CFTC Cancels Volcker Rule Meeting Due To "Inclement Weather"

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At least the dog didn't eat the London Whale's trade blotter, or Bart Chilton's hair wasn't caught in a snowblower. Perhaps, Mr. Chilton will blame the meeting cancelation on the day the regulators are expected to vote on banning of bank prop trading and pass a rule that was "tougher than the banks expected", on the CFTC's low budget which does not permit it to buy antifreeze?

Source: CFTC

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Yeah, when hell freezes over that'l happen

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Well......that would be optimum conditions.


If you could make that happen....I'm sure everyone would appreciate it.

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Simply golden ;-)

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Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden
But my eyes still see


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Like I said, snow job.

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I just turned on the idiot box for some weather and found the Idiot-in-Chief speaking in South Africa.  I hope he got a free bowl of weiner water soup with that haircut.  I think he is going for the Star Trek Romulan look.

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Any chance he'll stay over least for a while?

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Maybe he'll run as a Kenyan Dictator. You know... ancestral and all...

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If you like your loincloth, you can keep your loincloth.

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if you like it up your ass, well folks, we will keep it up your ass.

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Weee! Jack Frost jumped up and bit 'em in the ass!!!

Congressional investigation of the CFTC = a Issa-icle probe?

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Poor weather, always getting blamed.

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Like my dad used to say "what a crock of shit".

The lies keep rolling along.

It's called weather. Deal with it.

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This global warming is going to kill all of a billion or two years or so.


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If not for global warming, it would have been -165

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Makes one hell of an argument for a global tax.


I don't want to wait....where can I donate now?

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Might as well throw in the weather's affect on the taper and Fed fund's rate.

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Is Bart Chilton still at the CFTC? I thought he had gone.

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If you could get paid for doing nothing......would you leave?

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So Through snow, sleet, rain...? oh wait! We're talking this joke of a govt...nevermind!

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How is Mr Volcker's health these days?
No surprises I hope?

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Over the last decade or so, I have become convinced that the CFTC never shows up for work regardless of the weather conditions.

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Don't worry, they'll all make it for the Christmas party tomorrow. Priorities.

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CME officials report that they are too hung over to open the exchange for very long after the Chicago Bears victory on Monday Night Football.  A leading CME official stated, "Listen we are still drunk as fuck.  We will open the exchange for one second which should be plenty of time for anyone that matters to do whatever transactions they need to do and get it over with.  We will simultaneously lower the margin requirements to zero in that one second time frame.  Hic, Hic.  Then we are going back to bed."

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Wall Street is entering an uncertain new era as the rule that has come to symbolize Washington’s efforts to rein in financial risk-taking finally takes hold.

Apparently Dealbook forgot about this little piece of legislation called "Glass-Steagall" that used to exist.  I guess banking didn't exist prior to Gramm-Leach-Bliley act passed.


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so you are thinking that the fox is not going to watch over the hen house?

really, such optimism, hope and change? glassman steagall is a distant memory.

fascism is here to stay until, well, you know...

ask the cambodians how that worked out?

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Grey weather rule... like Obama's hair that magically appears grey in a second term.

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Obama has taken on the appearance of a crackhead lately.

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No problem, JPM probably sold them a weather derivative hedge.

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Interesting as its summer time weather down there.


EDIT:  "Thank God, I don't know how exactly it feels," Scambos said. But he said scientists do routinely make naked 100 degree below zero dashes outside in the South Pole, so people can survive that temperature for about three minutes.

WTF is going on down there, gangbangs?

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So the government is shutdown....oh oh..they will blame he tea party guys again....where is Ted Cruz?   Have Obama give a speech..thats a lot of hot air to melt it all...

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 staying home during inclement weather pays double time .... guess their chauffers called in sick... but i thought public transport runs during inclement weather... 

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What no "Go To Meeting"?
Guess they don't steal enough in taxation for continuity at the CFTC.

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Yeah, Inclement Weather in their PANTS!