Are We Headed For Class Warfare?

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Over the course of the last few years we have vociferously exposed the growing inequalities and divergences between various elements of the status quo society.



With even the President now seemingly inciting class warfare (which as we discussed here and here is becoming an increasingly  new normal "age warfare" issues); we roll out the wayback machine for 150 seconds of clarity from Doug Casey. With roughly half the American people net recipients of government support in some way (and work punished), Casey explains what happens when the entitled elect themselves (as Michael Burry so aptly noted "the party accelerates, and the brutal hangover is inevitable,") and the social and political consequences.


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A class war's about to begin

Elites are embracing their sin

The contract is void

They're getting annoyed

They counted the votes and they win

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Its arguable we have always been at "Class War", just now its quite dire, more so then in the past 50-100 yrs.  And the cycle goes on............

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1000 Sundays.


Obama is not a Muslim

Obama is a Black Liberation Christian (sarc.)

Black Liberation Theology is the brain child of Dr. James Cone.


In order for white people to find true redemption they have to give back what they took

And white people took a lot from black people

~James Cone


Obama is class warfare. He eats, breathes and craps class warfare

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You can call Obama anything you want, but he sure doesn't ACT anything like a Christian.

What he DOES act like is a Muslim, but then again, he also acts like a Marxist, and nobody seems to notice that either.

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Obama is all smoke & mirrors  ...  He elicits both loud boos & cheers  ...  He acts rather strange  And  screams Hope & Change , While ramming it way up our rears .

BigJim's picture

Obama acts like a Muslim? I know some Muslims... I can't think of a single one that would drone a wedding party.

mofreedom's picture

Do you know any of the Muslims on this site?

BigJim's picture

No... but DO I know that our beloved Prezidents Obama and BUsh are responsible for killing many times as many people as any of them. And guess what? They both profess to be... Christians!

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I never voted for either of them and am gravley disapointed in both of their actions both on the domestic and the international front, but when faced with reality...war is a bitch...and I like women.

BigJim's picture

And exactly what 'reality' is that? That if we go around propping up hated dictators, or invading countries, there's going to be some blowback? Not to mention the deaths of hundreds of thousands of the very women you profess to like?

mofreedom's picture

We carpet bombed Germany and nuked Japan and I guarantee you the one's letting those bombs drop had a tear in their eye for the innocent humanity they were killing in the name of their country and for the freedom of future mankind, and if not immediate later on.  Ask a soldier how it feels to suck the life out of one of their targets, if you can get them to talk at all.

Ask a liberal or statist republican how it feels to be a party to sucking the life-blood out of this country and they will reply:  I'm feelin pretty darn good with what I got.  How you doin?

We hate war, because we have been to war!!!

BigJim's picture

 We carpet bombed Germany and nuked Japan and I guarantee you the one's letting those bombs drop had a tear in their eye for the innocent humanity they were killing in the name of their cuntry and freedom for future mankind, and if not immediate, later on.  Ask a soldier how it feels to suck the life out of one of their targets.

I'm not sure what point you're making here... Japan and Germany were aggressors (I might add that most of the top brass didn't think nuking Hiroshima and Nagasaki were necessary; and Dresden, for that matter).

In this war on terrrrrr, we're the aggressors... so I'm guessing what you're saying is that you feel the Al-Qaeda operatives are probably full of regrets when they kill innocent people in their war against us, the aggressor? Interesting! I hadn't thought of that, well done for empathising with and humanising the enemy. Yeah, maybe you're right.

mofreedom's picture

A "coked" up Jap or a Hitler lovin Jew killer or a vagina mutiliating muslim could never cry over their acts, as per their God, beacuse they are uber-religious, the irreligious who forget about the individual.

American religious always say:  forgive me for my sins...and try to do better...but we are being constantly in we are the bear...just fucking leav us started it we finish it.

We didn't start the damn fight!!!

But qwe must end it!!!!!!

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 We didn't start the damn fight

Lulz. I suggest you look up Operation Ajax as an example of something we didn't start... or the sanctions on Iraq that led to the deaths of some 500,000 Arab kids... or our endless material and diplomatic support for Israel as they wipe out the rightful claimants to Palestine... or our support for our various OPEC satraps across the Middle East so they'll keep demanding USD for oil...

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Lulz. I suggest you look up Operation Ajax as an example of something we didn't start...

Aaaaaagh, help me! The truth, it burns! It burns!

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The U.S. bought the allegiance of the Iranian military for $1 million. The Mosaddegh coup resulted in a few hundred casualties. The Shah got the backing of the clergy because he reverted from his father's western modernizations, i.e., the women went back under the veil.

The Iraq War has killed under 150,000 civilians. The Paki's and Afghani's are not Arab.

The wrongs above pale in comparison to those hundreds of millions killed in Muslim conquest in the last 1400 years — devoured by political jihad.

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I would say Japan and Germany were responding to aggression.

Ie. strangling trade sanctions and the Treaty of Versaille

US had foreknowledge of Pearl Harbour attack and Germany had a strong central bank and industry trying to get out from under the impossible treaty of Versailles.

I'm not saying Hitler was a good guy, but he was financed largely by Wall Street.

Watch "All wars are bankers wars" for a brief synopsis.

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"The aggressor is always a man of peace." -- Clauswitz

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I understand the comment is a joke ... and a good one.


On the other hand, bullshit.

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Maybe there were no weddings on 9/11 in the towers, just 15,000 innocent people.

BigJim's picture

15,000 innocent people, huh? Did you know that according to OUR rules of engagement, because there were militarily-related organisations in those towers, those innocent people are all just acceptable collateral damage? Like the hundreds of thousands of innocent people 'Christians' have killed in the last decade, fighting terrism?

Ident 7777 economy's picture

Just so you know, BJ. I down-voted everyone of your 'truther' posts, as did a few other clear-thinking individuals  ...

akarc's picture

Just thought I would interject with WTC Building 7. Google it!

BigJim's picture

Yeah, WT7 is a real eye-opener... but for the sake of clarity I'm sticking to the official script with these bozos.

Keyser's picture

Then for the sake of clarity, the official 9/11 story has as many holes in it as the Warren Commission findings. In other words, we can't trust anything that comes from our own government. We have met the enemy and he is us. 

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Yeah. How could anyone believe a communist would shoot a rabidly anti communist JFK? Certainly not the left in the USA. They thought communism was a ok and that tax cutting, pro American, JFK was somehow one of theirs. They lost their minds over it. Unpossible that communists killed their guy.

Unpossible that designated victims of US arrogant imperialist earth raping blah blah blah could have hijacked airliners with box cutters and flew them into buildings. Victims of America are good, ergo it had to be false flag operators, illooneynaughties, rothschilds etc.

The left are delusional.

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Yeah. Oops. I left my stove on too long and it turned into grey dust.

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Only because their dead-end, murderous death cult does not allow for progress beyond the 6th century, including the development of drones.

BigJim's picture

Every polity gets hijacked by sociopathic scumbags. If the dominant civilisation (I use that word loosely) happened to be Muslim, then yes, I can see a Muslim-branded jackboot doing exactly what our 'Christian'-branded jackboot is doing now - crushing anyone who dares resist its global march. And if an atheist civilisation happened to be dominant (say, the Soviet Union) then it would be an atheist jackboot.

This Islamophobia is fucking stupid. YOU are fucking stupid. Have you read the Bible lately? Most of it is eye-for-an-eye Hebrew warmongering.

Do I want to live in a Muslim country? No. Does the corollary mean that if we don't prop up their dictators and drone their wedding parties, they're gonna invade us, and you won't be allowed to sink a brewski? No, diskhead, it does not.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

You would really do yourself a favor if you would stop believing all the pro-Muslim propaganda and actually take a hard look at Islam for what it is: a bloodthirsty, nihilistic political cult wrapped in the clothing of religion.

This is a great place to start, assuming you actually want to inform yourself:

my_nym's picture

believing all the pro-Muslim propaganda and actually take a hard look at Islam for what it is: a bloodthirsty, nihilistic political cult wrapped in the clothing of religion.

Sounds like Talmudism and the political cult of Zionism.  

Judaism Discovered: A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit

But with one key difference, Islamists don't own a controlling interest in the American Talmudic/Masonic banking system located on 33rd Liberty Street.  Nor do they have dual citizens in Congress that can work to send Team America, World Police off to try to find WMDs in everyone's underpants.  (But not the Israelis.. i.e. the people that actually have an illegal nuclear weapons program and so forth.)     

It's true, Muslim peasants want to cut people's heads off and Islam justifies* open forms of violence.  (As opposed to the Talmud, where it's usually cloaked.)  That's why they're useful to the intelligence services that serve our oligarchs.  At least until something goes wrong, as with the Boston boys... the Russians finally caught on and did something about Operation Cyclone redux.  Only took them 30 years or so.  A little slow there.  A little slow with their penetration of the media too.

*Islamic and Talmudic interpretations vary... yet people incorporated in those traditions keep doing the same thigns over and over again.  So apparently they don't vary much.  Apparently it's kind of hard to interpret "cut their heads off" or "lend to each other without interest but to the goyim, with interest" away. 

lewy14's picture

Hey - buckaroo - me to you - 

I lost a decade of my life arguing with trolls of his ilk on the interwebs.

Don't make my mistake.

(Unless you really, really enjoy it.)

BigJim's picture

You mean that after an entire decade of having your ass handed to you on a plate, you still didn't change your mind?


Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Are you kidding? Muslims love killing other Muslims. It's what they do when they aren't killing Christians, or Hindus, or Buddhists, get the idea.

mofreedom's picture

A sad, sad, sad, fact of life that we gotta deal with lest they deal with us first.

Religion of Peace my tukis!!!

Adahy's picture

"A sad, sad, sad, fact of life that we gotta deal with lest they deal with us first."

Get them fefore they get us...very Christian behavior.  /sarc

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

Christians are even more bloodthirsty. Lest we not forget the crusades and every century forward where Christians slaughtered in the name of their silly god.

mofreedom's picture

How long ago was that???  And frankly they were fighting a hell of a lot of Muslims back then who were slicing the heads of little girls who liked to fly kites.

Keep running west until you fall into the ocean and sink like a stone.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

I included every century after the crusades because they never run out of people to kill in the name of Jesus. Now go back to rubbing your small cock with a worn copy of the constitution.

mofreedom's picture

I wish I was as up to snuff on the Constitution as you make me out to be.

Peace be with you.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Wow, you don't know the first thing about history or Christianity. U mad bro?

BigJim's picture

You're confused, B7GRs! When Christians kill people, they're not really Christians! Or... maybe they are... but they're killing people despite their professed religion! Or the people who get killed really, REALLY deserve it. So it doesn't count.

mofreedom's picture

Big Jim, are you from Minnesota?

I believe in self-defense.

I love me, and my family and my countrymen.

BigJim's picture

Let me see now... the invasion of Iraq was... self defense? Or Afghanistan? Or Viet Nam?

BTW - it's quite possible to love yourself, your family, and your 'country' - whatever the hell that means - without supporting our empire.

PS - I'm not from Minnesota. Why? Do people from Minnesota dislike warmongering?

mofreedom's picture

I believe so, but I would have turned their deserts into glass factories and not played with Barbies there like Bush did, unnecessarily risking the lives of US treasure.

MN is full of Muslims who hate gays (in here: and spit all over our sidewalks and not to mention rich white libs who brag about wanting to pay for a better MN but never do.

BigJim's picture

You 'believe so'? But you wish Bush had incinerated tens of millions of Iraqis??? Is this because you're i) a 'Christian'? ii) a psychopath?, or iii) one of those credulous souls who think Saddam 'had something to do with 911'?

If it's the latter, you are woefully misinformed. But even if Saddam had somehow been behind 911... why would it be OK to kill millions of the people unfortunate to be born within the boundaries of his police state, who had absolutely nothing to do with it? Is it because the religion of peace - Christianity - told you it's all an eye-for-an-eye? If that's the case... seeing as 2,977 Americans died on 911... shouldn't we kill 'just' 2,977 of them? And who is 'them' exactly? Given that all 19 of the attackers died on the day, who are the other 2,956 we need to kill? Will any old Muslim do?

BTW - I would NEVER offer to 'pay for a better MN', irrespective of how much money I had, so no worries for you there.

mofreedom's picture

None of the above.

We'll have to agree to agree that we're all gonna die some day by some hand, so let's have fun while we're alive.

No Bama.

BigJim's picture

Wow, I can't think of a single counter-argument to that one; you got me.