NSA Official: "I Have Some 'Reforms' For The First Amendment"

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Submitted by Michael Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog,

Here’s an article by Daniel Drezner, a professor of international politics at Tufts University and a contributing editor to Foreign Policy. He recently spent a day at the NSA’s headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. As you might expect, some interesting tidbits came from the mouths of some of these control-freak statists. One truly unenlightened official seemed to hold the press in particular disregard and stated: “I have some reforms for the First Amendment.”  I’m quite certain he has some reforms in mind for the 4th Amendment as well…

Once again I ask, if they hold the U.S. Constitution and civil rights in such disdain; what exactly are they protecting us from?

From Foreign Policy:

For an organization that is so efficient at amassing data intended to be kept secret, the National Security Agency seemed surprisingly clumsy in accepting data that was volunteered to them. I’d emailed the bits and pieces of my personal data necessary to be cleared for access to the agency’s headquarters in Fort Meade a week before the scheduled visit, with zero response. As it turns out, an NSA server has crashed, they told me, creating havoc with some email accounts. This sort of hiccup humanizes the agency, though it also raises questions about their vulnerability.


The NSA’s biggest strategic communications problem, however, is that they’ve been so walled off from the American body politic that they have no idea when they’re saying things that sound tone-deaf. Like expats returning from a long overseas tour, NSA staffers don’t quite comprehend how much perceptions of the agency have changed. The NSA stresses in its mission statement and corporate culture that it “protects privacy rights.” Indeed, there were faded banners proclaiming that goal in our briefing room. Of course, NSAers see this as protecting Americans from foreign cyber-intrusions. In a post-Snowden era, however, it’s impossible to read that statement without suppressing a laugh.


The NSA’s attitude toward the press is, well, disturbing. There were repeated complaints about the ways in which recent reportage of the NSA was warped or lacking context. To be fair, this kind of griping is a staple of officials across the entire federal government. Some of the NSA folks went further, however. One official accused some media outlets of “intentionally misleading the American people,” which is a pretty serious accusation. This official also hoped that the Obama administration would crack down on these reporters, saying, “I have some reforms for the First Amendment.” I honestly do not know whether that last statement was a joke or not. Either way, it’s not funny.

If that’s what they are willing to say when a professor is around, just imagine what they say behind closed doors…

Full article here.

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starfcker's picture

sorry i'm late to the party. is this where i sign up for FEMA camp?                                                                                                                                                  edit:    they aren't really watching you, but they can make you think they are......... er, wait, maybe they really are. fuck you NSA traitorous pieces of shit. and thank you mr. snowden. don't ever let it be said one man can't make a difference.

Tall Tom's picture

Yeah...If you are stupid enough to allow your capture...yeah. You are signed up. You are not too late to the party.


Are you really afraid of those fucks? They already know that they will have to kill me.


I am not afraid to die. I pray for Death every single day during every waking moment.


There is NOTHING on this Planet that I want. It is one big fucking LIE. Most of it is a fucking lie straight from the depths of Hell.


No. I do not have any fear of Death. I embrace it. I crave it.


After you get to this state of mind then you are truly free. You just do not care all that much for living.


So you can take risks and live instead of exist to give service on your knees, or, bend over and invite them to shove it in. That is not life but a Hellish existence.


Perhaps I ought to publish the U.S. AEC's "Obsevered Data on High Density Plutonium Cores in Extreme Geometry"??? LMAO


The afterlife will be much better for those whom Jesus knows. You do not choose. He makes the choice. I have the Blind Faith that I am one of the chosen. But that is where I am exercising "Religion"


While I can prove God's existence I cannot prove that I am one of those whom are chosen. In fact I can more easily demonstrate that I am NOT one of the chosen as I am a horrible sinner.


But then there is the concept of Grace.


I'd be damned if I were God. I would damn myself to Hell because I do not deserve Heaven...at all.

Judge Crater's picture

The sad part is that most of these NSA drones think they have a career there for the rest of their lives, unable to read the handwriting on the wall.  Just as with the jobs space scientists working for NASA had at Cape Canaveral, the NSA jobs will be going poof in the near future.  NASA is out of the space race, with no more shuttles or launch facilities in Florida.  Most of the NSA drones will see their jobs replaced by computers and algorithms.  For reference purposes, in 1926 Warner Bros. introduced a synchronized music sound track (on Vitaphone discs) for its release of the movie "Don Juan."  Within 5 years, almost all the 25,000 musicians who had jobs providing musical accompaniment in movie theaters permanently lost their jobs.  In the 1970s, ADP automated a lot of the payroll work for small businesses, so that the businesses no longer needed the part time bookkeepers they all used to employ. New technology that cuts costs wipes out many jobs.  The massive hiring of computer personnel by contractors working for the NSA is relatively new, something that occurred in the past 15 years.  Most of those new hires would have been laid off in the next few years as the U.S. government runs out of money, the national credit card has been maxed out by the thieves in Washington, D.C.  Thanks to Snowden, the RIFs will take place sooner.

Metal Minded's picture

....the national credit card has been maxed out by the 'bought and paid for' in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the thieves in the Wall St Banks, Brokerage Houses, and Fortune 500 Transnational Corporations.

Identify the real problem or you will never solve it.

sethstorm's picture

That is precisely why Snowden's own existence is likely to be RIF'd. 

rp1's picture

I have some reforms for the first amendment too.  It must be reaffirmed and made absolute.  No state secrets.  The NSA can kiss my ass.

monad's picture

Damn straight the media is criminal. Don't reform the 1st amendment, use it. Start NSA Leaks - Remedial News on the nsa home page. The truth will set you free.

The Heart's picture

Good ol Dave Hodges is does a really cool radio show on some network somewhere.

He should do a -tube channel to get is word out also.

Here are a few reforming articles to peruse...just for fun.




ebworthen's picture

I have a reform for his worthless head, as in separated from his body.

"Give me Liberty or give me death."

That's for you m'fuckin' NSA.

Terrorists?  Yeah right.


p.s. - Second Amendment, backpack, pressure cooker, Super Bowl, Abdul, package, C4, AK 47, rounds, explosives, evade, American Imperialists, White House, Congress, Capitol, Wall Street, Stock Market, crash.

MarcusLCrassus's picture

Call your congressman and tell them to de-fund the NSA.


Maybe about 10-20% per year, each year, in perpetuity.  It doesn't matter how big that secret data center they have in Utah is if they can't even pay the power bills. 


THIS is the NSA's achilles heel.  Hit them where it hurts. 

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

The budget already passed. 

In a couple of years, you can try this strategy.

fiftybagger's picture

Too bad you people can't comprehend the implications of strong crypto.  FYI Bitcoin 650.

The Bitcoin Channel

Kina's picture

I wish Bitcoin all the best, and when it has been through its proving process will happily use it.

Kina's picture

The Military and NSA will not be satisified until there are no people in the USA except soldiers under their command and subject to their orders.


To be a civilian in the USA is to be an enemy of the NSA and of the Military.

falak pema's picture

A walk through history and why the Matrix has to adapt the new constitutional Normal to the new global REALPOLITIK meme. 

What is the vision of the new socio-political frontier that US INCEPTION bequeathed to the world ?

It is this : We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

It is this uniquely novel principle that heralded the emergence of a bottom up democratic world construct; giving it its universal  legitimacy in the west; a dated vision that is now INCOMPATIBLE with the new global Oligarchy normal. The hugely financialised  and outsourced capitalist leveraged NWO, scions of the new aristocracy, want to impose on humanity a new set of rules.

Simple as that :  "All men are not created equal...they have no unalienable rights..." Period. This has to be the starting point : undoing the Jeffersonian declaration of Independence right from its foundation! As GWB said : Its just a piece of paper! 

As the game is played globally, all humanity cannot benefit from a constitutional suit taylored for a small coherent community of 13 fledgling states. 

How do we move the consensus view to this new normal which will guide the global village age?

That is the new political adventure of this new age! And the spin doctors will be hard at it now to define in an amended constitution the contours of this new normal!  Reality calls and paper virtuality, even seemingly sacred, has to follow!

So how does this new world Oligarchy set about changing that reality?

A walk through history shows us how a real politik construct works ever since Machiavelli wrote his treatise "The PRince". He showed it to the world, in the midst of a cataclysmic value change : the demise of feudality and catholic church, the rise of nation state rulers.

 "The end justifies the means" realpolitik meme that he annunciated will henceforth prevail and pervade; making political honesty a thing of the past.

"Read my lips" will become a sick joke, as each Prince will do exactly the opposite of what he spoke to achieve his temporal aims. Two trends inherent in Humanistic Renaissance will facilitate this reset :

a) The intemporal constraint of divine consequence for one's acts having died with the demise of Pope's unquestioned spiritual hegemony in the West, man's ego is liberated from afterlife fear.

b) Gutenberg's press generalised dissemination of knowledge and the enlightenment meme of Renaissance contributing to this awesome cultural change of moral mindset that will shake western civilization to its roots.

"We truly are what we do" as Aristotle said, and now we can do what we like provided we use REASON of STATE to justify it. We hide behind the Grand scheme of things to justify compatibility of 'exceptionnal usage' of controlling top down state logic for the glory of its elites with hypocritically avowed and 'inalterable' "bottom up", "we the people" meme. As the American revolution and the French revolution; in an interval of ten years;  will cast in stone stated in their respective constitutions, enacted by their social fermentation, that people's democracy and nation state republic are the way to go towards the future. As follow up to the velvet revolution of Oligarchical and royalist Britain of the previous century. What is cast in stone can be circumvented by elitist sleight of hand! 

Here again the Machivellian principle has taught the silversmiths of nation state logic to hammer in the construct of how a double agenda is ALWAYS used : one to present to the people, one to present to the elites; the latter the true agenda of power sharing which makes reason of state work! 

How is this power construct articulated?   Wait and see in my next post as I'm out of breath! 
Czar of Defenestration's picture

The article has tin-foil conspiracy wrapped around it.

"One official accused some media outlets of “intentionally misleading the American people,” which is a pretty serious accusation."

Well...yeah...but I make the same "accusation" about the so-called mainstream media every day.

Either stick to facts, or go with science fiction, Mr. Krieger and Prof. Drezner.

steveo77's picture

Activism --- Do whatever it takes

NRC is forced by a court to accept public comment on how they are handling spent fuel.    It is simple to comment on this.   The direct link to the comment form is right here.   No searching around, no tricky Docket numbers.

Do it today.   Deadline is the 20th Dec.   And drop a comment here and your confirmation number.


22winmag's picture

Freedom of Speech. Yeah... just watch what you say.




"Freedom Of Speech" (1989)

A-yo Ice, man. I'm working on this term paper for college. What's the First Amendment?

[Verse 1]
Freedom of Speech, that's some motherfuckin' bullshit
You say the wrong thing, they'll lock your ass up quick
The FCC says "Profanity - No Airplay"?
They can suck my dick while I take a shit all day
Think I give a fuck about some silly bitch named Gore?
Yo PMRC, here we go, raw
Yo Tip, what's the matter? You ain't gettin' no dick?
You're bitchin' about rock'n'roll, that's censorship, dumb bitch
The Constitution says we all got a right to speak
Say what we want Tip, your argument is weak
Censor records, TV, school books too
And who decides what's right to hear? You?
Hey PMRC, you stupid fuckin' assholes
The sticker on the record is what makes 'em sell gold
Can't you see, you alcoholic idiots
The more you try to suppress us, the larger we get

[Verse 2]
(You have the right to remain silent)
Fuck that right! I want the right to talk
I want the right to speak, I want the right to walk
Where I wanna, yell and I'm gonna
Tell and rebel every time I'm on a
Microphone on the stage cold illin'
The knowledge I drop will be heard by millions
We ain't the problems, we ain't the villains
It's the suckers deprivin' the truth from our children
You can't hide the fact, Jack
There's violence in the streets every day, any fool can recognise that
But you try to lie and lie
And say America's some motherfuckin' apple pie Yo, you gotta be high to believe that
You're gonna change the world by a sticker on a record sleeve
Cos once you take away my right to speak
Everybody in the world's up shit creek

[Verse 3]
Let me tell you about down south
Where a motherfucker might as well not even have a mouth
Columbus, Georgia, said they'd lock me up
If I got on the stage in my show and said "Fuck"
So I thought for a minute and said "No,
I wasn't even gonna do a damned show"
Cos for me to change my words from my rhymes
Is never gonna happen cos there's no sell outs on mine
But I vowed to get those motherfuckers one day
They even arrested Bobby Brown and Cool J
Yo, they got their's comin', cos I'm mad and I'm gunnin'
Homeboys, and there's no runnin'
I'm gonna tell you how I feel about you
No bull, no lies, no slack, just straight fact
Columbus, Georgia, you can suck my dick
You ain't nothin' but a piece of fuckin' shit on the damned map

[Verse 4]
Freedom of Speech, let 'em take it from me
Next they'll take it from you, then what you gonna do?
Let 'em censor books, let 'em censor art
PMRC, this is where the witch hunt starts
You'll censor what we see, we read, we hear, we learn
The books will burn
You better think it out
We should be able to say anything, our lungs were meant to shout
Say what we feel, yell out what's real
Even though it may not bring mass appeal
Your opinion is yours, my opinion is mine
If you don't like what I'm sayin'? Fine
But don't close it, always keep an open mind
A man who fails to listen is blind
We only got one right left in the world today
Let me have it or throw The Constitution away

[Outro (Jello Biafra)]
What they're trying to do with radio, with this, uh, McCarran-Walter
Act and a lot of other ways, is start by saying that they're
protecting the public from wicked rock bands, or girlie magazines, or
whatever. But, if you follow the chain of dominoes that falls down,
what they're really trying to do is shut off our access to information itself.

If they can't do it by law they know there's other ways to do it.
kill switch's picture

Freedom of Speech. Yeah... just watch what you say.


steveo77's picture

Activism --- Do whatever it takes

NRC is forced by a court to accept public comment on how they are handling spent fuel.    It is simple to comment on this.   The direct link to the comment form is right here.   No searching around, no tricky Docket numbers.

Do it today.   Deadline is the 20th Dec.   And drop a comment here and your confirmation number.


firstdivision's picture

While we rail against the NSA, how come no one is grabbing pitchforks and torches to head down to the ISP/Telecom's companies that have been collecting and storing the data for the NSA?

steveo77's picture

Because they would shut off your Iphone

Jethro's picture

Valid question. And, just like the Nazi concentration camp guard's argument, they are "just doing their job".   It didn't keep the camp guards from swinging from a rope at the end of the day, and the outcome will be no different this time. That is why I keep saying that this will all end in bloodshed.  

Once the path is laid bare, and who collaborated with whom is exposed, the very infrastructure the government set in place to spy on the citizens will be used to track down the people running the show now.  An angry mob will not care, or make the distinction between a bank teller, and CEO, or between and IRS bureaucrat and a political appointee. There is no army, no police force large enough to protect the personnel and infrastructure from a population bent on protecting what remains of their civil liberties, and setting the ship aright once more. All it will take is a spark. Kipling's poem was right, when this giant awakens again, there will be no remorse, no pity and no quarter given.

It was not part of their blood, it came to them very late, with long arrears to make good, when the Saxon began to hate.

They were not easily moved, they were icy – willing to wait til every count should be proved, ere the Saxon began to hate.

Their voices were even and low.  Their eyes were level and straight.  There was neither sign nor show, when the Saxon began to hate.

It was not preached to the crowd.  It was not taught by the state.  No man spoke it aloud when the Saxon began to hate.

It was not suddenly bred.  It will not swiftly abate.  Through the chilled years ahead, when time shall count from the date that the Saxon began to hate."

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

So, ... we are waiting for mob rule to fix things?


Jethro's picture

The ballot box isn't working, the soap box isn't working either, so that just leaves the ammo box. The last thing in the world I want is for that to happen, but this is the writing on the wall I see. I'm no advocate of violence or overthrowing the government, but the government is taking away civil liberties of a free people by one bureaucratic decree at a time. The process is broken, we won't be allowed the luxury of the 10th amendment and self rule. We will be pushed into a corner, our meager wealth, and eventually our will to work and succeed will be withered away until there is nothing left to lose, then a spark will ignite an inferno. I have kids, I was also an infantryman in a line unit in the USMC. I know the hell that just a few infantrymen can unleash, and I fear for the safety of my kids in such an environment. I fear a dictatorship more.

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

You get both.


First comes the dictatorship, then the revolution.  There will be no revolution without much more oppression.

Dictatorship naturally arises out of democracy, and the most aggravated form of tyranny and slavery out of the most extreme liberty.


It sucks to be your kids.

sethstorm's picture

In a post-Snowden era, however, it’s impossible to read that statement without suppressing a laugh.

The problem is that the NSA is right.   Until we have a mass of Snowdens that uncover for all the despotic countries, the current one is only doing harm to the US by giving other intelligence agencies a chance to catch up.


el Gallinazo's picture

Did you get your Christmas bonus from AIPAC yet?

muleskinner's picture

The most aggressive baboons never mate, all they do is guard against incursions from other baboons outside the tribe. Baboon NSA.

Why so much angst and vitriol towards an agency that acts like a bunch of idiotic baboons?

ToNYC's picture

"Why so much angst and vitriol..."

Doomed as they are needing to hire schooled bonobos who re-mediate their own poisoned meat to eat.

dontgoforit's picture

It's too bad.  In principle good men do good deeds for good reasons.  In practice good men do bad deeds for bad reasons.  That's why the Constitution; that's why the 'checks and balances.'  Well, things are out of balance, but that doesn't mean there aren't still good men there doing good deeds for good reasons.  Not all is bad.  Like a youngster with a new toy, they will sometimes do the wrong thing with that toy.  I understand the fear of this, because I sense it too; however, with adjustments this thing (PRISM) can work.  In any event, you can't put the Genie back in the bottle.

Jethro's picture

We were safer (and more free) without the NSA.

kill switch's picture

The NSA guy is a product of neocon ideology,,,,Samuel P. Huntington and Strauss, so that’s to be expected, maniacs. However to have the good professor state the following:

One official accused some media outlets of “intentionally misleading the American people,” which is a pretty serious accusation


I don't believe that this NSA guy was off base on that statement, the media does intentionally mislead the public, we all know that...nothing serious about that accusation.. It's all one big clusterfuck. I think he's referring to the left right media montra bullshit.


redwater's picture

No asylum, amnesty or immunity for those in the NSA.


cheetahbaby's picture

Without a robust 2nd Amendment, no other Amendments are possible.....

d edwards's picture

The Big Brother gov't has created a monster here that it cannot control. As stated in previous articles at ZH the monster can turn on it's so-called master, tool

El's picture

The courts have already ruled that news agencies have a First Amendment right to lie. If they started telling the truth, the government would REALLY be in trouble.

deerhunter's picture

Long live Duck Dynasty and the power of the Vagina,

We don't just hunt ducks in the lands of Carolina,

In the swamps where there's still men who love to hunt duck

And the sounds the waders make when pulling from the muck

Is the only thing they mean  when they say the word suck.


Long live Phil Roberson

tvdog's picture

"U.S. Cyber Command." There you go. The United States is officially at war, and the enemy is the Internet. Fortunately, Amerika's Cyber Commandos stand (or sit, with a basket of nachos) in the breach.

Well, at least now we know why the founding fathers were so dead set against a standing army. It turns out that an army doesn't like just standing around. They want to go fight wars. If there aren't any wars, or not enough to keep the Commandos busy, well, they will just start some.

Kulafarmer's picture

I have some reforms for these tyrannical pricks in government,
It involves 3 million armed patriots and a lot of hemp neckties,
The NSA and all the other alphabet soup agencies can go fuck themselves and take their idiot politicians with them!

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

He is right about the media misleading the public especially the MSM state media. They do it all the time by framing news to fit a certain agenda. They leave out key facts, mininize certain ones they can't ignore, create false dichotomies, go out of their way to not criticially approach news by answering the who, what, where, when, why and how behind something. They only which ever of those questions are convenient for the propaganda they are pushing at that particular moment and time.

esum's picture

Fire the clown in the costume and impose strict congressional and court supervision AND ENFORCE THE LAW....... these muthafukers can t be trusted. Again NO ACCOUNTABILITY AND NO PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY AND NO ONE GOES TO JAIL... we live with a LAWLESS GOVERNMENT... LETS PLAY BY THE CONSTITUTIOIN... it got us pretty far... Libs and lawlessness have sucked the vibrancy and life out of the system... capital is mobile but people aren't... CHANGE IT BACK...

optimator's picture

"Knowledge is Power"

ToNYC's picture

if they hold the U.S. Constitution and civil rights in such disdain; what exactly are they protecting us from?

Protecting us from Freedom of Speech.

Dustin de Wynde's picture

Any sort of Resistance Movement in our United States to our Coprporate State Règime simply does not exist.

It is a complete and utter joke.

Especially the dip shit morons and retards of Anonymous who are the most ridiculous political entity in this country of ours today.

Those idiots and creeps know just enough to be dangerous, especially to themselves.

Revolutionaries they are not, not by any stretch the imagination.

Two months after the Berlin Wall came down the general population, (to include my relatives on my mothers side of the family), of the former East Germany stormed and raided the Stasi headquarters and dismantle the fucker by hand, brick by brick.

I covered an anti-NSA rally here in Washington in late October and barely 3,000 people showed up on our National Mall.

In order for anything at all to happen or change that number needs to be at least 300,000 if not 3 million.

Here is my interview with the NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake where we talk about this dismal state of affairs:


honestann's picture

The NSA guy is correct.

The media does intentionally mislead the public!!!

Of course, it misleads the public in exactly the opposite way the NSA jerk implies.  Almost everyone in the mainstream media justifies every atrocity the predators-that-be practice, which most definitely misleads the public.

What a bunch of morons.

ToNYC's picture

To reform rights is to first deform rights.

"I Have Some 'Reforms'