Iran's Rouhani: "We Are Not Dismantling Our Nuclear Facilities; Iran Will Maintain Its Uranium Enrichment Programme"

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In case there was any confusion just how "historic" last week's agreement with Iran, loudly trumpeted by the Obama administration as the most "historic" since Syria in a, well, long time, truly was in terms of curbing Iran's nuclear ambitions, here is the explanation straight from the horse's mouth i.e., Iran president Hassan Rouhani who spoke today in an interview with the FT. "Mr Rouhani struck a tough line on Iran’s expectations over a comprehensive nuclear deal to be negotiated following last weekend’s landmark interim pact. “One hundred per cent [no],” he said when asked about dismantling nuclear facilities." So ixnay on the ismantleday. What about halting Uranium enrichment - that other pillar of Obama (and Hollande's of course) historic agreement? "[Rouhani] made clear that Tehran was determined to maintain a uranium enrichment programme for peaceful purposes." In other words, Iran will continue doing what it said it did before, only this time it will get billions of implicit subsidies as various embargoes are lifted.

As the FT notes, a US Senate aide said of the Iranian president’s remarks: "This is precisely the sort of comment that is going to make some people in Congress very nervous."

Of course, none of this is news to most who followed the theatrical spectacle that was the so-called Geneva deal, in which as confirmed, nothing actionable has been achieved except for the US to alienate its staunch allies Israel and Saudi Arabia further.

Actually, there was news: "Recalling his telephone conversation with President Barack Obama during Mr Rouhani’s recent visit to the UN in New York, he said: “I found him someone with very polite and smart language”. Well, if there is one thing one can say about the president, is that he sure has smart language.

Oh well, more work for the creators of Stuxnet ver 2.0

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Valerie Jarrett you have won this battle, but you will lose the war.

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Iran will continue doing what it said it did before, only this time it will get billions of implicit subsidies as various embargos are lifted.

Idiotic, lifting punitive sanctions is now a subsidy?

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yes he is well spoken for a negroe...

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Obama is a great man.

Chris Matthews told me so while he was blubbering like a six-year-old girl during the inauguration ceremoney back in '09. it must be true.

...and no amount of rampant/obvious incompetence on Obama's part will convince me otherwise.

A great man indeed.


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Lady Gaga is going to be PISSED! Obama cut her off during her SNL performance for a lie!?!?

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Idiotic, lifting punitive sanctions is now a subsidy?

Indeed, slightly loosening a stranglehold is not equivalent to administering oxygen, and taking your foot off someone's neck is not the same as carrying them on your back.

My conjecture is that this questionable comparison comes from a holiday weekend alternate Tyler who is filling in, keeping the lights on, and watering the plants.

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Or there is a double standard......

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Idiotic, lifting punitive sanctions is now a subsidy?

According to AIPAC, yes.

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The Iranians are working on a method to solve the AIPAC problem. We should all be grateful.

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...and returning a few billion in assets that were frozen/stolen in US banks is a "subsidy". 

Since 1979 those billions have been returned piecemeal but still not in their entirety.

Sounds kinda like the Fed's plan for foreign gold held here: "Sure, you can have it back, but it might take 7 years or so."

Might as well deposit your assets with Somali pirates. 

Any chance that DOJ will freeze druglord assets held in and laundered thru Citi and BoO etc.?  (A rhetorical question of course).  Makes it difficult to tell whether "John Wayne" is wearing a white hat, a black hat, or a grey hat.


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 Idiotic is right.

 Where the FUCK exactly is Daniel?


 I love Daniel. I don't know the tylers we have now.


 But fucking Daniel is the bomb...where the HELL is he?

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See! We told you it wasn't for real.

So Obung-hole lies through his teeth again with no repercussions to his job.  Just as the Washington Post who wants to endorse him for a third term in office.


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"If you like your nuclear arms treaty terms, you can keep 'em.  Period"

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The real deal is we won't watch for nukes as long as they sell oil for dollars.

Fuck Israel and SA.

Petro bux keep us safe in our beds at night.

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And Rouhani has every right to come out "above board" to tell the World just like the Russians did on the Syrian chemical weapons deal that the U.S. EU and Israel have been lying sacks of shit the whole way, down to the manipulation of the signed agreements before they were "declared official" for release.

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"....oil for dollars."  Not to mention keeping US gas prices low during Black December.  Why not just have the US trade some well made (clean) nuke weapons to Iran for oil.  Win/win, no?

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and the war goes on. Nice work USSA and Israel. 

I guess the Shah Family is not going home

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Ok,  who are the good guys again?

I sure wish they sold a score-card for this game.  

And when is half-time, I've got to go to the bathroom but the game is too exciting to stop watching now.

nmewn's picture

"Ok,  who are the good guys again?"

lol...ripped from a long forgotten thread. Can't quite remember the context but I think it speaks to your point...


So the magical ink on the Treaty of Unicorns has a shelf life of just 24hrs...

"After the White House released a modified version of the deal struck by Iran and the six world powers in Geneva early Sunday morning, the Iranian Foreign Ministry released the text of the agreement.

The full text of the deal is as follows:"

Gosh, who to believe, a proven, known deceiver or a theocractic basket case?


Prolly some lunatic ;-)

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Good thing that we here in the "civilized" world base our opinions on words rather than actions. Otherwise we'd be faced by the confronting realization that Iran has been telling the truth all along. Besides, as Americans, we're entitled to be comfortable in our illusions.

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Re:  Otherwise we'd be faced by the confronting realization that Iran has been telling the truth all along.

Boy, if that's isn't the truth.   Good thing duplicity and self-delusion are so prevalent!  

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Not a huge fan of Mr. Cohen, but this is (maybe more than) a touch of brilliance.


Everybody knows that the dice are loaded
Everybody rolls with their fingers crossed
Everybody knows that the war is over
Everybody knows the good guys lost
Everybody knows the fight was fixed
The poor stay poor, the rich get rich
That's how it goes
Everybody knows
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Everybody knows that the captain lied
Everybody got this broken feeling
Like their father or their dog just died

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And everybody knows that you're in trouble
Everybody knows what you've been through
From the bloody cross on top of Calvary
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Everybody knows it's coming apart
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Everybody knows, everybody knows
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Oh everybody knows, everybody knows
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On a good day, you can trust YOURSELF.

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all eyes on Israel. getcha popcorn.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

pepe escobar writes.............

''That will make it even more explicit to the whole planet that the rogue state here is Israel.

Vigilance, though, remains essential. Desperate, isolated Likudniks will try anything to derail Geneva, including a string of false flags.''

chemystical's picture

and after ISR assassinates the next Iranian nuclear scientist can we then sue them for 'tortious interference' in our agreement with Iran?  Gotta find a good jew lawyer first.  Should be no problem there as they all play both sides of every fence.  (and, no, "all" isn't hyperbole in the least)

btw can anyone name a single sanction against ISR? 

Murder Turkish citizens in international waters?  Get a pass on that one. 

Bomb a UN observation post during the war in Lebanon?  Pass. 

Accidentally drive an armored bulldozer over a young American girl who was wearing a fluorescent orange vest and shouting into a bullhorn?  "Oy, I didn't see her".  Tribunal:  "That's good enough for us.  Not guilty!  (Psst, here's your bonus for the week)"  World: "That sucks."  Average US citizen: "Rachel who?" 

Immolate Pal children with white phosphorous?  Pass. 

Violate UN resolutions on a daily basis?  Pass.  The latter was one of the excuses for invading Iraq. 

One must wonder mustn't one?

earleflorida's picture

The Chinese are America's greatest threat to the internet (NSA) spying and America's endogenous human-resourse network with thousands working in our DOD and State Dept's, period!

Israel is a close second to China!!!

This parallels the 1940's and 50's Soviet spies which today is miniscule in proportion to the Chines and Israelites...

Important:   The NPT has no language explicitly or implicitly banning a signatory from enriching his/ their own indigenous LEU (3.5% - 5%) under the observance of the IAEA varifiable inspections (at a reasonable notice, any/all entities must comply, Period!!!).

Lastly, Rouhani must talk tough to appease the myriad of hardliners in Iran, as has been formalized by the P5+1 are totally aware of... knowing quite likely, that not only does SA & Israel want their demise but also the hardliners in the USSA still seeking more sanctions! 

Oh, and by the way,... would Iran want to be Libya`LIZED!!!     jmo

Peter Pan's picture

To any outside observer it is quite apparent that this tiny nation and its people all over the globe have a great deal of power which they exercise with great determination but with frighteningly little fairness and compassion.

They lived the horrors of concentration camps yet have now created the biggest concentration camp in the world in Palestinian territory.

Of course Iran would like to build a bomb but not for the purpose of attacking Israel but for the purpose of providing a disincentive to Israel from attacking.

Either way there will be trouble because there are fanatics on both sides hell bent on achieving their agenda.

Darth Mul's picture

Hey Tyler,


Israeli hasbara, eh?


Try using the internet to learn about the "nuclear program" of Iran, and just who has been not only crying wolf over it for years while building their own nukes {built in part via stolen American tech, possibly by Bibi Netanyahu}.  In fact, typing in "timeline crying wolf over iran nukes" will give you a good start.


There's many to choose from.  Maybe the pro-Israeli trolls swarming to interject their abject lies would be interested in this one:


Other good ones to start with


And for those with a refined sense of irony:


Netanyahu Worked Inside Nuclear Smuggling Ring


It might help to remember who the neoconservatives were and are.  "They" are driving the discussion.


To see it here is more than disappointing.  I can see this neoconservative/global zionist drek literally anywhere.


The fact that it appears at ZH tells me that ZH has been 'compromised' - certainly in terms of any sort of journalistic integrity. This is ill-informed, hypocritical, pro-Israeli propaganda.


And I don't think I need to read ZeroHedge anymore, since Life is a struggle to get to the truth beyond that very propaganda.


Spend those 30 pieces of silver wisely, old horse.





Son of Captain Nemo's picture

If you're saying this site is the "worst" -I'll eat my hat. 

We all know how invaluable the comments are to provideing balance to the dialogue of the articles that get chosen here.  The resources and information that you provide help in the dialogue -never lose site of that.

Keep the faith, and continue doing what you are doing without trying to level the messenger.


chemystical's picture

+1 for the link to antiwar.   Justin and I used to correspond on a regular basis long ago.  A good guy.  His views are too tame for my tastes, but he's a good guy.  It's understood that he wanted to get the camel's nose under the tent of public opinion, but still too tame.

Cistercian's picture

Very correct.Compromised.



  keep looking for the truth my is how I found ZH in the first place.


 Good journey and best wishes!


DeliciousSteak's picture

Wait? Wasn't the deal that Iran could continue enriching but not above a certain level? Hmm? So Rouhani is basically just repeating the result of the negotiations and Tylers are now surprised, even when they reported this exact deal previously?

falak pema's picture

don't confuse issues ZH. That deal was very clear :

1° Immediate access for third party permanent control/inspection of facilities.

2° Total commitment by IRAN to ONE fundamental principle : yes to peaceful nuclear NO to military nuclear. That is in STONE.

3° Enrichening limited to max 5% for civil use (Electricity and medical quality). 

4° Destruction of all 20% type stock. Control to limited amounts of existing centrifuges.

5° Arak facility maintained but its heavy water program stopped except for civil usage. Permanent control of Arak installations to ensure NO enrichening beyond 5%.

So yes, enrichening and all nuclear for civil is the DEAL. In that Rohani is right. No dismantling but herd thinning of stock and centrifuges. Under strict outside control in 6 months span. 

ToNYC's picture

Whose bitch they are, they just can't go figure.

y3maxx's picture

...Now that we know Obama has been duped in every single confrontation since his Inaugural...We can now qualify Him
as the best, all time, of all previous African American Presidents.

Arbysauce's picture

3 words: Obama was re-elected.

Pay Day Today's picture

The claim that Iran will continue activities 'unchanged' is disingenuous. Iran is now going to limit enrichment activities to 5% enriched, and it is going to dilute and convert it's current 20% enriched stocks down to 5% or less. That's a level useful for nuclear power generation but useless for weapons. That's a significant change, and moves away from a weaponised stance to a fully peaceful energy stance.

kill switch's picture


And your point is????? You fucked Obama..... Kerry,,,,Nice Job!!


These guys are fucking amatures!!!

Hey Vladimir can you give us a hand on therse types of issues???

i8emallup's picture

Come on, you , dont you know only jewish states can have nuclear power in the middle east.  

chemystical's picture

"Come on, you , dont you know only jewish states can have nuclear power in the middle east."

...and ZOG-occupied countries in the West


ebworthen's picture

John Kerry to be awarded the Neville Chamberlain award for waving a piece of paper in the air.

I'm pretty sure the award is a piece of paper, and a box of matches.

loveyajimbo's picture

I have a hard time believing that the scumbags in Pak or NK would not sell a few warheads to the mullahs... why wouldn't they?  Most know the filthy Sauds can buy them any time they wish... which is a problem, as Obongo is a Shia muslim, not a Sunni...