Cops Per Capita: Who Has The World's Most And Least Concentrated Police Force

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The more the cops, the safer: that's what conventional wisdom says. The contrarian view, of course, is that when police per capita are far above average, there is usually a reason. Or, it the distribution could be just pure noise, depending on how much money can be allocated to police budgets or how prone to cop extortion a given country is. The chart below doesn't provide a definitive answer, with Russia leading the world in most police per 100,000 persons according to the UN and ONS, while Greece and Serbia mark the trailing end. Still, those who would rather avoid police brutality and paying a bribe to corrupt law enforcers, may be urged to avoid the left end of the chart below...

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The population of Monaco is 35,000 people, and they have 515 police officers.

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Think they're talkin bout countries, not city-states. The Vatican probably has you beat.

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Yeap, you're right.


Anyway, other countries have more. Bahamas, Uruguay or Brunei, for example.

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What's interesting is the missing of Jamaica and Brazil which are over the top and highest with police brutal tactics and police extrajudical killings.

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Naw, they're just more roided up than average.  Someone should do the same chart except add the kilos (to make it international) of steroids the cops consume.  The US would be easily in the top 3, if not #1.

I am Chumbawamba.

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Warren v. District of Columbia[1] (444 A.2d. 1, D.C. Ct. of Ap. 1981) is an oft-quoted[2] District of Columbia Court of Appeals (equivalent to a state supreme court) case that held police do not have a duty to provide police services to individuals, even if a dispatcher promises help to be on the way, except when police develop a special duty to particular individuals.

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About a year ago a NYC EMT ....young black woman....basically stepped over a woman in distress in a coffee shop....she was on her break or some such shit....the lady in distress ended up dying....the EMT is still on the job scotfree.


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DeShaney v Wennebago and Castle Rock v Gonzalez are two cases that held similar rulings, but are at the SCOTUS level.  It's the law of the land, boys and girls.  DeShaney was a case where the state knew a kid was being abused and that kid eventually suffered severe brain damage.  Castle Rock was a case where an estranged husband had a restraining order preventing him from unsupervised visits with his kids, he picked them up and took them to an amusement park without the wife knowing anyway, the wife called police multiple times, the husband eventually called the wife and told her that he had the kids, the cops totally blew her off despite the restraining order and multiple calls, and showed up at a police station and went in and was killed when he started shooting at police, who later went out to his truck to find the kids dead in the bed. 

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Data collection flawed....apples/oranges......try adding TSA DHS FBI SHERIFFS DEA NSA  etc etc..........hehehehehehe.......police here are just the new grunts......the real police are the 800,000 NSA boyz watching you everyday

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> 800,000 NSA boyz

Is that a real number?

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It all depends why there is police. In early 80's my brother in law was out of town for a night and my sister with two toddlers felt scarey and alone at home. She called the local police station and they sent two officer to her home. They came with their flask of tea and folding chairs and table and sat all night outside her home in freezing November night till 5am. This was London police

If you are alone and scared at home and a cope comes and shoot you, one is more than enough.

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I think the USDA & Forest service have arrest powers. So does the IRS. Any government agency with a SWAT team. In fact, it isn't how many police per capita, but how many government employees per capita that regulate and control people's lives with a threat of force.

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Rangers are armed. That's just Fed employees. Are State Parks rangers armed with arrest authority as well?

Also some places are replacing/augmenting police with private armed patrols.

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Bahamas yeah,,..we're finally on the map...lot's of murder in Nassau though

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Most individuals don't realize the boot in your face of Fascism is already here. The following is shocking & chilling. Chilling because the MSM would NEVER report.

Ocala, Florida — Charles Craig Broaderick, 41, is charged
with battery, he is accused of slamming the head of DUI suspect James
Duckworth, 33, into a concrete wall while he (Duckworth) was handcuffed.
Broaderick said he did it because Duckworth spit at officers.

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This one tops that I think:

So a mentally ill, unarmed man  is fired upon, at close range by NYPD and THEY MISS and end up wounding 2 innocent bystanders. Who do they prosecute? The  mentally ill unarmed man of course.


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"Manhattan district attorney’s office persuaded a grand jury to charge Mr. Broadnax with assault, a felony carrying a maximum sentence of 25 years. Specifically, the nine-count indictment unsealed on Wednesday said Mr. Broadnax “recklessly engaged in conduct which created a grave risk of death.” “The defendant is the one that created the situation that injured innocent bystanders,” said an assistant district attorney"

Am I taking CRAZY pills?

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To be fair to small countries, you need some cops for this and that regardless of the population so that will make them somewhat top heavy.  Border cops are a good example.  Being on a drug transit route like the Bahamas might have an impact too.

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yes, but this just shows how misleading statistics can be if no context is provided. Monaco's police has way more traffic, visitors and so on to look after than the mere population number suggests. millions visit the place every year

further, how is this police armed? how does it behave? can you compare a SWAT team to some police units you can encounter in Moscow, who are unarmed? or a Venezuelan policemen with a German one?

or just look at Mexico. big differences between the different police units, and you notice that quite fast

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Yeah I live in a mid-sized city in Southern Mexico on SS.  The state police are totally militarized patroling in the back of pick-ups with automatic assault rifles.  There is also a large contingent of essentially traffic police who are unarmed.  I have been living in Mexico for 2.5 years, including over a year in a smallish town driving a 125cc bike with no license plates, and I never have had an unpleasant interaction with any police.

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when you say state police you mean the federales, don't you? btw, methinks that your Italian Police Tanks comment is a bit strange. Italy has municipal police forces (may or may not be armed), state police, military police and financial police. the last two corps have not only tanks, but also warships, military helicopters and so on

but that is not the same like seeing police using tanks in a civilian setting, it's more about having mixed civilian/military uses of the same corps

meanwhile Italians love to see big groups of policemen loitering at the public places. the strangest thing. they miss them if they don't see 'em. once, at a smallish public concert for 2'000 people I counted 500 policemen, all huddled at one corner of the public space. drug dealing and fake fashion selling on the opposite corner

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Little do these modern day Gestapo Fascist know that their pensions have already been accounted / stolen for.

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I try telling them...  Accounting is not a strong suit.  And they want to believe what the government tells them.   A poor combination, IMO.

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<< The population of Monaco is 35,000 people, and they have 515 police officers. >>

You are not counting the tourists! They want to protect their own citizens.


EDIT: I did not see your comment Ghordius before I wrote it. Lot's of Gigolos and jewel thieves around Hotel de Paris

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The reason we have that many police in Belgium is because it takes that many to screw in a lightbulb.

And if you don't wake them up they don't bother you.

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And don't forget Belguim has the largest airforce in the world, pigeons dropping biological weapons on thier own population centers and visitors.

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Doped up pigeons, apparently!

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Monaco=$$$$. The rich just wanna feel safe and protected.

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True. Lots of wealthy Italian ladies dare not wear their valuable jewels in Italy, so they go to Monaco where they can safely flout them night and day.

BTW, Monaco has police tv cameras almost everywhere.

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Cops in Monaco ? Since you got no poors, I don't see what they have to do...

Tips must be great, though.

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No poors in Monaco...but plenty rich expat. crooks

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Damn lies and statistics again.  Skewed by the fact that many countries such as those in Arab countries and Latin America have large numbers of quasi-police forces, hybrids of army and police. Columbia for example bristles with military style uniforms and in Egypt every second person seems to be in uniform. 

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I think DHS is counting on " if you see something, say something" as a stealth police force.  LMAO

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Why isn't the US on that list? Surely we have way too many cops.

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I thought the Vodka salesman was the prominant job in Russia..

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deees vodka.... eees not for sale... i drink

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worth checking with Boris!

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In Russia, vodka drink you.

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You drink the first bottle.... the first bottle drinks the second bottle..... the third bottle drinks you.

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Hookers can't be far behind.

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Damn...the US didn't even make the list...sure seems like we have too many...

I guess it's all because they love pulling me over when I drive the 'weekend car'. 

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My town of 500 population in flyover country just got our first federally funded M1 tank. We're not sure what we're going to do with it. Probably just blow up some crap at the weekend kegger parties.....cause they sent ammo too.


We asked them if they had any 22LR as well.......they didn't.

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One way to look at is is that small towns are becoming the pawns of the Federal Government. Another way to look at it is that small towns everywhere are becoming more security independent and don't need the federal government. Yet ANOTHER way to look at it is that when the federal boot attempts to stamp out a small town they might have to commit a much larger force then before as the town will be armed with military equipment.

If you needed to obtain some military grade hardware in a rush would you prefer it was locked in a military arsenal, or surrounded by chain link behind the local doughnut enthusiast club?

Glass half full, my friends, half full.

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At first glance I liked your hypothesis, then upon further reflection I had to ask myself "would I jump in and drive ONE MIRV or ONE M-1 against a whole platoon of them coming straight at me?  Would anyone else?

I don't think I need to answer that.