Ron Paul Asks "Can Karzai Save Us?"

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Submitted by Ron Paul via the Ron Paul Institute,

After a year of talks over the post-2014 US military presence in Afghanistan, the US administration announced last week that a new agreement had finally been reached. Under the deal worked out with Afghan President Hamid Karzai, the US would keep thousands of troops on nine military bases for at least the next ten years.

It is clear that the Obama Administration badly wants this deal. Karzai, sensing this, even demanded that the US president send a personal letter promising that the US would respect the dignity of the Afghan people if it were allowed to remain in the country. It was strange to see the US president go to such lengths for a deal that would mean billions more US dollars to Karzai and his cronies, and a US military that would continue to prop up the regime in Kabul.
Just as the deal was announced by Secretary of State John Kerry and ready to sign, however, Karzai did an abrupt about-face. No signed deal until after the next presidential elections in the spring, he announced to a gathering of tribal elders, much to the further embarrassment and dismay of the US side. The US administration had demanded a signed deal by December. What may happen next is anybody’s guess. The US threatens to pull out completely if the deal is not signed by the end of this year.

Karzai should be wary of his actions. It may become unhealthy for him. The US has a bad reputation for not looking kindly on puppet dictators who demand independence from us.
Yet Karzai’s behavior may have the unintended benefit of saving the US government from its own worst interventionist instincts. The US desire to continue its military presence in Afghanistan – with up to 10,000 troops – is largely about keeping up the false impression that the Afghan war, the longest in US history, has not been a total, catastrophic failure. Maintaining a heavy US presence delays that realization, and with it the inevitable conclusion that so many lives have been lost and wasted in vain. It is a bitter pill that this president, who called Afghanistan “the good war,” would rather not have to swallow.
The administration has argued that US troops must remain in Afghanistan to continue the fight against al-Qaeda. But al-Qaeda has virtually disappeared from Afghanistan.
What remains is the Taliban and the various tribes that have been involved in a power struggle ever since the Soviets left almost a quarter of a century ago. In other words, twelve years later we are back to the starting point in Afghanistan.
Where has al-Qaeda gone if not in Afghanistan? They have branched out to other areas where opportunity has been provided by US intervention. Iraq had no al-Qaeda presence before the 2003 US invasion. Now al-Qaeda and its affiliates have turned Iraq into a bloodbath, where thousands are killed and wounded every month. The latest fertile ground for al-Qaeda and its allies is Syria, where they have found that US support, weapons, and intelligence is going to their side in the ongoing war to overthrow the Syrian government.
In fact, much of the US government’s desire for an ongoing military presence in Afghanistan has to do with keeping money flowing to the military industrial complex. Maintaining nine US military bases in Afghanistan and providing military aid and training to Afghan forces will consume billions of dollars over the next decade. The military contractors are all too willing to continue to enrich themselves at the expense of the productive sectors of the US economy.
Addressing Afghan tribal elders last week, Karzai is reported to have expressed disappointment with US assistance thus far: “I demand tanks from them, and they give us pickup trucks, which I can get myself from Japan… I don’t trust the U.S., and the U.S. doesn’t trust me.”  

Let us hope that Karzai sticks to his game with Washington. Let the Obama administration have no choice but to walk away from this twelve-year nightmare. Then we can finally just march out.

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HedgeAccordingly's picture

Icahn has a better chance.. - or MUSKy

ChaosEquilibrium's picture

Someone kill this corrupt two-timing treasonous piece of shit Karzai!!!


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Karzai is a warlord.

Afghanistan is a nation ruled by warlords. (criminal mafia)

You can remove Karzai from Afghanistan, but nobody will ever remove warlords from power until the people are able to overthrow the underlying power structure.  That won't be accomplished with bombs planes and tanks. 


The only sane option towards Afghanistan or other criminally run countries is to cut of the funding completely and walk away.  Something neither the criminal mafia in DC or Afghanistan will actually support.  So here we are.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Geopolitical master, and former CIA Steve Pieczenik maintains that KArzai is actually a bipolar delicatessan owner who lived in the US  LOL.


Either way any animus towards Karzai is foolish. NATO, and mainly the US have wasted trillions, and killed thousands for no good reason at all. Al Quaeda is stronger than ever and on Western payroll in Syria, and the only thing that has flourished in Afghanistan is drug production and child sexual abuse


you want an eye opener? Watch the dancing boys of afghanistan which amply chronicles that the people WE put in place there at the highest levels are serial pedophiles.

thisandthat's picture

A big part of that (nowadays, at least) comes from the repression of sexuality (casual, non-marital, and women sexuality altogether), in sunni world specially (shias have so-called temporary marriages, so single people can still engage in casual sex relations without disturbing cultural rules).

In the west we mostly use women for that and call it liberation and rights, or we just fly to SE Asia, Brazil, Eastern Europe (if not downright next door), to hunt for the same children, underage girls, ladyboys, travecos, kurvas - and if not, just set it all up from scratch wherever we land with our UN, NATO elite troops...

SafelyGraze's picture

but if the us leaves, then who is going to protect the natgas pipelines there

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Beware of Governments and their governed in "glass houses".

As I recall Obama's predecessors invaded and occupied that Country based on the grandest of lies.

Who's calling who a "treasonous piece of shit"?

TheGardener's picture

Dare you say so , Kabul without a mayor !

SuperRay's picture

We're there for one reason only - to keep the opium fields open.

Chupacabra-322's picture

Karzai will be Qaddafi'd.

nickels's picture

Quit producing heroin and it's a deal. No wait- deal heroin only thru us and we're good.

SgtShaftoe's picture

And cut of the CIA's biggest source of funding next to the financial rigging and theft from the American people?  PSHAAA!  not going to happen. 

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

But if we arm Al Queda, they'll be our friends!

They're not the danger anyway. It's those pesky American used to be middle class, that's what we have to worry about.

Doubleguns's picture

He demands they be given. Really? Go buy them from the Russians dip shit!! US citzens are tired of supporting worldly idiots we have so many here at home to support.

lailapa's picture

Where is the tomb of Alexander the Great ?

The biggest secrets in the world are best hidden when they are in plain view

ToNYC's picture

A virtual Afghanistan can be re-imaged importing bureaucrats from India to keep MIC on drip feeding tube.

tony wilson's picture

gadaffi,saddam and soon karzai they are cia programmed they go off script break down make a local choice over what the cia wants thrn they snuff it.


navy seals and sas and parachute regiment are needed in the future for security transport taking the heroin to c130 transport shipping to camp bondsteel.

mi6 and the cia are a mega corp worth hundreds of billions.

the army is needed forever on the ground for drugs and rare earth minerals extraction.

karzai goes local and he is dead.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

"karzai goes local and he is dead"...

Or as they say at Langley, visiting "Bandar Bush" at his permanently unoccupied Aspen ski villa.

docmac324's picture

Keep dreaming.  The hydroelectic powerplants and the railroad industry will be there forever.  We do not want the real estate (like the Soviets), we want what's in/on it.

Going to be there for 50 years easy.  EASY.



Z_End's picture

I wouldn't want to be those troops over there for another decade. Less bases means everyone is clustered. They will be attacked, sniped, rocketed, carbombed, suicide bombed, etc... Slow bleed, and most of the time it will never make the news.

Time to go.


Zero Point's picture

Yuh, Z-End. A steady trickle of poor maimed bastards, and body bags.

Getting shot up and bombed will be their job description in fucked up garrison jobs like that.

Fuck that, I'd join the Taliban.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

With who's money?

Or haven't you heard that China's kinda of decided to move on?...

geewhiz's picture

With Benny's "money". Or maybe security fees from the pipelines proceeds.

tony wilson's picture

like the marines in iraq they will also be sniped by the mossad cos the folks body count is way to small for the yahudi netanyahoo.

superflex's picture

I guess the trans-Afghanistan Pipeline is back on.

Karzai was VP of Pipeline Operations with Unocal until his appointment to Afghan Head Dick Head.

All of our military bases in Afghanistan are along the proposed pipeline.

Fuck you Karzai and Fuck you Obama!

Jonas Parker's picture

Karzai is holding out for a fresh shipment of virgin goats! So far only Blythe has volunteered, and she may not qualify...

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"All of our military bases in Afghanistan are along the proposed pipeline."

That fooled me for a bit, too, until I realized that bases as well as pipelines tend to be located near or travel through population centers.

BTW, I don't support our presence there and think we should have been out of Afghanistan as soon as the original post-9/11 strikes were concluded.

pragmatic hobo's picture

i thought al-queda was cia ..?

Colonel Klink's picture

Only during the times they need them, otherwise they're the "enemy"!

Zero Point's picture

Oh, they still need them when they're "the enemy".

Zadig's picture

It certainly looks that way.  The franchise opened in Iraq got their cars from a very unlikely place.  

The FBI's counterterrorism unit has launched a broad investigation of US-based theft rings after discovering that some of the vehicles used in deadly car bombings in Iraq, including attacks that killed US troops and Iraqi civilians, were probably stolen in the United States, according to senior government officials.


Colonel Klink's picture

Karzai will fold like Boehner, except he'll get more graft out of it from the taxpayers.

Zadig's picture

If he does what the occupiers want, then the locals will kill him eventually.  If he does what the locals want, then occupiers will kill him a lot sooner than "eventually".  Tough choice for a puppet stuck in the middle of a guerilla war. 

Trampy's picture



Inmate of open-air prison run by lunatics and populated almost entirely by zombies is desperately seeking a pen-pal ... because God gave Eve to Adam, and Aldous Huxley gave someone to Winston Smith.

For mutual support in these trying times, am seeking fellow non-zombie intelligent, open-minded, and well-informed inmate for discussing topics of mutual interest, such as:

  1. Both actual and notional nuclear accidents, and nuclear technology of all sorts. Is nuclear safety always an oxymoron? I'd love to find a fellow atomic scientist here, as in Bull. of Atom. Sci.;

  2. Same as it ever was. “Kill the man, kill the problem,” Joe Stalin. Change is a process, not an event. Chicken Little has always been wrong, so why not now?;

  3. Same as it ever was. Bankers v. The People is nothing new. In 1833 Andrew Jackson took on and succeeded in killing the Second Bank of the United States. In 1963 JFK took on the Fed and was killed. The bankers will do “whatever it takes” to keep it going as long as possible;

  4. Same as it ever was. Historical Revisionism of WW1 and WW2 as a battle of valiant truth-telling historians versus the plush OSS/CIA myth-telling “historians” as waged notably by the largely, and very sadly, forgotten Harry Elmer Barnes, 1889–1968. Many brave souls such as he have seen history through the lens of The Truth is First Casualty of War and lived to tell the tale, or at least published before their death. Big Mahalo to the CIA for renaming the quaint (and hifalutin) pre-JFK historical revisionism into the much more catchy (and contempo) conspiracy theory;

  5. Same as it ever was. John Kenneth Galbraith 1975 Money: Whence it Came, Where it Went about the Capitalist Crisis as predicted by Karl Marx. Four decades later and still going?;

  6. Same as it ever was. George Orwell's intended title for his most famous book was “1948,” its year of completion, nuff said. 1984, Alice in Wonderland, and The Wizard of Oz as works of history – and Newspeak, shunning, straw man, murder, etc., as (largely) effective social controls;

  7. as an island of sanity, albeit very sadly wholly lacking in collegiality; and, most importantly,

  8. weaknesses in the open-air prison system which might allow its escape and/or subversion.


TheGardener's picture

" as island of sanity, albeit sorely lacking in collegiality; and"

Welcome to fight club.

mantrid's picture

they're not gonna march out until THE PIPELINE is finished

and once it's finished, they're not gonna march out ever

Keyser's picture

They are never going to "march out", much like the Fed is never going to taper. Opium production is the reason the US military is in Afghanistan. Always has been and will continue. What better way to control the minds of the plebs than to have them addicted to poison, not to mention the profit margin. 


chemystical's picture

can't completely agree with you Keyser.   Estimates on drug use are generally beased on self-reporting, but estimates of herion use in the USA are that ~ 300,000 people have used it in the last 12 months.  @ 0.1% that's not going to make a dent in the mind control game.  Fluoridated water?  Those flickering images emanating from that thing on your wall?  Now, that is some serious ROCE.

Profit margin!  That's the ticket with re to opium production (which conveniently had nearly been eradicated by the Taliban - while Mexican production increased to fill the void).

The US presence in AGH is multifaceted.  Opium poppies can be grown anywhere.

Kobe Beef's picture

The heroin is a weapon pointed at Russia and Iran. It's not designed to raise USSA usage rates.

Usura's picture

Hamid Karzai would do well to consult and respect the wishes of his constituency, else he suffer the same fate as one of his predecessors, Mohammad Najibullah, hung in the public square with his genitalia jammed down his throat.  Politics in Afghanistan might be a bit rough around the edges, but it often acts as an effective deterrent to collaborators of all stripes.


Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Fighting for Freedom?, nah, fat chance - everybody sees past that bullshit.... More like Guarding Poppy Fields - that's the ticket....

Chaos_Theory's picture

Dear Karzai,

The Americans demand they be allowed to f-ck all your wives.  They also use the Holy Quran to roll joints and want your sons to grow up to suck dicks in a San Francisco bathhouse. 

I suggest you prevent this by demanding they all leave and invite the PRC to safeguard their own mines.


Americans against a total f-cking waste of time, lives and fiat.

pupdog1's picture

Don't forget our bacon and ham sandwiches with a shot of Jack---really hits the spot.

tony wilson's picture


the real terrorists are usa and uk

for state by state or private mercenary.

what we might call low level operations india are to big to hit with a weather weapon what with indian nukes and all pakistan is another matter.

but just like belfast or iraq  low level frank kitson bullets and bangs works a treat until they get captured.


anyone remember the sas captured in iraq killing all sides arrested then busted out of prison.

special services arrested in libya before the bombing started again now.


ex-soldiers were arrested on board MV Seaman Guard Ohio.

The MV Seaman Guard Ohio  was intercepted 10 nautical miles off the coast of India, after two alerts from intelligence agencies.




Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Perhaps the question should read, "Can we save ourselves?"...

Elvis is Alive's picture

Only guys saying heroin have this right. Afghan heroin is the answer as to why we are still there. Afghanistan has gone from producing 185 tons of heroin when Taliban was in control there up to 8000 tons since we have been there, a 50 fold increase. Value of Afghan heroin is half of entire U.S. agricultural crop, but with a value of $65 billion and the Afghans getting only $1.4 billion of that amount, the rest goes to the CIA and defense department overseeing the transportation and distribution of the heroin. THIS IS WORTH MORE THAN ON A NET BASIS THAN ALL CROPS GROWN IN THE UNITED STATES!!

And American troops are guarding the heroin/poppy fields. I thought that putting our "heroes" in the poppy fields would be something the military-industrial complex would shun, but no they have allowed ABC news to shoot footage there. These MI guys have brass balls.

For everyone but ZH readers, this footage should be effing shocking. 

So we should all support out troops. They are allowing us to buy smack on the cheap.

Can you imagine volunteerting for the military and they put you in poppy/heroin fields? 

earleflorida's picture

'it all started so long ago-- in a quieter, simpler, gentle time... before septembers` clock struck 911?  thirteen years hence-- septembers' song plays like a broken meme... 'your with us or your against us', as the bush`doctrine hawks rangle (?) on? as in 'Daedalus,`Bush lessens junior`Icarus to remain unified (?) and stay away from the 'empire destroyer 'RAY' in the deceptive afghanistan haze... but false drafts tug spiraling current into the underbelly of the 'cradle of civilization'-- is it his... or is it (H)our demise?!?' you decide?

three billion dollars$$$ a week to fight a eight year war now a civilwar-- 150k troops+ the special?, super special private army of 75k-- cuts taxes in 2007 at a loss to the treasury of $1.5 tn, and spends ~4% of GDP on his unilateral wet dream--  extends tour-of-duty with a no-loss-clause so that when the vet's get home they'll either all commit suicide from ptsd or be limbless living under a bridge-- who ever heard of not calling up more troops?

but, now were locked into afghanistan for another hundred years, because it's pakistan's fault, and we can't have these radical islamist taking over pak's 100+ nuclear warheads can we? the nasty taliban or are they chinese mujahideen. but let's do the math, shall we! at $250k/US troop versus $10k/ Afghan military/ police to grow to 400K min to protect what... their fleeting sovereignity as do-good occupiers of the 'poppy field's' and all the flying carpet RUGs?

one last thought for those with failing memories! Osama bin Laden said in 2002 in one of his first videos that he would do to america what america did to the ussr-- make u?s? bankrupt!?!

MR. Obama,... 'Tear down this Wall!'

Ps.   Bush #43, Cheney, Rumsfeld should all be charge with genocide and/or war crimes    jmo

Ps2. Iraq had nothing to do with 911, nor did the axis of evil,... the country was lied to and sold out by these profiteers and traitors!!!

jmo again   thankyou Tyler

pashley1411's picture

Failure for who?   Defense contractors are winning every year with contracts and profits.   Politicians and former generals get to rake the contractors for political contributions and jobs.

What idiot listens to the noise about the "Afghan people"?   Afganistan is another edge-of-the-map sandbox where liberals and statist-dreamers can play out their fanatasies and spend money with little scrutiny.