Convicted Tyco Embezzler Dennis Kozlowski Granted Parole

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When former Tyco International CEO Dennis Kozlowski was convicted for stealing $150 million in company money in 2005 on 22 criminal counts including grand larceny, conspiracy, securities fraud/sales and falsifying business records to a prison term of 8.33 to 25 years, he became the poster child for corporate greed. Shortly thereafter the entire financial system nearly collapse when everyone on Wall Street became a poster child for corporate greed and nobody went to jail. As such it became a moot point to make anyone a symbol for "corporate greed" since the Department of Justice itself admitted there is a brand new category reserved for the uber-greedy ones, also known as Too Big To Prosecute. Which is why moments ago, news broke that Kozlowski was granted parole after serving 100 months in jail, exactly nobody was surprised.

“Mr. Kozlowski is grateful to the parole board for its decision to grant him parole,” Alan Lewis, Kozlowski’s attorney at Carter Ledyard & Milburn, said in an email to FOX Business.


The New York State Board of Parole said it announced the decision to Kozlowski on Tuesday and his tentative release date is January 17, 2014.


Kozlowski had been denied parole in April 2012 on the grounds that he remained a threat to “public safety and welfare.” The former Tyco CEO filed suit after that denial.

Now that Dennis is no longer a threat to the public welfare, we expect him, Enron's Skilling and of course MF Global's Jon Corzine to form KozCorSki Asset Mismanagement and proceed to "manage" everyone else's centrally-redistributed money (get to work Mr. Chairwoman) in the one way that modern society truly deserves.

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the not so mighty maximiza's picture

And he is mad as hell and wants his shower curtains back

Winston Churchill's picture

What about Bernie Madoff ?

Fairs fair.Oh wait , he stole from the 0.1%.

Big mistake.

NoDebt's picture

He'll have a job at some investment house or "energy management" company within 3 months.

johnQpublic's picture

RIP June R.


 a long time tyco employee who lost everything and died destitute due to this man, of a treatable disease


we miss you June.

smlbizman's picture

i am appealing his release...and i want to hold this appeal in tawani court...

rocker's picture

Not defending him, but aren't the people who sit on 90% of the boards of our top banks and companies just as guillty.

It's called collusion. When you conspire to steal share holder's money to garnish each other with unjustified bonuses and winnings.

I called it winnings because most of them do not earn anything. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

"Greed is good" - Gordon Gekko

Rainman's picture

This news calls for a Toga Party ....Toga...Toga !!

Ignatius's picture

I just wanna say that this country is one of the finest kleptocracies in the world.

Go Seahawks.

666's picture

Whew! Now I can sleep better knowing the guilty as sin crooks have their "get out of jail free" cards back. For a minute there, I was worried the gubmint was going to crack down and punish pieces of trash like him.

slotmouth's picture

Free KozCorSki Asset Mismanagement!

NOTaREALmerican's picture

150 million used to be a big amount, right?

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

It's Deer Hunting season.


max2205's picture

Somebody call batman. ..this is out of control

Ignatius's picture

What will be the sentence when a defrauded investor slips a shiv in TogaMan's guts as he passes on the street?

Clycntct's picture

Many pats on the back from me. I didn't see anything. I'm just patbacking happy.

Ignatius's picture

I'll be like the slug that gets mugged by a turtle.

"I don't know, officer, it all happened so fast."

kchrisc's picture

That would be the very serious crime of denying the guillotine its due.

virgilcaine's picture

The head and grin of a sociopath.

godzila's picture

Quite frankly little bit more than 8 years certainly not a walk in the park. I am much more dsisgusted by Corzine not even being indicted

robertocarlos's picture

His only crime was avoiding another crime. I don't believe he should have done time.

Edit: I thought he was only convicted of not reporting NY city sales tax on the sale or purchase of an expensive painting.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Now it's time to free John Corzine!

Senator, Governor, Vampire ...

Stake through his black heart would set him free.

vxpatel's picture

Convicted shoplifters (habitual ones) do more time!

frankTHE COIN's picture

KozCorSki is Parent Corp. to Helicopter Ben & Yellen Associates.

RaceToTheBottom's picture

I don't think they will merge into one corrupt company.

They achieve a larger corruption footprint by staying separate...

booboo's picture

Poor bastard missed out on the opportunity of a life time, just think of the too big to jail criminal mischief he could have gotten himself involved in if he wasn't sitting in the clink, this poor man was robbed! 

W74's picture

If he had just been born a jew instead of a Pole he never would've gone to prison at all.

Four chan's picture

watch out there is a strong denile factor about the jewish involvement in our slavery and world wide debt problem around here. 

401-Kulak's picture

Are you saying that Martha Stewart is Polish?

Clowns on Acid's picture

Wait a least Koz lost his money went to jail. Corzine never did... that is a big difference.

Did Frankiln Raines, Dick Fuld, Mozilla, are any of those bankers go to jail ?    

C'mon Tyler a little feckin' balance here. Koz was a minnow.

starfcker's picture

how do you think skillings feels? he invented the concept of private taxation of energy, and he still sits in prison while jpm and occidental work his racket on a massive scale.

A. Magnus's picture

Didn't someone burn this fat fuck's house down when he was on trial? Too bad they didn't burn it down when he was in it - his whole neighborhood would have smelled like moldy bacon for weeks...

ebworthen's picture

Wall Street needs his talents.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

Can't wait till they spring Bernie Ebbers, Andrew Fastow and Jeff Skilling from the "can".

It will be like an episode of Batman where his worst arch enemies' are all simultaneously sprung from prison and are getting ready to plan the biggest 'event'.

We really are living a real life version of a Marvel comics!

tpgaynor's picture

the look says it all.....he's baaaaaccckkkk!

yogibear's picture

He's an ex-con now. Not as smart and connected as the rest of the criminals.

Being caught and convicted, he looks pretty stupid to the rest on Wall Street.

He might serve a useful purpose as a fall-guy again. 

Dr. Venkman's picture

This dude knew how to throw parties.

Seasmoke's picture

loves this criminals voice......its a classic !

Frank N. Beans's picture

The shower ring lobby is very powerful

Atomizer's picture

Well said. Many don't understand how disgusting these people are. The difference between getting apprehended and getting loose over the soap drop test. Many of them are twisted and sick individual’s.  Nixon even reported this fact.

theeseer's picture

Hey I'm the Jew that controls everything and everybody including W74 except those that are smart enough to put aluminum foil over their heads. Madoff is only relaxing in the can and engineered Koz's release to do his bidding, don't you get it? I also made Mt Etna erupt today as a distraction.

Pancho Villa's picture

$150 million, 100 months = $1.5million/month.

Crime does pay! Really, really well!

yogibear's picture

The smarter ones never go to jail. What a long time to serve.

Downtoolong's picture

The tipping point was when he asked the warden to become a partner in his new idea for a hedge fund.

Joe_in_Indiana's picture

For stealling $150million plus, he gets 8 1/3.  Poor man steals bread for his family gets 20 years.  Justice is served!