Is This The Chart That Has Small Cap BTFATH-ers Nervous?

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For the last year, every test below the 50DMA for the Russell 2000 has been met with a cavalcade of BTFD-ers (which then transformed into BTFATH-ers). However, we wonder, does the following longer-term chart suggest this time might just be different?



..."coz if you don't, you're a fucking idiot"...


Unless... it is different this time...



Charts: Bloomberg

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buzzsaw99's picture

It's always different this time.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Always a greater fool... until is not.

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Whatever. Wall Street makes money whether it goes up or down. Just give them your money you damn muppets!!!

Crash Overide's picture

They literally "make" money... oh sorry, "increase the money supply" but if we do it they call it counterfeiting.

Guess it's all perspective, but I am guessing that if you can make unlimited amounts of anything with minimal energy input that something eventually becomes worthless or really really cheap.

SamAdams's picture

Did someone figure out a way to keep the banks solvent if the FED tapers?  What are our options?  We have that extra cash coming in from ObamaCare tax and we could always raid pensions.  Hmmm, tempting, but not just yet....

DeadFred's picture

I came across a video from a guy the other day with a novel market analysis who makes mention of the future prospects for the Russell. I give his analysis more credibility than the MSM cheerleaders, but is this insider trading?

Diogenes's picture

"I give his analysis more credibility than the MSM cheerleaders, but is this insider trading?"

If by insider you mean he gets advice from the voices in his head.

pragmatic hobo's picture

machines don't get nervous ...

disabledvet's picture

dividends have been rising in this rising interest rate environment. if your company has cash to "sell" then there is a reason to hold the equity. small caps tend to run on technicals and stall out on fundamentals...we've never had much growth out of this collapse other than in credit (meaning leverage) the growth of which has truly been spectacular. a forty percent correction in these "all levered all the time" names would not surprise me. the mega caps have a lot going for them right now because you have ZIRP (at least until Spring) and the biggest oil and energy boom in US history. we also have a technological upgrade cycle (Teslas, cloud computing, distributed energy boom through solar and wind)...pricing other than in Tesla's have really collapsed in these markets btw. that says to me a "deflation scare" still cannot be ruled out and the high fliers (pure beta, bitcoiners, summation effects from trading on the wrong side of the New Normal) hit an air pocket. doesn't look like an absolute replay of 2008 but if could "rhyme."


Newton gave you the answer to this centuries ago.

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

Juice Newton?

"Joker ain't only fool who'll do any thing for you"

NoDebt's picture

No.  He obviously means Olivia Newton John.  'Hopelessly Devoted To You'

onelight's picture

so have tens of thousands of loggers across millennia...timberrr...

giorgioorwell's picture

Charts are meaningless in these markets. 

semperfi's picture

Vegas style odds would be much more useful

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

But, every gambler is like pornoGRAPHy.

Headbanger's picture

Yeah... But I told you last week.. NASTY THIRD WAVE DOWN!

And this is a very minor third wave down of a minor first wave down of a less minor first wave down of a medium first wave down of.....

What a bunch of cheerleaders! 

ThisIsBob's picture

Not mine but the chart posted is useless for trading.

Al Huxley's picture

They just need to turn from BTFATHers to BTFDers.  Or get on board the social media bandwagon - I know it looks crowded, but honest, there's plenty of room if you just pile in on top...  Lets take these PEs to 4 digits!

Al Huxley's picture

Only sociopathic fuckheads would crash a market right before Christmas - we should be fine into January at least don't you think?

jcaz's picture

Oh yeah, all is well, they'd never puke the market now- back up the truck, buy all you can....

Boris Alatovkrap's picture

You are think bankster who is worship at alter of satan is caring for Christmas?! No, only question is crash week before or day before. Crash week early, maybe is less present under tree, crash day early, maybe father or retirement candidate is contemplate self-termination. Please check Advent Calendar.

Headbanger's picture

Al... "sociopathic fuckheads" is exactly what we have in the White House now!


BandGap's picture

It might be the bst time for them to do this, Al. And besides, you said it - they're fuckheads.

Just settled down for a long winter's nap. 

TrustWho's picture

I do not know when the facade of earnings and MDA trends will fail, but a December crash would be a perfect month for a major unwind. Selling the Santa Claus rally that killed the bull market brought to us by the Wizard of Oz...DADDY Bernanke!!!

whateverittakes's picture

It is taking trillions of $ in Government deficit spending and FED money printing to keep that chart going. It is pure suicide by the elites if this farce does not end soon....

astoriajoe's picture

and by 'suicide for the elites' you mean bail-ins and confiscations for the non-elites?

Antifederalist's picture

i am an old guy.

Educate me.

BTFD.  I get it.

BTFATH-ers?  Not so much.








fooshorter's picture

Buy The Fucking All Time High



Ham-bone's picture

f'ing A - Buy the f'ing all time high - mf'er lifting off to the f'ing moon as I type this ridicu-f'ing-lus message!!

Follow EUR-JPY is lifting off and markets will follow...up, up, and away for rest of day...copper up while silver smashed...again.  just buy what they want you to buy.

max2205's picture

If BenYellin is alive. ...btfd bitchezzz

frankTHE COIN's picture

I think even though the Fed has unlimited money to Buy and stabilize a crash, ( and they have circuit breakers to stop the declines speed in equities ),
This thing could crash but you have to be fast to profit.
The Spot month of the S& P and other Futures has no Limit Down or Circuit Breaker.
So if a 1987 ish crash happens and for ex. The Spot month is 6000 points lower in a half hour, but the back months and Circuit Breaker levels are higher, there's a good chance that Puts will price in the Spot month. A fortune will be there briefly. In that case you must take profits quick and look for other quick opportunities to Short again.

Ham-bone's picture

Frank said "short"...haven't heard that word since '09.  you forgot your sarc tags around going "short"...good one.

frankTHE COIN's picture

An example Similar to this, but obviously not the same thing, was when NetFlix fell $100 in one day weeks ago.
I looked at the options that were $ 90.00 away from yesterday's closing price and they had increased in value from$ 2.00 to an astronomical amount. I calculated at that time that if someone had 1000 of those puts from the day before they, at that , moment was up $ 1.3 million with expiration 2 days to go.
Not an exact apples to apples comparison but this happens somewhere in all crashes. Be ready.

joego1's picture

Trust us! Really! the water is fine!

Fuh Querada's picture

Friggin' moving averages again - just commented on another thread - complete bullshit.

Which one? simple moving average, geometric moving average, exponential moving average or linearly weighted moving average? 

An why 50 days? Why not 46 days, 5 hours and 3 minutes?

Diogenes's picture

You can have faith in the Russell 2000 because 90% of the stocks are above average. Just look at the chart.

NoDebt's picture

Just like everyone's children.  They're all above average.

Yukajub's picture

I always wondered - Is it valid to put a linear line on a logrithmic scale?


orangegeek's picture

S&P500 hourly has broken channel support - not that significant


What is significant is that yesterday's down move include a rise in volume - validating the sell off.


Not much follow through to the downside today, but no boomerang move up either.


Q4 results are coming soon - expect all results to be adjusted - and all central banks to be buying anything that moves - much like the last five years.

lasvegaspersona's picture

Buy gold bullion and Chill.

This 'market' is insane and those trying to explain it only sound sillier by the day.

Soon it will be over. When we look back we'll laugh at all the silliness, except for the part about death, destruction and catastrophe.