6 Things To Ponder: Bulls, Bears, Valuations & Stupidity

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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There are about 1000 reasons to get out, and only 1 reason to stay in.. thanks, Ben!

Silver seems to have found a base, not having punctured 19 again on the downside.

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Sounds to me that everything is par for stupidity at the moment. Retards buy bitcoins, sheep buy stocks at overvaluation (on margin I might add), and the delusional masses watch dancing with stars while eating McDonalds..... thank god for food stamps.

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retards ban bitcoin actually. (h/t fonestar.)

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US stock "markets" hit their top on 1/14/14.  After that, it's going to get really interesting.

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maybe if equities start to fall they'll double QE, otherwise the previous QE is for nothing?

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Sell when it's so stupid you just shake your head

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Strong buy when you hear a zombie knocking on your door.

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that would have been like 2 years ago

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"fully invested" does not mean 100 percent equities. doing nothing has been the play for pretty much thirty years. Bill Gross is "the man" as he has had to less with less risk than anyone. People who have blindly pulled money out of his management team's risk managed world have simply put the blinders on and given their clientele the monetary equivalent of the "charge of the light brigade." Doug Kaas has been short this thing since day one...I have no clue the where, what, why, how or when there. Not that he won't always be spotted some dough of course. At some point he'll be something other than totally wrong. I think I'm "trading angry" this year and that goes a long way towards explaining poor performance always. Never enough California Dreamin' though.

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I'm too stupid to be part of the stupidity index.

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#7 - Miley Cyrus received 16.3% of the votes for the TIME Magazine Person of the Year.


Ponder that shit.

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Face it, the mandatory exercise periods in the FEMA fun camps will involve twerking.

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Well it wasn't the whole 47% ...........

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Last year at this time was the first time I couldn't get a feeling for the coming year. It felt hollow, almost blank. Everything related to real business proved this feeling of emptiness correct. Buyers didn't order anything all year, put in a holding pattern.

Without any real data the stock market traded on what it had, free money needing a place to go. Everything went up because there wasn't anything to stop it. Meanwhile inventory levels skyrocketed, because what should have been bought never was. Corporations like Best Buy used the money they would have used to buy inventory to keep on their balance sheet to make it look like profit increased.

2013 was a year of complete bullshit. The year a virtual currency went from under $100 to $1200+. The year the stock market added double digit percentages for no apparent economic reason. An electric car company saw its valuation skyrocket to a point of an impossible task to meet.

Well all I can feel coming in 2014 is pain. I feel businesses desperate to unload inventory. I see jobs continuing to deteriorate. I see a race to replace unskilled workers with automation is the last desperate grab for margin to increase profit to justify stock valuations. I see every attempt at anything fail. The health care complex fails next year. Finally doctors, nurses, and drug companies will feel the pain of the people whose lives they helped destroy.

There is no money left for anything. If there was people wouldn't chase a dream of hitting it rich by buying something called Bitcoin. They would just buy what they want.

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It's all just fun-n-games until a Black Swan pokes somebody's eye out.

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Stable Geopolitical Climate ?

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Did I miss the yellow relic in those predictions? :(