Europe's Peak Youth Unemployment Gets Peak-er

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Despite a ratings 'upgrade' Spain's youth unemployment rate has re-surged to a record 57.4% (just below that of Greece which still tops the scary chart list at 58%). Italy and Portugal also saw notable rises (despite the former's record low short-dated bond yields) at 41.2% and 36.5% respectively. Ireland and France saw modest improvements but overall the Euro-zone's youth unemployment just keeps rising. In spite of all the rhetoric from Merkel, Van Rompuy, and Barroso, 24.4% of Europe's under-25 population is unemployed...


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I don't see a war on the ass end of this.

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Maybe PIIGS youth have better things to do than work.  

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And keep in mind that the graph does not take into account the large numbers of young people who have left Europe.

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A good time to review the game plan:

Regardless who wrote it and the vehement attmepts to discredit, the document clearly explains the despotic attack on America and its Bill of Rights.  Note this was written before the Federal Reserve came into being.

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umm.. about the article, these are only jobs with income people are being taxed on.  Most jobs in the PIIGS region for young people are cash in hand.  Even adults barely stay on the books if their employer can help it.

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                     yEAH LIKE BANG YO MAMA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Maybe everyone should have better things to do than work - the moment you can't get your toilet working, your life priorities will quickly change and becoming richer and richer on the workers' backs won't at the top of your list.

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Super Bullish!!


(We are going to need a bigger helicopter)

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Agreed, so much recovery. /sarc

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They were called the Hitler youth for a reason.   And that was debt imposed upon the Germans also.

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Actually the Hitler youth was created because a large portion of the general male fighting population had already been tapped.  That and Hitler elderly just didn't seem to have quite the same scary ring.

Much easier to brainwash the young than the old.  I'm done with the brainwashing, I'm so old I've moved onto the braindrying.

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The Hitler youth was created in the early 1920's with a long-range plan of indoctrination. It was during WWII that expedient measures (e.g.,handing a 14-year old a panzerfaust and sending him out to meet the Russians) were adopted.

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Hitler came to power in 1933 so it wouldn't have been know as "Hitler youth" at its inception.

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Hitler did not have to be in power to have the youth organization named after him, he simply had  to have enough fervent admirers that believed in him. His popularity and the intensity of devotion of many of his followers preceded his rise to power. It appears that the name was applied to a first incarnation in 1922 and to a second in 1926.

The link you  posted states that the Hitler-Jugend was named in 1926: 

After a short power struggle with a rival organization—Gerhard Roßbach's Schilljugend—Gruber prevailed and his "Greater German Youth Movement" became the Nazi Party's official youth organization. In July 1926, it was renamed Hitler-Jugend, Bund deutscher Arbeiterjugend ("Hitler Youth, League of German Worker Youth") and, for the first time, officially became an integral part of the Sturmabteilung. The name Hitler-Jugend was taken up on the suggestion of Hans Severus Ziegler.[3]

By 1930, the Hitler-Jugend had enlisted over 25,000 boys aged 14 and upwards. It also set up a junior branch, the Deutsches Jungvolk, for boys aged 10 to 14. Girls from 10 to 18 were given their own parallel organisation, the Bund Deutscher Mädel (BDM), League of German Girls.

From  "The first attempt to create a youth section within the NSDAP was the short-lived Jugendbund der NSDAP. The initial impulse came from Adolf Lenk, a piano maker from Munich who had joined the NSDAP aged 18 in 1921. He began to recruit boys aged between 14 and 18 for his 'Jungsturm Adolf Hitler' and whilst attending a meeting in early 1922 at which Hitler was present he he suggested that his organisation might become the party's youth section."




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So docile, so accepting of the shit sandwich....

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Amerika is leading. Just don't report  this and all is well. 

More Lipstick is needed. 

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As the present employed age, die or retire, who'll be employed or skilled enough to produce the wealth to spread and pay the taxes? Less produced divided among more takers is the future utopia of the European central planners.

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When your pansion is not enough to retire you're forced to stay in the work force. Thus leaving no jobs left for the young to be workforce. Coming to a town near you.

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Bet the price of prostitutes in Spain has dropped due to oversupply!

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Guarantee my down voter isn't Berlusconi!

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Guess who does not have a min wage?

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Guess who doesn't have a maximum wage......THIEVING CENTRAL BANKERS!

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Guess who no longer going to not have a minimum wage?

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I guess they want to increase unemployement so they are even with the rest of Europe?

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Guess they just got tired of CEOs getting literal millions and not giving a crap about workers, while they get pennies.

Just yesterday I saw a piece on Deutsch Welle, of all channels, about the (doctored)  inequality report ZH mentioned a while ago. When you have German citizens migrating to Switzerland, etc. (and not just the middle aged, elderly, but also 20somethings), and saying they won't be back because there's no place for them in Germany, something's got to be rotten in that kingdom.

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                       The biggest pig soon to be ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,is,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, guess who boys and guessed............................ it the U S of AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Now get back to your holiday shopping.  Oh by the way, China will no longer be stashing dollars- wow, now that's interesting.

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wouldnt be surprised if the real unoficial numbers are closer to 40% of european youth unemployed. Maybe even more. These numbers are complete bullshit all it takes to realize it are functioning eyes.