The 9 Words Every Democratic Congressman Dreads

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Following yesterday's polls, we suspect this cartoon sums up the view of many 'faithful' as they head into the new year. Of course, no matter what faces change next year, the Fed will always be there...


"...if you like your seat, you can keep your seat..."

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Because........ #Obama





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"Don't worry, Senators..." 

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2014 Democratic campaign slogan:  Barry who?

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Caption should read "Thanks for your contribution to the Progressive agenda.  Good luck in your next election.  I'll still be here even if you're gone.  Just to make sure Obamacare is firmly entrenched beyond possiblity of repeal before I leave office.  I know you all feel the same way.  And if you don't, too bad.  Now show yourselves out."


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Moi?  I sure would like to see Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-Louisiana) lose her seat.  Hypocrites like her...

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are indicative of why Vichy DC can't be fixed...


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Don't you know how to count? No??? You must be an 'meruhkahn

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Speaking of "Contribution to the Progressive Agenda", take a look at this beauty:


JPM's $13billion fine is partially earmarked for Progressive organizations.  You can't make this shit up! 

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Wow, just wow!


Too bad the guillotine can only be used once on this guy.

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With stuff like that, I want to invest my money in the Bank of George Corly Wallace or the David Duke Hedge Fund!

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or perhaps  "bury who"


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Red team. Blue team. The same, same.

Need a third party with some smart reformers that work for the people and the Constitution.

Perfect atmosphere for a "strong man" to appear and promise the moon for the common man.

Just like Hitler did in Germany during the thirties. Require a much more intelligent electorate that is involved and engaged in the electoral process, who VOTE! Ain't gonna happen. Too bad. Hello FEMA camps.  

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That "strong man" you are referring to is Hitlery Clinton. 

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Out looking in doiesn't sound too bad when FEMA camps are involved.

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Try this video on for size and see if it is the antidote to FEMA camps...


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I'm impressed with this video and the idea it puts forth, oh yeah Josie's pretty cool too...


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Read team, Blue team,

We all scream for our team,

Each a lofty hiding place

For that which would in fact disgrace

The lowest of the low, and yet,

We try again and only get

The same thing that we got before

But worse, and so we try once more

To find a truly worthy soul

To represent our worthy goal,

That this time we will find our man

(The last one had a lovely tan)

Or woman, as the case may be;

We just need one of them to be

The one for us, the one to do

What we ourselves are not up to.

No, wait . . .


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OutLookingIn wrote the following gibberish, "Need a third party with some smart reformers that work for the people and the Constitution."


Sorry. It is Bullshit.


THERE IS NO POLITICAL SOLUTION.  Absolutely NONE!!! When will you figure that out?

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Barney Frank has AIDS. You better get tested, sir.

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Why was Barney Frank buried with his ass sticking out of the ground?  


So his friends and contributors could drop by, for a 'cold one'....

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@ krispkritter

Ha ha, I just passed that one on to 52 people on my Joke List.

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somewhere to park your bicycle!

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If Boehner, Ryan, Cantor, McCarthy and the other House RINOs do anything to move any form of amnesty then the Democrats will be saved.

Any form of amnesty will destroy the GOP.  Conservatives will stay home and give up on voting. 

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Ditto that if Christie is the chosen nominee.

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There may be enough idiots in this country to elect one of the blue team who is currently in office.  The same can't be said of the red team.  New blood or oblivion.

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Amnesty for illegals, for ACA, for fiat crimes. for politicians, or what? Kinda a wide range there.

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There are only two words Democrat politicians dread...


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Are you distinguishing the other Team?

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Personally, I think the Red Team shows more contrition and owns up to their lies & misbehavior more than the Blue Team.

Not saying the Reds are not as equally dangerous to our Liberty (the Patriot Act comes to mind) but the first prominent Red Teamer who says repeal the Patriot Act wins in a landslide. 

Maybe the first Blue Teamer who says repeal ObamaCare does too.

But they would both be about repealing existing law, that says something ;-)

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I could not disagree more.  Both Teams ignored the will of the people and passed TARP "to save us."  Both Teams support NSA "to save us."  Both Team supported the Iraq ware to "save us."   Both Teams are bought and paid for by bankers and large corporations.  Both Teams support globalization.  Both Teams support the Fed.  Both Teams support the MIC.  Both Teams support militarizing the police.  The only difference between the Teams is what they say.  What they do is the same in all things that matter to people who care about Liberty.

I understand that it is difficult to give up old prejudices, but seriously.  Get over the idea that one Team is better than the other.  That idea -- the lesser of evils, where people hold their nose and vote for the guy who is slightly less bad than the other guy in their minds  -- is the single biggest reason we cannot have a real change.  

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TARP was theft by the banks, pure and simple.  Every "representative" who voted for it didn't listen to their constituency.  100:1 against it and they still passed it.

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The last official act of any government, is to loot the Treasury.

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True dat.  Their version of "busting out the joint".

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LTER, I emailed all my representatives to protest TARP and the two on the red team ignored me.  The one on the blue team emailed back that I didn't know what I was talking about.  I want them all gone, but I hold a special grudge against that blue dog dipshit.

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They can go beyond looting the treasury now, with a central bank currency they can borrow (loot) the entire wealth of the nation.

In this case they have to give Wall Street half, since Wall Street owns the Fed.

How 'bout these 9 words:  "There's a million people outside with guns, we're surrounded."

But that won't ever happen.


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I think I have the list somewhere of the 24 Senators who voted against TARP. If memory serves me right more than half of them were voted out in the following election.

Give that a little thought.

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what he was saying is that the first person that goes against their party and says to get rid of one of those great 'accomplishments' their party was so proud of could win in a landslide. Think of a ron paul type, he had an 'R' next to his name, but he WAS different. Another republican that steps up and says he wants to repeal the patriot act, is anti-war, and also, obviously, wants to repeal obamacare, could win in a big way

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Don't forget medicare part D. Gotsta repeal that big pharma subsidy. I don't have any ideas on how to get the trillions back from Iraq & Afghanistan. Freeze some accounts?

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stop doing that kind of shit would be a good start, but that money is gone. The best we can hope for is not ever do that kind of shit again. ever. the big pharma thing would be tough. that whole revolving door thing, same with the MIC. same with big-agra. id love to see real free market capitalism work, but sadly that isnt possbile under our present system

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Why didn't RP win then?  He didn't even get the nomination.

It's a rigged system now.  Wall Street money controls it.  Anyone anti-Wall-Street can forget even getting a nomination.

Obama won because he's pure Wall Street with a progressive shell.  Bush was pure Wall Street with a conservative shell.

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You are both right and wrong.  Repubnicants are no panacea to be sure and they have some weird ideas and socially they are clueless and a danger to liberty.  But when it comes to the subject at hand, which is lying, the Democrats are the CLEAR leaders.  It is no contest.  EVERY word out of a democrats mouth is either an outright lie or a mischaracterization.  Whereas only SOME things are out of the mouths on the right.  When it comes to intellectual dishonesty and failure to listen, the Dems win hands down.

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In general I agree, thought there are exceptions.

Nancy Pelosi was correct when she said "We have to pass the bill so you can find out what's in it."

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If you like a liar in congress, we will guaranty your right to get a new liar in congress.

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"Both Teams ignored the will of the people"

My, that is terrible. Of course, with democracy you can ignore the will of 49% of people as a matter of practice.

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Both teams permanently fractured over became TP, the other Occupy. What you fail to address is why either "old team" felt it was bad policy to loan money to people who could never repay it.


Banking is the most highly regulated "industry" there is...yet...regulation failed. Why?