What's Next For The US Prison System?

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It's no secret the US is facing a dilemma when it comes to its prison system. With the largest prison population and incarceration rate in the World, the US is facing severe overcrowding and more spending on prisons than education. What does the future hold for the US prison system?


Boston University Online Masters in Criminal Justice


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How come I don't see Possession in that top pie chart?

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How come I don't see any banksters in prison?

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What percentage are those who were plea-bargained into prison?

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All Americans are prisoners in one way or another and to one extent or another. Your savings earn nothing, your education debt will be with you forever unless you pay it off or die, one quarter of the population makes less than $10 an hour, you can vote only Democrat or Republican, your national debt can never be repaid, the NSA tracks you and your movements as if you are terrorist,

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And your personal debt is 120%... Now where is that Visa card.

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The return of debtors' prison...which side of the walls you're on is irrelevant.

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the matrix is a prison for your mind.

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From the trenches, property crime data is innacurate mainly because they are no longer investigating many types due to budget cuts. Law enforcement is literally announcing this to victims and often telling them to seek "civil" remedies.  

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Troll Alert


A Zero Hedge member named Satoshi401 not only denegrates many ZH members with spiteful rhetoric but is also a fraud and/or troll.

Satoshi401 (clip from his comment 4265746 in the "Chinese Want Gold Not Dollars" thread, currently on Page 2) wrote, emphasis mine:

"I can't eat popcorn anymore, its bad for the teeth, but I have one for one, for 10's of thousands of years here in china we have been making 'popcorn' much like what you have in the west, but ours comes from fresh grown corn, kernals dried in the sun, and then roasted on a real natural fire,"

DoChenRollingBearing responds (comment 4266155, right under his, so he cannot change it):

Wrong, amigo.  Corn (Maize) came from MEXICO.  The Spanish were the first Westerners to encounter it around 1500 AD.

You know, real history and all that:



Of course, you could also have learned that in FIFTH GRADE Social Studies.

/end DCRB response 4266155


Satoshi401 was called out on not providing evidence for his facts a couple of days ago (or so), and ZH member seek called a fraud, even worse than a troll.

Arrogance is one thing.  But Satoshi401 is either (perhaps both):

a) a liar or

b) too stupid and/or lazy to check his facts.

His "kernal" word above would be correctly spelled "kernel".  His "its" would be correctly spelled "it's".  "china" is correctly spelled (in English) "China".

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DCRB, we have much worse here than that one...

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....and more spending on prisons than education


Really.....do they teach marxism there too?

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it's not a prison.  it's a zoo

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I bet we can sell trips to the Chinese and let them observe 'em in their natural habitat lifting weights and playing basketball.  Maybe for the high rollers we can even let 'em hunt a few

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It's not a crime unless you do time..J corzine author.

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Do Chen, Really? When did you become the troll police? People not supplying facts? Say it isn't so! Good god man, don't you have bearings to grease?

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Hi Sean7k,

No I am not the troll police at all.  I got fed-up with his BS and decided that it was time to call him out.  I can see that you have a sense of humor (good of course: "People not supplying facts? Say it isn't so!"), LOL...


But, now that you mention it, I do have bearing work to do.  Greasing, packing, moving them around the warehouse, selling them, collecting the money...  *Sigh*

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Hi Do Chen, just seemed out of character from you...

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Well, sometimes I just lose it...  Hmm.  Do I see a "Tenth Step Moment" coming on...?

Hey, I'm just as human as the next bearing.

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No worries DCRB. Everyone loses it from time to time. I'm close to a blow up soon too. With a constantly complaining mother-in-law living with me for 3 weeks, meals I promised to prepare while working full time with only Christmas off and a whole legion of bacteria infecting every human petri dish, I'm a bit frazzled myself. I'd probably throttle the next troll myself if he appeared corporeally.


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In the "IMF Disagrees with Zero Hedge" article Satoshi401 wrote, "Most of my bud's  such as myself are ex-NSA, they're in the know, and they know if that once you don't have a phone ( mobile tracking device ), then your invisble. Internet use is optional, but preferred not, I stay amused by visiting forums such as these."


I have posted this numerous times throughout the past week.


There is no such thing as "ex-NSA".


At least some Trolls are more open about it.


Consider the source. Get some amusement...at his expense.

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Good advice!  I should not let Satoshi401 live in my own mind "rent free".  Yes, maybe amusement would be better than getting all worked up about his crap.

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shut the fuck up you whiny bitch ass fagoot

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Let me know sometime what a "fagoot" is.  Ad hominems are so much easier to understand when I know what you are talking about.

Can't change it now, LOL!


Just for fun, I will take a page out of Exponere Mendaces' book and analyze your sentence:

1) Did not capitalize the "s" in first word of a sentence (minus one)

2) No period at the end of your sentence (minus one)

3) Impressive three uses of profanity in one short sentence (minus one, or perhaps plus one)

4) Unknown word "fagoot", you did not define an obscure word (minus one)

Quite a post, even for Fight Club.

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Shouldn't bitch ass have a hyphen?  As in bitch-ass.

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Shill Syndrome, Same Old, Same Old.

We had this in the early weeks of the post March 2011 "not really" nuclear "type" explosions at Fukushima Dai-ichi 1 and 3.

The industry apologists were out in force. One even disguised itself as "my dad works in nuclear power but I am trying to find out blah blah blah".

The issue was that whatever ($? anyone) motivated these brain gridlocked tapeworms to "add to the debate" clearly that "whatever" included a sense of urgency so desperate as to unhinge all the customary inhibitions against showing oneself off as incapable of simple grammar, spelling, logic, or construction of a coherent argument.

I for one used this to snip off the Diverters in their prime. Smell test if you like.

Coherence is a good litmus test for sincerity, and incoherence for paid apologism.

I worry a little that your analytical technique might have gone over his, what in normal folks is termed, head.


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Not saying his facts are correct, not at all.  However, there is a theory that the Chinese got the N.A. first.  In theory, they could have been making popcorn before whitey.

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One side you are told 24/7 what to do, work for nothing, and have crappy healthcare. The other side you are in prison.

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It has appeared in the past that most of the incarcerations have been the result of half-ass drug charges.  This chart does not reflect that; this chart makes violent crime appear a much larger portion of the total.  I suspect this chart is skewed to reflect some point which is lost on me....

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Targets got it .......

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When you live in a crime infested area of a city you have no sympathy for any of the scum in prison or those heading for prison especially all the drug users. The carnage these assholes leave behind as a result of their self indulgent lifestyle is the same as a corrupt banker or politician.

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Are you high?

A pothead is morally equivilent to the Bernank? You must be trolling.

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ive been to jail a few times.  i dont recall meeting any people who didnt deserve to be there.  moar death penalty

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The guy who breaks down your door is of course a more immediate threat than a banker. He may cost you less over then long haul, but you have to clean and repair your home immediately.

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How much does 45 ACP cost you?  Seriously, a mag will set you back what, $7-8 or so.

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I've never heard of a user/seller financing thermo-nuclear weapons.

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Banksters get high off power. Worse in immeasurable ways.

Apples and oranges.

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I live in a drug infested neighborhood and if you think watching a bunch of pot - crack - heroin addicts all walking around with smirks on their faces waiting to turn you into their prey is 'cute' then you're an asshole as well. Lock the bastards up and throw away the cruise ship incarceration that they enjoy in those 'terrible' prisons.


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It may be more cost effective to put the few remaining "pure" people in a place (behind high pink walls) to protect them from the "infestations".   24/7 hour guards with approved full auto 9MM whatevers with the hollow points recently purchased by the dept of HS ---just saying---

g speed's picture

Of course there will be the ubiquitus "legal prescription drugs" as a sop for the rightous at every corner "drug " store---just saying--

Zero Point's picture

Fuck me. Your smug junkies must be pretty fucking terrible to compare in any degree to the fucks that stole western civilisation.

If I was you, I'd fuckin move.

Mind you, no matter if you move to fucking Mongolia, the dead hand of the cartel will still affect you, I bet your junkie friends can't boast that.


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what do you expect from a crumbling empire??  Viva Globalization!!!  We shall all live like rats!!  Remember, unions are bad, best to have no jobs and $3 shit sweaters at Wal-Mart!!!  


but hey, the CEOs and shareholders are happy.. I guess you ain't one of them since you live in a rat's nest right??  But you probably support them pissing on you while you smile



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Perhaps you do not see any connection between Prohibition I (alcohol) and the rise of criminal gangs and "criminality".

At least then you would be consistent in disregarding any connection between Prohibition II (drugs) and the rise of criminal gangs and "criminality".

Were one to investigate the history of the "drug war", one would realize it began as a war on Chinese, Mexican, and Black minorities (part of Jim Crow apartheid). It was expanded by Nixon to suppress protests and the counterculture movement. The rise of the intrusive police state came hand in hand with the so-called 'drug war'. One would have to take a second look at Phoenix in Vietnam, the occupation of Afghanistan, drug lord allies in Colombia and Kosovo, the multi-billion dollar money laundering business, the prison industry.

One would also have to disregard any connections between outsourcing, job loss, the decline of urban areas, the typical legalized reduction of employability and of political rights such as voting by drug "criminals", and the neglect of domestic infrastructure development to instead fund wars, militarism, and bankster corruption.

Of course one would also have to turn a blind eye to any connection between the artificial high price of 'illegal' drugs and the crimes (typically petty) to get money to purchase them.

And lastly, of course, one must be in agreement that the state is justified to legislate 'morality' in such areas as drugs and prostitution.

Those who instead think that the situation today is not one caused by drug use might reject the notion that more (gang-networking crime school) prisons and more policing will improve the situation.

Sean7k's picture

Nice revisionist history. When are you going to introduce the zionists, intelligence services and the governments themselves. Where is the Boxer rebellion and opium wars? Alcohol and Native Americans? The use of drugs for social, political and econmic control is pretty well documented.

Why are governments justified to legislate morality? These are victimless crimes. Take your heavy handed tyranny and stuff it. 

The situation today is caused by State tyranny for the benefit of the banker, corporate, Zionist class. To blame drugs is naive and dangerous.

Calmyourself's picture

Maybe direct some of that anger at the record opium crop in Afghanistan WTF???  Whocouldanode?


Tim_'s picture

The US government deals drugs. It uses the so-called "War on Drugs" to artificially inflate its profits.

The US government invaded Afghanistan in October 2001. The planting season began in November.

The US government restored the world's opium supply.

"On July 28, 2000, Taliban leader Mullah Omar issued a ban on the cultivation and trafficking of opium and repeated this ban in October, ordering the Taliban to plow up fields planted to poppy" (Source).

"Pakistan's Foreign Secretary Inam-ul Haq's claim to have eliminated all opium plantations in Taliban controlled territories — reported by Agence France-Presse — seems to have been confirmed by a U.N. survey" (March 1, 2001).

"U.N. drug control officers said the Taliban religious militia has virtually wiped out opium production in Afghanistan - once the world's largest producer - since banning poppy cultivation in July" (February 16, 2001).

"A 12-member team from the U.N. Drug Control Program spent two weeks searching most of the nation's largest opium-producing areas and found so few poppies that they do not expect any opium to come out of Afghanistan this year. 'We are not just guessing. We have seen the proof in the fields,' said Bernard Frahi, regional director for the U.N. program in Afghanistan and Pakistan" (February 16, 2001).

"Last year, 75 percent of the world's opium crop was grown in Afghanistan... . But something astonishing has become evident with this spring's harvest. Behind the narrow dikes of packed earth, the fields are empty of their most profitable plant. Poor farmers, scythes in hand, stoop among brown stems. Mile after mile, there is only a dry stubble of wheat to cut from the lumpy soil" (May 24, 2001).

"Last July, the ruling Taliban banned the growing of poppies as a sin against the teachings of Islam. Almost every farmer complied, some grudgingly, some not. 'Even if it means my children die, I will obey my amir,' said Nur Ali, sitting in his fields, sipping tea" (May 24, 2001).

"But American narcotics officials who visited the country confirmed earlier United Nations reports that the Taliban had, in one growing season, managed a rare triumph in the long and losing war on drugs" (May 24, 2001).

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Really - potheads? What was the carnage - an empty potato chip package?

Pot's getting decriminalized all over with no increase in crime.


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just incarcerate fast dwindling middle classes as they drop down to lower classes thx to Fed and its member banks and the captured 'gov' and 'markets'.

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Middle class is already incarcerated just most too stupid to know it.