In California, A Tesla Has Now Been Bought With Bitcoin

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Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

I’ve been waiting for this headline. It was just a matter of time before the exchange of BTC for a Tesla happened. The purchase took place at  Lamborghini Newport Beach in California, and this isn’t just a one time gimmick. The dealership has announced that:

Lamborghini Newport Beach in California is proud to announce that we are fully capable of accepting Bitcoin as payment for vehicles.  We are excited to be opening the door to this new currency.


Bitcoin, a fully encrypted and fully digital currency, has been used by a recent client of ours to pay for a Tesla Model S Performance we had in our inventory.  That's right, an electronic currency was used to purchased a fully electric vehicle.

This is what you see if you go to the dealership’s blog:


The world is changing fast (you can even buy airline tickets for BTC), as well as purchase a “Bought with Bitcoin” shirt.

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Spoiler alert: The Chinese Premier bought it while on Vacation after using Bitcoin to evade his country's capital controls!

The Philosopher's Stone of 2013, learn to turn electrobits into electric motors.

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At the peak of the tulip bulb crisis a guy purchased a dutchy for a rare 'blue tulip'. 8 months later it turned out the tulip was easily reproducable with this magic new technique called 'cross pollenation'. Tulip price crashed. The Duke took his kingdom back after they realized Tulip rarity was not backed by anything but someone else's interest to outbid the last idiot.

Good luck reporting the cryptocurrency profits in USD.


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Rothschilds must be shit'n in their pants about now.

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dude, this is all controlled.

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Besides, Rothschilds NEVER shit. They privy. You & me, well...

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Bit coin. Perfectly legal. Until its not. Then you're fucked. And completely broke. Just like with counterfeit paper hundred dollar bills.

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COUNTDOWN to IRS audit of Newport Beach Lamborghini in  3 .... 2 ... 1  .  .  .

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Here today. Up in flames tomorrow?

Trying to make the currency match the product?

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Ya' know, I've got nothing against BitCoin.... except the constant ravings of some folks claiming it's GodLikeStatus...
But individual's ravings aside, may the buyer burn to death in his fucking taxpayer funded New Age Ultra Energy Conservation NoMoreManMadeGlobalWarming Horseshit Rich Man's Toy Suppposedly for the Common Man.

And I mean burn to fucking death.

It's the fucking taxpayer subsidy with which I have the problem.
Plus, I've never met anybody not an ass-hole who shops at or drives Lamborghinis.


PS and to make you people even happier with my sentiments, Newport Beach is the home of PIMPCO

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Speaking of things going to ZERO just looked at Gold and Silver miners. Now that was a bubble it's carnage out there. Taking bets HUE or Bitcoin first to ZERO.

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When will the IRS accept bitcoin as remittance for tax liabilities?

Wait a minute...this is getting all double-edge sword like profound...

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My sentiments exactly.

Now, if governments accepted the BitCredits of Lord Satoshi's fashionable geek-squad disciples, as the subsidy for their "green shit", I wouldn't have a problem with it.

But they don't, it insists I subsidize their "green shit" with my labor as they allow a ponzi to run alongside its own ponzi.

I have a serious problem with that.

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Wishing death on people who aren't central bankers or even work for the government?  That's bad form.

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Pssstt-  Mr Lamborghini?   You might want to check with your lawyers before you get too excited-  one thing we know with cetainty is that Bitcoin is NOT "legal tender".

At best, it's a weird barter trade.

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Wishing death on parasites is not bad form.

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ANYTHING that is electronic is CONTROLLABLE!  REAL money is not controllable.

fonestar's picture

No, everything that is digital is definitely not controllable.

hungrydweller's picture

I am completely sure that the dealership immediately converted their buttcoin "hard" asset to fiat as soon as possible.

hungrydweller's picture

Great job converting electronic bitshit to a hard asset!


A cheap P.R. stunt for the Muskinator and his btcoin bum buddies. 

Advertizing for nothing, sheeples for free. 

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Elon Musk, CEO & CTO of SpaceX and CEO & Chief Product Architect of Tesla Motors, gets a ton of govt $ in collaberation with NASA.

knukles's picture

Scum-sucking off the taxpayer via the Potentates of New Versailles.


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I see the usual retards are out in force. You really should take your meds and get a good night's sleep. Nothing you say is partcularly relevant or even amusing. Well, maybe to yourself, farting in the bathtub.

akak's picture

You seem to be (naively) assuming that ExponentiallyMendacious and BCFoneHome are actually two different posters.

fonestar's picture

Yes, because everyone here must hate Bitcoin right?  You are a bunch of morons.



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Satoshi is the code name for Tim Osman


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Should be called gaycoin, it seems...

Btw, Japanese put surnames before given names - so all hail Nakamoto Satoshi's Algorithm - yay...

And then, there's this:

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Found on tfmetalsreport:

There is no way to stop what is going to happen to bitcoin. It's an issue of sociology. It's an issue of human greed. It's an issue as to WHO created bitcoin and WHY.

Who is the single largest holder of BTC right now? "Satoshi". Who is he? I will say it again. NSA/DARPA created bitcoin under the guidance of the IMF. The IMF has been openly calling for a digital, one-world, deflationary currency for 2 decades. OPENLY. It has been discussed and promoted OPENLY at G8 and G20 summits.

from the early 90s-96 the NSA was OPENLY investigating cryptographic money networks.

One of their researchers and investigators is a man named Tatsuaki Okamoto. When they actively started writing the code they chose the pseudonym "Satoshi Nakamura" to ultimately promote the idea that Tatsuaki Okamoto to any and all who investigated the source of bitcoin long enough. But Tatsuaki Okamoto is just a cog. He's not some rogue savoir out to topple centralized banks. Not at all. He is a crypto scientist who was paid by government and intelligence agencies to do research.

Bitcoin is an NSA/DARPA lab set into the wild. Scientific technology grants issued by government and intelligence agencies are how these labs are funded and promoted. The regulation and control of bitcoin has been actively developed alongside the development of the network. In fact, the controls, policy and regulation are WAY WAY more mature than the bitcoin protocol itself. That's why we see things like Greenlist written into law without a mention of bitcoin until recently.

This is not tinfoil hattish. This is just reality. No one forced ANYONE to believe the Satoshi fairytale. The libertarian Satoshi myth has been promoted in stealth to specifically promote ADOPTION and DEVELOPMENT. It's no different than the internet and WWW itself. EXACTLY the same. That is why you see many www early adopters saying bitcoin "feels" the same as the early internet. I am one of those people.

In 94-96 the public internet was ALL about freedom of information. FREE COMMUNICATION. It was ALL about liberty and freedom. I wish i could transport some of you back in time so you could see for yourselves. The promise of free phonecalls with the freeworlddialup, free media with IUMA and the MBONE. All this freedom and liberty had people pouring their heart and soul into developing it. Now look at it. Facebook, google.. it is a GIANT SURVEILLANCE grid. And if you look for and read DARPA/NSA docs from the 80s and early 90s that was what it was always meant to be. I am not discounting all the socially great things that happen online.. But from the perspective of DARPA/NSA and control freaks.. it was created for the express purpose of control. A military purpose. A strategic purpose.

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin IS the one world digital currency. We all have a deterministic UUID that has been generated from our biometric data. This UUID will be related to all your datastores. This UUID is your mark. This UUID is what is used to buy and sell online and in the real world. This UUID is the primary key in your Greenlist identity.

Coinbase, and it would appear Coinsetter are inline to be the first to roll out the incoming policy and regulation. This policy and regulation is WORLD WIDE. It is CORPORATE. It is not about governments. Governments ADOPT corporate organized policies. If you think this is new than you need to investigate ACH and NACHA.

Bitcoin is THEIR network. And for the minority early adopters that is going to be a hard pill to swallow.. But for those in the know.. Like Gavin, it's PAYDAY. Realization and monetization of their massive bitcoin holdings is being guaranteed by regulators. That is why they are all literally RUSHING to regulate.

Legitimization of bitcoin is all about hosted wallets. The centralization of bitcoin. Hosted wallet providers approve/dissaprove transactions before they are actually issued on the network. Greenlist enabled wallets will be the fastest. (offline transactions). Greenlist enabled wallets will be hooked directly to your bank account, ease of buying and selling. Greenlist enabled exchanges will have the largest market with the best prices. Greenlist enabled wallets will completely eliminate risk of stolen coins. No more security worries AT ALL. And this is what the masses have come to expect. And this is why it's going to happen. And Greenlisted wallets will be accepted everywhere. And in the physical world you will identify yourself and your wallet with your biometrics.

TL;DR bitcoin is a global digital currency, regulation was created in tandem with development and adoption, bitcoin is not and never was meant to be a liberty promoting value exchange. There is no "satoshi". The central banks are already the largest holders of bitcoin. Bitcoin IS going to the moon because of this. Source:


Ok, things are already fitting very well, but the undisputable evidence, that a centralization plan would be behind this, is still missing, isn't it?


Watch his video:

Bitcoin: What You're Not Being Told

Isn't that brilliant? They construe a protocol that is creating exponential data load. Such a brilliant cryptocurrency system, but it scales as if a kid would have programmed it! Get it?


They plant the problem, wait for the reaction and then will offer the solution.

That's the mechanism how they will get the centralization and reglementation into the system! And the Bitcoin sheeple will demand a solution for the problem with their beloved "independent" currency. Yes, they will receive all help they need. Big Brother will solve your problems since Big Brother has created this wonderful currency just for you!

And once this is centralization will be established, they will stop printing money, collapse the Yen, USD and EUR, the national currencies, and all that will remain working as useable currency will be their One World Currency: Bitcoin.

malikai's picture

I was happily reading your drivel until came across this lulz:

What is bitcoin? Bitcoin IS the one world digital currency. We all have a deterministic UUID that has been generated from our biometric data. This UUID will be related to all your datastores. This UUID is your mark. This UUID is what is used to buy and sell online and in the real world. This UUID is the primary key in your Greenlist identity.

..and then I couldn't stop laughing.

thisandthat's picture

Actually, it's very plausible and well within character:

...and nothing that would surprise me, either:

It's the libertard's paradox: dress it as against the system, and, instead of fighting it, they'll do all the work for you, violently rejecting any hint of evidence they're the useful idiots.

Some more food for thought:

SquirrelButtDan's picture

Hmm...perhaps this is why Bitcoin has takin off this year (especially after fiscal crisis/cliff and .gov shut down). :/ :\


Hey, shove that Exponere Mendaces back up your poop chute to marinate in wisdom for a few more weeks.

Your pithy witticisms are pith poor. 

Now go sit in the corner, and finish off that warm brown popsicle you were working on.

Subtle hint - that ain't chocolate flavor, Expo.................. 

Exponere Mendaces's picture

Bitcoin is your future, whether you like it or not. No little witticisms can save you, or a complete string of periods in a row.

You'll have to deal with it, and from someone as angry and inflexible as you, I'm sure the results will be HILARIOUS.

Keep on creakin' grandpa.

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I'm assuming bitcoins are legal tender for dildos?  That way you can go fuck yourself!

Big Corked Boots's picture

Your post hasn't made a contribution to the discussion either.

Yenbot's picture

Shorting Exponere. Winning!

Exponere Mendaces's picture

Oh, another jab. I'm so CUT TO THE QUICK. You quoted a SHEEN-ism. How current and vogue!

Or, you're just another mainstream wannabe that will be absorbed by the Bitcoin army.

Yeah, it must hurt, knowing that you can't even figure out Bitcoin, or how it works. That's okay - it will dominate your life anyway.


fonestar's picture

Thank-you for watching out Exponere.  I'm back and I have these tards under my control.

max2205's picture

I told them not to say to figure out the sales tax..dagnabit

tmosley's picture

I wonder what people would be saying about this story if you replaced the word "bitcoin" with "gold".

Probably something about how gold was again being accepted as currency and how this boded well for a coming explosion in price.

For all those comparing bitcoin to tulips, I would appreciate it if you could tell us how we can create more bitcoins.  I tried planting the thumbdrive with my wallet in the ground, but nothing is coming up.  Tulips reproduced on their own, you know.

rubiconsolutions's picture

But can the buyer go to the DMV and pay those registration fees with BTC? And how will the IRS deal with the sale? Will they accept BTC for the taxes? Same with the state of California?

TheHound73's picture

I think you know the answer to all these questions (or you should), you just like to watch yourself type.


digi's picture

Fuck the DMV, Fuck registration, Fuck the IRS, and Fuck taxes. Any more questions?

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Only in California can you buy a car that will BURST into flames with a currency that will BURST into flames as well.    LOL !!!!!