Goldman's Top 100 Charts Of 2013 - Part 2

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On Friday we presented the first part of Goldman's Top 100 Charts of 2013. Among the themes presented were the interweaving links between key investment themes, and the implications of these for companies, sectors and countries. They include the widening disparity in relative energy costs, the rising cost of growth in emerging markets, the increasing ubiquity of technology in most sectors, the disruptive technologies that are changing how things are made and consumed, the growing influence of governments, and also, the twin challenges of fewer jobs and longer lives. Below we present the second half of the best charts of 2013.

The size and influence of governments is rising


A taxing subject


Tracking the habits of global consumers


Fast food is a global phenomenon


Dominance takes many shapes


...and so does disruption


Ill gotten gains?


The geography and nature of conflicts are changing


Going places




Some market charts


On a parting note, did you know…


For reference

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Dick Clark has nothing on the Vampire Squid.

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Ok, so I gotta ask... Is this the Muppet Material or is this The Squid's reeeeeal stuff? Either way, I get screwed right?

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Don't show me charts, just tell me what they are selling!

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Looks like GS is slipping. They are headquartered in NYC and they couldn't catch the error that NYC has never had 17 million people or even 12 million people like their chart shows. I wonder how much bad info the rest of their charts have.