Japan Dispatches F-15s, E-767s And P-3 Into China's Air Defense Zone, China Scrambles Su-30 In Response

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China's escalation and re-escalation described in detail yesterday, has just been met with a corresponding re-re-escalation by Japan.

  • China's Ministry of Defense reports that the nation identified Japanese military planes that entered into Chinese air defense identification zone today.
  • 7 batches of 10 Japanese planes consisting of E-767, P-3 and F-15 entered into the zone
  • China has also identified 2 batches of 2 U.S. surveillance planes consisting of P-3 and EP-3, without specifying whether the planes entered into the zone
  • China scrambled Su-30, J-11 and other aircraft in response.

And now it's China's turn to, once again, respond. And then Japan and the US again, and so on, until someone gets hurt.


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Iocosus's picture

The Chinese need not attack anyone. The Japs will be extinct in 30 years due to effeminate men and Nintendo. The US will go the way of Rome.

Took Red Pill's picture

Much sooner than that if Fukushima has another earthquake.

knukles's picture

It's always more fun when somebody gets their eye poked out

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We as Americans need to let Japan know that we've got their backs. If war breaks out, our military needs to intervene swiftly and let China know who's boss. It is absolutely essential that we maintain our military dominance in the world. Our willingness to intervene and stop evil in it's tracks and support our allies is the foundation of global progress, and a failure to act at a critical moment could change the course of history. We need to support our military and put country and world peace ahead of personal satisfaction because that is the only thing that will create a peaceful society in the long term.

Ps. Sorry for teh double post, but this has to be seen.

SimMaker's picture

What Evil should America be stamping out?


Torture of vanquished soldiers? Nations that spy on and kill their own citizens? Nations that spy on other nations and steal their secrets? Nations that use drones to bomb weddings and funerals? Nations that invade other nations without UN consent? Nations that use their economic "power" to destroy other nations? Nations that fund and support terrorists? Nations that supply defective nuclear reactors? Nations that sell weapons to out of control regimes?


Put the flag down asshole, and look in the mirror.

Born Patriot's picture

Look, it would be great if we lived in a world free of terrorists where honesty and peace were shared virtues. But unfortunately the real world is a dangerous place, and we as a nation need to do everything we can to gain the upper hand in the battle for our planet's future. If Iran is planning a nuclear strike, we need to know about it. If extreme domestic militias are planning to blow up our Federal Reserve Bank, we need to preempt them. If this means spying and surveillance then so be it. No price is too high for securing the peace and stability of this nation.

aint no fortunate son's picture

you are one frightening motherfucker born patriot - I can only pray that you're kidding

Doña K's picture

This is just a side show. You would know it's for real when gold skyrockets an hour or a minute before. Just watch the price of gold.

So far today it's just a preliminary slightly up day. When it happens for real you will not have time to buy. But if you have been stacking for a while, you can sell some as soon as it gets off the verical line.


N2OJoe's picture

How about we stop being the global police keep our nose out of everyone elses business unless they directly harm us?

DeathProof's picture

Those Ghost Cities and stockpiles of copper, iron etc where all part of the plan. 

Mike in GA's picture

If this guy isn't a prog plant, I'll eat my hat.

remain calm's picture

Someone has to just throw the first punch, then we can get this bar fight going. Then lets see how many observers jump in. This could be nothing or full mahem. If I were China I would tell Japan if you fuck with me I am dopping just one bomb on Fukishima reactor #4 and then you can all kiss your ass goodbye.

Headbanger's picture

Some skinny, starving military commander in North Korea will probably get all excited and order a missile launch against Japan or South Korea because of all this stupid shit.

Oracle of Kypseli's picture

There will never be direct warfare between China and the US. They may create proxy wars to fend off revolution from within and smoke screen the miserable financial situation. At the same time the spoils have already been pre-arranged.

China gets dominance in Africa. The middle east oil states get divided equally and the US gets S. America. Other combinations may work as well.

What is not clear to me is which way Europe is going to go. One thing we know for sure is that the French never won a war in the past and they will never win one in the future. 

The islamists will be fighting each other spinning their wheels and going nowhere.

Don't fall victims to macho patriotism or other racial or class divisions by the politicians. Think clearly. 

Meanwhile, in Greece despite the misery foisted upon them by the troika, the people still consume their local wine, the ouzo, calamari and feta and still playing backgammon in the main square of the towns. Life keeps going on. And.. the young men can not wait for the next summer to play kamaki with the Skandinavian ladies. 


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China's goal is of course to dominate the Pacific.  Japan, and America's influence there, are significant obstacles.  China must first wrench Japan away from America's influence and bring her under China's control.  Several possible outcomes here.

1.  Obama backs off, due to behind-the-scenes arm-twisting by China (of the economic variety). 

2.  Japan backs off, owing to the two-fold threat from China to "Sell USD and Buy Yen", crushing USD and Japan's export-based economy in one blow.

3.  China backs off, and uses this sequence of events as a stepping stone excuse to ramping up the expansion of their military power.  "It wasn't our idea, the West made us do it."

China plays chess, the West plays checkers.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Or the Chinese makes a mistake and  the US Navy eliminates their entire capacity to wage war on the seas in less than 2 hours. This is not threat but a realistic understanding of the PLA Navy assests and what one battel group of the US Navy has the capacity to do right now.

SWRichmond's picture

War is economic, my friend.  The question you have to ask yourself is "who needs whom more?".

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Agreed. Big picture- is China going to be allowed to proceed or will they be stopped. Will we support Japan in principle or in action.

Does Japan need the war more than we do and goes for it?

cossack55's picture

War or threat thereof would give great cover for Japan to evacuate Tokyo without pissing off their GE overlords (Fuku, of course).

Let them eat iPads's picture

I'll take "US elimates Chinas navy in 2 hours" for $400.

Those chinks don't know what they're getting into.

Pure Evil's picture




"China plays chess, the West plays checkers"


So sorry, they're both idiots for fighting over insignificant rock formations jutting out of the water.

But, human beings were never known for being the brightest bulb in the pack.

greatbeard's picture

>> China plays chess, the West plays checkers.

You know, I hear that all the time, but for such cerebral chessmasters, they sure have built a shithole of a country.

Let them eat iPads's picture

There's a reason why every chinaman with money is trying to get the fuck out of there.

SDShack's picture

China controls N.Korea, don't doubt it. Do a Google check and you will find N.Korea gets about 80% of its goods from China, including fuel, medicine and food. N.Korea wouldn't last a month without China, and is just a great big pawn for China. That pawn is to extract concessions from the USA on Taiwan. China learned from their takeover of HongKong, which gave them all the business contacts throughout the world that the British had farmed for a century. How do you think China got to be such a huge supplier of consumer goods to the world so fast. They had the ready made network of contacts from HongKong. The same thing is true for Taiwan. China will use N.Korea nukes as the bargaining chip. They will instruct N.Korea to ratchet up the heat and then promise to "contain" them for more and more isolation of Taiwan from the West and then eventually abandoned by the West making it an easy takeover by China. It will be Munich 1938 all over again. China's goal is to dominate the SE Pacific, including Australia. This is key along with their push into Africa to secure natural resources, as well as improve relations with Russia, for the same reason. Russia will reconstitute the old Soviet Union and essentially be set. They will have ample natural resources for a manageable population. The USA is angling to dominate the Western Hemisphere... Canada, US, Central & South America. Lots of natural resources throughout all of the Western Hemisphere. Western Europe (minus Germany) will be on their own, and will become the dumping ground of all the rest of the world's refuse. Essentially Australia without the resources and with a huge socialist dependent population. Welcome to the NWO.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Oh yeah?

It's either that or possible evacuation time as this one continues to steadily increase in strength. Might as well use what's left of it as a spring board into a Third World War? 

Thanks to our patented technology that keeps giving "gifts" to that Country, I could see Abe doing just about anything the U.S. tells him.


fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Iran, Syria, Saudia Arabia, China, Japan, Russia, Denmark, Indonesia, Australia, Nigeria, Egypt, Italy, Peru, Brazil, Canada, Germany, and on and on have the right to protect their nations. At times this involves preparing for some scary shit and doing some scary shit to make sure it does not happen.

But not those fucking Americans. Everything they do is evil and wrong.


HalinCA's picture

Agreed.  The question is: is it still in the national interest of the USA to support Japan over this or have times changed?  I honestly don't know anymore ....


jmcadg's picture

Come back MDB all is forgiven. This prick has you in the shade. Born Retard.

Matt's picture

I was just going to say, this has got to be Million Dollar Bonus or AnAnonymous with a new character. The satire is pretty good.

King_Julian's picture

This guy is the national security version of MDB. Always effective at getting out the down votes. So much more entertaining than anything on the tube.

caShOnlY's picture

Patriot, do you wear presidential cuff links by chance?

Mike in GA's picture

Born Patriot

Vote up!

Vote down!


One of my favorite economists, Dr Paul Krugman, has written extensively about the benefits of extended monetary stimulus. The crucks is that when when inflation is low like it is now, then an expansionary monetary policy can be used to stimulate aggregate demand (spending) and decrease unemployment. Isn't that our Federal Reserve's dual mandate? Maximum employment and price stability?

This guy is full retardo administration psycho.  I thought he may be Ben Bernanke incognito but the spelling of crux belies that.


Omen IV's picture

Born again Patriot - YOU are an unqualified douchebag in a strict NY sense - which means you cannot be redeemed - therefore:

do everyone a favor - go to your bedroom - open the closet - walk in - shut the door - and BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT - in the interest of advancing civilization!

WTFx10's picture

"blow up our Federal Reserve Bank"

Is that why we have a 17 trillion dollar deficit? Is that what it cost us to purchase it from the cartel of private banker shareholders?

Geez, you think they would have given us a deal for a 100 year customer?

Patriot Eke's picture

Go away government agent.  You're making a mockery of the term patriot.

Spumoni's picture

Hey-I hear Maduro in Venezuela is looking for a few stupid idiots to help him finish what the last asshole didn't screw up. Why don't you move, BP? That's it - you're a fucking oil company.

El Vaquero's picture


Look, it would be great if we lived in a world free of terrorists where honesty and peace were shared virtues. But unfortunately the real world is a dangerous place, and we as a nation need to do everything we can to gain the upper hand in the battle for our planet's future. If Iran is planning a nuclear strike, we need to know about it. If extreme domestic militias are planning to blow up our Federal Reserve Bank, we need to preempt them. If this means spying and surveillance then so be it. No price is too high for securing the peace and stability of this nation.

Jesus!  Fuck!  The world was a dangerous place back when the constitution was written. The world has always been a dangerous place, and so long as there are people, it will be dangerous.  Tyranny, which is what you are asking for, will not diminish the danger to you, and in fact will likely increase it.  Fucking deal with it.  Fuck.

aint no fortunate son's picture

what our clueless-idiot-in-chief couldn't accomplish in Syria he may very well accomplish in Asia - full scale war and the accompanying debt monetization

mofreedom's picture

If only we had Jimmy Carter to get us out of this mess.

aint no fortunate son's picture

what, you don't think Kerry can pull it off?

Manthong's picture

Maybe the EP-3 is the same one that the Chinese captured a few years back. That interesting affair included an emergency landing subsequent to the incident of a Chinese fighter pilot deciding he needed a final haircut using the #1 prop of the P3.

Headbanger's picture

I remember that incident.  I think the Chinese military has become a "loose canon" now that they have much more modern weapons they make on their own thanks to our technology we gave them!

I expect to see a military coup of the Chinese government in the near future as their experiment with "capitalism" fails and the populace demands a return to the "good old days" of Mao!

Manthong's picture

We did get the crew and the plane back. Interestingly, the plane was disasembled on that Chinese island and loaded into the big Anatolov.

US aircraft loaded into a Soviet-era aircraft on a Chicom island.. go figure.

good account with pics:

BaBaBouy's picture

iBBama Needs A New War, So He Can Fuck Us With iBammaCare ...

Martel's picture

Trolling, ur doin it rite. +1

Spumoni's picture

Evil? Who? Or better, who in this game isn't? I'll lay odds that the citizens of all of the countries involved are remarkably similar - just as the governments involved are. The people would like to go about their lives, enjoying family and friends. The governments would like to build massive military machines to bank their power structures, have free reign to kill and imprison whosoever they like, and the power-wannabes want to go around murdering citizens instead of governments in their interminable quests for power . 

The whole game on this planet has become unstable, for the simple reason that we keep allowing greedy bastards and megalomaniacs to usurp and hold power. The Chinese system is no more 'evil' than the one we have in the USA. Both groups spy on, steal from and murder their own citizens-both the governments AND powerful corporations. Neither group is the least interested in a peaceful world or the rule of law - except as it applies to citizens, providing a set of reasons to lock 'em up. The Japanese? No better than anyone else, except at accomplishing team goals, where they excel.

The tribes of this planet - be they political parties, corporate flunkies, government bureaucrats, religious groups or actual blood-related families, ought to try to come to grips with a glaring, immense fact: any one of them could, under certain circumstances, deploy the event which results in the complete annihilation of life on this lonesome rock. Some of them would do so gladly, suffering the illusion of some otherworldly 'paradise.' Whatever will all those dollar bills do without stupid humans to spend them?

It ought to be clear to those paying attention that we have entered a time when the old games will not suffice. De-escalating military conflicts on the globe is about the single most important step in any direction leading to the survival of our (and all the rest of the) species. Nobody quotes those parts of the Bible that talk about turning swords into plowshares, but that is the road to peace. People with full bellies, a job and some reasonable expectation of a little leisure time do not become anarchists, terrorists or warmongers. The Chinese government, along with every other government on this rock, would do well to consider that point.

Wahooo's picture

Fuck the Japs. No more Asian wars for America. Fuck em all.