Silver Is Having Its Worst Day In 10 Weeks

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Spot Silver is trading back to early July 2013 levels as it drop 4.1% - its biggest down-day since the SeptTaper debacles began. Gold is also being monkey-hammered; down 2.9% for the biggest drop in 2 months. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is on the rise...


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Gonna have to check my Morgans when I get home.  I bet they've shrunk since the last time I checked.

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Is BTC an NSA invention designed to demonetize gold?

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Nahhhhh its all honest money now sell your stack to me......I'm waitin'

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Well, the good news is that “The Fed Now Owns One Third Of The Entire US Bond Market”.

Maybe they will try to trade that paper off for gold or silver at some time in the future.

What percent of a 1913 FRN is a 2013 FRN worth now?   

I forget.

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Silver turning up now?

Live Silver Chart:

Always wait for the headlines on ZH and other financial sites to say it is down, before buying.

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Thanks gov for validating the need for cryptocurrencies.

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I think silver is likely a psy-ops put on by TPTB/CIA/NSA/FBI/TIA/GCHQ/MI5/MI6 + Mickey Mouse Club.  They obviously travelled back in time to the big bang and installed a back-door rootkit into all silver molecules and will destruct it once the time is right and they have enough of you suckered in!!


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I think fonestar is just our former and now-absent friend AnAnonymous, returned to ZH with a new angle (replacing his obsession with "US 'american' citizenism" with "bitcoin) and after an intensive (and apparently successful) crash-course in colloquial English.

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Someone has to buy the Bitcon..... lol.


akak's picture

Made me laugh.

Welcome to the US 'fonestar' bitcoinism world, it's a highly repetitious, exceedingly boring and monomaniacal kind of place, you'll see.

Alas, alas, three hundred thousand bitcoin harangues alas, just have to bear with it.

fonestar's picture

I've been invested in silver since $12 and Bitcoin since $16.  It is your "either/or" dualistic thinking that is exceedingly boring and simplistic.

akak's picture

Ah, ah, the duplicity of US 'fonestar' bitcoinism bitcoiners knows no boundings.  Same song as always, blobbing-up the conversational means and crapping on the ZH roadside.

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If he did indeed get in at Silver at $12, hats off to him. He might be get a chance to double down on his original investment soon enough.


I can't remember a day in 2 years where I woke up and Silver was actually up once. Premiums are it time to buy?

fonestar's picture

"If he did indeed get in at Silver at $12, hats off to him."


If I counted the coins I collected as a kid it would be $3/oz but I am being honest.

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Blobbing up US bitcoinizenry infirms the aggrevate demand veracity fonestarbation of ground having depth tepidously.

akak's picture

The throating of ideas of you are certainly that and something else, they give the up with much vigor to accusatorializations of fonestardational monolizing of the ZeroHedge speeching means.

When the bitcoinism is given an inch, it takes a mile, and then more of it.

Welcome to the ZeroHedge bitcoinism world, it's anmonotonous place, you'll see.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Alas, alas, three times alas, hammer pound on nail head this hitting has:

When the bitcoinism is given an inch, it takes a mile, and then more of it.

Ah, ah, and volatility pours the effect reversely, giving repeations, overlapse, and impulsion to bitcoinstipation phenomenum.

fonestar's picture

fonestar shall not desert you my child.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Invested? I thought it was just a currency.

fonestar's picture

Oh, get off the semantics.  Are you telling me you are holding silver, gold because you want it to go down in value?

dark pools of soros's picture

it's many things, but that doesn't make it popular...   somehow you silver bugs keep saying silver is many things but that doesn't make it popular either right?

bitcoin not being manipulated is what makes it popular

silver being JPMorgan's bitch makes it a sad clown

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Couldn't agree more.  A nebulous e-currency is exactly what citizens are yearning for to escape a nebulous paper currency that is actually about 96% e-currency.

fonestar's picture

You are right about that much.  The users here already trade their goods and labour for a virtual currency, it is called the dollar.

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The bitcoin phenomina is a glaring example of how truly fucking stupid 98% of the polulation is. Because being lazy is the new chic! Whatever method of payment that involves the least amout of independant thought and due dilligence will be the method of payment.

This is the NEW and IMPROVED ponzi that will save the central bankers asses! Don't kid yourself for 1 minuite that they don't own this. Its not free.    

fonestar's picture

I actually thought when I started stacking silver that perhaps the silver community was bright, forwards thinking people.  Boy was I wrong!  Are you seriously trying to say that bankers can control the entire Bitcoin network?  Right when I thought I've heard all of the stupid arguments against Bitcoin, I am amazed yet again.  It's becoming painfully obvious to me why the stacker & prepper community has been maligned the way it has (because of the LCD).


dryam's picture

We get it fonestar:  you are a genius and most us are morons.  You are going to get rich beyond your wildest dreams, and all of us peasants will be bowing at feet because that's how the world works.  Revenge is going to taste so sweet & it's going to bring much meaning, true happiness, and depth to your life.  You are the new king of the 21st century.


fonestar's picture

I am not a genius but at least I can see how the rise of the crypto-currencies change how the game is played forever.  There are many reasons to be apprehensive about putting too much into these currencies (higly illiquid and slow trading out of) but I do not count EMPs, NSA spies, conspiracies, etc, etc, etc amongst them.

dryam's picture

Then I have an idea.  You've fully explained your position on bitcoin in these forums.  It's now time to move along.  Trust me, by reiterating your position over and over it does not promote the merits of bitcoin the least bit.  In fact, it does just the opposite.  What's your true overall intent, to be annoying, to educate, to promote bitcoin for the UK banks/US banks/FED/etc., to pump and ultimately dump your stake in bitcoin, or just be an all around asshole because you were somehow abused by your family or other kids when you were little?

fonestar's picture

I do not care if the posters on this forum ever understand Bitcoin.  I don't care if they buy Bitcoin or not and I have no plans to personally sell my Bitcoin for dollars (I had to sell some around $130 but that was not something I wanted to do).  Zerohedge posts some wonderful articles, I have my doubts as to whether they are or could be appreciated by this audience.  In any case, if these dummies think they are going to accuse me of being a shill and use this forum as a launch pad to spread FUD they are dead wrong.

dryam's picture

OK, so what's up your repetive posts & the disruption of everyone elses' discussion?  It appears to me you are doing your best to disrupt true exchange of thought by your diluting & polluting posts.  Are you against true exchange of thoughts? 

Do you not agree that free exchange of thoughts especially via the web is by far the most powerful weapon against the establishment?  Which side are you on?


fonestar's picture

Yes, I agree that the free flow of information is the most powerful weapon against the establishment.  But lets not forget that according to many on this forum (with their simpleton views on "intrinsic value", "tangible", etc) that the internet is "not real", was developed by "computer fags", etc, etc.  So is this the crew you are going to pass the torch of free flow of information to?  Good luck because I wouldn't have them running a lemonade stand!

dark pools of soros's picture

why do you reply to everyone?  it makes you look like a certified jackass

fonestar's picture

I do not manage to get to everyone but I try to respond to as many fans as possible.

Thank-you for choosing fonestar.

akak's picture

When one person, such as fonestar, comes to dominate virtually EVERY thread, regardless of the topic, they make themselves an annoyance and a troll by default.

Fonestar, get a fucking life.

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98% of folks iz tradin btc lol

fonestar's picture

98% of people haven't heard of Bitcoin.  Most of those who have do not trust it.

new game's picture

dryam - you the tag team partner?

dryam's picture

I don't understand your point.

I was just pointing out the fact people are wanting to escape the mirage of Federal Reserve Notes with the mirage of bitcoins.  It's like seeking freedeom by fleeing one communist country by going to another communist country.

lickspitler's picture

something must be manipulating the metals. There is no way they could be in a bear market Diamond Jim Sincair told us-

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Stop downvoting fonestar. He be rite, dammit. Hes tolds me hisself.

He be a genis, I tells ya. All yu negative peeps gots ta stop givin him down arroz. He be ritetus, my main man!

knukles's picture

fonestar is not getting down-voted all by himself.

fonestar's picture

Individuals do not win by being amongst the majority.  Wealth is transferred.  The amount of ignorant people opposed to Bitcoin makes me extremely bullish on its future.

spinone's picture

All I'm saying is that when Bitcoin evaporates, I won't say I told you so.

aminorex's picture

by that time, he'll have a hard time hearing you over the sound of how rich he has become.

nope-1004's picture

If this is the worst day in 10 weeks, then extrapolating means this is 1 of 5 times a year where a great opportunity exists to buy.  No?


AllThatGlitters's picture

Yes, and most don't recognize their own herding instinct, so are doing the opposite.

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 ...plant Dimons head on a stick, displayed in front of the Comex with a brief note stapled to the forehead explaining the relevence in reaction to the naked shorting, as we wait for the next schill to boldly take his place i would suggest the buying opportunities shall swiftly diminish.