Chief Fixer Set To Become Obama's Top Economic Advisor

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While it is not a surprise, and had been reported previously, there is a certain dose of humor in Reuters reminding us that Jeffrey Zients, who is currently tasked with fixing (and which crashed yesterday for CNN when it experiment with the upgraded website), will soon be leaving his post and replace Gene Sperling as Obama's top economic advisor. Surely if anyone can fix the economy, it is the man who has hired every private sector sysadmin genius and managed to expand the 500 million lines of code website to accomodate a few more thousand simultaneous requests.... before it crashes again.

From Reuters:

Jeffrey Zients, charged with fixing the troubled website, will be replaced when he leaves to start his new job as a top economic adviser to President Barack Obama, a White House official said on Monday.


Jennifer Palmieri, the White House communications director, told MSNBC that Zients' departure date as a special adviser for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services is as yet unclear.


Zients was chosen by Obama in September to take over from Gene Sperling as director of the White House National Economic Council. That job is supposed to start on January 1.


"Right now Jeff is focused on the website," Palmieri said. "He's going to continue that for the immediate future. He will become the NEC director at some point, I'm not sure exactly the date.


"But the other thing that we want people to understand is that when Jeff does leave, that it was always going to be a short-term assignment for him, that he will be replaced by someone," Palmieri said.

An Amazon drone?

And as a reminder, this is who Zients is:

Zients was the chairman (2001–2004), chief executive officer (1998–2000), and chief operating officer (1996–1998) of the Advisory Board Company and former chairman (2000–2001) of the Corporate Executive Board. Both companies were founded by David G. Bradley and provide research and advice to corporations around the globe on best practices in management, strategy and operations. Zients and Bradley took each of the companies public through successful initial public offerings that made both men multimillionaires. At age 35, Zients was named to Fortune Magazine's "40 under 40" with an estimated wealth of $149 million.


Zients also cofounded the Urban Alliance Foundation.


Zients founded and was the managing partner of privately held Portfolio Logic LLC, an investment firm primarily focused on business services companies, that included Best Practices (Emergency Services management), Timbuk2 Designs (a retailer of backpacks, apparel and messenger bags) and Pediatrics Services of America. He was a member of the board of directors of XM Satellite Radio until its 2008 merger, and a board member at Sirius XM Radio until his Senate confirmation. Zients had also served on the boards of Revolution Health Group, Best Practices and Timbuk2 Designs.

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America for sale

Mrmojorisin515's picture

I wish I had a schilling
(For each senseless killing)
For every senseless killing
I'd buy a government
America's for sale
And you can get a good deal on it
(A good deal on it)
And make a healthy profit
Or maybe, tear it apart
Start with assumption
That a million people are smart
Smarter than one

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Any moment now I will be expecting a hard hitting fact checked editorial from WashPo, HuffPo, NYT or Globe/Guardian that nails subsidized insurance/consulting industrials and this corrupt President. Yup......

This is proof positive of who are the true crony Kapitalists.

This would only be more perfect if Jamie or Shithead Corzine were named the next US T-bill pumper.

Next time Tom Styer (who is hosting Barack Obama's staff tonight) or another DNC comes out looking for cash, I hope someone out there has the chutzpa to ask how this guy got this post. And what was the original incentive he was given or paid to get access to the AHA website contract.

Good thing KimmyK has a new faux Illuminati Christmas Kard everyone "has" to report on this season. I mean comon, Kim & Kayne are not even on the Clinton long-list, this is like your crazy old uncle wearing a Shriner's Fez at Christmas, even though everone knows he has no fucking clue how to spell Alazahar.



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Is that Carney's twinn Brother???


God he looks like Carney!

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I thought the economy was fixed already...

krispkritter's picture

I thought the fix was in on the economy already.  fify

That is, Wall Street flourished, Main Street perished...welcome to Economy 2.0.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

Well, I suppose it could be worse, he could have put an economist in the post for economic adviser...


Bullish for messenger firms

Pairadimes's picture

Even a blind pig finds an acorn from time to time.

Derf Scratch's picture

let me guess: won't be seeing him at xmas midnight mass? 

Singelguy's picture

The blind and the stupid leading the blind and the stupid. Forward!

NoDebt's picture

When you've already got more than 50 'Czars' floating around the White House, what's one more lowly 'advisor' matter?

Be honest, you haven't thought about those 'Czars' in a long time, have you?  They're all still there, doing their little Czar thing, whatever that is.

krispkritter's picture

Ruining the country at breakneck speed?  A Czar driving the economy into a ditch...

autofixer's picture

IT all makes sense now.

venturen's picture

Has he ever worked at an actual company or just fraud companies? These companies are all front companies for stealing government money.

DaveyJones's picture

took the words right out of my mouth

this is a con artists' resume

oh wait 

jkjacksonhole's picture

Reward failure. Gov't policy!

ultraphoenix's picture

Sort of like trying out different chefs in the dining room of the Titanic.

BandGap's picture

Whew, glad that's cleared up.

firstdivision's picture

This news is making my day much, much better.

NeedleDickTheBugFucker's picture

This just looks like another example of failing upward.  I don't understand how extremely wealthy = qualified.  I guess you need to subscribe to the Jamie Dimon "that's why I'm richer than you" school of thought for it all to make sense.

pragmatic hobo's picture

does this mean the economy will crash too?

Wage Slave's picture

401k Error: Money not found.

Randoom Thought's picture

Maybe if we all just ignore this hopelessly corrupt and illegitimate parasitic government it will go away.

I know that it takes every bit of disclipline to turn the other cheek when they are trying so hard to get people to rebel ... but we cannot take the bait.

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Cough, yeah right another billion or two and then same shit 404 Error. 

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The website will be JUST FINE very shortly as Obomba has His Top People working on it. The Best And Brightest that surround Obomba on a daily basis are fine-tuning the website even as we speak...

esum's picture

how about we follow the constitution and return to free markiet capitalism instead of whimsical selective enforcemnt, exec order, outlaw DOJ and crony kickbacks ... 

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The sooner the beta males fly the system into the ground, the sooner the Ivermectin of Reality will dose the parasites.

So by all means, put the Top Men on the job!  LOL

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Is the current Panopticon now so powerful that it can prevent one inmate from being contacted by others? I never imagined that an open-air prison such as the present day could be the virtual equivalent of solitary confinement, but if nobody here will reply to me “knocking on the pipes” with the Morse code international call of distress, then yes, it sure does seem so.

Are the people here afraid to answer, or is it that maybe they're just indifferent, like the crowd of New Yorkers who stood by as Kitty Genovese was murdered in broad daylight?

Under maritime law, it is a serious offense to ignore an SOS. Likewise, it is a serious, but lesser, offense to abuse the SOS protocol. Does everything here think that someone else will do the right thing, as with Ms. Genovese? Or does everyone here think that this is just a prank, or worse?

Very sadly, not one person has replied with sincerity. I don't bite and always try to be a good person. And I love cats and I don't lie. Yes, it's very difficult living in this world surrounded by zombies. All of these here highly-educated, high-income males who live alone, and not one of them has answered my plea. WTF! Have all the decent people of the world been killed or made too scared to email a decent stranger who is clearly in need?

It's really not that difficult to extract my email from the PGP key posted here. And it's OK if you can't or don't want to use PGP. I've been told previously that plenty of people here actually do know how to use PGP and could do so, but that it seemed senseless, and off-putting, for me to be using it for something so “harmless.” Really! This person, who will of course remain nameless because I don't gossip, told me it seemed silly. Astounding! Don't people realize that the world would be a much safer and more private place if all the non-zombies of the world again used PGP for the most trivial of correspondence, as was the case with me and my peers in late 1990s? Or, has what may be a limited hangout from Snowden served to scare even the cognoscenti from “drawing attention of the authorities”?

And I really don't care what your handle here is, because I'd like to move a discussion out and away from the overt hostility and braggartry that rules ZH. Try wait, maybe some think that it's me who is doing the intimidating because I, like almost everyone else, shows off my knowledge. But that's the whole Fight Club meme, and ZH has always been very uncollegial, or, as they say, “Fight Club” per the eponymous movie, from the very beginning. So that is a very good reason to not tell me your ZH handle.

Let's try this again, please. And I'll keep at it until I get at least one genuine response. I'm not just repeating the exact same post over and over again. This urgent plea will keep changing and it will be continually reposted until I get at least a few civil answers so that the hoped-for discussion could be taken off-line from here. Mahalo!

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  1. Both actual and notional nuclear accidents, and nuclear technology of all sorts. Is nuclear safety always an oxymoron? I'd love to find a fellow atomic scientist here, as in Bull. Atom. Sci.;

  2. Same as it ever was. “Kill the man, kill the problem,” Joe Stalin. Change is a process, not an event. And the Hunt brothers truly believed in the inflation-wracked 1970s that the only way to preserve their wealth against monetary inflation was to buy silver. The Hunts did not foresee Paul Volcker. Today's stackers are no different. And George Orwell's intended title for his most famous book was originally “Nineteen Forty-Eight,” its year of completion, but that was too incendiary a title. Strange as it may seem to those too young to remember the 1960s and 1970s, it was probably more common to see the intelligent writers back then saying that we were (back then) living in the new “Nineteen Eighty-Four” world system than is seen in today's writings, when it's so much more obvious than it was back then when we didn't yet have the technology to do all the things described, but the mechanics of the social control system required time to brainwash multiple generations of us. Only time will tell what the future will bring;

  3. Same as it ever was. Bankers v. The People is nothing new. In 1833 Andrew Jackson took on and succeeded in killing the Second Bank of the United States. In 1963 JFK took on the Fed and was killed. The bankers will do “whatever it takes” to keep it going as long as possible;

  4. Same as it ever was. Historical Revisionism of WW1 and WW2 as a battle of valiant truth-telling historians versus the plush OSS/CIA myth-telling “historians” as waged notably by the largely, and very sadly, forgotten Harry Elmer Barnes, 1889–1968. Many brave souls such as he have seen history through the lens of Historical Truth is First Casualty of War and lived to tell the tale, or at least published before their death. Big Mahalo to the CIA for renaming the quaint (and hifalutin) pre-JFK historical revisionism into the much more catchy (and contempo) conspiracy theory.

    I've never seen it mentioned anywhere, and am familiar with all the “usual suspect” websites, but there is a most fantastic book in my hands now which might very well be the single most enlightening book I have ever had the pleasure to read. This slim paperback explains, in the post-WW2 period going up to Viet Nam, how an entire generation (and now three?) of historians since 1937 have been brainwashed into mindlessly repeating statist propaganda that is patently false, in order to justify what is usually called The Good War. Barnes explains why WW2 was entirely unnecessary and could have been avoided if Churchill had not succeeded in conniving with FDR to wage war against Hitler on provocation and false pretenses, just as Hiroshima and Nagasaki were unnecessary to win peace with Japan, and just as Wilson's entrance in WW1 was unnecessary … where, in all three cases the U.S. war-making was done even though there was no threat to the domestic national security. Barnes is the most powerful advocate for peace I have ever beheld, yet outside of university history departments seems to be totally unknown, and yet for very good reason, because he exposes most of them as hacks, frauds, and overall tools of interventionist state propaganda. His books and those of the other “revisionists” he summarizes have been suppressed very effectively by what he calls “powerful minority advocacy groups,” which is an obvious reference to the Anti-Defamation League, which he seems afraid to name. Honest academic historians have been denigrated as kooks or worse in what he calls the blackout and then the smearout. Historical revisionism has been totally suppressed per what Barnes called The Bible of his then [1950s and 1960s] current times: Nineteen Eighty-Four. Get the below book while you still can! It is well worth any price. Forces of Evil wish it could be eradicated:

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  5. Cognitive Dissonance, Optimism Bias, Normalcy Bias, Denial as first stage of Grief, Herding, Societal Psychosis, Mob Rule, Kangaroo Courts, Blame the Victim, etc. And has anyone noticed that when their formerly “aware” friends have children for the first time they will always zombie-like start to shun their former acquaintances in order to protect their children from the “dangerous ideas” that they used to discuss dispassionately. Are they trying to protect those young minds or do they feel guilty about bringing them into this world?;

  6. as an island of sanity, albeit very sadly wholly lacking in collegiality; and, most importantly,

  7. weaknesses in the open-air prison system which might allow its escape and/or subversion, because a mind is a terrible thing to waste.


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Do you have Cliff Notes?

Sorry, no Power Point either.

Science of any type requires discourse and sharing of information.  But
ZH is a push-type arena where information flows downward from the
Tylers and the chosen columnists down to the bickering show-offs in the
peanut gallery.

I suspect that the Tylers have debated the wisdom of this architecture.

Quite often I see comments like asking for IPs of servers in case of
DNS poisoning attacks and ZH being taken off-line by authorities because
it is subversive.  Those comments seem to be making a statement rather
than asking a question, because it's so easy to do a DNS lookup.

Well, think about how much more subversive it would be if they actually
encouraged and facilitated collegial exchanges and social interactions
that would lead to new friends among all these birds of a feather.

They wouldn't need to go full-tilt into Web 2.0 social media features
like tagging @username Mentions, Who liked Whom, Favorites, etc.

All they need to do to make it a much nicer two-way street would be to
add 1990s BBS-style Private Messaging so that posters who find each
other interesting could communicate with each other.  PMs alone would
make a HUGE improvement.  And the Jew-baiting could be handled by
adding a "Bozo Button" to allow commenters to simply hide those posters
from view, no Divine Intervention required.  Let people handle it
themselves and the nuisances will go elsewhere if they don't get the
reinforcement of being scolded or whatever.

They could easily get a ROI of huge from the added revenue of banner
ads.  I see some of the strangest ads, only partly due to me using an
off-shore VPN.  Huge Chinese crushing machines for the mining
industry?  OK I get the mail-order bride sites, but how much is that
Chinese company paying to flash that ad at me?

I think that ZH is intentionally kept as Fight Club because if it
turned into the #1 goto place to find other dissidents and subversives
it would have to be destroyed somehow.  Just as Malcolm X, MLK, JFK,
RFK, etc. had to go.

monad's picture

Who cares if the website functions? Obamacare is unconstitutional. It is treason presented under the color of law. This maggot is just another traitor and a felon. The entire website is a decoy from the real issue. Ask Uncle Elsie.

pupdog1's picture

As millions of Americans continue to have their chosen plans cancelled due to Obamacare, hundreds--and then thousands--will die as a result of having critical treatments interrupted or new treatments postponed.


And filthy fucking whores like Jeffrey Zients will be promoted.


And speaking of whores, I see that Kathleen Sebelius not only still has a job, but came out saying that everything is now wonderful.


These political hacks will be accessories to the deaths of thousands of Americans. This national disaster hasen't even started yet.

Colonel Klink's picture

Replacing one member of the tribe with another.  Amazing that 2% at of the population, how they control the vast majority of the cabinet level positions.

Sheer comedy that the Obamacare czar will now be advising on the eCONomy.  Enjoy your serfdom!