Q3 GDP Soars To 3.6% On Massive Inventory Accumulation; Consumption Contribution Lowest Since 2009

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On the surface, the first revision to the Q3 GDP print, which initially came at 2.8%, was tremendous: at 3.6% well above the 3.1% expected, nothing could be better. Unfortunately, once again reading between the lines shows that all the "growth" was completely hollow and entirely on the back of the ongoing massive inventory accumulation, which rose from 0.41% in Q2 to 0.83% in the first Q3 revision, to an epic 1.68% in the current revision, or nearly half of all the "growth" in the economy. As for the most important component of GDP - personal consumption it once again declined, and dropped from 1.24% of the GDP number in Q2 to 1.04% in the first revision, to just 0.96% in the final Q3 revision - this was the lowest consumption contribution to GDP since Q3 2009! Bottom line: the US consumer is getting ever weaker, even as retailers and producers are stocking up more and more inventory to take advantage of the lack of consumer spending power.

Of course, as the inevitable inventory liquidation takes place at cost or lower levels, expect Q4 GDP to crater, and we now see a 1% Q4 GDP as very possibly in light of this massive inventory build up in the last quarter. But since that number won't be out until early 2014, stocks are sliding because today's surge in GDP means a December taper is even more likely.

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What is bullish is the new formula for determining the GDP. Who knew these 'bad times' could be morphed so completely into 'good times'.

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It's all in the formula. Just like when the government throws out all the food inflation and decides to ignore the core problem.

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> Who knew these 'bad times' could be morphed so completely into 'good times'.

Admittedly, I never saw it coming.

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3.6%! The recovery is in full swing!

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Bullish for pink slip printers.

This is my 6th or seventh rodeo.I've seen this show too many times.

A huge correction,maybe the last, next quarter.Whatever the FedRes does.

Keep your powder dry, you are going to need it.

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And yet...

Profits from current production (corporate profits with inventory valuation adjustment (IVA) and capital consumption adjustment (CCAdj)) increased $38.3 billion in the third quarter, compared with an increase of $66.8 billion in the second. Taxes on corporate income decreased $4.8 billion, in contrast to an increase of $10.0 billion. Profits after tax with IVA and CCAdj increased $43.0 billion, compared with an increase of $56.9 billion.
So the rate of profit growth fell, the rate of taxes collected fell, and the rate of profit growth after less taxes paid fell...
Sound like an economy that is improving?Not even close.
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A big number that bears no resemblance to GDP numbers 12 months ago due to all the fudges brought in. Sadly these fudges that have given false good numbers could end up causing more problems. Oh the irony!!!

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It's come full circle to a Charles Dickens novel again....it's the best of times for .001%, worst of times for everyone else. Fuck off and die Tiny Timmy.

youngman's picture

There are going to be some good discounts in the next few weeks.....75% off or more....and probably some going out of business sales too..

TheFreeLance's picture

Great deals coming after XMas. Just hold out.

LawsofPhysics's picture

Stuff those channels bitchez and let them eat cake!

Still waiting for some free flat bed trucks from GM.  Wait, it's coming....

toady's picture

I'm on the inside track at a GM/Chevy dealer out in the sticks by my survival retreat. The guy is a 'lodge brother' he has bought in on TEOTWAWKI. He's made plans to give everything on his lot to the lodge brothers when TSHTF. He even thinks he can get on last delivery and has a list of colors/options from all us lodge brothers.

I'm almost looking forward to it.

CrashisOptimistic's picture

TEOTWAWKI will derive from no oil and so no gasoline to drive those cars you're excited about.

toady's picture

I'm leaning towards financial collapse myself. Besides, I've made arrangements for the necessary petroleum products.

NoDebt's picture

Mr. Bernanke/Yellen:  I understand that lately you have been concerned about holding too much of the US Treasury market through your QE operations.  May I suggest a new asset class you can purchase?


General Motors


LawsofPhysics's picture

Don't worry,  Kyle Bass is on his way...

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Dont't put ideas in their heads. 3.6% GDP+; hmm. hm. empty housing development; real-estate companies out of business; half a parking lot to play frisbee in at Wal Mart on Saturday; no traffic; got the road to myself; not that I want to use it. Yep, sure lools like a boom to me, alright.

NoDebt's picture

It is a bit of a mind-bender sometimes.  Watched a brand new Ferrari drive past a shuttered office park not far from my office yesterday.  I've seen quite a few Ferraris, Maseratis, etc. the last year or so.

It's all happening again.

SAT 800's picture

You're right; it's getting surreal.

bdub2's picture

I'm not trying to sound like a know it all, but, um, I've been looking into this QE thinga jig, and as long as they kickin' it, we all good. 

There is, how can I say this: I know! all caps=NOTHING that will ever stop this market. Buy. now. buy the dip, buy the high. Buy everything except useless metals.

We are in the sixth inning of the greatest rescue ever from the most brilliant patriots in history: Our Federal Reserve. I love everything life has become. Join in the Greatest American Re-Revolution!



bdub2's picture

The "/" means sarc....damn, even overboard sarc is getting trashed. I'm going back to healthcare.org blog site where people get it. 


SAT 800's picture

I think you've successfully avoided sounding like a know it all.   /

HardlyZero's picture

This story screams "Channel Stuffing for Thanksgiving !!"

Race Car Driver's picture

> I love everything life has become.

A worthy read for anyone who needs a primer on how we got here:

The Dark-Side Psychology Behind Holiday Madness


Oldballplayer's picture

And we can buy it all with bitcoin.



Cursive's picture

Wal-Mart's best selling item on Black ThuFriday?  The $0.29 bath towel.  If you ain't selling consummables to the proles or jewelery to the 1%, you ain't in the right retail business.  The after X-mas sales will be spectacular (not that any of us will need the marked down Chinese crap).


ETA:  Here's a source for the Wal-Mart thing.  $1.74/6 towels = $0.29 per towel.



SAT 800's picture

boy, I bet that's a really high quality towel; too.

markar's picture

A Handi Wipe will last longer

Bosch's picture

Well I guess the drunk analyst at Deutsche was right after all.  Good for him.  I mean, he'll probably still he laid off when the market takes a shitter, but he'll always have this.



10044's picture

The algos dont give a fcuk about "between the lines" which is a shame...personally I can't wait till all human traders are replaced with fcuking algos, maybe that'll wake up michelle crusoe cabrera and her shitty "liquidity provider" thesis

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

You fucking mis-fucking spelled fucking fuck two fucking times fucker!

swmnguy's picture

Obscenity is the crutch of inarticulate fuckers.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

This is fight club pumpkin! If you are going to write the work fuck, write the word fuck.

ejmoosa's picture

The future must be in warehousing.  

Meanwhile, everyone I know is cutting back their individual purchases, downsizing homes and reducing their fixed costs.


Perhaps all this inventory will appease the masses when the rioiting starts.  

thismarketisrigged's picture

i really pray they fucking taper, but as we all know, they cant.


the funny thing is the msm thinks if they taper its good news because that means the economy is doing well, but the reality is the economy is fucking awful and the fed will find out real fast if they do taper just how much there liquidity was actually the reason for higher stock prices all along, which according to them, there is no bubble.


taper fuckers, i fucking dare u, i will get a great joy if u do.

SAT 800's picture

Tapering might be the iceberg that the SS Federal Reserve didn't notice. If it starts going down by the bows; don't hesitate.

Yen Cross's picture

      Thanks for the GDP breakdown Tyler. Nice work as always. 

   The dollar spiked up and took the usd/jpy with it only 20+ pips. Should have been much more. Now the dollar has fallen back and so has usd/jpy. If real taper fears start to materialize and the dollar really takes off, don't expect usd/jpy to follow.

Grande Tetons's picture

No Taper. They can't fuck up Christmas. 

Long AuD/JPY with a 90.8 stop. 

SAT 800's picture

Sounds like a rational trade. Good Luck.

SAT 800's picture

For what it's worth, (nothing), I think the AUD is at a bottom in a periodic wave of sentiment thing; herd mentality, you know; fundamentally it's a strong currency.

Yen Cross's picture

   I think you're right on with that call.  Same thing with Cable reversed. 75% of U.K. GDP is service based. (financial services)

 The manufacturing and construction PMIs were ok this week, but the services PMI missed badly.

SAT 800's picture

Agreed. GBP is about done; time to put a fork in it.

Grande Tetons's picture

That, and it has been pummled against the KIWI as well.  No respect I tell yah. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

A reasonable trade.  Seems the bernanke wants us all to become day-traders again, microsecond traders even...

Grande Tetons's picture

Bernanke has fucked me right out of trading equites.  I just stick to FX...a lot of the same themes...but at least I am not directly supporting equities.  That is my only form of revolt. 

LawsofPhysics's picture

Save in physical assets, no matter what, because when fraud is the status quo (as it is now), possession is the law (especially when the supply lines break in earnest).

falak pema's picture

As John Major said: the world of tomorrow belongs to the new giants of the new financial age : USa and UK.

We be the men!


So... a revitalised UK industrial environment, where today its production is LOWER than in 2007 BUT which shows a 2.6% Q growth and a 3.6% Q growth in US GDP means blue skies are here again forever more. 2014, 2014 not like 1914, 1914! 

True, true if debt is asset and banks never have to pay back their debts thanks to carry trades and derivative gravy fed on ZIRP. And let those banks scam us even more in every asset market in the world.

Meanwhile step on that gas of QE stimulated printing to blast off the "real" virtual economy.

Or is it the real "virtual" economy?

Or worse, the "virtual" virtual economy, while we freeze in the real one!

1stepcloser's picture

New GDP algo paying off...Don't like the number, change it..   So we can taper now??? Right?  Tap Tap Tap is this thing on?  McFly anyone...can you hear me out there..

adr's picture

Do you need to have actual inventory for GDP anymore?

Make intangible inventory count. If you just think of selling a new product, all that product to be eventually produced will count in GDP. If we count every product thought of, imagine the growth potential.

Even government spending counts towards GDP. I guess if I use my credit card to go nuts and buy everything I see, it's good for the economy now. But if I decide to never pay the money back, somebody's got to eat the loss. Not going to be very good when somebody has to eat the multi trillion dollar credit line of the USA.