Ukraine President Explains Relations With Russia Using Body Language, While Local Violence Escalates

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A week ago Europe was furious, and Putin once again glorious, after Europe's "bread basket", the Ukraine, under president Yanukovich decided to terminate its pro-European stance, and instead in a very symbolic shift, chose Moscow as its future trading partner hub. "This is a disappointment not just for the EU but, we believe, for the people of Ukraine," EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton said in a statement. Yanukovich said he had declined to sign the EU pact as the cost of upgrading the economy to meet EU standards was too great and that economic dialogue with Russia, Ukraine's former Soviet master, would be revived. Today, tensions in the Ukraine finally spilled over when following the break up of a pro-Europe protest by local police, the opposition announced it would call a countrywide general strike to force the resignation of president Viktor Yanukovich.

Reuters reports:

Helmeted police bearing white shields stormed an encampment of protesters in Kiev's Independence Square as they sang songs and warmed themselves by campfires, the opposition said. Tension had been building since Friday, when Yanukovich declined to sign a landmark pact with European Union leaders at a summit in Lithuania, going back on a pledge to work toward integrating his ex-Soviet republic into the European mainstream.


Live bands had played earlier and the presence of mainly young people, some of whom were in their teens, had brought almost a party spirit to the demonstration when police moved in, first firing stun grenades and then wading in with batons. TV footage showed police beating one young woman on the legs and kicking young men on the ground. Several people were given emergency treatment on the spot for cuts to the head.


The Interior Ministry said the riot police moved in "after the protesters began to resist the (ordinary uniformed) police, throwing trash, glasses, bottles of water and flares at them".


Opposition leaders, who late on Friday had urged protesters to continue campaigning for a European future for the ex-Soviet republic, condemned the police crackdown and said it would call a country-wide strike. "We have taken a common decision to form a headquarters of national resistance and we have begun preparations for an all-Ukraine national strike," former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, one of three opposition leaders, told journalists.

For jailed former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko this is just the political spark that might escalate and get her out of prison.

The protesters were mainly young supporters from the main three opposition parties - including that of jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko - who are united in pressing for a westward shift in policy towards the European Union.


Tymoshenko, who the EU sees as a political detainee, issued a call for people "to rise up" against Yanukovich. "Millions of Ukrainians must rise up. The main thing is not to leave the squares until the authorities have been overthrown by peaceful means," she said in a letter read to journalists by her daughter.


Police cleared away anti-Yanukovich posters and political graffiti and took down flags and banners, including the EU blue and gold standard, before sealing off the area.

Even the boxers (and potential future presidents)chimed in:

Heavyweight boxing champion turned opposition politician Vitaly Klitschko said: "After the savagery we have seen on Independence Square we must send Yanukovich packing.... They undermined the agreement (with the EU) so as to untie their hands for outrageous behavior which would be unthinkable by European standards," said Klitschko, a likely contender for the presidency in 2015.

Things will likely get worse before they get better:

The events set the scene for possibly more confrontation on Sunday when a pro-Europe rally has been called. About 100,000 people turned out at a similar gathering last Sunday.... At least four people were beaten by police earlier on Friday, including a Reuters cameraman and a Reuters photographer, who was bloodied by blows to the head by police.

Of course, now that Putin has found his opening and the current Ukraine regime is instrumental in his plan of recreating the old USSR sphere of influence, this time with Gazpromia's resource monopoly, so hated by Europe, the opposition's work may be cut out for them.

For the clearest explanation of just why it will be next to impossible to shake the Kremlin off, watch the following silent Euronews clip showing Yanukovich's body language explanation to Angela on just where his country's relations with Russia currently stand.

Finally, for those confused what the Kremlin's endgame here is, the NYT has some clues:

Today, a train car loaded with coal in Kazakhstan can rumble thousands of miles across the Eurasian steppes to a factory in Belarus, all without once clearing customs.  Citizens of three former Soviet countries — Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan — can work legally on the territory of one another’s countries.


And in a glass-and-steel skyscraper in Moscow, hundreds of officials at a new international organization have quietly taken over trade policy for these three governments.


After years of fits and starts, a Russian-backed idea to form a free-trade zone on the territory of much of the former Soviet Union is closer to fruition today than ever before.


Adding to the momentum was the decision last week by the Ukrainian government to hold talks on aligning with this group, called the Customs Union, rather than with the European Union. Two other former Soviet states, Kyrgyzstan and Armenia, have also committed to joining this group, a sort of Nafta of Eurasia.


“The main Russian point here is to formalize a zone in which Russia has preferential economic interests and privileges,” Alexander Kliment, a Russian analyst at Eurasia Group in Washington, explained in a telephone interview. “Russia has informally been trying to do that for the past 10 years. But the Kremlin wants a formal structure.”


Now, it has that structure. The decision by the Ukrainian president, Viktor F. Yanukovich, to halt talks with the European Union and turn to the Customs Union instead seems a pivotal moment. It also touched off protests in Kiev, illustrating how the choice was also about more than trade: The European Union deal was also supposed to help democratize former Soviet states and spread Western values.

So, first a customs union, then a monetary one? Happy ending, however, most definitely not assured - see Europe.

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Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Time to escalate the agitation via western NGOS.

mvsjcl's picture

Who are funded by? Round and round and round it goes. Like there's a guide book somewhere.

Anusocracy's picture

I'm sick of all of these assholes.

Why do all these fucking idiots (both sides) think they own everyone else and can dictate to them how they should live their lives.

If you can't leave others alone, please kill yourself. You are the problem.

AGuy's picture

The Ukrainian Pres. may be right. Consider that the banksters are turning the EU into a neo-feudistic hell hole. In Russia the banksters do not have control or as much control as the do in the EU. The president reviewing what is happening in the PIIGS and former Soviet Block countries and doesn't like what he sees. Perhaps if the Ukraine President is able to communicate this effectively he can get full public support.

FWIW: I am not a big fan of Russia, but in this case its the lesser of two evils.

El Tuco's picture

For fuck sakes haven't you heard this guy is a thug? He murdered someone in cold blood. He is a fucking mafioso scum bag that has ripped off Ukraine to the tune of billions and billions. His son is a criminal also.

Everyone here hates what the west has become but they have no fucking clue what Russia is. It's a land of extreme poverty where a group of rich thugs run the show and throw anyone who opposes them in prison. Russian people live like animals everywhere outside of Moscow. Do you think they like their system? They tried to get rid of Putin themselves but he fucking threw a slew of them in jail and beat the hell out of the rest.

So why wish the same on Ukrainians who don't' want anything to do with Putin and his fucking regime?

Yanukovych is a fucking criminal who only signed this deal because of billions that were exchanged with Russia. You think Putin didn't pay for this?

I don't care how fuck Europe is, Ukraine will be better off with them and that's what they want.

Why leave it to two thugs Putin and Yanukovych to decide.


gratefultraveller's picture

I guess that you have experienced first hand what you are saying about the conditions in Russia, is that correct?

If not, you better question the objectivity and the motives of your sources - and maybe, just maybe, either go and check out the country, or at least try to get some first hand information from a range of people, ideally still living there, and not just some more or less biased immigrant that has been living abroad for many years.

I am very thankful for the existence of Mr. Putin as a counterweight to the bullying and the scullduggery of the US administration on a global level, and I really do hope that Jim Willie's assertions about heavy load RR tracks being built between Germany and Russia are true.

Independently of the existence of these tracks I reckon (and hope) that Germany will join an economic alliance with the rest of the nations on the eurasian landmass as soon as possible.

For the time being, the military power the US is still able to exert abroad  - in occupied territories like Germany or in other territories where they only have a military presence - is still too big (btw, Fuck you, NSA and Uncle Sam!!! [insert raised middle finger]), but that can change literally from one day to the next, and the rest, as they say, will be history.

PS. Don't think I am anti-american. To say it with Leonard Cohen: "I like the people, but I can't stand the scene"

Freddie's picture

The USSA and EUSSR are so corrupt.  It is really sad that the people of the Ukraine have very little choice.  Putin is the lesser of two evils.

Putin is the only one who stood up to the Saudi scum and their murdering Al Qeada thugs in Syria.   The Al Qeada goons backed by AIPAC RINOs and Democrats in the USSA plus Obama. 

El Tuco's picture

I don't like US policy either but Russia's is not better. Do you think for a moment Putin doesn't have an agenda? He is trying to build an empire thorough extortion and thievery, rewarding thugs like himself that control everything.

I would say to anyone, if you think Putin is such a great guy go over to red square and start a protest. Know one will ever see you again......

gratefultraveller's picture

As the saying goes: By their deeds you shall recognize them.

If you look through binoculars that have X-shaped cut-outs glued in front of the lenses, what do you think your idea of the shape of the world out there will be?

The US are ruled by a group of thugs that is using their knowledge of the functioning of the human biochemical circuitry via manipulation through the media of all kinds to keep the majority of the population stuck in what Timothy Leary called the second circuit, the emotional–territorial circuit:

From the aboce cited WP page (referred to here because at hand and succinct, you can find the original thesis here):

"This circuit appeared first in territorial vertebrate animals and is preserved across all mammals."

In harsh but true words, humans stuck on this level of evolution have an awareness level of animals, a level dominated by the up<->down dichotomy, like Master<->Servant or Winner<->Loser. They have not yet activated the higher level circuitry required to understand that cooperation and fair sharing are goals worthy to be pursued because of the advantage of synergetic effects. They are incapable of even conceiving that such a world would be possible, and their world view is constantly being reinforced by the model of the inter-human dynamics spewed forth by Hollywood, TV and the other media dominated by "Them". [May "they" and their descendents and active enablers be suffering from knee-long hemorrhoids for at least the next 15 generations - and yes, that includes YOU, you poor hapless suckers that make your living by spying for them]

"Global Domination" is the watermelon - and guess who's the Dodo?

And as to the plans of Putin? Sure, I have no doubts that hen't a choir boy either, but for now the MAJOR pita is the self-perceived "US Empire" (ha!). so let's get rid of THAT, and then we'll see.

In the meantime and on another note, here's some music for my fellow ZH aficionados. Enjoy!


Anusocracy's picture

People are manipulated through their moral intuitions.

Most often for bad, not good.

Lore's picture

Re: "Eighth Circuit" -- Thanks for what looks to be a need-to-know piece of pathological control freakdom. Got some reading ahead.

Jack Burton's picture

Good post gratefultaveler, You can read this hate filled anti Russian posts as if the Soviet Union was still in full bloom. I wonder if that poster above knows anything about Russian and Ukranian relations over the centuries. I think not. In fact I am sure not.

Ukraine as a nation state, has a strong basic need for good economic ties and relations with the great Russian landmass to the East. In fact, the Eastern third of Ukraine, the industrial part, is mainly ethnic Russian. They prefer to become part of Russia, and some there have armed themselves against the day Ukriane joins NATO and uses armed force to subjegate it's eastern territories.

Presently The EU has little to offer Ukraine. Plus, in order to meet EU standards in every respect, will cost masses of capital and a decade of hard work to reach. Maybe more, I do not know. The president can not simply say "Oh, it's good, we join EU!" It ain't that simple. To understand this requires knowledge and not anti Russian jabbering like the poster above making all sort of Rubbish claims.

The protest of the young and others in Western Ukraine is very real and very heart felt. They, and their parents prefer closer ties with western Europe, but most know little of what would be required to join the EU. It will be a painful experience with little gain, as the EU is going nuclear now after Britain, France and Germany all challanged the "free movement of peoples clause of the EU laws". The flood of poor peopel form the east is big and growing fast. The young in Ukraine are desperate to hold EU membership that allows them to move to the west with full civil and economic rights. This mass movement off peoples is going to blow the EU wide open. The violence is from youth wanting to leave Ukraine for London and Paris and Berlin. Trust me on this, they plan to leave, and they need the Ukraine in the EU to gain that right. Check this issue out, it is becoming a crisis that will tear the EU up.

El Tuco's picture

Jack you're a fucking really are. All Ukraine ever got from Russia was death....and you have no fucking clue how much I know about Russia and Ukraine...Kurva.....

Anusocracy's picture

Okay, that's fair.

Now list all the 'death' the US has meted out.

And still is.

El Tuco's picture

A threat to his billions. Putin is worth 40 billion or at least that's all they can account for. How does a kgb agent get 40 billion....



Anusocracy's picture

A threat to Western Elites, a threat to Russian Elites, what the fuck is the difference? Neither side is the good guy - apparently something you can't comprehend.

So it boils down to the instigator, the US, as the bad guy.

Freddie's picture

The Ukraine has no real choice.  The EU-SSR is a digusting bankster scum group.  Ukrainians can end up like the people of Greece.  The USSA is a total corrupt joke.  The Ukraine saw how the boy muslim has sold out Poland, Japan and a few other allies.   The combo of the EU-SSR and USSA supported the vile Saudis and their Al Qeada proxies in murdering innocent Christians in Syria.  Drone boy has been murdering hundreds if not thousands.

The only person who stand up for Syrians outside of Syria was Putin and maybe China.  After Reagan the USSA is a joke that is led by The Company men.

It is a real tragedy that the USA is no longer a moral country that could stand up for other countries like the Ukraine so they could be left to chart their own course.  Maybe that USA never existed or it died with the civil war.

Jack Burton's picture

No fucking clue. Hmmm. Perhaps your rage means I am very nearer the truth than even I suspected.

Name calling? Where does it get you? Hate Russia all you want, maybe your Ukraine should give up Western Ukraine and the Crimea, after all, it was a Ukrainian Communist Soviet leader who stole it from ethnic Russians and gave it to Ukraine. Or Stalin the non Russian dictator who imposed a non-Russian genocide upon ethnic Russians.

Have you ever looked into the Communist revolution? Only two real ethinc Russian leaders arose. One was killed by the non-Russian led secret police and the other was kept tame under threat of death, being kept in the inneer circle as the sole token ethin Russian.

Genocide in the Ukraine. Carried out by the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, it's top leadership  non-Russian and it's secret police organs led by non-Russians. Ukranian communists were used to carry out the famine and collectives.

Jews and non-Ukrainians got a real lesson in the summer of 41 when the Ukrainians got a hold of them.

Who really is the innocent?

El Tuco's picture

Jack you are a fucking idiot....NKVD murdered thousands of people including Joos in Ukraine. 


Again you fucking dumb ass learn something about history and not what they spoon feed you. You fucking Kurva....

Anusocracy's picture

Dear congenitally obtuse,

That was a long time ago. The US is the current number one killer, the most evil.

The Soviet Union is gone, the USSA is blossoming.

Chewybunny's picture

As someone who does have pretty close experience first hand (dare I say more than a vast majority of ZH users) I concur with what the guy said to be fairly accurate. Although there are still a good number of cities that are economically better...St Petersburg comes to mind - but really outside that, it's pretty much a post-soviet hell hole composed and run by the russian mafia and imo the military. Old soviet military gear is cheap, and Stalin's Organs are selling like hotcakes.


The Revolution lives on baby.

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Is he better or worse than governments who kill hundreds of thousands of foreigners in bogus wars and meddle in the affairs of innumerable skbereign nations?


Just wondering where to set the bar.

EatYourCornTakeyourPill's picture

El Tuco, don't bother with these retards. They have no idea wtf they are talking about. At least in the U.S you just have to pay taxes, over there you have to deal with bribing everyone and then bribing more. You can't run a legitimate business in peace and the whole country went to absolute shit. Yeah I know because I was born there and I have a bunch of relatives and friends who try to do business in Russia. Even where I live now, Russians come by the 1000s pregnant, just to have a kid here. You think that's because the U.S is such a shithole and Russia is so much better? Bunch of morons on here don't know wtf they are talking about. I think a lot of these retards should take a look at how putin came to power in the first place, talk about false flags, they exploded about 5 apartment complexs all over Russia for the KGB to come to power. If Russia is so fucking great, why don't you retards renounce your U.S citizenship and go try to make a living there. lol! and good luck with that.

johny2's picture

Colonisation these days is done this way. Ukraine should study how was conquered Yugoslavia. One way or other Ukraine will be democratized.


USA and IMF lent money to Yugoslavia, until Yugoslavia owed 13 billions USD.

Than they raised the interest rates.

To help make country insolvent, they declared this amount of debt excessive, making a law in USA against lending money to Yugoslavia.

At the same CIA got busy giving money and weapons to all kind of power hungry loonies.

Than they broke up the country, helping start a war.

After the war,  it was time to destroy all the industry that may be still worth something.

Than it was oportunity to buy the industry at cheap prices ( example, factory that Yugoslavia borrowed 600 million for bought for 20 million)

Also they got the former Yugoslavia countries indebted up to 200 billion usd,  around 15 times amount declared excesive before.

Now they own everything of the value, and while the population is hooked on the drugs sold in pharmacy.


This is what is planned for Ukraine, one way or other.




Joe A's picture

This is one of the best and compact description of what happened in/to YU I have ever read. It doesn't stop there. IMF and WB now come with "structural adjustment programmes" which will sell of more state property for nothing, put thousands out of jobs, freeze salaries and pensions, and impoverish people more. Foreign companies will buy all leaving the former YU republics with nothing to own. The Tesco's, Delhaize and Strabags of this world are buying up everything. Slovenia doesn't own anything anymore as neither does Croatia which in two months after joining the EU saw its export plummet by 11%. Serbia is next. And yes, tranquilizers are the most sold medications there. For the rest people numb themselves with cigarettes and alcohol.

niccolo and donkey's picture

The CIA didn't arm the separatist Slovenes and Croatians.  They both were supplied by old Eastern Bloc stocks from Hungary, Ukraine, and the DDR with Croatia being armed by Argentina as well.


The CIA didn't begin sending in Iranian arms until 1994.

Joe A's picture

The two countries you mention were also supplied by the new Germany that reunited after 1989. Something to do with old alliances and Germany wanting to meddle in the region once again.

johny2's picture

That is just a detail of logistics CIA used. 

booboo's picture

Ahh, the old "spreading DemoCrazy" and "western values" meme. I see competing oligarchs fooling mobs into voting their ass right into a cage. When they say Democracy they mean stealing your shit by popular vote.

max2205's picture

It may or may not have been the plan...but Ben and Mario have succeeded in reversing time to recreate the USSR and another cold war. 


Maybe they think it's the only way out and still keep the rich...well rich.


Well played...long defense stocks

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

Likely the illuminati masonic rothschild aliens broadcasting a hologram from the moon. Or george soros.

nasdaq99's picture

i don't side with the EU on much but i do on this on, against this corrupt regime:

Cult_of_Reason's picture

I think that Tymoshenko is an oligarch from a different crime family. There are three main oligarch groups in Ukraine that constantly fight for power with each other.

Why oligarchs ready to surrender Yanukovych

Wile-E-Coyote's picture

Ah democracy at work, coming to a city near you soon.

El Tuco's picture

@ Canadian Dirtlump.

Didn't you once say you were Ukrainian/Canadian? Then do you know anything about the country of your ancestors? Do you think they want to be part of Russia? 

VD's picture

you have to remember that Russia has favorable (to both nations) trade agreement currently in place with Ukraine that bypasses VAT and taxes in lieu of allegiance and that provides much work for Ukrainians. the EU would in effect rob the Ukraine and as such make it resemble Greece and Cypress before long: this is the EU model: rob peripheral 'states'.

dick cheneys ghost's picture

that's what the ''cheesepopes'' are best at~robbery~

VD's picture

why don't you come out and discriminate some more? i'd love TD to kill you off like your fellow bigot. r u man enough to state ur hate explicitly?

dick cheneys ghost's picture

listen girly-boy, I was just agreeing with your statement about robbery

VD's picture

and now you lie, again. dont play that game with me. promise you wouldn't type veiled antisemitism garbage if u weren't feeling safe behind your keyboard. in real FC i'd make you tap n wet urself before you even tried, bitch.



dick cheneys ghost's picture

I define 'cheesepopes' as Cuban Hindu's not European Jews, so I was not being anti-semitic I was being anti-cubanic


Son of Captain Nemo's picture


That and the fact that they are kinda geographically well suited to one another and share all or most of the same traditions and cultural ties over a thousands of years.

q99x2's picture

Western Globalists: out of the Ukraine you scum.