The Average American Ferrari Buyer Is 47 Years Old; In China - Only 32

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In China, 9 out of 10 billionaires are self-made, the highest percentage of any country (and by self-made we are unsure whether BusinessWeek's Christina Larson means via entrepreurial spirits or government connected handout) but there is another fact that makes the Chinese billionaire different from the rest of the average run-of-the-mill billionaires we discussed here. The average age of the country’s 157 billionaires is 53 years old - nine years younger than the world average. But perhaps the most shocking statistic among the luxury buyer is that the average Ferrari buyer in the U.S. is 47 years old; in China, he is 32.


Here's how the wealth - among the families of Communist China’s “Eight Immortals” - has been grealt rotated and grown among them...


As Bloomberg BusinessWeek notes,

To be sure, self-made fortunes aren’t always made cleanly in China, as Bloomberg News documented in a 2012 investigative series on the extreme wealth of China’s leading political families, “Revolution to Riches.”

It’s no surprise, given the deep intertwinement of money and political power in China, that Beijing is home to the country’s highest number of billionaires, with 26. That’s followed by Shanghai, with 19 billionaires, and Shenzhen with 16. The UBS study calculates the combined net worth of China’s billionaires to be $384 billion, roughly equivalent to the entire annual gross domestic product of South Africa in 2012.

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Word on the street is uber wealthy Chinese people are trying to buy Bitcoins with cash out of the sight of the exchanges. The culture of luxury combined with the ample paper wealth is driving large-scale purchases behind closed doors. Can you imagine all those leather bound brief cases filled with yuan? Somehow I think Bernanke is jealous... "You didn't print that!"

BTC:GOLD ratio = 1.567

BTC:SILVER ratio = 0.025

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That website is a nice quick & clean way to check prices of many things I keep track of.  Especially nice is the 10-Year bond yield, which is not as easy to find at any sites with gold, BTC, platinum prices, etc.

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Regardless of nationality or age, the average Ferrari buyer I've ever met are immature insecure ego-maniacal unpleasant self centered and anally retentive....

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Italian Ferrari = Chinese penis extender

And since China is a HUGE market of small players I'm going long Ferrari...

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In China, 9 out of 10 billionaires are self-made


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kinky tom kinky tom he just sold the dog....

gotta wait about 20 seconds for the translation to kick in

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Damn, I'm so poor I've never even met a Ferrari owner.  I know a guy that bought a new Ford F150, though.

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"Only a young healthy man makes a sports car look cool."

Some gay fashion designer who`s name is just eluding me...

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I don't know.  A geezer with the top down and a french cap can bring a smile.

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A beret? The kind you find in a second-hand store?

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Human sacrifice! Italians and Chinese driving together! Mass hysteria!

Ghost City Busters

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You met my neighbor with the 458. 

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Word on the street: "FUCK YOU"!

Read this:

The short path we found (which is depicted in Figure 6) suggests (but does not prove) the existence of a surprising link between the two mysterious figures of the Bitcoin community, Satoshi Nakamoto and DPR. It is reasonable to assume that all the accounts described along the top of Figure 6 belong to the same person, but to be on the safe side we refer to him as a “Founder” rather than as Satoshi Nakamoto. We are sure that analyzing this figure will start a very vigorous debate in the Bitcoin community.

So much for your anonymity argument. BitCON.


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Thanks for posting this, very interesting article.

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Lol. It's real suspicious. I think it's him, or someone very, very close to him.


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Self made Chinese? Hahahaha- All of the newly wealthy Chinese are sons, daughters of government officials or connected to the regime. Coming to a country very near you soon

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Amen AH! This is cronyism to the core. Don't give me that self-made wealth BS. Next you are going to tell me that the Fed is self-made wealth!

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Total BULLSHIT. Your argument cannot be proven by most US citizens, but it's bullshit.


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Coming soon? Look at the useless Pelosi daughter. A complete loser by any standard, which makes her eligible to be a CA senator.

Got the same crazy eyes too.

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An oligarchy in China (the Immortals)  is one more sign of big problems there, with more to come.  Bad demographics, terrible environmental problems.  Big & obscure debts.

America (and even Japan) does not need to worry about China as long as our diplomacy is adroit and not threatening.

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What good are all those billions if you and your fellow citizens have significant bioaccumulations of Cadmium, Nickel, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, etc in your system; not to mention the particulate size in the air quality is large enough to chew?  Neither you nor the next seven generations will get to enjoy it. 

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The Chinese elite is buying up US Westcoast real estate because they know, their own soils are fucked beyond repair. In the meantime they keep raking it in over there and the families enjoy a healthier lifestyle from Vancouver (Canada) to San Diego. Lots of 'em in Toronto and New York as well. They bring ponzi yuan of unqualified origin and we sell them land and mansions. That's what Mao was all about.

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What good are all those billions if you and your fellow citizens have significant bioaccumulations of Cadmium, Nickel, Hexavalent Chromium, Lead, etc in your system; not to mention the particulate size in the air quality is large enough to chew?  Neither you nor the next seven generations will get to enjoy it. 

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Their next seven generations will get to enjoy their mutations and poison you just with a despising bitter look as you pass by.

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In China, 9 out of 10 billionaires are self-made

Since when did getting gifted a factory and contracts from a communist politburo make you a "self made" anything???

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Clearly the definition of 'self made' here is having not killed off your father to 'inherit' his wealth, but rather having killed off millions of your countrymen with pollution.

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Unlike the ethnically succinct oligarchy in Russia you can be sure a lot of heads with the supposedly wrong twist will be chopped off in China and defamation will only be with the condemned.

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There's no accounting for good taste it would seem.

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Where in the fuck in China will you be able to get that thing over 30 mph without being stuck in traffic?

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Ferraris are not very good cars.

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They are a great source of revenue if you own a roll deck wrecker.

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Yep. They have the romantic WOP name and all but that's about it. The things catch on fire for no reason almost weekly.I wouldn't own one with at least one 20 pound fire extinguisher on board.


Funny how the Corvette ZR1 has the best record of any production car on Leguna Seca. Faster then anything Mclaren or Ferrari. And the Dodge Viper ACR has the fastest lap time on Nuremburing in Germany.

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"And the Dodge Viper ACR has the fastest lap time on Nuremburing in Germany."

Not even close.  Check your facts.  Stefan Bellof set the record for fastest lap time at 6 minutes and 25.91 seconds, which remains the official record to this day.  He did that in a Porsche 956.  Watch a video of that - there is a man and machine at the edge.

And Nuremburg is an entirely different city in Germany.  You mean Nurburgring in the Eifel mountains.

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it's so easy to make a C6 ZR1 track ready and fast it's absurd... come on down to Texas, we'll show you what a fast car is... if Katech were a public company I'd own stock

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32 is 47 in China years.

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America, the land of opportunity.


Except if you're a member of the tribe.


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oh give it a rest... I see more Ferrari rides at the car & coffee scene in Austin in one weekend than the average ChiCom will see in their lifetime... most of them are lucky they have a mule

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Sounds like The Tribe has taken over Austin. Maybe expanding The Mayor's gun grab.


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Are the Asian drivers in China as bad as they are in the US?

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Wonder how many were on the golden path but ended up with an official lead injection into the base of the skull.  

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China will soon be hiring fat slob Amerikans to work at FOXCONN . You get a bowl of rice bitchezz. 

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Just a bowl of rice, no fish head? Damn, things are worse than I imagined...

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In 'merica you get a bowl of Gefilte fish. Mmmmm yummy. Tell your boss this and you will get a promotion up to 'Assembler II' level.

Go juice! Down with China! Round eye slaves are better than slanty eye slaves.


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Naw, Foxconn is well along the path of replacing it's workforce with robots. How will consumers have money to consume if the robots have all the jobs?

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Chinese no drive Ferrari - but Fellali

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I have a Ferrari and yes they are great cars.  Jealous idiots can go suck it.

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I have a Yukon XL, lets meet in a head on and see who is jealous then.