How The "1%" Will Escape?

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It seems only apropos the current exuberance that, having been put on hold due to the economic crisis, an ambitious project to build the world's biggest ship and create "a community that offers unique lifestyle opportunities" is back on track and seeking investors. With calls for wealth taxes increasing and "the 1%" becoming increasingly separate from the rest of the world, what better way that the ironically named "Freedom Ship," which as IBTimes reports, will be a vast floating city that will be more than a mile long and 25 storeys high. It will cost $10bn to build and will constantly circumnavigates the globe; and while US residents may still need to pay taxes, residents of other countries "may realise tax savings by residing in or running businesses in the Freedom Ship Community."


Via IBTimes,

Aimed at creating the world's first mobile community, Freedom Ship will be the largest ship ever built at over a mile long and 25 storeys high.

Freedom Ship: The $10 Billion Floating City for the Super Rich has been redesigned ahead of an expected launch.

Having been put on hold due to the economic crisis, an ambitious project to build the world's biggest ship and create "a community that offers unique lifestyle opportunities" is back on track and seeking investors.

Freedom Ship will be a vast floating city that will be more than a mile long and 25 storeys high. It will cost $10bn (£6.1bn, €7.4bn) to build and will constantly circumnavigates the globe.

The ship will accommodate 30,000 daily visitors, 10,000 nightly hotel guests, and 20,000 full time crew.

"This will be a very heavily capitalised project and the global economy in the last few years hasn't been too inviting for unproven progressive projects like ours," Roger Gooch, director and vice-president of Freedom Ship International, told the Telegraph.

"In the last six months we've been getting more interest in the project and we are hopeful we will raise the $1bn to begin construction," Gooch added.

Small airport

The 2.7-million tonne ship will be four times the length of the Queen Mary II and will be so large it will not be able to enter any existing port. There is no dockyard in the world big enough to build it.

As well as homes, Freedom Ship would contain hospitals, schools, shops, parks and a small airport.

Despite reports, the company said that the airport would not be able to accommodate aircraft the size of a Boeing 747.

"The largest aircraft this flight deck can accept are turboprop aircraft in the 38 to 40-passenger range," the company said.


The ship will spend 70% of its times moored at locations around the world.

A circumnavigation of the world would take two years. The planned route runs from the east coast of the US to Europe, around the north of Scotland to Scandinavia, back down past France and Portugal into the Mediterranean, returning via the Strait of Gibraltar to pass the length of west Africa, then along the bottom of the Indian Ocean to Australia, southeast Asia, Japan and across to the West Coast of the US.

Freedom Ship: The route that the $10 Billion floating city will take every two years.

Is Freedom Ship a tax dodge?

On the project's website, the company seeks to clarify a number of misconceptions including the belief that it is a grand design to facilitate tax evasion.

"The Freedom Ship community has not been conceived as a tax haven. While the community itself will levy no taxes, citizens of countries such as the US would not realise any income tax savings by residing in or running businesses in the community, at least at the federal level, since American citizens are taxed on their worldwide income."

However the company does concede that residents of other countries "may realise tax savings by residing in or running businesses in the Freedom Ship Community".

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Things that go bump's picture

How convenient. They will all be in one place. 

bania's picture

Yep. Better have "Freedom Minesweepers".

fonestar's picture

And hope 99% of people forget about torpedos.

markmotive's picture

The 1% has already escaped. They always have and always will.

You think any of the 1% didn't make it out of Detroit long ago?

Even if the 1% was lost, another 1% would replace it. Look at the numerous changeovers in Russia/USSR.

Grande Tetons's picture

They. the one percent, have a long straw and the 99 percent are the stupid kid holding a milkshake.

Pladizow's picture

Will they take two of every kind - even bankers?

Fox-Scully's picture

Same sex or opposite sex?

Stackers's picture

One rogue wave away from peace and prosperity for all mankind ....

PT's picture

I wonder if they'll have enough life boats ...

akak's picture

Don't be silly --- everyone knows that leaches can swim.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The thought of all those people getting sick off the water is just too easy to see coming.  Then the toilets stop working...

optimator's picture

But your Bankster Fanjet Falcon gives you the leeway to occasionally visit safe places when they again start to exist.

Rick Blaine's picture

They've been talking about this Freedom Ship thing for literally years...maybe decades now...

I distinctly remember seeing that webpage and talking about this shit back in grad school - which was '99 - '02.

(damn...I'm getting old)

Hell, I think the webpage looks EXACTLY as it did back then.

My guess would be that project is now 0.00001% complete vs. the 0.000001% complete it was a decade ago.


merizobeach's picture

I haven't seen 'Elysium' yet, but this is part of the trailer, right?

kralizec's picture

Anything man can build man can destroy...

Living The Dream's picture

Anything man can build nature can destroy...

Liquid Courage's picture

Hmmm ... '99 to '02, eh? Could the revival of this -clearly insane- idea be one of those bells that rings only at "the top" and only for those with ears to hear?

Percentage of Bears back into the teens? *DING*DING*DING*


Surely there's a structural limit to the piling on of ever greater quantities of debt - the "liquifaction limit" of the market, so to speak. Due to a combination of high moisture content, and the dead weight loading of "excess liquididty" bearing down on the surface, what appears to be solid ground at one instant will suddenly flow like a liquid and undergo a catastrophic collapse in accordance with the law of gravity.

So for all those with unshakeable faith in the monetary machinations of the FOMC - including those erstwhile ladies and gentlemen themselves -  I repeat the infamous quotation from the 1920s:

They held their ground until the ground itself gave way beneath them.

Headbanger's picture


It's called "Freedom" in tribute to the "1984" slogan "Freedom is Slavery!"   In this case, it means just that literally!

These ships would be a modern day penal colony like Australia was for England to get rid of the unwanted populace.

Worse yet, they'll be more like death camps when the Obama Nazi regime declares marshal law

They'll be filled with the unwanted and left to drift without food or medical supplies or drinkable water until all aboard are dead.  Then reload and repeat.

So get a clue people what they REALLY mean by a "Freedom Ship"

Debt-Is-Not-Money's picture

You mean that Carnival Cruise Lines is the contract operator?


Bunga Bunga's picture

They will think that the entering Somali pirates belong to some Disney musical.

Tim_'s picture

Carnival Cruise Lines is a jewish company. It was founded by an Israeli named Ted Arison, and Micky Arison ran it for over thirty years.

GoinFawr's picture

Not for long in brine they can't; but they could try, they could try.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Yeah, but they are quite tasty to the bottom feeders on the food chain.

Skateboarder's picture

They'll force field that shit for sure man.

Grinder74's picture

Can we fit all teh gheys on the ship, seeing as how Hollywood seems to think gheys are 50% of the population?

Chuck Walla's picture

A mile long? A good typhoon will break the new Titanic apart.

A Nanny Moose's picture

Just park it in the nearest atoll

mkkby's picture

The condos facing outside look nice.  The vast majority will be stuck in the interior -- stale salt air, dark, damp, claustrophobic, smelly, dirty...  a real paradise, yes sir!

Just what the 1% want -- being sea sick in a dark, tiny room with 60,000 other people around.

TNTARG's picture

Are they inmune to radiation? Wow.

About the "Freedom" BS here, in our dreams they're gonna put themselves all together into a floating target!


The Mist's picture

Anyone having read Atlas Shrugged is not so angry about this project. This is the libertarian dream!

Who is John Galt?

Grinder74's picture

Wasn't he that elementary school teacher arrested for kiddie porn?

Thomas's picture

That's a very odd, almost coffin-like, shape.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Hmmm..... I wonder why its voyage doesn't go anywhere near Somalia.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

They miss Canada, and North Korea as well.  Cowards the lot of 'em.

toady's picture

Yes, but it does follow the coastline. If (when) TSHTF we'll all be pirates, and that thing floating by will be mighty tempting.

Of course, when TSHTF, they'll go way off shore and have a carrier group or two for protection.

Grinder74's picture

Is 30,000 capacity enough to fit all of the Congress and the White House?

SafelyGraze's picture


used to be called hookersnblowship

a.k.a dancingboyship


Wahooo's picture

Where's al qaeda when you really need them?

dryam's picture

"Freedom Ship"??

.....more like a floating prison. That would be perfect.

mantrid's picture

prison with pools, casinos, bars, hotles...

people work hard whole life to get these

seek's picture

Yeah, I was about so say that in a certain line of business that's known as a "high value target."

Urban Roman's picture

I'm not sure which idea is more stupid. The gold-backed bitcoin or the freedom ship?

Two of 'em in one day!

sgorem's picture

we can only hope and pray for a Titanic II................

Freddie's picture

Heh heh heh.  They better have an escort or some drones.  We can pass the hat and buy a 16 ft Boston Whaler or a few Amazon drones.  Maybe team up with the Sea Shephreds.

Bokkenrijder's picture

What happened to that Death Star in order to make a "modest proposal to boost GDP?"

mantrid's picture

yeah if you can't get away from gulag, destroy all those who escaped! "if I can't have it, no one gets it". this primitive envy is the foundation of marxism.

you ZHeeple are just as rotten as everyone else. I think you deserve you future as debt slaves.

StandardDeviant's picture

Agreed.  What's wrong with you people?  You complain bitterly (and rightly) about fiat money printing, governmental incompetence and corruption, ever more intrusive paramilitary security forces, ubiquitous NSA spying, state encroachment into once-free markets, and on and on.  But the moment someone proposes a project (however far-fetched) to try to distance themselves as much as possible from all of that, it's "the ironically named 'Freedom Ship'"?!

As for "tax evasion", becoming a non-resident is hardly "tax evasion" (except for the unfortunate Americans).  Tax avoidance, definitely, but not evasion.  And even if it were, what of it?  With all of the brave "molon labe" talk here, am I to understand that anyone here still nevertheless believes that they have a moral obligation to hand over any or all of their income or assets to TPTB?  WTF?

(Oh, and those of you talking about torpedoes and the like are just beneath contempt.  Grow up.)