Obamacare Is Supposed To Sign Up 7 Million By March - 365,000 So Far

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Submitted by Jim Quinn of The Burning Platform blog,

The MSM  is trying to spin the 110,000 sign ups in November as a fantastic result. When a “free” new entitlement is announced and rolled out in this country, they would normally be knocking down the doors to sign up. Anyone who really wants Obamacare has already signed up. The first two months should generate the biggest numbers. When you have only achieved 5% of your goal after two months, you’ve failed miserably. Obamacare is a disaster before it even gets off the ground and bankrupts the country. Young healthy people will never sign up for Obamacare. They know it’s a scam. They also know that Obama and his IRS minions are so incompetent, they’ll never figure out how to collect the fines from people who don’t sign up. Have you ever met an IRS employee?

But, the MSM will do their darndest to mislead the public about Obamacare success.


Behind Obamacare figures

The latest figures on Obamacare enrollment are out, and they have better but not great news for the White House. The stats show that Obamacare enrollees who have selected insurance plans through the federal HealthCare.gov website quadrupled from October to November, but other figures don’t show growth that rosy.

HHS figures show that HealthCare.gov enrolled 110,410 new consumers in health plans last month, more than four times that of the 26,794 signed up during October, as the troubled website started to work out the troubles it experienced from its inception Oct. 1.

Growth in the number of people processed through the system wasn’t as sharp. HHS figures indicate that 822,789 consumers were deemed eligible for health plans last month, up 17% from the 702,619 reported for October. The pace of those who completed applications for health coverage was slightly better, with November postings of 1.23 million, up 19% from the 993,635 reported for October.

Further, activity slowed significantly on both the federal and state marketplaces, though some of that wane can be attributed to initial heavy interest. After nearly 27 million unique users clamored to HealthCare.gov and the state websites in October, that slowed down to roughly 12.2 million in November, a drop of 54%. Calls to the various service centers dropped to 2.1 million from 3.2 million, falling by a third.

HHS officials said nearly 365,000 people have selected health plans from state and federal marketplaces since Oct. 1, with nearly two-thirds of that coming from the states. The number of federal marketplace enrollees deemed eligible for coverage is twice that of the state-run exchanges — at 1.5 million vs. the states’ 780,000.

In addition to the 365,000 nationwide sign-ups, more than 800,000 were deemed eligible for Medicaid or the federal Children’s Health Insurance Program. HealthCare.gov serves 36 states, while the 14 other states and the District of Columbia run their own exchanges.

HHS hopes to enroll 7 million people in health plans by March 31. It has been hampered severely by troubles with HealthCare.gov, which it says is operating smoothly for the bulk of consumers visiting the site.

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NoDebt's picture

It's not dead.  It's going nowhere.  It's just going to change form.

In case you hadn't noticed, far and away the most popular helathcare plan option under Obamacare is the "dirt level" plan- Medicaid.

Which is what we'll all be on one of these days when they finally shove through single-payer.

Newsboy's picture

I didn't sign up yet.

I guess that means I don't really want to.

Nice to know about myself.

Meat Hammer's picture

You're just simply not smart enough to know what you want.  Your Lord & Savior, Barry Soetoro, will save you from yourself.

zaphod's picture

Just  wait till the insurance companies find out the majority of people who sign up are in the "expensive needs" pool, and they lose a ton of money.

Rates for 2015 & 2016 will be interesting.

Ignatius's picture

Melissa Harris-Perry on ObamaCare

This has to be seen to be believed.  http://xrepublic.tv/node/6525

NemoDeNovo's picture

She is 'Queen' of the Kooks, some of the chit that cums out of her mouth is amazing.....

JoeSexPack's picture

Lisps too.


Only on air due to PC.


& she's the best Leftists can find.

smlbizman's picture

if that niggerette would cut her hair and eat pussy, im sure there is a high level cabinet position waiting for her....

A Nanny Moose's picture

Sadly, that doesn't even qualify as bad sophistry. It's plain old desparation.

Does anybody still listen to these people anymore? Why would you pay a cable provider to broadcast this horseshit?

Ignatius's picture

One more reason - as if I needed one - of why I dumped cable.

"Desperation", absolutely.

barliman's picture


HHS figures show that HealthCare.gov enrolled 110,410 new consumers in health plans last month, more than four times that of the 26,794 signed up during October, as the troubled website started to work out the troubles it experienced from its inception Oct. 1.

And even the critic does not point out that HHS is ACTUALLY reporting the number of Healthcare.gov accounts created ... NOT the number of health insurance plans PAID FOR

In addition to 1999 website technology, Healthcare.gov is using "Dot Com Bubble" accounting methodologies!!!

The only way the SCOAMF administration could be MORE corrupt is if the SCOAMF starts PIMPING his daughters out on Penssylvania Avenue.

MachoMan's picture

or the people who don't sign up realize they don't need it...

NoDebt's picture

What are you waiting for?  Have at it, son.  Hackers are looking forward to extracting all your personal information while you think you are signing up for a healthcare plan (maybe you are, maybe you aren't.... it's just so EXCITING not knowing if it's going to work or not!).

Oh, and do the community a favor- let us know what the rates and deductibles look like.  And if any of the medical facilities in your area are even part of the network.

Occident Mortal's picture

ACA is a huge flop.


It's the half baked bastard solution to a very real problem that goes unresolved.



All the ACA represents is the fact that all the political capital for healthcare reform has been wasted. US will have to wait for a real manifestation of crisis before healthcare reform is back on the political agenda. In the mean time 17% of GDP will go to healthcare v's <9% in every other industrialised country in the world.

MachoMan's picture

The solution is incredibly obvious...  government can get the fuck out of it, doctors/health providers/hospitals can see what people can actually pay for services (a minimal co-pay is about the extent of it), doctors can go bankrupt, the american economy can begin the process of price discovery, and doctors can once again be wealthy, albeit after receiving less nominal pay, the populace can rejoice as a medical calamity no longer means bankruptcy.  Throughout this entire process, health services will magically be provided...  and probably at or around the same level previously seen, but with dramatically reduced fraud.

thecoloredsky's picture

I had to get stitches recently. Total bill was $448.00. I didn't have my insurance info so paid out of pocket. They dropped it to $228.00 (50% off). I go afterwards to submit my claim to get reimbursed and find out my insurance company (BCBS) was billed $237.00. 

So long story short, the health insurance company was charged more than myself paying out of pocket. That was their pre-negociated rates. What I want to know is, what is the REAL cost of my stitches?

smlbizman's picture


why do i need a forced middleman to purchase services?

so the ceo of health services makes 101 mil a year and cant do 1 thing medically related, except fuck us up the ass....so i for 1 do not think i need a middle man for me to go to a doctor...the reasons things cost sooo much has little to do with the "care"we receive...im old enough to remember how it was....and it wasnt ike this...

MachoMan's picture

Exactly...  this is moral hazard.  Where there is cheap money, people will fill in the gaps...  same with any bureaucracy anywhere...  e.g. academia, government, etc.  How is it that there has been top line deterioration for corporate america, but yet we're having record profits?  Easy, nothing but fat to cut...  everywhere.  Granted, the poor schlub at the bottom of the totem pole doesn't quite have as much political sway as the many at the top...  but it takes a whole bunch of indians to make one chief's salary.

The government creates these jobs...  pays their salary essentially (by requiring us to pay it)...  and then they turn around and lobby for the same assholes to stay in charge or their like minded successors.

Dull Care's picture

I'm astounded that people can't understand such an obvious truth. Same thing applies to everything the government involves itself in.

Oldwood's picture

It walking dead. A zombie that wil not die and eats everything living in its path. Got to cut its head off.

SkottFree's picture

When you give the IRS total access to all your checking, savings and 401K's there is no how to collect payments. They just take the money. So they took 12 payments monthly instead of 1 monthly payment, well bless your little heart were sorry all your checks are bouncing and they are foreclosing on your home repoing your car because of what we did! We will be back next month cause we can just do what we want!

DosZap's picture

ROTS O RUCK!!!!!!!!!!!,ROTLMAO,never happen G.I..

Only humor I can see in this is VOTERS are going to REALLY remember this come 2014, and unless the ENTIRE mess is dropped like a hot rock, in 2016.

Pladizow's picture

365K terminally ill patients who never would have otherwise been insured!

Oldwood's picture

I can't help but think of Edward G Robinson in Soylent green. If we accept government subsidies for healthcare, do we surrender our reamins to the state for "recycling"? Even now if you go onto state supported healthcare for an extended peron of time they claim all of your assets against payment of services, and it seems you "clock out" about on pace with your asset depletion.

MachoMan's picture

The state thinks so...  you think that when the state is paying for your healthcare, it won't attempt to dictate what you put in your body?  Who cares after you're dead...

Meat Hammer's picture

This number will be revised upward to 7 million on or around March 30th, then revised back down sometime after the November elections.

krispkritter's picture

From the BLS: Bureau of Lying Statistics.

CuttingEdge's picture

And there's me thinking BLS was shorthand for Bullshit

Blano's picture

How much of this number is people who just put something in their cart and never actually followed through?

SkottFree's picture

They never claimed March of 2014!

Murf_DaSurf's picture



Like Obama actually gives a shit?

Oldwood's picture

You know he loves us all equally, just some more equally than others.

RSloane's picture

Yeah, like the Prime Minister of Denmark.

john39's picture

stop. you are making reggie love jealous.

Everybodys All American's picture

How do you describe Obama's signature achievement as anything but a disaster unless you actually hoped this fails miserably so that all are forced into the Marxist's single payer system?

pods's picture

The guy is too stupid NOT to take a fucking self pic at a funeral.  

There ain't no grand plan. Just oodles of leaches buying slimy politicians to rape us some more.


pods's picture

SOMEONE might be planning single payer, but is sure as fuck ain't chalkie.  

Husk-Erzulie's picture

Pretty sure Chalkie don't do much plannin' more complicated than which driver to use, or how many sheets when he takes a dump.

Yen Cross's picture

     Nothing giving away a few million free Spiderman Towels can't fix...

pods's picture

360k versus 800k for medicaid?  Oh this is going to end quite well.

We are now moving the dead body from room to room to say we made them smell better because it's gone.

We are flat ass broke, and there ain't nobody out on Main Street who is going to afford $10k out of pocket for this shit. FFS, people lose their minds when gas goes up a quarter.

I say we pour another brandy and have them play that waltz for us again.  I like that. Ship sinking, poppycock!


MachoMan's picture

I just look at the problem a little differently I guess...  I understand that there are some major risks in letting the bubble deflate, but I sincerely doubt that medical practitioners the world over are going to take their ball and go home when prices come down to something affordable...  They'll provide services and we'll buy those services...  it might look a little different...  "old" perhaps...  maybe a quarter pig for a small surgery...  a little cash between friends...  but medical services will continue regardless of what happens.  Maybe that new hiv drug isn't available, but the vast majority of things will be, regardless of what happens...  and, even then, we can probably find a way to get any meds needed via informal arrangements.  These things always have a way of working out...  I trust everyone's self interest to be there and see this thing through, as it always does.

pods's picture

I see changes starting. Conscierege doctors and cash based clinics are popping up. Way better model. I have not been to the doctor in years.  Last one I saw I he ended up writing down what I did to solve the issue.  The AMA handcuffs these doctors and limits what they can do. Every now and again you can find one who swims up river (Dr. Fuhrman for one), but the majority seem to accept the allopathic way and none other.  For them, good riddance. At least they are entertaining nutrition in cancer clinics now.  

Our trauma care is tops in the history of the world. Chronic care is like a sick herd of cattle being milked until death, and that is 90% of what we have today.


MachoMan's picture

Cash clinics are starting to get long in the tooth...  most of the folks who broke away early got established with the top shelf clients...  the remainder of the patient pool ain't so hot...

The other aspect is that with such high deductibles, every clinic is basically forced to be a cash clinic...  so, it's going to happen regardless.  No one will have met their deductible and they'll be asked to pay the entirety of their bill before leaving...  for what few insurance companies will be left...  for out of network stuff, the patients will get to send their own claims...  good luck with that.

Hongcha's picture

pods, I was on a plane 1 hour out over the Pacific last Nov. when a guy going to the loo crashed straight back like he was poleaxed and fell into me, out cold.  He missed the leading edge of my tray table by 1" or he would have been in much worse condition. 

There was no gauging the man's condition and we were too far out to return in good time if it was critical.  The Captain asked for an MD on board and there was a female American E.R. doc who was just outstanding.  We did not dare move him and I practically had the guy in my lap and held his head up while she ran her checks.  It was a blood sugar problem and he walked away 15 minutes later.

This lady had her shit totally wired together, let me tell you. It was a display of professionalism.

ebworthen's picture

Fuck you people.

I'm not paying for an Insurance executive's new BMW or some skank's birth control/abortion.

PrecipiceWatching's picture

Are you down with financing the "treatment" of the huge, and I mean HUGE, manufacturing of "mental health" conditions.


Think unending "counseling", medications and other assorted bullshit for what is, in the absolute vast majority of cases, simply normal variances in human behavior and mood.   

You know, the stuff far superior past generations simply toughened up and worked through.

pods's picture

Create drug>Create disorder.