Chicago Vs. Houston (In 4 Charts)

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Perhaps not so United States? can 2 of the nation's favorite cities be so painfully different?


(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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hedgeless_horseman's picture can 2 of the nation's favorite cities be so painfully different?

Lawmaking isn't necessarily a full-time job in Texas.

The Legislature of the State of Texas, operating under the biennial
, convenes its regular sessions at noon on the second Tuesday
in January of odd-numbered years. The maximum duration of a regular
session is 140 days

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Very good point. That will have to be in the New Improved Constitution, which will have to be changed to prevent the mistakes allowed by the current one.

That will have to be added along with a hard limit of the number of government employees and taxes anywhere in the country, elimination of benefits for doing nothing, the ability of any citizen to prosecute any government employee in court, as well as a bevy of other "corrections."

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Also, many Texans are believers in Christ and love, seek and fear the Lord God Almighty. We all need Him now, more than ever.


This world is moving into some very troubling times, the likes of which it has never seen before.  God will take delight in being your refuge.

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That's cool and all, but can you leave the others alone? 

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Well, if you are a libertarian, you are aligned to the ideological principals of the King of Kings.

Gal 5:13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.
Gal 5:14 For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.

The character of God IS liberty.

Thank You Lord.

Best wishes with your decisions.

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Most libertarians fail here:  "only use not liberty for an occasion to the flesh".

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There is Chicago style pizza (ummmm good), Chicago style beating (1 victim multiple people beating the victim), now there is ChicaGo - and never come back.

Then there is Texass. 

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As a resident of Houston I can atest to the quality of life and low cost of living. I'm not from Texas and didn't get here as fast as I could, but after 20+ years of working in every major market in the US and around the world, I would up here a few years ago for work and decided to stay. Chicago, you can have the place as far as I'm concerned. Try finding authentic TexMex in Chicago. 

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how do you know about 'most libertarians'?

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>> the Lord God Almighty

Which particular cult do you prefer?

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Disclaimer for many comments that follow:

Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for scientific knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous.

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"Also, many Texans are believers in Christ and love, seek and fear the Lord God Almighty."

This needs an Amen brother to go along with all those up arrows.

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IMO god or christ has nothing to do with all this or they would of stepped in tossing lightning bolts at bankers and politicians a long time ago. This is our hell on earth shit show and we have to go it alone.

God setup the game, we have to finish it. Not trying to start a religious fight or anything I am just saying...

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"God setup the game, we have to finish it.  Not trying to start a religious fight or anything I am just saying..."


I know you are not trying to start anything.  You want the truth.  Let me clarify thoroughly.  Satan set up the game, and Jesus Christ will finish it.

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Yeah many Texans are believers but this has nothing to do with preferential treatment from God.  Although this Texan thinks God should love us more, I don't think he does.  These stats are only a reflection of the results from 2 very different political beliefs.

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It doesn't matter what document you produce if it's ignored.

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So they work more than the U.S. Congress?

When they are not passing laws written by oil companies, insurance companies, and bankers, they are raising funds from said companies.  As in Texas.

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To be clear, the companies write the laws, and they just pass it. It's the true definiton of an asshole, I never see what I take in, just what I shit out. I call this the Nancy Pelosi theory. 

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You have to shit it to know what's in it.

And lo and behold, it's shit.

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4th generation Texan here. Born in Houston. I hope to die here, but I got out of Houston as soon as I could. Houston is slowly losing the battle of the "brown wave." I would like to see the above graph in ten years after Houston has been officially over run. The City Councel looks like a group picture from a third world nation and they love free shit.

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Been in the Houston "area" all my life. 45 years now (born as well). "IF" things keep progressing the way they are, it will be another Chi Town before to long. Lots of blue people moving in from other states for the work that is here. Will not take to long before they will try and push the same agenda that ruined their state and forced them to move here. YOU CANT FIX STUPID!!! I make it a point to "check" all my new neighbors and make sure they understand why they have chosen this state to relocate. I do not have one bit of reserve about it at all! Do not come to my "HOOD" and run it like the one you ran away from!

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Oh and by the way, I have my CHL license and walk around with a Springfield XDS .45 strapped to my side every where I go. I have had not a nare problem yet. Imagine that you fucking anti gun suck asses!

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I run into transplants from blue states all the time in Houston and take great pleasure in welcoming them to the great state of Texas, and in the next breath tell them to leave their liberal agendas where they came from as we don't cotton to those notions in Texas. You should see the look on their faces. Priceless!!!!

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Been to the Heights recently?
It's starting to resemble Stepford. 

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I saw the gentrification of the Heights coming 30 years ago. Unfortunately, was too young & broke to do anything about it. Older now, slightly richer too. I read about the soaring land values of the Heights, & West U, & the Museum/Rice area, etc. But I never hear squat about Montrose - the (formerly?) scuzzy part, not the high-end areas near the museum. (and no, I wasn't a Montrosian, if you know what I mean). I'm pretty sure the 4th ward will be the absolute *last* to gentrify - but how's (formerly?) scummy Montrose doing? It'd be nice to buy into a chunk of 'Stepford' before it becomes 'Stepford', no?

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Montrose is in a gentrification process as well. Property values have skyrocketed, and it's a lot less seedy than it used to be. I worked at the MFAH a few years back and watched as the whole neighborhood changed from gay party central, to settled down gay couples, to upper income straight couples. Now, it's pretty much just another cookie-cutter inner loop neighborhood with bad traffic and no character.

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All successful cities, states, and countries eventually
succumb to being undermined by the foragers of the world.

Success always attracts those who are not capable of achieving what is currently being done.

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If you build it, they will come..

and fuck it all up.

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All throughout history.

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All efficient systems attract parasites. It is a law of nature.

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That Houston homicide bar would probably be a lot lower if not for Katrina.

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Yep, the crime rate doubled in Houston right after Katrina. 

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Bill thought he was going to suck down a ton of emergency federal aid, then ship the refugees back to NOLA.


Surprise! The feds bought one-way tickets to Houston. There was never any intention whatsoever to return those people to NOLA.


It's not an accident that Katrina was used as a means to de-colorize NOLA.


You can't show me one city, state, or nation, run by "people of color" that does not degenerate into a cesspool of crime and violence - and is throughly looted by it's new masters.


Check out this assertion in NYC with Dinkins, or Detroit, or NOLA . . . or the US under the current administration.


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truely reflects the mindset of two differenttypes of human beings.

-do gooder humans that ruin others by not holding them accountable for their actions-free shit army mentality.


mindset of most zh ers.


texas like nevada is getting polluted by libtard thinking. they arrive from NY and cali for a better life-lol.

the true civil war being waged is one of values...

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Joe Soucheray had the great idea of having state legislatures add laws on odd years and eliminate laws on even years.

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It's written in their Affluenza Bill of Rights.

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Houston has oil revenue.  It will be a boom until it's a bust.  Chicago has financials.  It will be a boom until it's a bust.  Same shit, different bullshit.

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How do the Gun Stores, and Homicide rates factor in to Boom/Bust?


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There is plentiful middle class employment in Houston due to the oil boom, thus less poverty, thus less crime.  I am a firm believer in the 2nd, but it has nothing to do with this equation as much as it appeals to small minds to say otherwise.  

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Could it be the lack of Gun stores that make Chicago a Bigger Shit-Hole, regardless of the amount of middleclass, or lowerclass, or any class?

Way more Cocksuck'n Fuck'n Criminals in the upper classes per capita What does class have to do with homicide rate?


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I agree that people should be able to defend themselves with guns, including whatever cool ass machine gun one wants to buy.  But I disagree with cause and effect in this instance.  Chicago is a shithole because there is a huge underclass living alongside an in-your-face financial class of great wealth. 

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Chicago is a shithole because there is a huge underclass living alongside an in-your-face financial class of great wealth.

Same here in Houston, if not more so, because we don't have zoning like Chicago.

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I didn't think twice about buying that cheapo McMansion right between the gas station and the gay nightclub.
Thought the gas station would be a bad influence on the kids

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Naw, they took the lead out of the gas.