union) has been engaged in serious and substantive negotiations with Iran with the goal of reaching a verifiable diplomatic resolution that would prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

President Obama has been clear that achieving a peaceful resolution that prevents Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon is in America’s national security interest. Today, the P5+1 and Iran reached a set of initial understandings that halts the progress of Iran's nuclear program and rolls it back in key respects. These are the first meaningful limits that Iran has accepted on its nuclear program in close to a decade. The initial, six month step includes significant limits on Iran's nuclear program and begins to address our most urgent concerns including Iran’s enrichment capabilities; its existing stockpiles of enriched uranium; the number and capabilities of its centrifuges; and its ability to produce weapons-grade plutonium using the Arak reactor. The concessions Iran has committed to make as part of this first step will also provide us with increased transparency and intrusive monitoring of its nuclear program. In the past, the concern has been expressed that Iran will use negotiations to buy time to advance their program. Taken together, these first step measures will help prevent Iran from using the cover of negotiations to continue advancing its nuclear program as we seek to negotiate a long-term, comprehensive solution that addresses all of the international community's concerns.

In return, as part of this initial step, the P5+1 will provide limited, temporary, targeted, and reversible relief to Iran. This relief is structured so that the overwhelming majority of the sanctions regime, including the key oil, banking, and financial sanctions architecture, remains in place. The P5+1 will continue to enforce these sanctions vigorously. If Iran fails to meet its commitments, we will revoke the limited relief and impose additional sanctions on Iran.

The P5+1 and Iran also discussed the general parameters of a comprehensive solution that would constrain Iran's nuclear program over the long term, provide verifiable assurances to the international community that Iran’s nuclear activities will be exclusively peaceful, and ensure that any attempt by Iran to pursue a nuclear weapon would be promptly detected. The set of understandings also includes an acknowledgment by Iran that it must address all United Nations Security Council resolutions – which Iran has long claimed are illegal – as well as past and present issues with Iran’s nuclear program that have been identified by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). This would include resolution of questions concerning the possible military dimension of Iran’s nuclear program, including Iran’s activities at Parchin. As part of a comprehensive solution, Iran must also come into full compliance with its obligations under the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and its obligations to the IAEA. With respect to the comprehensive solution, nothing is agreed until everything is agreed. Put simply, this first step expires in six months, and does not represent an acceptable end state to the United States or our P5+1 partners.

Halting the Progress of Iran’s Program and Rolling Back Key Elements

Iran has committed to halt enrichment above 5%:

· Halt all enrichment above 5% and dismantle the technical connections required to enrich above 5%.

Iran has committed to neutralize its stockpile of near-20% uranium:

· Dilute below 5% or convert to a form not suitable for further enrichment its entire stockpile of near-20% enriched uranium before the end of the initial phase.

Iran has committed to halt progress on its enrichment capacity:

· Not install additional centrifuges of any type.

· Not install or use any next-generation centrifuges to enrich uranium.

· Leave inoperable roughly half of installed centrifuges at Natanz and three-quarters of installed centrifuges at Fordow, so they cannot be used to enrich uranium.

· Limit its centrifuge production to those needed to replace damaged machines, so Iran cannot use the six months to stockpile centrifuges.

· Not construct additional enrichment facilities.

Iran has committed to halt progress on the growth of its 3.5% stockpile:

· Not increase its stockpile of 3.5% low enriched uranium, so that the amount is not greater at the end of the six months than it is at the beginning, and any newly enriched 3.5% enriched uranium is converted into oxide.

Iran has committed to no further advances of its activities at Arak and to halt progress on its plutonium track. Iran has committed to:

· Not commission the Arak reactor.

· Not fuel the Arak reactor.

· Halt the production of fuel for the Arak reactor.

· No additional testing of fuel for the Arak reactor.

· Not install any additional reactor components at Arak.

· Not transfer fuel and heavy water to the reactor site.

· Not construct a facility capable of reprocessing. Without reprocessing, Iran cannot separate plutonium from spent fuel.

Unprecedented transparency and intrusive monitoring of Iran’s nuclear program

Iran has committed to:

· Provide daily access by IAEA inspectors at Natanz and Fordow. This daily access will permit inspectors to review surveillance camera footage to ensure comprehensive monitoring. This access will provide even greater transparency into enrichment at these sites and shorten detection time for any non-compliance.

· Provide IAEA access to centrifuge assembly facilities.

· Provide IAEA access to centrifuge rotor component production and storage facilities.

· Provide IAEA access to uranium mines and mills.

· Provide long-sought design information for the Arak reactor. This will provide critical insight into the reactor that has not previously been available.

· Provide more frequent inspector access to the Arak reactor.

· Provide certain key data and information called for in the Additional Protocol to Iran’s IAEA Safeguards Agreement and Modified Code 3.1.

Verification Mechanism

The IAEA will be called upon to perform many of these verification steps, consistent with their ongoing inspection role in Iran. In addition, the P5+1 and Iran have committed to establishing a Joint Commission to work with the IAEA to monitor implementation and address issues that may arise. The Joint Commission will also work with the IAEA to facilitate resolution of past and present concerns with respect to Iran’s nuclear program, including the possible military dimension of Iran’s nuclear program and Iran’s activities at Parchin.

Limited, Temporary, Reversible Relief

In return for these steps, the P5+1 is to provide limited, temporary, targeted, and reversible relief while maintaining the vast bulk of our sanctions, including the oil, finance, and banking sanctions architecture. If Iran fails to meet its commitments, we will revoke the relief. Specifically the P5+1 has committed to:

· Not impose new nuclear-related sanctions for six months, if Iran abides by its commitments under this deal, to the extent permissible within their political systems.

· Suspend certain sanctions on gold and precious metals, Iran’s auto sector, and Iran’s petrochemical exports, potentially providing Iran approximately $1.5 billion in revenue.

· License safety-related repairs and inspections inside Iran for certain Iranian airlines.

· Allow purchases of Iranian oil to remain at their currently significantly reduced levels – levels that are 60% less than two years ago. $4.2 billion from these sales will be allowed to be transferred in installments if, and as, Iran fulfills its commitments.

· Allow $400 million in governmental tuition assistance to be transferred from restricted Iranian funds directly to recognized educational institutions in third countries to defray the tuition costs of Iranian students.

Humanitarian Transactions

Facilitate humanitarian transactions that are already allowed by U.S. law. Humanitarian transactions have been explicitly exempted from sanctions by Congress so this channel will not provide Iran access to any new source of funds. Humanitarian transactions are those related to Iran’s purchase of food, agricultural commodities, medicine, medical devices; we would also facilitate transactions for medical expenses incurred abroad. We will establish this channel for the benefit of the Iranian people.

Putting Limited Relief in Perspective

In total, the approximately $7 billion in relief is a fraction of the costs that Iran will continue to incur during this first phase under the sanctions that will remain in place. The vast majority of Iran’s approximately $100 billion in foreign exchange holdings are inaccessible or restricted by sanctions.

In the next six months, Iran’s crude oil sales cannot increase. Oil sanctions alone will result in approximately $30 billion in lost revenues to Iran – or roughly $5 billion per month – compared to what Iran earned in a six month period in 2011, before these sanctions took effect. While Iran will be allowed access to $4.2 billion of its oil sales, nearly $15 billion of its revenues during this period will go into restricted overseas accounts. In summary, we expect the balance of Iran’s money in restricted accounts overseas will actually increase, not decrease, under the terms of this deal.

Maintaining Economic Pressure on Iran and Preserving Our Sanctions Architecture

During the first phase, we will continue to vigorously enforce our sanctions against Iran, including by taking action against those who seek to evade or circumvent our sanctions.

· Sanctions affecting crude oil sales will continue to impose pressure on Iran’s government. Working with our international partners, we have cut Iran’s oil sales from 2.5 million barrels per day (bpd) in early 2012 to 1 million bpd today, denying Iran the ability to sell almost 1.5 million bpd. That’s a loss of more than $80 billion since the beginning of 2012 that Iran will never be able to recoup. Under this first step, the EU crude oil ban will remain in effect and Iran will be held to approximately 1 million bpd in sales, resulting in continuing lost sales worth an additional $4 billion per month, every month, going forward.

· Sanctions affecting petroleum product exports to Iran, which result in billions of dollars of lost revenue, will remain in effect.

· The vast majority of Iran’s approximately $100 billion in foreign exchange holdings remain inaccessible or restricted by our sanctions.

· Other significant parts of our sanctions regime remain intact, including:

o Sanctions against the Central Bank of Iran and approximately two dozen other major Iranian banks and financial actors;

o Secondary sanctions, pursuant to the Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Accountability, and Divestment Act (CISADA) as amended and other laws, on banks that do business with U.S.-designated individuals and entities;

o Sanctions on those who provide a broad range of other financial services to Iran, such as many types of insurance; and,

 Restricted access to the U.S. financial system.

· All sanctions on over 600 individuals and entities targeted for supporting Iran’s nuclear or ballistic missile program remain in effect.

· Sanctions on several sectors of Iran’s economy, including shipping and shipbuilding, remain in effect.

· Sanctions on long-term investment in and provision of technical services to Iran’s energy sector remain in effect.

· Sanctions on Iran’s military program remain in effect.

· Broad U.S. restrictions on trade with Iran remain in effect, depriving Iran of access to virtually all dealings with the world’s biggest economy.

· All UN Security Council sanctions remain in effect.

· All of our targeted sanctions related to Iran’s state sponsorship of terrorism, its destabilizing role in the Syrian conflict, and its abysmal human rights record, among other concerns, remain in effect.

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NoDebt's picture

Forgive me if I'm a little less that impressed when Obama say he "fixed" something.  Like his idiotic health care plan, this one will boomerang and cut everyone to pieces.  He couldn't fix his way out of a wet paper bag.  All he can do is lie.  And this is a lie.  Mark my words.

Millivanilli's picture

So is the state of Israhell- God gave me this land, cough. 



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"Broad U.S. restrictions on trade with Iran remain in effect, depriving Iran of access to virtually all dealings with the world’s biggest economy."

BFD - so commercial Persian Aversion will continue.  Except for getting access to some of that gold that's been slipping in via Turkey perhaps?

Surly Bear's picture

Look, this is a win-win scenario for everyone involved. I am not deaf, dumb, or blind, and if Iran doesn't make progress then I retain the ability to suspend the Iranian-mandate another year. And, in the end, we can always use our cyber command to take them out once we are finished fixing healthcare.gov.

~The Prez

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So what time does Netanyahu attack again?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

As soon as he finds some compliant Americans to do it for him.

Sofa King Confused's picture

Does anyone think this is all of the agreement?  What they are not saying is that Iran agreed to only sell oil for Dollars( that's my guess)

optimator's picture

They made the desert bloom.  With the billions we're giving them every year we could make Detroit and Chicago bloom.

Herodotus's picture

In order for Detroit to bloom, you first have to get rid of the people who live there.

TBT or not TBT's picture

The scary thing is they have been leaving for decades, carrying the plague far and wide.

GetZeeGold's picture



....you first have to get rid of the people who live there.


Just the socialists....granted.....that's pretty much all of them.

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I am really having a hard time keeping score here. And who are we supposed to cheer for? Please, is the US the red, blue or green team?

scrappy's picture

Actually God did promise it to "Israel" the PEOPLE scattered to the ends of the earth to this very day, but it's been hijacked like the rest of the world by pretenders.

From the King James Bible

"Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee."

We best pray, as we are really and truely are in this together against these master deceivers. They are the destroyers of Nations.



The story has not yet been writtten for us.

Remember the wisdom of the King who told his people to fast, and wear the sackcloth in a bed of ashes.  It is wise to fear the LORD.

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Go figure a book they wrote tell's us that it's promised to them. The irony of that statement.

fonzannoon's picture

look at Obama speak, he is a robot alien freak.

(I will leave the rest to the limerick king)

NoDebt's picture

10:30 at night on a random Saturday and he shows up on TV to tell everyone that the world has changed.  Right.  And the tooth fairy just flew out my ass.

Somewhere, somehow, Putin is laughing his ass off over this.

Yes We Can. But Lets Not.'s picture

Our robot alien freak
Has us without paddle up a creek
He can campaign, smile, raise cash
Community organize, golf, host a White House bash
But as a leader he's hopelessly weak

NoDebt's picture

Well, somebody had to go first.

DosZap's picture

Just more of the same from the Chief islamic, turn an eye, and let them build.Name ONE non Muslim/Islamic nation his policies and attacks have not benifitted.YOU CANNOT,and any POTUS that declares the MOST beautiful sound he has EVER he is the early a.m. call to prayer by Mulims/Islamists should speak volumes.

Babaloo's picture

You know France, England, Russia, et al signed on as well right?

Did you even rtfa?

ISEEIT's picture

It's nice to know that the war has been put off until Hillary takes over, but any truly sentient being comprehends that this is simply yet another ploy by this POS 'president' to focus his efforts more squarely on his true agenda, which is the destruction of the U.S.

One thing is absolutely certain; this 'deal' has zero to do with peace and everything to do with obozo and his handlers achieving vile ideological objectives.

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WOAR's picture





joego1's picture

Iran already has some nukes stashed away someplace or they wouldn't be negotiating at all right now.

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Yeah that's what crossed my mind; they probably already have enough material to make some bombs. I was reading somewhere Saudi has bought nuclear weapons from Pakistan, now what's stopping Iran doing the same thing.

Iran has only agreed to this because it suits them. Noticed they lifted sanctions on Iran's Gold, yeah that will come in handy won't it.


Winston Churchill's picture

Ex Soviet mirv 150 MT warheads.Five, or twenty five ,depending

on the translation.One souce says they bought a whole ICBM as well.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Even if that was true -as I've heard speculations and rumors of the same, they wouldnt even need it.

They have Russian and Chinese ballistic missiles both on land, sea and air to compensate when "Obumfuck" and his Israeli handlers decide to bust a move.

Let's see how well Israel and the U.S. do when they decide to throw some tomahawks into Syria? 

Putin can't wait!

mc225's picture

150 MT warheads? i'd thought the largest ever tested was 80 MT.



LetThemEatRand's picture

Edit:  Whitehouse releases Propganda Sheet. 

"Israelis, Saudis, and Republicans are already questioning the decision..."

Interesting coalition.  Anyone smell money?

Dr. Engali's picture

"Anyone smell money?"

I didn't know gold had an odor. Fiat on the other hand......

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

why did you get so many down votes for those comments? and my opinion on it is yes, there is an odor of money. me thinks the real part of this deal was they agree to only sell oil for petrodollars, no oil for gold or oil for euros shenanigans. Kerry probably gave them a little reminder of what we do to people who dont sell their oil for dollars. If this holy leader or whatever he calls himself doesnt wanna dangle from a rope or get a knife up his ass, he better start playing ball, cuz in my opinion all of our middle east adventures revovle around the petrodollar

BandGap's picture

This just buys time. Apparently not a lot of time, but time nonetheless. Not lost here is that someone shelled (mortars) the Saudi desert for some reason.

Not a lot of mention of Russia/China, the twin 800 pound gorillas in the room. Either the brown clown didn't want to be upstaged or there is even more manuvering than can possibly be imagined.

Yen Cross's picture

    Trust is earned. Freedom, is about Family! 

  Trophies are for pussies!

Dr. Engali's picture

Will somebody please remind me who the last country was that dropped nuclear weapons on another country was? .... Anybody?

NoDebt's picture

We did.  We own that.  Hopefully we all got it through out thick skulls that's a really bad thing to do and it will never happen again.  

Yet somehow, someway, this will increase the chances it will happen again.

It's time we all realized that if Obama is involved, we all LOSE.  All of us.  He's incompetent.  He's naive in world affairs.  He's and arrogant ass that's going to get a lot more Americans dead than just the ambassador to Libya.

LetThemEatRand's picture

No, it's our fault.  We allow this shit to go on.  We are better than this.  Personal responsibility, bichez.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

And just think where this U.S.A. would be right now if it never experimented on Hiroshima and Nagasaki with those weapons? 

Think about the trillions saved in air defense systems and ballistic missiles that may never had been built because our leaders would have been prudent enough not to start an arms race based on the repercussions?  We could have set aside that money for space program(s) that could have taken us by now anywhere we wanted to go?

I can't believe you actually got down arrowed for your comment...

This Country really is "schizoid".

Nevertheless to your response "we are or were better than this", but don't be too shocked if we're responsible for using them a third time only this time engaging enemies who will return volley.


Money Squid's picture

England, France, Russia if you count testing nukes by dropping them from planes outside your own country.

TBT or not TBT's picture

Couple hundred K dead that way vs around 3-5 THOUSAND K if we'd had to do it old school. Still all worked up about it? Those two little bombs were a precious gift to Japan, never mind the GIs and a very war weary planet.

sixsigma cygnusatratus's picture

...Not to mention the number of dead here if we hadn't developed the bomb first.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Sorry to spoil your cherished narrative, but FDR knew as early as January 1945 that Japan was willing to surrender under terms virtually identical to those agreed to in September 1945.


Yes, the world was war weary, but FDR and Truman were not.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

ya i was pretty pissed off when i finally learned the truth about that. How many people, on both sides, died in the 8-9 months we waited to accept the nearly identical terms they orginally. offered. All we had to do was agree not to behead their silly little emporoer and let him stay in his stupid palace, and we could have saved hundreds of thousands of lives. disgusting. and we have only gone down hill since then

knukles's picture

The Thetans always drop a piss load of 'em (In memory of Curtis LeMay's birthday) every November 13 into the nearest active volcanoes

In Scientology Land the Fed "audits" you

knukles's picture

The Thetans always drop a piss load of 'em (In memory of Curtis LeMay's birthday) every November 13 into the nearest active volcanoes

In Scientology Land the Fed "audits" you

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

A Muslim will be next. Then a Jew. Then we will finally be free.




ALLAH is pimp. Moses was a bitch. Jesus sucked cock.


Buddha had an eating disorder.


optimator's picture

How many Sunday morning talk shows will John Bolton be on tomorrow, or will he and his clan start tonight?