The World's 2170 Billionaires Control $33 Trillion In Net Worth, Double The US GDP

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Before it became a conspiracy fact, the traditional response to all suggestions of a massive Libor/FX/commodity/mortgage rigging cartel was a simple if stupid one: too many people are involved and so it can never be contained. As it turns out not only can it be contained, but when the interests of the "conspiracy" participants are alligned, it can continue for decades. Naturally, the same applies for the pinnacle of the global wealth pyramid: the world's billionaires and their plan of wealth preservation and accumulation.

Not only have the world's richest been the biggest beneficiaries of the monetary and fiscal policies since 2009, with the current 2170 global billionaires representing a 60% increase since 2009 according to UBS, but their consolidated net worth has more than doubled from $3.1 trillion in 2009 to $6.5 trillion now. At the same time, the net worth of the "bottom 90%" of the world's not so lucky population, has declined. Yet, somehow, the Fed is still revered.

Naturally, as in global financial conspiracies, the question arises: is it possible that instead of representing the interests of the general population, what the central banks simply do is follow the instructions of a far smaller cabal, that of the world's uber wealthy?

In case there is any confusion, the above is a rhetorical question. It goes without saying that what the world's largest wealth accumulators want above all else, is to preserve a status quo that allows their capital-based wealth to increase as fast and as much as possible in a regime of reflating asset prices, while keeping the bulk of the world's population distracted, entertained, and collecting their daily welfare check.

Consider the downside: according to a new report by Wealth-X and UBS, "the average billionaire is incredibly well connected, with a social circle worth US$15 billion – five times the net worth of the average billionaire. This figure is based on a calculation of the net worth of only the three top connections of billionaires, and so it is likely to be even higher when considering the number of UHNW individuals the average billionaire interacts with while attending various meetings, dinners, and events." It is during these "meetings, dinners and events" that the real policy defining the future of the world is set - far beyond the theater of a corrupt, dysfunctional Congress or incompetent Executive. And the policy is simple - "more for us, nothing for everyone else."

The bottom line from Weatlh X: "factoring in all of the connections between the world’s billionaires, this equates to a total social circle worth a combined US$33 trillion" or double the GDP of the US.

The estimated "circle of influence" among the friends of just the US' richest is shown below.

Source: Wealth-X

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strapped for cash and things like that...

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<<-- A Real Man get's what he is worth, the market decides it best no matter what.

<<-- We should make sure everyone gets paid with more equality and fairness.
1.6M views in 2013 can't be all wrong! 

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Remain Calm 462,000 Fuck you Billionares

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After all the paper explodes, they'll be worth zero.

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Actually the debt they used to accumulate the wealth will become worthless while the assets they own will experience the crack-up boom when the system implodes making them trillionaires in the process.

Sucks to be us...

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This is like 'Highlander' but with money.

"There can be only one"

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Problem is that the rest of us serfs are the ones losing our heads while the Billionaires fight it out ovewr who has 'more'.

That old Rothschild adage about making money when blood is flowing in the streets..... it's rarely the blood of the wealthy.   Now and then (think French Revolution and Russian Revloution) some may lose their heads but history shows that it's the common man who's most likely to die when powers come into conflict.

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Central Banks are privately owned.

Here is some information from an article in the FT which explains how several central banks even have listed stocks.

For example one man called Theo Siegel owns 5.95% of the Swiss Central Bank. This is the same bank that fixed CHF / EUR running up reserves to the tune of $250bn of repatriated capital.

They are quite open about it in Switzerland

Obviously similar opinions of the Federal Reserve are just "conspiracies"

Nothing to see here. Move along please. ---->

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These are just the "visible" billionaires. You never see the list of "invisible" trillionaires.

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Half of those billionaires are my fellow tribesmen... not to mention trillionaires.


Suck it Goy bitches!

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Now, now no jeering at the villagers, It is getting dark and you really should return to the castle.

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OK, so how much do your most successful tribesmen pay you from their trillions?

What?  They don't give you anything?  You're kidding me!

You're just another stupid plebe like the rest of us, after all.  You just go to a different house of worship.

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You're assuming that he is only lying a little bit. How about everything he says is a lie.

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I can't wait to throw rocks at the bodies hanging from the light posts on Main st.  

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Fuck you, you're not coming between me and my $762 Trillion. Screw the 99.9999999999999999999999999%. Japanese Kobe + Australian Wagyu = something you're not having tonight. Fuck I hate poor people. 

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If you really hate poor people stop making so many of them...

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and betty and beatrix and these aren't any different?  and you fckers all killed each other for them.

Because of the First World War and the resultant strong anti-German sentiment, the family name was changed in 1920 from Saxe-Coburg-Gotha to van België, de Belgique, or von Belgien ("of Belgium"),


That applies to Brittish royal family who were Saxe-Coburg-Gotha of German lineage. Same twats different country. 

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And that's why they invented ORGANIZED religion: To keep the 99.999% from killing the 0.001%.

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There is only one way to amass that much wealth verses the rest of us.  They are (mostly, not all) immoral criminals against humanity.

Like the seasons of life and nature, all in it's own time. Kharma?

If I have anything to do with this, yes, but wisely measured and dispensed.

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These "rich lists" are such bullshit. Where are the Rockefellers? The Rothschilds? Only dopey new-rich types like Buffett or Gates make their wealth visible. I'm sure the Rothschild fortune is measured in trillions, sequestered in holding corporation shells a dozen layers deep.

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That's apparently too hard for people to conceive. Since the average monkey lives in a "look, I'm showing off my shit and it's better than your's, bitch" world, it is understandable that it only thinks along the lines of visibility.

We eat so much onion, but we don't know what it means.

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true, you will never find the true money masters of Europe ona list like this because they cut up their wealth into 500 pieces and put it all over the world. And they can walk in the streets without anybody knowing.

Making money is hard, it's a lot harder to keep it and the best trick to keep it is to let nobody know you have it.

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My sentiments exactly, SD.  No Rothschilds, Warburgs, Kuhns, Loebs, Rockefellers on the list.  Nor any of the other SOBs who own the Federal Reserves private stock and have been leaching off of us for 100 years now.  What is their tribute... something like 6% of the national debt annually?!  I don't know... I'm not an expert.  But, I do know the whole rotten scam is rigged in their favor.

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The Federal Reserve pays a dividend of 6%.

There is so much money flowing back at the moment that the Swiss Central Bank has had to fix the exchange rate to hide the shear flow of repatriation.

There are hundreds of billions flowing back to the Alps at the moment, as SovX is exploding wider right across the world.

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i'm the queen of england.

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Yeah, but they have to bring their own beer to parties!

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regarding Buckaroo's comment at 15:41 


Folks, ever notice how most comments on web blogs are really merely background noise. It's like high school locker room banter. Jeez, get a life people.

Then along comes a comment such as yours Buckaroo.
It cuts to the heart of the matter.

Certainly the intelligence agencies with their powerful capability to intercept and decipher could track these ultra wealthy types activities. Exactly why, if I was born to unimaginable mutli generational wealth, and I had studied history & politics .... I would now seek to compromise search engines and intelligence agencies.

Bribing politicians is so old school.



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these guys probably had private intelligence agencies before any of the state. it was ingenious move to make them legal and let the taxpayer pay for it.

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Shut the fuck up anti-Semite!

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wow - dear mr. or mrs. or mz. zionist jew.

i wish you well.  i think you really are a troll, but i would like to meet you.  you really do excite me that much.

you really are some one i would like to share ideas with.

i just bought some new steel toe boots.  you should get a pair also, they are great in the rain.


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Trolls dont make you laugh like ZJ

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I split time in Manhattan and the Beltway if you live in the area we can do lunch... if you're buying of course.

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I got something for you take a little nosh on right here ya fuckin dirty shmear! ;-)

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ABSOLUTELY TRUE> It's ridiculous to assume that all these hedge fund managers, and tech company founders are the players in charge.  For one thing everyone one of them had to borrow money multiple times to grow their businesses to the scale of today.  Where does all that money come from ?  How come the old european, jewish and american aristrocracy has simply disappeared ?  You honestly think they all made bad investement decisions for the entirety of the 21st century after killin' it for the previous 100-300 years (respectively speaking) ?

I'm pretty sure these forbes lists are a propoganda tool for the masses to aspire too.  Most of these figures are compiled based on estimates of publicly traded equities, and extrapolated for guesses on assets from there. Conveniently we still don't know the current owners of the FED.....


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The FED is an independent agency, created out of public interest to stem inflation and bring stability to the banking system.  It is owned by member banks, but operates for the public good. 


Here's to 100 more years!

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And the farmer only has the turkey's best interests in mind.

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It's better to use rancher and cattle analogy.  It makes much more sense for burger eat'n 'Murikans.

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Wow! I guess noticing that the list is not "The List" if they would print their names, gets noticed itself. Instant response too.

Fears that people are associating real names to conditions is heightening it would seem.

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anybody ever heard of betty windsor?  this thread is beyond stupid.  you think the queen of fucking england (and no, i don't mean freddie mercury) is shabby?  anybody ever check out queen beatrix of holland?  it's called 'royal dutch shell' because you own it - you jerk?  those be some bad bitches and familys.  and the list gets bigger.  if you have the wit.   the rothschilds are put up front and pay for it as jews.  there are plenty more behind that and much bigger. 

and we didn't even begin to discuss the vatican, and why would anybody want to be the pope.




ZJ    And you are misinformed,I hope you lose your ass when this ponzi ends and you find out how good it was for the public and your wallet.

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comte de grasse - dear sir.  do you know that you just stepped one, or it.  i'm drunk.  trying to figure out how to make it funny.

the forbes list?  seen any forbes being smeared lately?


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@Comte de Grasse


Who owns the Fed?

What a timely question. I've been doing some research and .... thinking.


First off.. forget the 12 regional branches, they're facades that were instituted to get the original Fed enacted.
The real power lies with the central Fed governors and the all powerful N.Y.Fed.

N.Y. Fed is the queen bee. Focus on it.

A select few, jewish (yes Tyler I said the J word) european families certainly appear to be the prime force behind the founding of the fed. Why would ANYONE think that such a "cash cow" as the Fed would ever be relinquished by its original owners.

But it's more nuanced than that, the core issue is CONTROL, high ground. Please don't solely focus on the fed funneling money-credit to its cronies and minions, for the flip side of the coin is that the Fed can DENY money credit to those that don't acquiesce & submit to it.

Do you grasp the enormity of that?



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They're not Jewish, Luciferian. Completely different group.   That's important because when the riots start, the mob needs to be pointed in the right direction.