"NSA's Mission Is Of Great Value To The Nation" - The Complete "Authorized" NSA Thanksgiving Dinner Talking Points

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It seems getting an 8 pm "escape" from friends and family this Thanksgiving to rush into the nearby World Wrestling Federation Walmart may have been a welcome reprieve for some. Those some in question being NSA agents, and just in case their friends and family got a little too pesky, boisterous or simply inquisitive, all the employees of the National Security Agency and the Central Security Services received a prepared memo with preauthorized talking points designed to "guide" conversations over the Thanksgiving dinner table. Plastered at the head of the 2-page propaganda is a Douglas Adams-like (or was that Isaac Asimov) in its simplicity bullet point: "(1) NSA's mission is of great value to the Nation." How was it that "defenders" of the fatherland during the Third Reich were being brainwashed again? But we digress.

Some of the other brainwashing encouraged talking points: "(2) NSA performs its mission the right way—lawful, compliant and in a way that protects civil liberties and privacy; (3) NSA performs its mission exceptionally well. We strive to be the best that we can be, because that’s what America requires as part of its defense in a dangerous world; (4) The people who work for NSA are loyal Americans with expert skills who make sacrifices to help protect the freedoms we all cherish; (5) NSA is committed to increased transparency, public dialog and faithful implementation of any changes required by our overseers."

There are numerous sub-bullet point to each of these humorous propaganda headers, however the gist is clear. Firedoglake has done some further analysis even if the commentary is largely trivial:

A Misleading Statistic on Disrupting Terrorism the NSA Won’t Stop Promoting


“NSA programs protect Americans and our Allies,” the document reads. “As an example, they have helped to understand and disrupt 54 terrorist events since 9/11: 25 in Europe, 11 in Asia and 5 in Africa. Thirteen of those had a homeland nexus.”


Deputy Director John Inglis admitted in August during a Senate hearing, when pressed by Sen. Patrick Leahy, that US bulk records phone spying had been “critical” in stopping just one terrorist plot. He clarified that the spying on phone records had only “made a contribution” to discovering the 13 plots.


Sens. Ron Wyden, Mark Udall & Martin Heinrich, who filed a brief in support of an American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) lawsuit challenging the collection of phone records of all Americans, explained the Executive Branch has defended the program by conflating it with “other foreign intelligence authorities.” The senators highlighted the fact that the collection under Section 215 of the PATRIOT Act had played “little or no role in most of these disruptions.”


“Indeed of the original fifty-four that the government pointed to, officials have only been able to describe two that involved materially useful information obtained through the bulk call-records program,” the senators added. “Even the two supposed success stories involved information that [the senators] believe—after repeated requests to the government for evidence to the contrary—could readily have been obtained without a database of all Americans’ call records.”


At this point, any intelligence agency leader, member of Congress or government official who highlights 54 “thwarted” plots is advancing propaganda to save the NSA from being forced into giving up this power to collect the phone records of all Americans.


FISA Court Opinions Show the NSA Has Not Performed Its Mission in Lawful and Compliant Manner


The claim that NSA “performs its mission” in a manner that is “lawful, compliant, and in a way that protects civil liberties and privacy” is demonstrably false.


A Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISC) judge ruled, when reviewing a program that was collecting records of Internet communications” that the agency had committed “longstanding and pervasive violations” of prior orders by the court. It found that government officials knew or had reason to know that “portions” of collection constituted “unauthorized electronic surveillance.” This unauthorized and illegal surveillance “included information concerning the identity of the parties and the existence of communications to or from persons in the United States.”


FISC Judge John Bates stated that the government had a “history of material misstatements”—otherwise known by Director for National Intelligence James Clapper as “least untruthful” answers and known among non-members of the national security state as lies. The government had a “poor track record” of exceeding the implementation constraints or going beyond purported privacy safeguards represented to the court.


Another ruling by the FISA Court in 2009 found, the NSA “frequently and systematically violated” the agency’s “minimization procedures,” intended to protect Americans’ privacy, “that it can fairly be said that this critical element of the overall [business records] regime has never functioned effectively.”


As Julian Sanchez of the CATO Institute recently recounted, “For the first three years of the call records program’s current incarnation, the FISC was misinformed about how it really worked. As a result, software tools routinely accessed the data without the required approvals: Of the 17,835 phone numbers searched by one automated alert list from 2006 to 2009, only 1,935 had been vetted for “reasonable suspicion.” Query results were also improperly shared with the CIA and FBI.”


In fact, journalist Marcy Wheeler, who has written in extensive detail on all the released NSA documents so far, has demonstrated through multiple posts that the NSA has continued an illegal wiretapping program that has grown in size since it was first exposed under President George W. Bush.


Targeting a US Person’s Porn Viewing Without Probable Cause


The agency claims the “NSA does not target US citizens or permanent resident aliens unless that targeting is premised on a finding of probable cause to believe that the person is a foreign power or the agent of a foreign power.” But journalists Glenn Greenwald, Ryan Gallagher and Ryan Grim recently published parts of a document for a story at Huffington Post that showed NSA director Gen. Keith Alexander had sought to discredit radical Muslims by spying on their porn-viewing habits. One of the six targets discussed in the document was a US person.


None of these people targeted were believed by the NSA to be involved in any terrorist plots. The NSA wanted to embarrass them because they had a history of espousing views that the agency considered dangerous to the United States. There was no “probable cause” to suggest the persons targeted with this COINTELPRO-style spying tactic had committed any criminal acts of violence.

And so on. Full propaganda below:

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"all the employees of the National Security Agency and the Central Security Services received a prepared memo with preauthorized talking points designed to "guide" conversations over the Thanksgiving dinner table."


they can read?



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My family never tires of hearing these talking points over dinner!

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Surprised they didn't just resort to "We wear the white hats, that's all you need to know, now pass the fucking gravy before I sick the IRS on you, Aunt Edna" as talking point #1.


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The Complete "Authorized" NAZI Thanksgiving Dinner Talking Points

  1. Heil Hitler!



Too soon?

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I think it's "heil", not "hail" but, yeah, maybe a bit too soon.

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Show 'em pictures of the motherfucking starship enterprise and ask them if they've lost their motherfucking minds.

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that's some convincing newspeak.  it makes the heart swell with pride to see the guardians of our liberty sacrificing so much on our behalf.









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Welcome to Costco..........

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It's nice to feel loved.

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"they can read?"

Only the words "F you!"  Due to repitition, they have that down.

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ZeroHedge is probably under a few secret legal orders? No? Impossible?

Comon, who can spew the same stuff year after year and not get messed with by the establishment?

Hey Tyler, got any supeonas from our favorite three-letter-agencies?


Of course, he couldn't tell us even if he did.


What a conundrum.


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Fuck these assholes

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Now everybody's going to find out about your porn-viewing habits...

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Only fags check out other guys porn. The NSA is full of fags.

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and now, I will incise........


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Pffffttt. Overpaid poindexter script kiddies on a power trip. This reeks of desperation.

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bingo--those apparatchiks are pissing their pants --only because they are scared shitless---they listen to protect themselves and will lie in a heartbeat.

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Just imagine, a bunch of GS-15s got together in a conference room to have a series of meetings for "Friends and Family talking points" creation.  Then those GS-15s directed their Booz Allen Hamilton support contractor subordinates to type up the propaganda for final approval and submission to Admin for printing. 

Then there is an Agency-wide email (with the Microsoft Outlook "High Priority" exclamation point flag turned on) sent out, where the Director Alexander exhorts his employees to share this important memorandum during holiday gatherings.

The fact that this 3-letter Agency will stoop to such lame damage-control public relations stunts says to me that they are indeed worried about their "image."

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Most ZH'ers love this scene, and why shouldn't they?  It's an indictment of the entire corrupt military-industrial complex.  It is Smedley Butler's War Is A Racket updated for modern times.

What is interesting is that in the context of the film, Good Will Hunting, after this speech is given, the Robin Williams character - Matt Damon's therapist - essentially dismisses it as nothing more than negativity and paranoia.  Even if it is entirely true - and Williams' character won't even concede that - Damon's character is told that one cannot spend life thinking about such abstract impersonal issues.  He cannot and should not sit around thinking about the philosophies and questions posed by people like Shakespeare, Kant, Frost, Nietzsche, and Locke, because, according to Williams, "they're all dead."

Williams would rather Damon think about finding his "soul mate."

From this perspective, one can see then that this scene is actually a Hollywood red herring.  Because at the end of the film, the Damon character does not attempt to educate the world about the military-industrial complex or crusade against it, despite the knowledge he is accumulated as a result of his keen intellect.  Instead, he decides to drive to California to find his "soul mate" Minnie Driver. 

The whole "Why should I work for the NSA" scene is effective as a sound bite, but the overall message of Good Will Hunting is "don't worry about stuff like the MIC or corrupted monolithic Mafia structures Doing Business As government, just find your soul mate and everything will be fine."

In conclusion, I will now channel Freddie and tell you to start ignoring movies, television, magazines, and radio, because they're just really bad for you.

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Well, it is true. And that's why I put it up. I can't think of any other mass media reference to the NSA (until lately). I appreciate your advice about comsumption of the BS but, I rejected all that a long time ago. I am in total agreement as to what the "big picture" Hollywood message was.

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So you've been on the inside of the beast? Crazy, isn't it?

seek's picture

When your employer -- government or not -- is providing you talking points for dinner table conversations with your family at holiday gatherings, you have a big problem on your hands.

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The employees of any such group are dicks. Their bosses are dicks. And they are scumbag mothefuckers for not quiting and getting a job that does not require them to be dicks.


Did I mention that the NSA only hires dicks.

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What about the women who work for the NSA? Are they dicks or 'ginas?

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Regardless of sex, those who spy on their own brethren are CUNTS!

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The Janet Clones (Reno, Yellen, etc.) are making even such exalted personalities as Long Dong Silver feel like less of a man.


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Wonder how long before these "NSA-approved perception-management talking points" join Mr Obama's biography as "required reading" in the school system (with mandatory assessment on content as a matter of course!)

I'm betting that the pass-mark will be 100% minimum (zero-tolerance of non-compliance).

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Damned right, Seek.  Damned right.  If you don't already know how to talk about what you do for a living in a positive way (without going into details that nobody needs to know or wouldn't care about anyway), you're probably not doing the right thing for a living.

I'll tell you I have close family in the intel world and they're none to happy about this NSA thing.  They know that broad-net collection is worthless at best, counter-productive for sure, same as we do.  Not that they're going to speak out about it openly (you can imagine the reasons).  Mostly they're just counting the days till they can leave the shit-storm.  

What they really fear:  idiotic stuff like this NSA thing sucking away resources and discrediting REAL intel work that might actually save American lives.

I know I'm probably going to get down-arrowed for this, but that's where their heads are at.  Don't shoot the messenger.

fxrxexexdxoxmx's picture

Honest intel gathering is the right and the obligation of every nation state. We are different in values and culture. Every social construct has the need to protect itself from others.

My nation has crossed the line and no longer believes that those who seek protection are different than those who seek rent.

My country no longer exsists.

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This shit is right out of some "party pamphlet" to be handed out to Loyal Americans when we gather every morning to sing and swear our loyalty to the Great Leader.

DEAR NSA - NONE OF US DOUBT THAT OCCASIONALLY YOU FIND A BONE.  THAT'S NOT THE POINT.  There is no "trade off" between civil liberties and security.  The Constitution is the only law that matters.  We would much rather run a 10 ^-8 chance of getting blown up by a terrorist than live our lives with the creepy feeling that you are quietly gathering all details on our lives.  GET IT?  We accept the risks that come with liberty.  STAND DOWN.  

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"NSA's Mission Is Of Great Value To The Nation"...

Or any other "3 letter" agency that you're paying for that you wish to place in this heading as well.

How long it's been going on and why we're bankrupt.

From an "officer" who didn't make it telling his story.  Well worth the watch.


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"phuckers at the CIA have it so easy. they get to deny it exists in the first place. Nooooooo! we're the NSA. We have to have a REASON." (mumbles to self under breath after leaving super secret meeting of super secret staff of super secret stealth op over plan super secret with all super secret people to remain super secret.) "don't even get me started on the FBI! (wait...did i just say that out loud?)"

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

This guy Chip Tatum was apparently found murdered several years after providing this testimony on Iran Contra and his involvement of the CIA/DIA and Mossad in the 1980's.

Is he and the info he provided legit?

Probably. But what goes through anyones head whether you're listening to Tatum, Susan Lindauer, John Perkins, Keith Alexander, John Clapper or Ray McGovern?...  They are all trained and paid (with pensions) pathological liars (like it or not), and they know and understand what they do or did for a living is eventually hazardous to their own healths along with the lives of others involved along with the Country's long term interests and reputation... 

They made choices and unfortunately even when they decide to spill the beans and come clean with the truth the damage is more often than not irreversable with there own credibility always in jeopardy and in doubt. 

All Grade A first class pieces of shit.

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Hey NSA! 

I, Brett W. Merkey, in due respect for the Constitution of the United States and the principles therein, do swear (or affirm) that you are, individually and collectively, a waste of human flesh and a pox on the body politic.

Yours, sincerely,

Brett W. Merkey




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@Brett W Merkey

Oh come on tells us what you really think !


I think the best bit of all off them..............run down thier mums legs

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If one of the A-holes asarted that at my Thanksgiving dinner, they'd have been asked to leave and escorted quickly out the door if necessary.  Just admitting they work at NSA would probably get them tossed.

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what the nsa does is cyber snoop and collect dirt on domestic political opponents. after that blackmail and coercion is easy.

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Yes, all for the future of death panels.  It was nice knowing you guys.

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Well, it does look like all the NSA data centers are in Fuku high-radiation areas, according to the Federal radiation charts. I think they are going to suffer the worst first.

And all for a paycheck . . .

This should be required reading before looking at any intel job:

Illuminati British & Nazis Collaborated September 7, 2012

(left, Sir Claude Dansey, Deputy Director of MI-6,  sent hundreds of British and French Resistance agents to their deaths.)

Originally posted in 2011, this article is an important reminder that WW2 was staged by the Illuminati to degrade and destroy Europe and the Christian world order. All wars are designed to bring about the satanic New World Order.  

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In the wake of D-Day June 6, 1944, hundreds of acts of sabotage were committed by the French Resistance --- with one exception.

There were none in the north and north west where they mattered most.

There, the "Prosper" and related "Scientist" networks had been mopped by the Gestapo in 1943. Prosper's courageous young leader, Francis Anthony Suttill, 34, was languishing in a concentration camp.

He and scores of British agents were later executed, along with over 10,000 members of the French Resistance. One hundred and sixty plane loads of armaments --2600 containers -- including tons of sten guns and explosives, were seized by the Nazis. (193)

Who was responsible for this debacle?

According to BBC Producer Robert Marshall's thoroughly documented book, "All The King's Men" (Collins, 1988) the culprit was none other than the homosexual and Freemason, Deputy Head of MI-6, Sir Claude Edward Marjoribanks Dansey (1876-1947.)

Dansey deliberately placed a double agent, Henri Dericourt, at the heart of the Prosper organization. Dericourt, a French pilot, was responsible for organizing the nighttime shuttling of agents and materiel in and out of France.

He kept his handler, SS Sturmbannfuhrer Karl Baumelburg, head of counter sabotage in France, apprised of all the comings and goings, including the mail that passed back and forth. In return, the Gestapo allowed the operation to unfold which made Dericourt look very good indeed.

MI-6 placed their own man Nicolas Bodington in SOE  to vouch for Dericourt and block all efforts by SOE to uncover the traitor. Bodington actually met with Baumelburg on a visit to Paris in 1943. They all had known each other before the war. It was Bodington who introduced Baumelburg to Delicourt.

After the war, Dericourt confirmed that he worked for Dansey. (151) 

Why would MI-6 engage in this kind of treason?

Marshall offers this explanation. When Churchill formed a coalition government in 1940, Labour was promised ministerial control of one of the Intelligence Services.  As a result, Special Operations Executive (SOE) was carved out of MI-6 and given responsibility for sabotage.

In revenge, Dansey and MI-6 decided to sabotage SOE by placing Dericourt (left) at the heart of its primary network, and instructing him to betray it to the Gestapo.

After Prosper collapsed, Dansey and his superior, Sir Stewart Menzies lobbied to have SOE dissolved. In 1946, it was folded back into MI-6.

Since the network was doomed anyway, they had Illuminatus Winston Churchill summon the heroic Francis Suttill to a private meeting where Churchill confided that D-Day would take place at Calais in September 1943.

They were confident that Gestapo torture methods would suffice to extract this juicy tidbit from Suttill or his confreres. (It did but the Nazis weren't fooled, and actually transferred divisions from France to Russia.)


I don't believe MI-6 would sabotage the war effort over bureaucratic rivalry.

There were dozens of other far less costly diversions in play before D-Day.

My hypothesis is that the Illuminati infiltrated and controlled the top ranks of all the wartime adversaries.

The real war was not between the Allies and the Axis but rather between this satanic cult and humanity.

The war was just a pretext to destroy the genetic elite: the natural leaders,  the patriots and the idealists. It was a genocide of the Best, who might in future offer resistance to their plans for Luciferian one-world government.

And who were better than these highly trained SOE agents who were prepared to sacrifice their lives for their country? 

MI-6 had already murdered a natural British leader, a colonial politician, the Earl of Errol.


Henri Dericourt had immense respect for the man he betrayed. He called Francis Suttill "magnificent, strong, young, courageous and decisive, a kind of Ivanhoe." (133)

When Suttill (left) was arrested June 23, 1943, the Nazis showed him Dericourt's file. They knew everything about the Prosper Network.
All that was left for Suttill was to try to save his agents' lives.

He negotiated a deal whereby, in exchange for his agents and the French resistors being treated as prisoners of war, he would reveal where the arms caches were located. He even got Heinrich Himmler to sign the agreement.

The Gestapo "swept through the countryside like a scythe through ripening wheat. At first scores, and then hundreds of French men and women were delivered to the prisons around Northern France. At Fresnes, people were crowded, sometimes five or six to a cell." (192)  

Of course, the Nazis did not keep their bargain. The Illuminati could not allow Suttill and his kind to live. That was the point of the war. They could not allow them to discover that the Illuminati, including the Prime Minister, had betrayed them and the war effort.

Francis Suttill was hanged at Sachsenhausen concentration camp March 24, 1945.

Andree Borrel, 25, left, Suttill's second-in-command, was given a lethal injection and then incinerated at Natzweiler in July 1944.

Agents Gilbert Norman, John MacAllister, Frank Pickersgill, Johnny Barrett and Robert Benoist were hanged at Gross Rosen in Sept 1944.

Noor Inyat Khan, 30, left, their radio operator, was kept in chains at Pforsheim and then sent to Dachau where she was shot.

There is no account of the fate of hundreds of other agents, British and French. "Frances Suttill had 144 full agents within his network, but when you count everyone officially connected to Prosper, the number rises to1015." (192) 

After the war, Gestapo officers confirmed that Henri Dericourt was their agent, responsible for the implosion of the resistance networks in Northern France.

Nevertheless, investigation and trial were stymied by MI-6 and Dericourt continued his career as a pilot. He became involved in the heroin trade and died in a plane crash in Laos, November 22, 1962.


In June 1943, Patrick Reilly, an assistant to MI-6 Chief Stewart Menzies was shocked when Dansey came bounding in clapping his hands.

"Great news Reilly!" he exclaimed. "One of the big SOE networks in France has just blown up!"

Reilly naturally thought him "a wicked man, undoubtedly." One of his colleagues actually claimed "Dansey was the only truly evil man I met." (193)

Born in 1874, Dansey had a long distinguished career maintaining the Illuminati (aka "British") Empire.

According to Anton Chaikin, in 1911, William Rockefeller, (JD's brother, President of Standard Oil and founder of Citibank,) employed, "in a private capacity through his elite social club, a high-ranking British secret intelligence service officer named Claude Dansey... [to reorganize] the U.S. Army intelligence service into an adjunct of the British secret service."

Dansey went on to organize the Freemason executives of the Freemason corporations controlled by the Illuminati bankers into an informal intelligence service called "Z Section." When MI-6 was mortally wounded by the capture of two agents at Venlo Holland in 1939, Z-Section became the backbone of MI-6.

Thus, we see why MI-6 and the CIA, as well as most intelligence agencies, have never served the national interest. They have always served the Illuminati bankers and their design for one world tyranny called "world governance," "internationalism" and "globalism."      

The Illuminati traitors didn't just sacrifice thousands of agents. They endangered the Allied war effort and the lives of millions of soldiers. This leads me to wonder if the Nazi war effort wasn't also sabotaged, and the Allies allowed to succeed in Normandy.

It's hard to speak about treason when the dominant forces in society are engaged in treasonous activities, the recolonization of independent democratic nations by a Masonic international banking cartel. 


War is orchestrated by the Illuminati. Using their agents in politics and the media, it is conjured by Black magicians to degrade, demoralize and destroy humanity.

War is a satanic orgy where the good are sacrificed to the evil, who feed on their souls. Millions of patriots respond to the call to "defend freedom" and die for nothing.

Based on their record, we must not underestimate the depravity of the Illuminati bankers, and the measures they will undertake to enslave humanity.

Knowing what we do about these demons, how can we doubt they were behind 9-11 and countless other atrocities, some quite recent?

Society is stricken by a cancer which threatens to be fatal unless it is soon addressed.


First Comment from Martin:

I, too, found the same book (All The King's Men by Robert Marshall) in a secondhand bookshop, and, looking to see whether anyone else had recognised its stunning proof of MI6 treason, I came across your article. 
M.R.D. Foot, who wrote the official history of SOE, died last week (20th February). In his obituary in the Daily Telegraph  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/ news/obituaries/culture- obituaries/books-obituaries/ 9094496/MRD-Foot.html  we find the following two paragraphs:
"The genesis of Foot's classic account SOE in France (1966) was almost as clandestine as its subject. In 1958 the Prime Minister, Harold Macmillan, authorized the inception of research, but it was not until two years later that Foot was invited to an interview in the Foreign Office. Even then, it was only after an hour-long grilling that he was asked whether he would like to take on such a project. 

 There were, his interviewers told him, some conditions: he was not allowed to tell anyone what he was doing -- not even his wife. He was, furthermore, to write his account on the assumption that MI6 did not exist, and without the knowledge or co-operation of the men and women involved."

Thus, Claude Dansey's successors succeeded in covering up MI6's treachery by ensuring that a false history of SOE was written, based on files now back under MI6 control (and the probably false claim that certain files had been lost or burnt) , and without the knowledge of former SOE people.
As this recent obituary shows, Marshall's claim, twenty years after Foot's "classic account", that Dansey, Boddington, and MI6 deliberately betrayed SOE's Prosper network, still remains a potentially explosive issue.
All The King's Men is one of those books which are perhaps even more resonant with a reader today than when they were published. Comments for "Illuminati British & Nazis Collaborated" David Richards said (September 8, 2012): Norman Dodd saw the minutes of the carnegie endowment for peace (sic) and they were talking and out how to start world war 1 in 1909 Mr. Dodd was invited to go to the warehouse and view the minutes of past meetings of the trustees of the Carnegie Endowment if he wished. In his testimony before an Illinois Senate Committee in 1978, Mr. Dodd told the state legislators - among other discoveries in the Carnegie meeting minutes - that: "Now, we are back in the period of 1908, and these minutes reported the following: The Trustees . . . bring up a single question; namely, if it is desirable to alter the life of an entire people, is there any means more efficient than war to gain that end? And they discuss this question. . . and they come up with an answer-- there are no known means more efficient than war, assuming the objective is altering the life of an entire people. That leads, then, to a question: How do we involve the United States in a war? This was in 1909. I doubt if there was any question more removed, or any idea more removed from the minds of us, as a people, at that time than war. There were certain of what we call 'intermittent shows' in the Balkans, and I also doubt if very many of us knew, really, where the Balkans was, or their relation or possible effect on us. http://www.sweetliberty.org/issues/wars/wwi.htm Dan said (September 8, 2012): More dirt on "Uncle Claude", aka "Z". His was involved in another famous Illuminati shenanigan in 1917 that helped establish the Soviet Union. "Born in 1876 into a dysfunctional family of nine children, Dansey and his siblings were subjected to military discipline at the hands of their soldier father, with punishments that included beatings even for minor misbehavior. They hated each other, as well as their father. " Typical Illuminati upbringing. But here's something more that's big news....."He was inadvertently responsible for allowing Leon Trotsky to return to Russia in 1917." * "Inadvertently"? Yeah. Right. * http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/jul/05/humanities.highereducation
MI5 detained Trotsky on way to revolution
Public records: Trotsky arrested on British orders in 1917 on a boat in Canada but released after intervention by MI6 I can add to that article from other sources that President Woodrow Wilson also intervened by providing Trotsky a US diplomatic passport.
This is incredible, considering this declassified US State Dept. knowledge that the money found on Trotsky at Canadian customs was obtained from a German bank, and "German sources". --quote--
The $10,000 Trotsky fund in New York was from German sources, and a recently declassified document in the U.S. State Department files reads as follows: March 9, 1918 to: American Consul, Vladivostok from Polk, Acting Secretary of State, Washington D.C. For your confidential information and prompt attention: Following is substance of message of January twelfth from Von Schanz of German Imperial Bank to Trotsky, quote Consent imperial bank to appropriation from credit general staff of five million roubles for sending assistant chief naval commissioner Kudrisheff to Far East. --unquote-- Dan said (September 8, 2012): More dirt on "Uncle Claude", aka "Z". His was involved in another famous Illuminati shenanigan in 1917 that helped establish the Soviet Union. "Born in 1876 into a dysfunctional family of nine children, Dansey and his siblings were subjected to military discipline at the hands of their soldier father, with punishments that included beatings even for minor misbehavior. They hated each other, as well as their father. " Typical Illuminati upbringing. But here's something more that's big news....."He was inadvertently responsible for allowing Leon Trotsky to return to Russia in 1917." * "Inadvertently"? Yeah. Right. * http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/jul/05/humanities.highereducation
MI5 detained Trotsky on way to revolution
Public records: Trotsky arrested on British orders in 1917 on a boat in Canada but released after intervention by MI6 I can add to that article from other sources that President Woodrow Wilson also intervened by providing Trotsky a US diplomatic passport.
This is incredible, considering this declassified US State Dept. knowledge that the money found on Trotsky at Canadian customs was obtained from a German bank, and "German sources". --quote--
The $10,000 Trotsky fund in New York was from German sources, and a recently declassified document in the U.S. State Department files reads as follows: March 9, 1918 to: American Consul, Vladivostok from Polk, Acting Secretary of State, Washington D.C. For your confidential information and prompt attention: Following is substance of message of January twelfth from Von Schanz of German Imperial Bank to Trotsky, quote Consent imperial bank to appropriation from credit general staff of five million roubles for sending assistant chief naval commissioner Kudrisheff to Far East. --unquote-- D said (April 16, 2011): I came across your recent article about MI6 betrayal of SOE during WW2 and thought you'd like to know about a related piece of information which I came across about 35 years ago...

While at University in the UK, I made a friend of someone who told me her father had worked for MI6 during and after the war. At that time he was a Universiy professor here in the UK. She told me that one of his jobs while working for MI6 was to travel to France in the immediate aftermath of the War and assassinate the leaders of the French resistance!

They carried out these unspeakable acts because they wanted their man, de Gaulle to come to power and not one of the truly heroic resistance leaders (whom they considered left wing, not part of their power structure) who would probabaly have swept to power by a populist movement.

This was a total betrayal of the French people and is yet further evidence of the evil and corruption of our so-called leaders.

-- Dear D, These were the leaders who were sincere, and not their puppets no doubt. henry Mark said (April 16, 2011): Germany did all it can to prevent war with France, and after the invasion of France to end the war. It was Britain and France who declared war on Germany. Initially in occupied Paris German soldiers were able to go out unarmed and unharmed in the evenings and socialize with the local population. Both French and Germans were expecting a negotiated peace and quick withdrawal of the troops, and for that reason their was a friendly and non-violent atmosphere. There were no demands by Germany against France other than staying neutral. General Petain was not a traitor but he acted in the best interests of France and for its sovereignty in regards to Germany AND the Anglo-US Empire. The French resistance was largely a communist organization and backed by Britain and Bolshevism in violation of international law by engaging in terrorism. The resistance killed more Frenchmen than Germans. The decay of France into what it is now is the result of Illuminati internationalism. -- http://www.scrapbookpages.com/DachauScrapbook/BritishSOEagents.html : Mark said (April 16, 2011): In your most recent article, Treason: Illuminati Betrayed British Agents In W.W. 2, your conclusion that the treason was done to take out the cream of our young manhood before they could wise up and oppose the tyrants' rule is spot on. But I'd also like to add that it was to provide an element of realism to the phony Punch'n Judy Show called the THEATRE of war, to convice the general public, and moreover, their lower and mid-ranking operatives on both sides that it was real, spuring both sides on to fight harder, by spilling real blood, but more of it on the side of the "Axis of Evil" (thanks to Illuminati double-agents, working the opposing side to insure enough of their "own" guys got wacked) to insure that Germany lost the war, saving the Soviet System - International Socialism - the system of choice for the N.W.O. - for the anti-thesis in the dialectic in the planned coming Cold War, out of which was to come the synthesis of the two. Richard said (April 15, 2011): n the 2003 documentary of a monologue of the late former Secretary of War Robert McNamara, he bragged of his work for Roosevelt's Pentagon. He came up with the idea of feeding school aptitude test records into IBM punch card data sorting machines 'to find the best and brightest young American men' to be drafted as bomber pilots. The death rate for American bomber crews during WWII was 44%. That certainly supports your observation of "genocide of the Best". I noticed even as a boy during the 60's that wars call out the most masculine, able young men who are willing to stand up for their families, country and culture - or so they are told. Hamad said (April 15, 2011): Enjoyed your article but just a note on Noor Inayath Khan. She is a descendant of Tipu Sultan, an Indian King who sacrificed both his life and his Kingdom in his struggle against the British Empire in India. It was only after he was dead that the British were able to consolidate their power in the Indian subcontinent. He was actually getting quite good at fighting the British….using rockets and lightweight French canons. But he too fell for some trappings of the Illuminati. For example, he thought that the American Revolution was for real and tried to get help from them against the British. (They only sent spies). Given the rapaciousness of the British Empire, Noor had no justification for going to work for the British. Most Indians were hoping that a German ground invasion of Britain would be an ideal opportunity to stage an insurrection. Little did they know that the Powers that be had decided only to have an aerial bombing of Britian, which did superficial damage, but at the same time, did wonders to galvanize support for the war.

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dude........use a FUCKING link next time.........

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And if they don't have any dirt on you, the lying bastards can manufacture it.

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Well, there’s one nation that seems to be resisting membership into the US/EU world plantation designed as “the hope of the world” by the international bankers.

“Ukraine refuses to drink the world-government Kool-AidGet Lost, EU.” Lew Rockwell

Timothy Bancroft-Hinchey of Pravda.ru tells of the Ukraine’s IMF escape today (December 2, 2013) in Congratulations, Ukraine! Writes Bancroft-Hinchey: 

“A wise decision by the Ukraine not to fall into the European Union’s web, not to fall for the siren’s song, not to believe the false promises of prosperity, not to follow the starry-eyed misguidedness of some of Ukraine’s young population who see the EU as some sort of Nirvana. Viktor Yanukovich just saved Ukraine, and them, from a terrible fate…

“So Viktor Yanukovich, many congratulations on your stance not to sign a trade agreement with the European Union. In so doing, you have protected your people, you have protected their jobs, you have protected your farmers, you have protected your industry, you have protected your fisheries, you have protected your agriculture, you have protected your education system and you have protected Ukraine’s future.”

From what? Bancroft-Hnchey explains:

“For those Ukrainians who wish to join the EU, go and see for yourselves. Take your pick. In the UK there are 80,000 homeless children, in some areas of the EU there is 40% youth unemployment, in many cities you dare not venture out at night for fear of being attacked by drunkards or drug addicts, home invasions are rife, you come out of a hospital more ill than before you went in, education systems struggle to cope with under-funding, the banks do not lend you enough money to buy a house, rents are skyrocketing, unemployment is the norm, keeping a job depends on working in slave-like conditions in return for less and less and a super-class of countless political echelons costs more and more to fund, like a gluttonous monster, a flesh-eating bacterium devouring all around it.


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The old refrain, "Mein vaterland. Richtig oder falsch, hundinnen." Used to work for a lot of the folks, but since even the terminally mentally ill are smelling the bullshit more and more from the government,  I guess they decided to go full retard with the propaganda for the lovely criminals and perverts at the NSA. 

Every bullet point is a known, proven lie. But, hey what can you expect from an organisation whose head honcho lies to congress for a living? Apparently we need to be protected from ourselves,  or from the terrorists that keep being recruited down the road at Langley.  Shakespeare couldn't have written a better comedy of errors. 

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as I stated in previous post, the NSA is all about tracking illegal (as defined by the monopoly on defining, ie. the government) money transactions, not to be confused with "legal government sponsored terrorism, drug trafficking, gun running, political money laundering schemes, (Solyndra, SEIU) and general "legalized" corruption. They could give a shit about "tarrist" in fact, the more the better as it only helps their cause which is to monitor YOUR MONEY.

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Point of order.

Shouldn't spy agencies be spying on the enemies of the people, not making enemies of the people? If they think the people have run out of enemies to the point where their spies are spying on us, its time to downsize the spy biz.

Are they really extracting billions from us to store "metadata" about shit like "Honey, don't forget the milk on the way home."?

Thats the definition of paranoia.