Two Injured In Colorado School Shooting, Shooter Deceased - Live Webcast

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Update: the shooter, who was a student at the highschool, is reported to have been killed as a result of a self-inflicted shot. Additionally according to the Sheriff, the student was interested in confronting specific teacher in Arapahoe High School

Another day, another school shooting. In a flashback to the Columbine tragedy, moments ago news broke that there were two people injured during an incident at Arapahoe High School in the 2200 block of East Dry Creek Road in Centennial, Colorado. According to Colorado's 9news, Police are calling it an "active shooter situation." No one is in custody at this time. The identity of the victims is not being released at this time. Arapahoe High School is a part of Littleton Public Schools. There are 70 different classrooms in the high school which covers a 254,000-square-foot area. There are 2,229 students that attend the high school. The school was built in 1964.

More from RT:

 The Denver Post reported at around 1:00 p.m. local time on Friday afternoon that the Arapahoe County dispatched confirmed that a shooting occurred at the Arapahoe High School.


Students heard multiple shots coming from the cafeteria, Post reporter Ryan Parker posted on Twitter from the scene shortly after. “Everyone ran out of the school,” he said, and the shooter — allegedly another student — may have also been shot.  

Live webcast from CBS:

CBS Denver Live Stream

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Colorado anti-gun legislators were under intense pressure and needed some help.  My sincere sympathy for any innocent victims.

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Yep, and the kenyan in chief will make one of his useless speeches in... 3-2-1

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When was the last time we heard about a school shooting in another country again?

I guess this is happening because there is not enough guns around. If everybody had a gun, including students at school, everybody would be safe, right?

If only they had guns, those grade 1 from Newton would have been able to defend themselves... /s

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WHAT A COINCIDENCE that this happens a day before the Newtown anniversary !

Skateboarder's picture

It's like an annual ritual at this piont.

Stackers's picture

J-Cool was skeeze'n on T-Dawg's girl and had to be taught some respect ?

InjectTheVenom's picture

what a perfectly-timed distraction from (phony scandal) Selfie-gate !

Lore's picture

The question every reporter needs to ask is: "What psychotropic medication was prescribed for the shooter?"

mkkby's picture

Quick, be the first reporter to find out what video games he played, or how he was bullied by someone.

It can't possibly be that kids are being brought up in a degenerate society...  /sarc:

- No parents at home

- Rule of law a sick joke

- Everything you've been told is a lie

- Spying and militarization of police

- Corp/banker take over of everything with no hope of a decent job.

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He shot himself, just like Fuddy did.  Wait....

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I live about 1/2 mile from 'Rape a Hoe'. Tons of helicopters overhead. So far no drones.

Pray for the victims.

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keep your eyes peeled for the sandy hook/boston marathon crisis acting team members...

johnQpublic's picture

600,000 folks went hunting in my state this year

all hunters had guns

no one was killed

its not the fault of the guns, its certain individual people

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·         What meds was he on?

·         What kind of “up-bringing” did he get?

·         At least he was considerate enough to use a weapon of Joe Biden’s preferred caliber (but likely not a two-shot)..-- wait for the calls to ban any pump or semi-auto shotgun.

(People don’t kill people – guns knives, bats, meat cleavers and autonomous drones kill people)


Citxmech's picture

What's the reason the NSA trolls "World of Warcraft" again?

(grooming the next shooter perhaps?)

SMG's picture

OOO look another another coincidence, oh and surprise he was set up by the FBI who had him under constant surveilence.

The NSA was right any one of us could be a lone wolf, they need to spy on all of us, all the time.

Thanks goodness for the all seeing eye of love.



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The City of Centennial is a Home Rule City located in Arapahoe County, Colorado, United States, and part of the Denver-Aurora metropolitan area. The city had a total population of 100,377 in 2010 census.[3] Centennial is the tenth-most populous municipality in the state of Colorado and its 2001 incorporation was the largest in U.S. history. Centennial is ranked as the 15th safest[5] city in the country.


Colorado is a heavy occult State...among other things, look inside their ariport and the bizzare paintings, the state crests/seals/flags, etc...


Look at the State seal...'see' anything familiar, any occult symbols?



Remember, 'they' symbolize with dates/numerology, astrology and sacred geometry.

The Merovingian's picture

Are you drunk?  Oh wait, never mind ... 

BLOTTO's picture

Nope, just reading the Colorado State motto, "Nothing without the Deity"


'A marker stone in the terminal reads the airport was funded by The New World Airport Commission.'


Have a cup of coffee and do some research, watch out for the rabbit hole...

Vampyroteuthis infernalis's picture

Blotto, I would junk you twice if I could.

The Merovingian's picture

No worries here Blotto .. O'Blunder says if you like your conspiracy theories, you can keep them ...

Husk-Erzulie's picture

Yeah man,

I, for one, think it's complete coincidence that The Eye of Horus appears frikking everywhere in US pop culture, state institutions and religion.  It's just decoration, like polka dots or plaid.  Random, means nothing.  Go back to sleep.

Jam's picture

Wow, never noticed the wacky murals and such. That is weird, thanks for posting.

Billy Sol Estes's picture

Might as well make it a national holiday and create a tradition of gifting loved ones to go with it.That will create buying oppurtunities for retail and JOBS JOBS JOBSSSS

icanhasbailout's picture

Or it could be happening because the last FUD injection is wearing off...

nmewn's picture

Government schools are a free kill zone by law.

But I can tell you, in my little town, his first shot would be his last, despite the law.

WOAR's picture

Since when do we hear about crimes in a foreign country, period? It may seem odd, but Americans don't follow the crazy stabbings that go on in other countries as much as those other countries follow our shootings.

I guess guns are just more exciting once they've been taken away.

Fortunate Fool's picture

Or maybe it's because school shootings happen only in the US? coincidence?

Fedaykinx's picture

you're either a troll, or a moron.  maybe both.  either way, go fuck yourself.  dipshit.

Fortunate Fool's picture

Your very articulated and well argumented comment has greatly contributed to this discussion. Thank you.

Lore's picture

You did ask for it.  The post was ignorant.

Fortunate Fool's picture

Exaggerated, maybe, ignorant, surely not.

When it comes to school shootings, the US is in its own league...

For the world:

And for the US:


But hey, why let the facts get in the way? I've heard guns don't kill people. I've also heard bread-makers don't bake breads.

SunRise's picture

Why are you so angry at an inanimate instrument while ignoring the 20+ children killed in scary auto accidents this past week?

Fortunate Fool's picture

Well, imagine if that Adam Lanza only had a knife at his disposal (or anything that is not primarly designed to kill), how many grade one kids do you think he would have been able to kill? Same rethorical question about that fucked up guy from Virginia Tech?

pods's picture

So you are angry with the number?  Shouldn't ONE life be worth something?

If so, then hammers, scissors, golf clubs, cars, axes, forks, and a host of other things should be banned.

Want to ban guns?  Go ahead and repeal the 2nd amendment, THEN make a law that does so.

If not, STFU.


OneTinSoldier66's picture

If it is guns that kill people, then it is pens, pencils, and keyboards that misspell words.

Citxmech's picture

Imagine if the Cambodians/Jews/Native Americans/Chinese/Armenians/Gypsies etc. etc. were well-armed around the time they were being murdered by the millions.

Yes - the 2nd Amendment has a collateral cost - but it's protection is a net benefit to society - or so the Founders believed.

If you don't like it - get to work on amending the fucking Constitution.

nmewn's picture

"Well, imagine if that Adam Lanza only had a knife at his disposal..."

Adam Lanza was insane and on prescribed medication.

And Columbine, have you looked at those kids mental history and what "legal" drugs they were on? I didn't think so. In fact, most school shootings are committed by people either seeing a shrink or on mind altering (prescribed) drugs...or both.

Here ya go, since you've obviously wandered over here from HuffPo in search of enlightement:

31 School shooters/school related violence committed by those under the influence of psychiatric drugs

Take it back over there and spread it among the "progressive" one trick ponies, maybe they'll quit shooting themselves in the foot on this topic.

You're welcome...but this is the only time I'll work for freeee!..from here on, out it'll cost you ;-)

Tall Tom's picture

No problem. I will teach the Children how to make Hand Grenades. Besides they are far more lethal. They are easy to make and do not require registration.


Look at the FRAGGUcino Mark II


I like the Diethyl Ether and Petroleum Distillates in the Automotive Starting Fluid much better than Axe Deodorant. It makes for a much more impactful event.


Furthermore I can teach them to use a Double Jacketed PVC Pipe with Buckshot in between the two walls as they are not restricted to the items available after the TSA Molestation before boarding the Aircraft.



Tell me...Just who needs a Gun. Hell those types of devices are a lot cheaper than a gun.


Keep on posting your Anti-Gun rhetoric. It inspires me, Government Troll. It is not against the law to teach.

Husk-Erzulie's picture

Fer cryin' out loud dude.  If Adam Lanza wanted to kill and maim a bunch of people so badly he could have done a very efficient job wielding his mothers Camry in the parking lot.  Was, or was not, the AR used in the shooting anyway?  The GE corporatized war shills at MSNBS are still pitching it as an asault rifle shooting yet it seems the weapon in question was in the trunk of the car?  Therefore the kid really exhibited expert shooting by taking out 26 people with two medium caliber handguns?  It still seems unclear.  Meanwhile, the cynical attempt to politicize whatever did actually happen failed miserably anyway... yet another O-bongwater success (thank God, and those citizens who got off their asses and wrote and called their congress creatures, that idiot was not allowed to lead us into ww3).

</minor rant>

Agstacker's picture

How many kids were killed by government drones last year around the world?  I'll give you a hint, it's more than Adam Lanza, and I don't even believe the MSM story about him.  Google crisis actors.

Dollar Bill Hiccup's picture

Imagine if Hitler only had a knife and the Jews were armed ...

pods's picture

Well technically it is the bullet that kills a person, not the gun.

And ovens bake bread, bakers merely put the dough in there.


FeralSerf's picture

Technically it's the cardiac arrest that kills a person.

Outlaw cardiac arrest (except possibly for bankers and politicians).

pods's picture

Very true.  I always wondered why there are all these other causes of death when basically every dies due to cardiac arrest.


FeralSerf's picture

Like many other so-called "answers" in these troubled times, it's to confuse and distract.

Many death certificates state "cardiac arrest" as the cause of death. Why do the need an expensive MD to say that? We (or a rubber stamp) could do just as well and maybe cheaper too.