And The Top Paid CEO Of 2013 Is...

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With the mainstream media inundated with tales of low paid workers demanding higher minimum wages (thus theoretically expecting to be paid more than a market rate for their services), we thought a look at the other end of the scale was worthwhile (where, some might argue, the following 10 CEOs are also paid above market rates for their 'ability')...

Via Time,

10. Gerald Rubin

Company: Helen of Troy
Compensation: $41.6 million

Helen of Troy, which distributes name brands like Brut and Pert Plus, posted record sales in its fiscal year ending in February 2013, helping its CEO Gerald Rubin take home nearly $29 million in performance-based stock options. Of the country’s most lavishly paid CEOs, according to data compiled by, none are are women.

Richard Bracken, HCA Holdings
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9. Richard Bracken

Company: HCA Holdings
Compensation: $46.4 million

It pays handsomely to run the nation’s largest for-profit hospital chain. Bracken is retiring at the end of the year after spending more than thirty years with HCA, but surely the $21.4 million in stock options that recently vested will help tide him over in retirement.

8. E. Hunter Harrison

Company: Canadian Pacific Railway
Compensation: $49.2 million

Hunter Harrison’s pay is inflated in part because of an agreement by Canadian Pacific to fund a pension he forfeited when he left his previous employer to join the company in 2012, but he still receives eight figures in stock options purely for his labor.

7. David Zaslav

Company: Discovery Communications Class
Compensation: $49.9 million

Research firm Morningstar calls Discovery Channel “the most widely distributed brand in the world.” It reaches over 200 countries. Add other niche but profitable cable channels like Animal Planet and TLC, plus ownership of much of the content those networks distribute, and you have the makings of a pay-TV powerhouse. Discovery’s stock is up roughly 500% over the past five years, helping to boost CEO David Zaslav’s stock rewards and total compensation.

6. John Hammergren

Company: McKesson
Compensation: $51.7 million

John Hammergren, CEO of the pharmaceutical and medical device distributor McKensson, has not only one of the highest pay packages in corporate America, but one of the most generous golden parachutes. He could make up to $303.4 million if he is to leave the company, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

Leslie Moonves
Evan Agostini / Invision / AP

5. Leslie Moonves

Company: CBS
Compensation: $62.2 million

The fact that Moonves heads up America’s most watched-television network is one reason for his lavish pay. Morningstar analyst Michael Corty argues Moonves “deserves a lot of credit for the strong performance of CBS broadcast network over the past decades.” Hit shows like “Under the Dome” keep advertisers flocking to the network, bolstering Moonves reputation in a time of generally sagging network TV ratings.

4. Robert Kotick

Company: Activision Blizzard
Compensation: $64.9 million

Activision Blizzard – maker of wildly successful video game franchises Call of Duty and World of Warcraft – has rewarded its CEO Robert Kotick handsomely for the company’s swiftly appreciating stock price. The majority of Kotick’s compensation is paid in stock, which is up more than 60% in 2013.

3. Mario Gabelli

Company: Gamco Investors
Compensation: $69 million

Through the ownership of 99% of Gamco Investors Class B voting shares, founder and CEO Mario Gabelli has near total control of his company. This arrangement surely bolsters his ability to pay himself well: He nets 10% of the firms pre-tax profits, plus further pay for his role as a portfolio manager. His $69 million in take home pay in 2012 represented 20% of Gamco’s total revenue, according to Morningstar.

2. Larry Ellison

Company: Oracle
Compensation: $77 million

Larry Ellison, the founder and CEO of software maker Oracle, has long made the lists of top-paid executives. But after several quarters of lagging sales growth, shareholders are growing weary of Ellison’s lavish pay package. The Silicon Valley boss’s pay was reduced from $96.2 million in 2012 to $77 million in 2013. A majority of shareholders still censured the board’s decision to be so generous in a non-binding vote this November.

Tesla Motors Inc. Co-founder And Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk Interview
Simon Dawson / Bloomberg / Getty Images

1. Elon Musk

Company: Tesla Motors
Compensation: $78.2 million

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk made his first millions through developing the payment platform PayPal and his success and fame have only grown. The stock of Musk’s latest venture, Tesla Motors, spent much of 2013 soaring in value, helping to explain the visionary CEO’s robust pay package.

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And then the pile of money mysteriously bursts into flames ...  weird.

slotmouth's picture

Is it real wealth if you cannot sell?  How much do you think Elon could get if he were to sell his shares in Tesla?

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Elon Musk, turbo douche. My put is already on that POS Tesla.

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Richard Chesler's picture
9. Richard Bracken

Company: HCA Holdings
Compensation: $46.4 million

Because Obozo.


gmrpeabody's picture

I spent 30 years watching a once great corporation being whittled down in size by one after another of these assholes, being paid millions while making one disastrous decision after another, finally leaving with a 50M golden parachute only to be replaced by an even more stupid thief. All the while expecting the rest of us to bow our heads as they pass.

Ahhh..., America. Land of the free and home of the brave. It now pains me to hear the words being sung while looking at the sheep all standing..., most of which have not a clue.

HulkHogan's picture

Are you talking about Maria Bartiromo going to Fox?

Againstthelie's picture

And according to libertarians they deserve what they earn, because capitalism is good and politics and the state is evil.

A strong state, not this plutocratic capitalistic monster calling itself state but being only a business would do the following:

Force companies to share 90% of the profit with it's employees which are producing the profit.

A strong and just state would limit the highest salary to 10-15 times of the lowest paid worker.

The parasites would leave the country.

All would be happy - except the "elite" and their media outlets.

But gladly there is this genius invention of the high finance, called "free press" which makes the sheeple believe what high finance tells them without even noticing it. For example the sheeple are indoctrinated, that it's normal to accept parasites and only "evil", intolerant people like Adolf Hitler would fight them. But since the sheeple learn that human parasites don't even exist and are only an invention of intolerant evil dictators, it's even absurd to think about such politics. And the sheeple turn silent... Mission accomplished.

tarsubil's picture

These guys love rules. Rules are made to be broken by them and used against their enemies. The thing they truly fear above all else is free unimpeded (by the state) competition. That is why the Federal Reserve and the Federal income tax were created.

Againstthelie's picture

Competition is sin. (J. D. Rockefeller)

Capitalism is about creating monopolys and avoiding competition while the sheeple are indoctrinated how great competition is for their lives.

Only a strong state can have a strong legislation and an idenpendent justice. The USA is so weak that it can't even fight the TBTF banks.

The USA always has been a very weak state. It's only a business, that has been camouflaged as state.

As long as it was strong enough to rob other countries and expand the criminal system this wasn't recognized by the sheeple because their standard of living was rising. But stealing 50.000 german patents and building on it the prosperity after WWII, can not be repeated.

This system needs to expand and rob and since it can't do this anymore like in previous times, it's true character slowly becomes visible to the US people.

Ofcourse the Power Elite will try to push the libartarian agenda to play both sides, but the truth is, that the libartarian aganda is what the Power Elite made that powerful. They love a weak state and they will do everything to either keep the sheeple on the Fabian side as long a spossible and if the system dismantles they will tell the sheeple that this was a result of a strong state. ZHers already believe that and don't recognize that this is all a result of a very weak state, a business being camouflaged as business.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

So we need a strong state like the USSR was? Pass the wodka!!

Againstthelie's picture

The USSR was not a nation state. The USSR was a marxistic ANTI-NATION-STATE. The USSR fought independent nations. The USSR was Alliied of the Capitalists and like it's western alliies it was working torwards a World Government.

The industry of the Bolshevik USSR was financed and built by Wallstreet.

Trotzki, already arrested in Canada, was liberated after intervention from the US.


Marxism and Capitalism are only two sides of the same medal: Internationalistic materialism to destroy the nations (except one).

Michail Gorbatchev recognized that Capitalism is the more successful side of the medal to reach One World government and therefore the USSR experiment was given up. Soon after the capitalists in the West began to openly promote One World government while as long as the USSR existed they played the role of supporting nation states.

But how much they supported nation states they had already shown, when they Alliied with the Bolsheviks(!) to destroy the idea of Nationalism, the idea of nation states!

Just like Marxism Capitalism is and always has been an enemy of the nations - and compound interest is the secret weapon that destroys more effectively all culture and values than any open revolution ever could.

gmrpeabody's picture

WOW..., you really are all over the place. Perhaps you should gather your thoughts and try to keep it to one or two points. While you have some interesting ideas, I think your use of the term "state" is putting off many here at ZH, who by nature, are usually not in love with the state, or any other authorities.

FYI..., if you just came out and said you really don't care for Jews, you may find the going easier by many here. But not, perhaps, by me.

Againstthelie's picture

I know that it triggers probably many reflexes, but on the other hand that they are reading ZH already is a sign that they are more critical than the mass. Therefore I believe the lies of the money lenders can be shown by honestly speaking about it.

Everyone who looks at the facts will one day see, that the Money Powers are fighting the nation states, but the nation states are the only protection the people have. Only the nation states can run a court system that operates close to the people. The Money Masters want the UN and international organizations, as far away as possible from the people, because they can control these organizations with their power, but the people have no influence.

And since I have a great symapthy to people who have recognized that this system is a scam and a lie, I'm confident they will recognize the truth if it is said openly. It's like a weapon. A weapon is not evil per se. It's about the one who uses it. A car is not a killing machine, too. If weapons kill, then cars drive...

It's the same about the state. A state can be there to protect the people from certain forces, or a state can be run by these forces. A state can be organized well or it can be organized badly. Why should the idea of the family become demonized, only because there are bad families?

I understand that ZHers are usually in support of freedom and do not want this Orwellian society. But if they believe that "honest money" would change this, then they simply have no clue about the REAL force behind everything: compound interest.

They had a libertarian society and how long did it take for the money lenders to conquer it? How illogical is it to believe, that this kind of society would offer any protection? The history of the US is the PROOVE, that this foundation offered no protection at all.

They even had presidents that warned about the danger. And could the constitution prevent it to happen? No! The US even turned into the worldwide BASE of the money lenders! It is their carrier to spread their regime.

So if the constitution could not prevent the money lenders from taking power so easily, then something must have been overlooked, despite Gold and Silver, honest money, as being an important part of it.

And the answer is: compound interest.

A certain people knows it since 3000 years, that compound interest is the key to dethrone all kings and rule over all nations. It's high the time to focus on compound interest and no longer become distracted with discussions like pro or contra gold or fiat money, left or right, this or that party. The enemy of all people is compound interest.

BellyBrain's picture

You're definitely on to some real truth, but none of this is black and white.  Corporations, compound interest (bankers) and the state are all major problems right now.  We should talk about what a "strong state" would look like, and how to set one up that PROTECTS THE PEOPLE instead of using them as resources to exploit.


Underneath all of this is monetarism, the idea that we can substitute money for things of real value.  This idea has led us to where are now, along with people being indoctrinated to give their power away to authorities in the state, corporate and religious institutions. 


So there are many layers to the problem, but you are correct that the current "libertarian" ideal is just another trap that will lead us to being more heavily controlled, NOT more free.  Once the corporate and banking institutions manage to get rid of the state, they will have free reign to plunder in ways that we can scarcely imagine.


A "Free Market" has never existed on this planet, and it will become LESS free for the individual people if government is jettisoned and corporate power and monopoly can grow unrestrained.

Againstthelie's picture

It's a trap, correct.

The people falling victim to the "Austrian" propaganda do have good intentions, do not want to be governed by banksters, want that productive people earn the fruits of their productive labour, but by rejecting fiat money they run from one side of the coin only to the other side of the same coin, golden plated, and they do not recognize, that without removing compound interest, the mechanism of transferring wealth from the productive people to the money lenders stays untouched.


The question therefore is not how a state must be organized. Raising this question is already globalist arrogance. Why should a North American state be the same as a African state, a Asian or European state? The USA banning compound interest ofcourse would result in a different state than for example a European state with a homogenous population, or a muslim state.

I'm not that arrogant to force any people under a certain regime and I think the plurality of the world should be preserved.

What would be good for my people, can not be transferred to other nations.

But what indeed would be necesaary, would be a discussion why compound interest is the root of almost all problems and what economic and monetary solutions respecting private initiative and a market economy could be developed to remove and destroy this demonic force that will ultimately lead to the destruction of our species and maybe even this planet.

BellyBrain's picture

Getting rid of compound interest is of course a great step in the right direction.  But in reference to how a state would be structured, I am referring to things such as it being set up to defend and protect people from being harmed by corporations, for example.  In other words, a "state" based on protecting individual rights, not one that seeks to dominate and control the lives of the people within it.


Back to money and interest -- Even the idea that we MUST have money, corporations, baking, etc itself is a mode of limited thinking.  We have a hard time imagining anything beyond that due to our conditioning.  Financially indoctrinated people consider it quackery, but ideas put forth by The Zeitgeist Movement, for example, show us that we have the potential, if we choose to pursue it, to bring the entire world up to an amazing level of abundance for everyone, not just for the luckiest 20% of the planet who enjoy it now. 


Ideas to consider...

Diogenes's picture

What J D Rockefeller said was " We offered them (the oil producers) cooperation and they didn't want it. So we gave them competition and they didn't like that either".

Seize Mars's picture

Unfortunately I think you have a very, very mixed up view of what libertarianism is, and what capitalism is. I recommend reading a lot of stuff available on before going any further.

The above listed assplungers are symptomatic of a strong state. The state is the problem.

Againstthelie's picture

And because the state is strong, the international TBTF banks are ruling this business - pardon - state?

And because the state is strong so many banksters have been put into jail?

And because the state is so strong, they are sponsoring both parties of this "strong state"?

Wake up.

They became that strong with Libartarianism and once the Plutocratic regime will collapse they will be glad to promote Libertarianism again, because what they fear most is a strong and just state fighting debt slavery.

Why are you supporting the "Austrians". Don't you know that von Mises and friends LOVE compound interest?

You will not hear a bad word from the "Austrians" against compound interest! Jesus has thrown the money changers out of the temple. Compound interest is the reason why any such system needs EXPONENTIAL growth. Compound interest is the real root of almost all problems. Everything else is distraction.

Money as debt and fractional reserve banking is an accelerated mechanism for debt slavery, but COMPOUND INTEREST is mathematically an exponential function. There is a reason why it was forbidden for centuries. If an economy is built on fiat money or gold does NOT remove the exponential function compound interest creates: paying back more with interest, than what was ceated.

Really, wake up. The "Austrians" are as evil as the Keynesians. Both accept compound interest, the strongest and most evil force as soon as it becomes legalized. Not visible for a few decades, but after 40-50 years compound interest destroys any economy after it has destroyed it's societies, culture and morale prior.

Seize Mars's picture

..".and because the state is strong,..."
Yes, exactly. Oligarchs cannot remain in power without the coercion power of the state.
As for compound interest, I'm not sure what you mean. Von mises and the Austrians support voluntary transactions, whether they involve hookers, blow, or compound interest. They do not, however, condone bailouts.
I think you may have confused "republican" with "libertarian." They are not related.
Also, LIBOR (arguably the most traded rate in the world) is simple interest.

Againstthelie's picture

As for compound interest, I'm not sure what you mean.

Pardon?! This explains everything to me, why you are defending von Mises of the "Austrians".You are against fractional reserve banking and the power of the banks. So the Austrian school with their anti-fiat-money theory sounds like a revelation. I understand that. And I'd prefer a gold standard wiht compound interest over the current system, because it would de-accelerate the process of destruction. But: it is not a solution. Not to one single problem.

The problems stay the same, although credit expansion being restricted, the problems are only streched on the timescale. But why should I support a regime that more slowly destroys the nations instead of more quickly? This doesn't make sense to me.

It is essential to understand the mathematical foundation of compound interest! Einstein said, this was the strongest force in the universe.

There were centuries in Europe, when compound interest was forbidden and the wealth of the people was unreached. The gold standard with compound interest did not produce a high standard of living. In fact the economy was not doing well and people were poor. Why? Because of compound interest!

This is the important mechanism that transfers the wealth to the money lenders without any productive labor! The Austrians do support compound interest. Supporting the Austrians means supporting compound interest and therefore debt slavery.

Why don't you inform yourself and instead of supporting debt slavery why not demanding a compound interest free economy? Why supporting the money lenders - be it gold or fiat - instead of demanding that productive people should earn the fruits of their labor and not the money lenders?


I know it's difficult not to think binary (Fiat money is bad, therefore a gold standard must be good). But that's what they do with Capitalism and Communism/Marxism. But this is only a distraction from the solution, the third way.

You can recognize that it's a distraction very easily:

If you are in support of private initiative then you must support Capitalism. But if you do not want to support this system, then they offer you Marxism/Communism, where private initiative is destroyed. The real solution, a strong state supporting private initiative but fighting debt slavery, domination of the money lenders and banks, is out of any discussion. But I'm sure that's the system 90% of the people would prefer!

You say you support Libertarianism, but you do NOT want MONEY ruling the world. But Libartarianism means that money rules the world, because there is no state strong enough to protect the people from the money lenders.

This world is not binary. But they work by offering only black and white and sadly most people do fall victim to their scheme: either you are with us, or against us. And this mechanism prevents the sheeple discovering alternative(s).

Oldwood's picture

The problem is that my master becomes your master as well and when he decides YOU are too rich by far, all the sudden fairness just flies out the window, doesn't it?

PT's picture

But the fairness flew out of the window anyway, didn't it?

ejmoosa's picture

You can be sure there are more tax dollars collected from paying one person 40 million than there is spreading it amongst the 50% that are paying no income taxes.


One last time, you are looking at the symptom rather than the root of the problem.


In a true capitalist system, there would be competitors that could emerge to compete against these companies, lowering their profits VIA COMPETITION.


But government's rules and regulations have made that impossible.  With these kinds of salary numbers, they should be fighting off competition.  

They are not.  Ask yourself why that is.

Againstthelie's picture

You have a true capitalist system. Money rules everything. The construction of the FED already was a result of the increased power of the Money Powers. And they grew that strong in your great libertarian regime. Therefore you are confusing action and reaction.

If you have a business, do you want more competitors or less competitors? You do not know that Capitalism is about creating a MONOPOLY. It's the NATURAL character of capitalism!

But worst: you do not recognize, that there is no difference if compound interest is to be paid on FIAT money or on Gold money!

If you lend 100$ and must pay back 110$ where is the difference if the 10$ must be paid back with gold or fiat? At the moment of the loan this money does not exist! THAT'S the important fact! If Gold or paper makes no difference.

The culprit is compound interest, which is mathematically an exponentially growing  function. Compound interest has given the Money Masters their power and compound interest is EXPONENTIALLY transferring the wealth from the productive people to the money lenders since.

Is it really so difficult to understand the exponential function of compound interest and it's long term impact on any society? How can any honest person who has understood this function, still support a money regime that allows that?

ejmoosa's picture

We do not have a true capitalist system  We have a corporate Fascist capitalist system.

Get in tight with the politicians and they will protect your turf.

If you borrow from me, should I not expect something in return?  And if you do not pay me that something in return, should I not expect something in return for that?

I have absolutely no issues with compound interest.  

If you pay back what you have borrowed BEFORE you take out more loans, you won't have any exponetially compounding interest problem.




Seize Mars's picture

Yes I hear that. It's amazing, really.

tarsubil's picture

Just control the board and it doesn't matter if you howl at the moon all night and suck on horseshoes all day, you'll get paid. When these same idiots get churned through the system over and over, something is amiss with the system.

Againstthelie's picture

No this system is good and all evil is only because the state is so strong! We need to reduce the state, then things will become more just. And the ZH sheeple applaude...

Never One Roach's picture

"Daddy, I don't want to be a Brain Surgeon when I grow up. I want to be a CEO...."

dryam's picture

In regards to Hospital CEO pay, there is a broad based study that showed CEO pay has absolutely no correlatation with quality of patient care and outcomes.  Instead, higher pay was very much related to higher patient satisfaction scores.  By the way, higher patient satisfaction scores which are the brainchild of medicare are related to increased mortality.  Medicare inforces this via holding back a % of reimbursements to hospitals.  This world is so bassackwards.



Bunders's picture

Hehe, awesome. Thanks for sharing.

Freddie's picture

Elon Musk is a douchebag and crony capitalist. 

Gabelli started his company years ago.  He probably charges more then he should for money management but compared to the others - but he is not at the taxpayer trough or Silicon Valley scams like Musk.

SafelyGraze's picture

as an owner of the system that lends bankmedium to the entities that employ these fine executives, I would like to thank them all for their service


ps xappy xolidays to one and all 

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Worth. Every. Penny. Just like B-school and all the bullshit economics theories teach us. And when Yellen ups QE to $200 billion per month and stocks double for no reason, these princes will rightly deserve even more!

Mi Naem's picture

...And who's that horny lookin' red guy with the trident? 

Oh, hello Mr. Blankfein!  W'happen to all my money? 

U4 eee aaa's picture

One of the most poignant scenes in the history of cinema

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Elon Musk always makes me think of Champ Kind. Never gets old.

Bokkenrijder's picture

Well....what else can we say, other then 'life is obviously tough for all of us.'

Rainman's picture

" Hell has three gates : Lust, Anger and Greed "

     Bhagaved Gita

U4 eee aaa's picture

....but most enter through the side window of Apathy

RacerX's picture

it's good to be King.

I love how all these fuckers are spouting "Times are tight. *We* have to cut back.."

yeah right.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Cutting back? LOL. Ellison bought the Hawaiian Island of Lanai'i and has plans on building a new resort there to hang out at. (not counting the two Four Seasons resorts he already has there to enjoy. And they are both spectacular).

Ban KKiller's picture

You have heard it before...EAT the RICH, tastes like chicken. My juvenile response to all rich.