US Challenges China, Flies B-52 Bombers Over New Air Defense Zone

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One of the notable developments in the neverending China-Japan territorial sovereignty dispute over various rock formations (and potential massive natural resources located beneath them) in the East China Sea, has been China's launch of an "air defense zone" over said disputed islands. As AP reported previously, Beijing on Saturday issued a map of the zone — which includes a cluster of islands controlled by Japan but also claimed by China — and a set of rules that say all aircraft entering the area must notify Chinese authorities and are subject to emergency military measures if they do not identify themselves or obey Beijing's orders. Various Japanese airlines responded in a confused manner overnight, with neither JAL nor ANA sure whether or not to comply with China's new demand which is merely the latest territorial escalation.

Yet the declaration seems to have flopped as a foreign policy gambit. Analysts say Beijing may have miscalculated the forcefulness and speed with which its neighbors rejected its demands. "Washington, which has hundreds of military aircraft based in the region, says it has zero intention of complying. Japan likewise has called the zone invalid, unenforceable and dangerous, while Taiwan and South Korea, both close to the U.S., also rejected it."

To put an end to any debate of how the US really feels about China imposing what it believes is its own territoria sovereignty, moments ago the WSJ reported that, in a direct challenge to China, or perhaps provocation, "a pair of American B-52 bombers flew over a disputed island chain in the East China Sea without informing Beijing, U.S. officials said Tuesday, in a direct challenge to China and its establishment of an expanded air defense zone.

The planes flew out of Guam and entered the new Chinese Air Defense Identification Zone at about 7 p.m. Washington time Monday, according to a U.S. official.


Defense officials earlier had promised that the U.S. would challenge the zone and would not comply with Chinese requirements to file a flight plan, radio frequency or transponder information.


The flight of the B-52s, based at Anderson Air Force Base in Guam, were part of a long planned exercise called Coral Lightening. The bombers were not armed and were not accompanied by escort planes.

While the probability of a direct Chinese retaliation against the US is slim to none, it is quite possible that the Chinese will once again redirect their nationalist anger toward Japan, in a repeat of what happened a year ago when the Japanese government escalated the Senkaku Island confrontation, leading to a purge of Japanese business interests (and citizens) from the mainland, and a collapse of all Japanese exports to China. And since one of Abenomics key "arrows" is boosting exports, the last thing the economy, which already hangs by a thread, needs is another economic embargo by one of its largest trading partners. We will find out if China reacts in such a fashion shortly.

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Nixon had Operation Linebacker. This must be Obama's Operation Wide Receiver.

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Reuters last week announced China to trade oil contracts in Shanghai priced in CYuan.

Combined with massive physical gold trade in Shanghai, (heading over 2,000 tonnes delivered and withdrawn from SGE vault this year) will restart petrogold trade and threaten USD petrodollar demand.

China also announced to terminate foreign currency accumulation (read USD).

Expect major gold and oil moves and conflict to give alternate  backstory.

Watch gold, oil, USD - also watch rare earth metals as China controls 90% of this market and has used this weapon in the past (against Japan).

Meanwhile the Brits with their 'investigation' into the LBMA fix are hard pressed to explain the real problem which is that the LBMA trades 290 million ounces of vapor each day (calls it gold trading) and sets the gold price.

The sleeper in all this is silver.

Note China is slamming the door on buying US tech post NSA/Snowden.


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War with China might be interesting...

Sonic the porcupine's picture

Especially an amphibious assault a la Normandy, with cannon fodder conscripts courtesy of a re-instated draft.

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I assume you're jesting; an amphibious assault against anywhere is probably beyond the capabilities of the US military these days. If we need cannon fodder, I nominate the TSA and DSH troops. They're more of a danger to Americans while on U.S. soil then if they were elsewhere. Plus they can supply their own ammo, no need to bill the Pentagon.

A more likely scenario would have the Chinese invading some of those offshore islands that are still under ROC (Taiwanese) control. Surely I'm not the only one who remembers places like Quemoy and Matsu?

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I just surprised we can launch anything off Guam.  I thought it tipped over years ago...?


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Joint Chiefs and Obie discussion.

JC:  Well, Mr President, if you really want to make a statement then we should fly over with the biggest radar section planes we have so they don't miss us one iota, like standing right there, screaming in their face.  We'll send a couple B-52s from Guam.  Lickety split shut that shit down, sir.
Obie:  What about some of the new high tech stuff to scare 'em?
JC:  But Mr President, the new stuff is stealthy and won't show up on their radars.  They could claim to have not seen anything.
Obie:  OK then, send a couple of stealth bombers
JC:  But sir, we might as well not bother as they'll not know they're there.
Obie:  OK don't send anything.  I'll speak about them not having seen shit and scare the mono-sodium glutamate out of their little yellow asses.  Valery, fire up the TelePrompters
JC:  (faces in hands, soft weeping sounds)


PS  Notice some of the headlines today... Like the WSJ  "White House Launches Push TO Sell Its Iran Nuclear Deal"
How come the WH has to sell every damned decision?
You mean none of em are good enough to stand on their own merits?

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LoL Krisp and Knukles. Thank you for the badly needed laugh!

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Anyone suggesting the U.S. doesn't possess truly hegemonic military superiority in devastating quantity & quality has no clue what they're speaking of.

I am not a cheerleader for war nor am I an irrational person blinded by some Machiavellian loyalty to my country of origin, but merely conveying a basic truth.

There is no other nation nor block of nations that could mount an effective offensive or defensive military operation against or from the U.S. in the event of full scale warfare.

It's truly no longer about "boots on the ground" or even advanced warplanes in the sky - it's gone intensely technological, and in ways 99.9% of people don't have a clue about (you can't/won't learn about these methods, machines or modus operandi by consuming public school or MSM filler).

Advanced technology, truly developed by the alliance between the MIC and R&D centers/hubs at "academic" institutions such as MIT, and genuinely kept proprietary (sure other nations have similar arrangements, but they're behind the curve in terms of structure & results) has new ot modern warfare what the development of the modern semiconductor chip has done to computational power - made warfare far more efficient, lethal, far less resource intensive in terms of boots on the ground, and incredibly effective in terms of destroying infrastructure.

For those pointing to Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. as examples of limitations of such warfare, those were "gloves on" (and misguided, btw) exercises demonstrating 20 year old technologies - in all-out warfare, the U.S. will fight its wars in ways that few here can currently imagine, with devastating consequences imposed on any adversary.

The U.S. Is literally two generations ahead of any other nation in terms of capabilities in the event there's a'true gloves off conflict.

I'm sure these claims will antagonize a great many, but I will (in vain) remind everyone that I'm actually an adherent to the Smedley Butler "War Is A Racket" moral view of war, and not cheerleading nor granting moral approval upon the use of warfare to advance immoral means, but rather, simply acknowledging a reality of the current times we life in.

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A similar danger awaits those who overstate or over estimate US military superiority.  Morale at all time lows, suicides at all time highs, troops and ships spread all over the planet, defense contractors closing plants and laying off thousands, budget money both on and off the books drying up...


Still, 100 million armed Americans can defend the homeland better than all of the troops and law enforcement combined (estmated at about 1.5 million). 









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Not yet, but they're building capability every day.  WWIII is likely about 6-8 years off.  The Luciferian globalists plan is Russia/China vs. US, with a first strike nuke/EMP attack on the US. Supposedly an Exec order exists for us to absorb the attack first instead of retaliating on warning.  Many of our nukes are in fixed positions, while many of the Russia /China nukes are on trucks, making them harder to take out.

This island dispute is the pre fight to the big show in a few years, designed to get rid of a whole bunch of useless eaters and bring the New World Order global government.

Unless we all wake up and stop them.  I hope so.

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I think I understand what your point is and agree we have superiority in many areas.  HOWEVER, how much of our military stuff has been produced in China?  And it may have electronic backdoors that would make us vulnerable.  Furthermore, if it comes to "war" we stand to get our asses kicked if they atteck and start a cyber war.  Just saying.

As for the statement:  "The bombers were not armed and were not accompanied by escort planes."  Is that really a case of the US showing it's strength, or a token flaunting of the Chineese defense space, or nothing but a whimper as we cannot afford more than empty planes going for a cruise?  Shit, the Chineese probably were told it was a token flyby by the "bow down and lick their boots" Commander in Chief.  It seems to me if we were serious about supporting the Japs we would have sent fully armed bombers AND fighters with obvious armaments and done a nice, slow, close in fly by of the Chineese military that is in the area.  That would have shown some strength.  Unarmed bombers without escort.  What a bunch of effing pussies calling the shots.

RECISION's picture

Except - in the end there are nuclear weapons - and everything else is irrelevant.

There will be no large scale conflict between major powers.

All the high-tech wizz-bang is a waste of space and money, and only good for bullying minor countries. 

The invasion of Iraq is as "Big" as it gets, before you bump up against the hard ceiling of your limits (in all sorts of ways, including financial and manpower).

Escalation into areas of critical national interests will turn into "instant sunshine".

There will never again be a Normandy style invasion,

TruthInSunshine's picture

You're speaking in the conventional sense.

If you acknowledge that a relatively simple virus spread by thumbdrive did physical damage to nuclear centrifuges in Iran, consider that such a capacity is a very blunt and relatively unsophisticated example of what are far more nuanced, developed & sophisticated ones.


DanDaley's picture

Asymetric warfare is the tool of the underdog, e.g, computer/e-grid attacks, etc.

Wahooo's picture

That's as hilarious as this comment from the article: "Analysts say Beijing may have miscalculated the forcefulness and speed with which its neighbors rejected its demands."


I'd like to see China shoot down one of those sonsabitches. All the US firepower in the world would neither stop that from happening or even be able to respond to it. There is NO Citizen or political will for a face-off with China of any sort. We got a buncha dumb ships and shit sitting around, worthless for the task at hand.


Moreover, China's going to be ass-raping Japan soon enough and there is NOTHING we can or will do about it militarily, or nowadays, economically.

lewy14's picture



If China shot down an unarmed civilian plane, the Chinese would suffer enormous consequences. Mostly not military.

I China shot down a B52, there would be instant (and somewhat calibrated) response from the US.

That B52 did not take off without a plan for what would happen if it were shot down.

Do not assume all aspects of the United State (heh, I like that) are dysfunctional.

This is meat-and-potatoes, blocking-and-tackling kind of error which China seems to make (and which the US makes too). Their mouth wrote a check that their bank won't cash.

A sovereign state does not issue an air defense claim which it is unwilling to enforce. Any idiot can see that a halfway rational Chinese actor will not shoot down a plane right now. So the simple expedient is to fly a plane through it, demonstrating the hollowness of the threat.

So done and done. China loses this round. 

Total unforced error on China's part. (Like I said, the US does this too. Most recently, and most consequentially, and most egregiously, in Syria.)

You don't have to believe the US are the "good guys" to see this. You just have to be not stupid.

RSloane's picture

Haha EXACTLY like that.



Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Democrat Congressman Hank Johnson - AmeriKa is not elect once, but is re-elect!? After "Guam capsize" statement!? Only question left is whether Hank Johnson is use crack, smack, or meth? 

Dave Thomas's picture

What's scarier is that the Admiral, yes ADMIRAL didn't say something like, "Excuse me sir are you fucking with me?"

Proofreder's picture

Admiral: We don't anticipate anything like that happening, Sir


Boris Alatovkrap's picture

In AmeriKa, Military General must turn in testicle when is take position for Joint Chief of Staff. You can obvious see in dim radiance of eye, lack of fortitude, submission for of congressional idiocy.

Thisson's picture

He's an admiral.  His job is to admire, yes?

Ponzi Pontiff's picture

I logged in special just to give you a greenie.  Best fuckin laugh I've had all month.

unrulian's picture

...meth, crack or smack.....f no... that sounds like bath salts to me

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Amphibious assault... No.  Blockade, maybe.

But seriously, I would need to be convinced that the Banking Elite and the PRC aren't two sides of the same (rigged) coin.

bigkahuna's picture

Oh they are---and that actually makes a very good case for war. 

Economies are for us little chumps. Yeah included in little chumps are the millionaires and such all the way down to homeless - so nobody should feel bad about that.

Wars are for them. They make tons of money and gain even more power all while getting rid of the little chumps - we really should feel bad about this.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture


What a great idea, seconded!


What better use could there be for TSA and DHS troops?

Proofreder's picture

And so we've come full circle ...

National Guard sent overseas to fill in the gaps in never-ending wars.

Homeland Security force created to fill NG role, supported by Washington Militants

National Guard recalled as some wars wind down.

Homeland security forces sent overseas in their place when TSHTF ???

Full circle.

RobD's picture

"an amphibious assault against anywhere is probably beyond the capabilities of the US military these days" Lol the Marines do that shit all the time. Not sure of the number but a large part of th active US Navy are amphibs.

Troll Magnet's picture

Fuck China.

Those fuckers should purge all things Japanese and buy things only made in China just so they can realize what fuckin' cheap crap they're manufacturing.  Maybe then they'll appreciate us dumb Americans for actually paying for their cheap shit.


Fuck China.

10mm's picture

There bridges/buildings are crap along with rail service. Last thing built right was the Great Wall.

ebworthen's picture

"Their" bridges/buildings over there.

Grammar Nazi Stuka dive bomb dittos.

B-52's trying to take out those crappy bridges/rails would likely work out as well as the daylight raids over Germany in B-17's in 1943 (or much worse).

10mm's picture

What are you fuckin spell check. Get the fuck lost.

bob_stl's picture

Not to mention that they don't invent anything in socialist China. They just steal ideas from other countries and make cheap knock offs.


Fuck China!

Troll Magnet's picture

And they're not even good at that!

I rented a fairly new VW to drive around in when I visited.  They proudly told me that all their VWs are built in China.  Well, that piece of shit was really a piece of shit.  Never drove such a shitty vehicle in my life. 

Everything those Chinese cocksuckers touch turns into shit.  Literally. 

PT's picture

No.  Other people travel all the way to China, specifically to give China their ideas.  You can't blame the Chinese for making the most of a good thing.  Why should the Chinese respect foreigners who are traitors to their own countries?

bob_stl's picture

Looks like a lot of people are really anti-American more than they are anti-socialist. The only thing that disgusts me almost as much as socialists like the Chinese are those who pretend to be free market libertarians who side with commie collectivist China and the new socialist regime in Russia just so they can revel in the decline of their own country.

UserLong's picture

Then buy some our great American products, if you can afford them under such an economic. BTW, insulting sometimes is highly related to low quality.

ebworthen's picture

War with China would mean we could cancel any Treasury Debt we owe them.

Too bad the FED has been buying most of it lately, eh?

greatbeard's picture

>> we could cancel any Treasury Debt

Well hell, why don't we declare war on Social Security?  Oh, they did.

rubiconsolutions's picture

"War with China might be interesting..."

With all due respect @Fukuhsima Sam - you are a fucking idiot. War with China might be interesting? Sure, like spending time with Jeffrey Dahmer might be....interesting. War with China would be a disaster. All war is by the way. Except for the dolts sitting on the sidelines getting their rocks off by watching from afar. 

China would hand the US a fight that it couldn't handle. It may not win outright but it would do considerable damage both physically an economically. This isn't Grenada or Panama. Or even Iraq. They would be a formidable opponent who likely would partner with Russia in any military conflict. 

War with China might be interesting only if you have an appetite for carnage. Finally, and again I say with all due respect. You are a fucking idiot.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

oh come on now.
They only have nukes, stealth subs & 1/3rd of the world's population.
What could possibly go wrong.

RafterManFMJ's picture

War with China might be interesting...


Don't fall victim to one of the classic blunders - The most famous of which is "never get involved in a land war in Asia"

quasimodo's picture

"The sleeper in all this is silver."


Further commentary on this would be deeply appreciated. I have read snippets here and there on the idea that silver is a sleeper and might very well surprise many folks but have never read much beyond "silver will make gold look silly" etc.