Mobs, Stampedes, Fights, Brawls, A Stabbing And Shooting: A Video Compilation Of Black Thursday 2013

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That greatest of all American traditions - the Black Friday Thursday stampede, this year accompanied with a stabbing and a shooting, is back. A quick review of all readers may have missed by not lining up in droves outside of stores that were selling products at just above cost instead of the usual massive pre-Thanksgiving markup, via the Mail:

  • The rush for Black Friday bargains has resulted in outbreaks of violence as shoppers clash over reduced price goods
  • Police in Virginia have reporting a stabbing incident after two men got into a fight in the car park over a space
  • Shoppers cutting in line sparked a Black Friday Brawl at another Walmart
  • Some retailers opened their doors as early as 6am on Thanksgiving Day

Some details before we get into the documentary evidence:

A man has been stabbed in Virginia, a shoplifter has been shot by cops in Chicago and brawls have broken out across the nation as shoppers clash in a scramble for the best Black Friday bargains.


Chaotic scenes at several Walmart stores have already been filmed and posted to YouTube, revealing the madness that has become a tradition the day after Thanksgiving.


In one of the most violent incidents, a police officer responded to the scene of a shoplifting at a Kohl's store in Romeoville, Illinois just after 10pm on Thursday to see the alleged thief dragging another officer along with his car. The responding officer shot the driver to stop him.


Police Chief Mark Turvey said at a news conference that the injured officer had headed into the store when a man ran out, and the officer chased him to his car. 'The officer was struggling with the subject as he got into the car and then the car started to move as the officer was partially inside the car. The officer was dragged quite some distance. He couldn’t get out,' Turvey said.


The driver and the officer were both taken for hospital treatment of non-life-threatening shoulder injuries, and three people were arrested, Turvey said.


Police in Virginia also reported a stabbing after two men got into a fight in the car park over a space around 6.30pm on Thursday at a Walmart store in Tazewell County. Sheriff Brian Hieatt told WVVA that the incident occurred in the parking lot. Two men, 61-year-old Ronnie Sharp of Russell County and 35-year-old Christopher Jackson of Jewell Ridge in Tazewell County, were arguing over a parking space.


This escalated into a threat with a firearm, and then Hieatt says Sharp used a knife to cut Jackson in the arm, slicing down to the bone. Sharp is charged with malicious wounding and brandishing a firearm. Police seized a rifle from him. He is Southwest Regional Jail in Tazewell and is out on $5000 bond.

... at which point he proceeded to return to his favorite zoo store and buy "stuff" at 90% off.

So what did it all look like? The answer: like this...

Wal-Mart Fight, Brawl, Madness compilation

Wal-Mart Black Friday fight for TV 2013

Black Friday Walmart Stampede in Puerto Rico 2013

More people going crazy in Walmart

Walmart black Friday 2013 - Pushing, shoving Black Friday madness in Covington

People fighting at a Wal-mart in Fort Worth, Texas on Thanksgiving night.

Man attacks girl at Walmart

And the winner is... Video of women fighting for Rachael Ray cookware at Wal Mart Turkey Creek in Knoxville, TN

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RSloane's picture

I would rather DIAF than go shopping on Black Friday.

ParkAveFlasher's picture

President Camacho, we're running out of brawndo!

Stackers's picture

Tis the season .............. jesus would be proud

General Decline's picture

Can you imagine how much more intense that will be when those folks are fighting over food?

Obchelli's picture

Same stapede to buy stocks this morning...


AMZN, PCLN, NFLX TESLA all on sale....




zhandax's picture

Or bitcoin, if you are in China....

fonestar's picture

In a deflationary economy like Satoshi's people are less likely to part with their money for useless crap that is in a landfill six months later.

TPTB mock the people in these videos.

smlbizman's picture

should i blow my head off....or theirs...what ta do whatta do...

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

What kind of country do I live in? People willing to fight over discounted shit they don't need?

FreeNewEnergy's picture

I'm sure the first question is rhetorical, but I'll answer anyway. You live in a country where many millions of people are controlled by a self-serving corporate media that instructs them to crave that which they do not need.

Fortunately, there are also people in this country who are opting out of that particular insane asylum in droves. I had the pleasure of dining with extended family yesterday. After dinner, my three nieces (17, 18 and 19)were writing up long Christmas shopping lists supplied by - alas - my sister, their mother, and perusing the newspaper Black Friday ads.

Meanwhile, I was engaged in conversation with an unrelated 17-year-old male, discussing self-sustainability, the power of creativity, and rejection of government control.

So, there's hope, but I think it will come primarily from the middle to lower-middle class. My sister lives in the most affluent suburb, while my young friend lives with his parents in a modest household. His father is an avid hunter, canoe instructor and gardener. He was  a bit annoyed that he hadn't been able to get out deer hunting yet, but was eager to go afield.

Those who have had much handed to them in a cushy lifestyle will be screwed in the future, as will those on the government dole. We who have sustainable, human life skills will likely be called upon to save them from starvation.

That's what kind of country you live in.

A few months ago, around harvest time, I had an epiphany in a local supermarket, a kind of dystopian revelation. As I was frozen for a moment in time, watching the mindless hordes shopping for packaged and prepared foods, I realized that should the supply lines break down, many of these very people would starve.

Grow squashes, my friends.

Manthong's picture

Formerly upstanding and solid major metro suburban area..  the missus did a church meal event for the “needy”.. 500 meals to mostly Hispanics imported courtesy of the financiers and Clinton’s 1992 section 8 gift to the nation. It was a freaking sit-down meal in which the volunteers waited on tables.  She was amazed at the general attitude of entitlement. Further, that a fair number complained that there were no sweet potatoes in the meals provided another source of incredulity. Is there some peculiar affection that Hispanics have for sweet potatoes?

That was her last time for that nonsense.

Also, driving some 15 miles back from relatives Thanksgiving dinner at 9:30 pm (suburban trip), it was like rush hour on a Friday evening. I saw a mall lot that I have never seen more than a third full absolutely stuffed with cars.

Thank you

Oh, as we are not disposed to being overly used and abused.. we are soon to be voting on this area and state with our feet.

jbvtme's picture

what time does jesus' flight arrive???

Richard Chesler's picture

In well run banana republics, the sheep voluntarily line up for the slaughter house.


James_Cole's picture

American exceptionalism bitchez. #1 company, #1 customers

Wal-mart, live better lol

knukles's picture

Watch the tapes and understand the second meaning of "black" Friday.
Jesus, people, there's no veneer of civilization left in some quarters

WarriorClass's picture

Ya know, there was none of this shit before the Immigration Reform Act of 1965.

James_Cole's picture

Ya know, there was none of this shit before 1621. The Squanto fucked up bad!

TheRedScourge's picture

If this were my site, I'd slip in a video of the shortages in Venezuela see if anyone noticed.

giggler321's picture

I don't get it, TV's and other plastic junk.  If they fight over this, wait until the food is needed.

GetZeeGold's picture





We had the greatest generation that ever lived.......and now we have this one.

aerojet's picture

Oh, blow it out your ass!  You and your "greatest" generation--I'm confused, is that the one that fucked up so bad that we had to have two world wars to sort of fix it?  The one that was racist to the max?  That sent its own children off to die in Southeast Asia for no particularly good reason?!

The US is full of low-education dipshits whom the media plays up the signifigance of.  But what you don't see in any of those videos are the millions of people who didn't partake in the mob behavior, which is the majority of the people in the US!  So spare us, okay? 

GetZeeGold's picture






Yeah the US sucks....but not the majority of them.



Would you like to try that again?

Casey Stengel's picture

I taught the lesson on Thanksgiving to my Oral English classes here in China.  I showed a video on the Pilgrims.  One student asked if the ethnic cleansing began with the Pilgrims. I said no but all the Indians regret Squanto's friendliness.

Paveway IV's picture

Good call. Pilgrims were radical christian jihadists from the *second* licensed English colony who didn't join the ethnic cleansing party until the 1620's.

The first terroistic English colony in Jamestown had them beat by at least a decade, but occasionally spared a Powhatan indian if they could be used as a hostage for negotiating. The Powhatan Nation Chief's daughter was captured in 1610 and used for that purpose.

The colonists never did return the hostage, Pocohontas. She was more useful (after three years of brainwashing) as a PR tool, forced to married some white English geeze and dragged off to England to die. I think Disney addressed this moral outrage in the cartoon, didn't they?

The Spanish terrorist Christopher Columbus had them both beat by decades, having geared up his ethnic cleansing tour of the Americas back in 1592.

None of that would have been permitted without Pope Nicholas' fatwa of 1542 directing the faithful to "capture, vanquish, and subdue the saracens, pagans, and other enemies of Christ," to "put them into perpetual slavery," and "to take all their possessions and property." The fatwa was actually issued to Portugal, but Columbus figured 'close enough' since the Pope had given the America half of the world to Spain.

jwoop66's picture

the brits who went to jamestown to find gold weren't there two weeks when they were attacked by the local tribe.   They were forced to spend their time building a stockade and spent all their time trapped and unable to leave without great danger from the locals.  Consequently, they started dying from starvation and disease.

The brits didn't start that one.  

Twenty or so years earlier, a colony was started and completely dissapeared.  Sure, it could have been alien abduction, but in all likelihood it was local tribes that had murdered them.   Murdered women and children.  

The locals weren't so nice.   The brits learned, and acted accordingly.

Paveway IV's picture

The Brits didn't learn a thing. They did have superior weapons, so genocide provided a final solution to the indians that refused to hand over their ancestoral lands.

When someone shows up on your land one day and tells you it has been claimed by a someone else in the name of a God or a King you never heard of, then you might be upset but tolerate the nut-jobs out of politeness.

If they're arrogant and rude to you and repeatedly claim more and more of *your* land as legally *theirs* because of their mystery potentates and laws from afar, then you might start getting pissed off and suggest they stop.

If they start burning down the forests on your land because they feel they are entitled to build a farm on their land (according to their weird laws), then shots are going to fly.

As soon as they start killing *your* kids and grandparents to enforce *their* goofball ownership claims, then the invaders should consider themselves targets of opportunity subject to elimination. The Brits did the same thing several times in history defending their homeland, didn't they?

Invaders should not bring wives and children with them when they seize foreign lands until they have enslaved, subdued or killed every last one of the locals. That's just common sense. 

The early British colonists were as dumb as the Israeli government has been: you don't get to self-declare your invasion and land-seizure over (according to your rules) so now everyone must obey. If the locals never recognized the ligitimacy of your rules, then don't expect them to be nice when you start building a house on their front lawn.

jwoop66's picture

I bet you hate hispanics.

aerojet's picture

Viewing history through a modern lens is unadvisable.

12ToothAssassin's picture

This is easily my favorite part of the holiday season. Watching idiot animals stampede each other for crap they dont need bought with money they dont have the very day after giving thanks (by gorging themselves) for what they do have.

James_Cole's picture

At least 90% of America is also totally ignorant of the actual historical reason for thanksgiving, instead turning it into a bizarro shopping / quasi-religious extravaganza. Might be part of the problem..

NotApplicable's picture

You mean the historical reasons such as Macy's and lobbying the White House?

LOL, yer funnay

Ar-Pharazôn's picture

the guy is right.


perhaps if people were more focused on why are they saying thanks, they would not stampede themselves like that

CH1's picture

what time does jesus' flight arrive???

Not soon enough.

cossack55's picture

I have visions of Jesus arriving via a 10 megaton bunker buster ala Slim Pickins.  Just not sure if he will be waving a Stetson.

NuckingFuts's picture

back to the old addage "Jesus is returning..... and boy is he pissed"


Yippy-Ky-Aye Mother Fuckers

Freddie's picture

This is really sad.  Your wife was trying to do a good deed and was abused by this.  Sickening.  Meanwhile, the illegals had total self entitlement.  You serve us today. I bet all of them have EBT cards too.

The churches also enable thise to keep the pews full along with the donations. 

As far as Hispanics and sweet potatoes.  ZH had a story about the most overweight people in the world are Mexicans.  This has happened due to diet change and gringo style packaged foods and sweets. 

I have seen a lot of little Mexican kids that are very overweight and short.   Mexicans have some Indian genetics which causes problems with alcohol and breaking down the enzymes or something.  It causes a lot of alcoholism is Indians and also Peruvians who are very Indian.  I am not sure if they have issues with sugar or corn syrup as well.

Sadly voting with you feet may only bring temporary relief.  They are trying to destroy all the states.

aerojet's picture

I don't think they're conscioulsy trying to destroy anything, it's just a plague of locusts--we let them in and they are stripping the place bare as a survival strategy.  Nobody is giving back anything to any community, it's just take as much as possible and then move on.  Very low functioning humanity we have here.

all-priced-in's picture

Back in 2006 my wife and I decided to give away a few bikes at Christmas - the local police & fire department were organizing a gift drive.

First year we did 4 bikes - the next year 8 then 10 or 12 -

One of the officers that had been around a few years knew my wife - he called us and ask if we wanted to help with the distribution.

My wife said sure -

First year was good - families really appreciated the gifts - some parents actually cried - my wife felt really good about helping some kids have a better Christmas.

Second and third year were OK - some good some bad  

Fourth year something had changed - the parents would say stuff like "is this all you got"?

The mood had changed from appreciating the gift to entitlement. Where is my free stuff.

Wife said she was not going to deliver next year - but we still figured we would donate.

Between Christmas and New Year I decided to hit a few pawn shops - looking for a S&W 629 - one with out the internal lock.

I walk into the first pawn shop and lined up was a whole row of new bikes - same thing with the second and third pawn shop - a few of them still had bows on them - and some could have  been the exact bikes I had purchased  a few weeks earlier. It really pissed me off.

FUCKING ASSHOLE parents had taken their kid's gifts and pawned them.

Part of me thinks - maybe the parents had little choice - want your kid to have a new bike or you want to eat - but the pawn shop + the way my wife was treated sealed the deal -We have not donated any bikes since.

mkkby's picture

My friend has a story like that.  She donated her deceased sister's motorized wheel chair to a needy poor person, thru their church.  The person was angry that it was not enough.  So I learned my lesson not to bother helping any of these entitlement assholes unless I know them personally.

I also see people begging at freeway off ramps.  They are always young and healthy looking.  Begging 2 blocks from the business district where they could easily get jobs.  Beggars never get a penny from me because I know they have their entitlements and any money given becomes alcohol/drugs.

aerojet's picture

The problem with bikes is that China is making too many of them.  I'm surprised they have any pawn value whatsoever.  I have a 16" girls' bike in my garage that I can't give away--my neighbors with daughters that size already have 2-3 bikes lined up for them, given to them by other dads desperately trying to clean out a garage, too.

all-priced-in's picture

Seems like the average cost was around $100 each - the 16" size are really cheap - $49 - but the 26" 15 speed bikes were $150 +/-.

I know these are not the best quality bikes - but 2x better than what I had as a kid.

I will guess a pawn shop will pay $40 maybe $50 for a $150 bike.

Must be good for a few 12 packs of what ever is on sale.




Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Good for you Free! My husband and I had had a nice quiet dinner together. After eating our delicious turkey we raised ourselves we curled up by the fire. We had to laugh at the whole scenario considering he was 41lbs and could barely get him in the oven. After stripping the carcass we still had 30lbs of meat to freeze. Because we bartered, the entire cost was $1.75/ lb. and we knew what we were eating. When you raise your own food there is a connectedness to the world, an understanding and appreciativeness of what you have and what it takes to provide your sustenance. Isn't this what Thanksgiving really is? Now it has devolved into land whales wresting over cheap crap with no thought whatsoever; just as lemmings launch themselves over cliffs. I'm having trouble finding much pity any more. However, it is nice to find,occasionally, a pocket of light like the boy you conversed with. It can renew some hope.


Herd Redirection Committee's picture

I coach kids, around 9, 10 years of age.  I would say there is a lot of hope. 

jbvtme's picture

tell me more, please.  jbvtme (at) hotmail (dot) com

Paveway IV's picture

Your husband only weighed 41 pounds and you put him in the oven and then stripped his carcass?

That's f*king SICK.

CH1's picture

What kind of country do I live in?

A nation of television addicts.