The Hidden Motives Behind The Federal Reserve Taper

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Submitted by Brandon Smith of Alt Market

The Hidden Motives Behind The Federal Reserve Taper

"The powers of financial capitalism had (a) far-reaching aim, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences. The apex of the systems was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland; a private bank owned and controlled by the world's central banks which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank... sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence cooperative politicians by subsequent economic rewards in the business world." - Carroll Quigley, member of the Council on Foreign Relations

If one wishes to truly understand the actions behind private Federal Reserve policy, one must come to terms with a fundamental reality – everything the Fed does it does for a reason, and the most apparent reasons are not always the primary reasons. If you think that the Fed simply acts on impulsive stupidity or hubris, then you haven't a clue what is going on. If you think the Fed only does what it does in order to hide the numerous negative aspects of our current economy, then you only know half the story. If you think the Fed does not have a plan, then you are sorely mistaken...

Central Bankers and their political proponents espouse a globalist ideology, meaning, they are internationalists in their orientation and motivations. They do not have loyalties to any particular country. They do not take an oath to any particular constitution. They do not have empathy for any particular culture or social experiment. They have their own subculture, with their own “values”, and their own social hierarchy. They are a kind of “tribe” or “sect”; a cult,if you will, that views itself as superior to all others. This means that when the central bankers that run the Fed act, they only act with the intention to support and promote globalization, not the best interests of America and Americans.

The process of globalization REQUIRES the dissolution of the U.S. economy as it exists today. Period. There is no way around it. America can no longer remain a superpower in the face of what globalists call “harmonization”. The dollar can no longer maintain its petro-currency status or its world reserve status if total centralization under a new global currency is to be achieved. Globalists believe that America must be sacrificed on the altar of “progress”, and diminished into a mere enclave, a feudal colony of a greater global system. The globalists at the Fed are no different.

Once this driving philosophy is understood, the final conclusion is obvious – the Fed exists to destroy the U.S. financial system and the U.S. currency mechanism. That is what they are here for.

This is why the dollar has lost 98% of its value since the Fed was established in 1913. This is why the Fed deliberately engineered the derivatives bubble crisis through the implementation of artificially low interest rates. This is why their response to the crisis was to create yet another massive bubble in stocks and bonds through QE stimulus. This is why the Fed is cutting stimulus today.

How does the taper play into the long running program of dollar destruction and globalization? Let's take a look...

The Multifaceted Taper Strategy

In my article 'Is The Fed Ready To Cut America's Fiat Life Support', and my article 'Expect Devastating Global Economic Changes In 2014', I predicted that a Fed taper was highly likely. Central banks almost always implant policy shift rumors into the mainstream media a few months before they implement them. They did this for TARP, for QE1, QE2, QE3, and the Taper. In fact, the Fed spent the better part of the past quarter conditioning investors to the idea of stimulus cuts, so I was not at all surprised when they followed through.

The Fed has, of course, now announced a $10 billion QE reduction just in time for Christmas and the 100th anniversary of the privately run institution. In the past, I have pointed out the tendency of central banks to enforce detrimental policy changes while the government, the economy and/or the bank itself is in the midst of a major transition. The Fed's taper announcement comes just in time for the end of Ben Bernanke's term as chairman, and the expected nomination of Janet Yellen.

This is done, I believe, because it provides an opportunity to divert blame for a crisis event they know is on the horizon. If attention is ever focused on the Fed specifically for a market downturn or bond disaster triggered by the ever present dollar bubble, Yellen can simply blame the QE policies of Bernanke (who will be long gone), while promising that her “new” policies will surely repair the damage. This placates the public and buys the central bankers time to do even MORE damage.

The taper itself is not just a “head fake”, however. It is a far more complex action. Tapering provides a method of psychologically distancing the Federal Reserve from the consequences of market movements. The banksters are essentially proclaiming to the public that their work is done, they have saved the economy, and now they are moving on, be it only $10 billion at a time. Whatever happens from here on is “not their fault”.

Most alternative analysts expected no taper of QE, and for good reason. While the mainstream touts the propaganda of economic recovery, independent financial experts understand that little to nothing was actually accomplished by the bailouts. Virtually no stimulus was absorbed in a localized way by mainstreet business. Real unemployment counting U-6 measurements still stands at around 20%. Real estate markets and home prices have a received a small boost, which at first glance appears positive until one examines who is actually buying; namely big banks and international investment firms snapping up properties only to reissue them on the market as rentals:

U.S. holiday retail sales and annual retail sales have been the weakest since 2009:

The only thing that QE ultimately accomplished was a spectacular rise in stocks through direct manipulation, which Fed agents like Alan Greenspan and Richard Fisher now openly admit to. The problem is, while gamblers in equities proudly boast about the Fed induced bull run in the Dow and how much money they have made, they remain oblivious to the underlying cost of the charade. Market investors have been enriched, yes, but little do they know that stock legitimacy is about to be sacrificed.

The price to earnings ratio of stocks (the market value of stocks versus what they SHOULD be valued according to the actual earnings of the companies listed) in the S&P 500 today stands at around 15, which is the highest it has been since before the 2008 market crash. Mainstream economists attempt to dismiss the issue by using a 15 year average while claiming that the P/E ratio in 2013 is mild compared to the tech bubble of the late 90's. What they don't seem to grasp is that the market of the past four to five years is an entirely different animal compared to 15 years ago.

Stocks in general have received considerable support through purchases by Fed bolstered banks and the Fed itself, creating an atmosphere of artificial demand for equities using QE fiat injections. Though no full audit of the bailouts exists (TARP is the only measure audited so far), it is projected that the banking sector alone has garnered tens of trillions in Fed fiat, which they have used to bolster their otherwise debt ridden holdings. It is only logical to expect that this capital tsunami has been used by numerous companies as a way to present false earnings. Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, and Morgan Stanley all reported substantial profits for 2009 while at the same time reporting massive liabilities caused by the derivatives crash so that they could collect on the bailout bonanza.

So which one is it? Are companies making profits, or are they wallowing in insurmountable debt while presenting government stimulus as a form of profit?

What the Fed and corporate banks have done is create a market in which neither earnings, nor stock values can be trusted. The fact that the P/E ratio is higher than it has been since 2008 despite this manipulation should concern anyone with any sense.

Worst of all, the Fed's monetization of U.S. Treasury debt has only expanded while foreign investment in long term debt has contracted. With our official national debt growing by at least $1 trillion per year, our country cannot continue to function without an ever increasing amount of foreign investment, or, Federal Reserve printing. The Fed cannot make cuts to QE if our system is to survive (if you want to call it survival), the Fed must expand QE forever, or at least until the dollar implodes due to hyperinflation.

So then, why has the taper been introduced at all? No one wants it. The government shouldn't want it. Investors certainly don't want it. Our economy is utterly dependent on the opposite. What purpose does it serve?

The assumption has always been that the Fed wants to keep the system afloat. I submit that things have changed. I submit that the Fed no longer wishes to prop up our fiscal structure, or at least, no longer wishes to be seen as propping it up. I submit that the Fed is not pursuing dollar destruction through standard hyperinflation, but rather, they are preparing the U.S. for default, which also will result in currency implosion.

The Taper Parallels

"It must not be felt that the heads of the world's chief central banks were themselves substantive powers in world finance. They were not. Rather they were the technicians and agents of the dominant investment bankers of their own countries, who had raised them up, and who were perfectly capable of throwing them down. The substantive financial powers of the world were in the hands of these investment bankers who remained largely behind the scenes in their own unincorporated private banks. These formed a system of international cooperation and national dominance which was more private, more powerful, and more secret than that of their agents in the central banks. " - Carroll Quigley, Tragedy And Hope

Initial shock over the taper scenario has not sunk into the markets yet (as Zero Hedge points out, the last time a major central bank cut stimulus measures to a dependent country, stocks rallied, then crashed within months). Few people see much difference between $75 billion per month and $85 billion per month, but the size of the cuts is not really the issue. Rather, it is the Fed's act of fading into the background that should concern us.

The taper announcement parallels perfectly with the accelerating debate over the U.S. debt ceiling, and I do not think this is at all a coincidence. Tapering seems inconceivable to many, but for the Fed it makes perfect sense if the goal of the globalists is to generate a default scenario while diverting blame. I believe that Americans are being prepared psychologically for just such an event. Already, the White House is warning that government funding will essentially disappear by the end of February:

The expectation fostered by the mainstream media is that a debt fight similar to the October theater will not happen again. I agree. I believe the next debate will be much worse. The vast majority will assume that the “can” will be kicked down the road again, and they may be right, but given the Fed's behavior, and given that they have begun to taper despite what appears logical, many people may be in for a shock when our government also suddenly decides one day soon to buck assumptions and default rather than prolong the pain.

The full spectrum failure of Obamacare only adds excuse and incentive. There is no longer a legislative centerpiece rationale for further spending. Obama's approval rating is at historic lows for any president. The stage has been set for the most epic of fake political battles.

The Left and Right leadership, at the top of the pyramid, are nothing more than flunkies for the global elite. If globalists have decided that it is time to apply the final death blows to the dollar, default would be the quickest and most efficient way, and political puppetry can easily make it happen. The calamity would be blamed on “partisan bickering” and “government gridlock”, or even the inefficiency of “democracy”. The Fed, with its taper in place and its fake recovery established, would be presented as the only “sane” institution at America's disposal.

Perhaps at this point even more pervasive QE programs would recommence, perhaps not. At bottom, though, the taper is not a peripheral issue. It is an action at the center of a much more elaborate process, an action that seems to have been undertaken in preparation for a larger event. The next year is shaping up to be the most chaotic since the debt crisis began in 2008, and as the situation progresses, the subtleties of the Federal Reserve and the international banks that back it must not go unnoticed, or in the end, unpunished.

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dick cheneys ghost's picture
“To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.”
Deacon Frost's picture

A Short History of Paper Money and Banking

William M Gouge (1833)


To infer that because a system produces great evil, it must soon give way, would be to argue in opposition to all experience.

If mere suffering could produce reformation, there would be little misery in the world.

Too many individuals have an interest in the incorporated paper money Banks, to suffer the truth in relation to such institutions to have free progress. Too many prejudices remain in the minds of the multitude who have no such interest, to permit the truth to have its proper effect.

Their early habits of industry and economy cleave to some of the rich men of the present day. Hence they are useful and, as moderate members of society as many who are in modest circumstances.

But when their immense wealth passes, as it must pass in a few years, to their heirs, who not the value of money, because they never knew the want of it, it will be lavished in every way which corrupt inclination can dictate.

kliguy38's picture

Quigley gives you a rare insider's insight into the inner thought process of the "system" .....GREAT article.......he's studied and been part of the "game" for many I think his scenario deserves your full attention

CH1's picture

Is it me, or is Brandon Smith believing his own publicity?

(Not that I disagree with a lot of what he writes.)

markmotive's picture

End the Fed. God bless Ron Paul.

Ron Paul in 1981 --> How Ideas Inform Politics

BKbroiler's picture

Quigley's Tragedy and Hope is not a quick or easy read but it is a required one for anyone who is really interested in the big picture.

So What's picture

"They are a kind of “tribe” or “sect”; a cult,if you will, that views itself as superior to all others."

You mean Jews. Why don't you just say the word.

Lore's picture

Nope.  "Jewry" in the simplistic "anti-Semitic" sense is just another label / proxy / front / smokescreen.  Consider who financed the Nazis. 

Most Jewish folks are just people like you and me.  It's a mistake of previous generations to allow their wrath in time of crisis to be misdirected at local Jews.

Don't look 'left' and 'right' at the groups around you. Look 'up.'

economics9698's picture

Texas and the Midwest states will break away and form a new country with private banks issuing currency based on gold.


The world doesn’t need these assholes anymore, they just do not realize it yet.

TheReplacement's picture

That is exactly right.  Focus on one big group of people and the real culprits get away.  Focus on the culprits and the big group of people bothers no one.

It is amazing how many simpletons out there just pick a generic group to blame despite the vast majority (99.999%) having nothing to do with anything in our lives.

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

anyone who fails to differentiate jews from zionists is being unconstructive

Popo's picture

She's predicting a US default (on Treasuries / International debt I assume) in the near future?  The US would default on loads of other obligations long before it defaulted on treasuries.   This strikes me as kooky.   If the Fed actually wanted to destroy the dollar quickly, then why the kabuki about hiding inflation?  They would just say "Shit!  Inflation's totally out of control!".  And print at 20x the pace.

I think the Fed is between a rock and a hard place and they need to pay off impossible debts while trying to preserve the value of the dollar within a narrow glide path.   They're fucked.  But they're not suicidal.


Kayman's picture

I agree the Fed is between a rock and a hard place.  Back in the days when the U.S. was the world's largest creditor nation with government sucking out/living off about 20% of the nation's output, the Fed was a mighty and feared institution. "Don't fight the Fed" was a truism.

Now we have a nation that specializes in financializaton, backstopped by a Central Bank, not productive assets. Take banking and government out of GDP (after all they produce fuck-all )and who is left to carry this cancerous can ?

The Fed has been buying cover for their ilk, nothing more, nothing less.

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

They're fucked.  But they're not suicidal....

Then if that's the case, how could a Chairman of the Federal Reserve and his partner in crime at the Department of Treasury 5 years ago orchestrate the most comprehensive expensive bailout in human history telling the members of Goernment that if they didn't capitulate and agree with it "Marshal Law" would be declared. All the while urging their foreign debt holders that it was "still safe in the water" and to buy more?

Remember Timmy's PR stunt in China 3 years back proclaiming that USD was "solid as a rock" and to buy more as the Chinese were visibly laughing in his face?

I would like to believe that their exists a fine line between sanity and insanity but what the Fed has demonstrated and what the American taxpayer has amply accomodated in limitless patience much like the funny money being printed at will in Washington that got us to this place 5 years later is proof that we all must not be too well in the "sweet bread"!


bentaxle's picture

Exactly. How are they even going to repay the equivalent of, say, half the debt, never mind all of it? Doing so would critically reduce the money supply and result in massive deflation. If that happens the banks collapse anyway. Long term debt repayment, however gradual, simply isn't an option.

Efforts to keep the impression of inflation being low is an attempt to get as many people as possible used to living in relative poverty and become accepting of an oligarghic 1%.

From now on it has to be a case of how much longer can the people be kept in collective ignorance and or divided by a failure to organise resistance out of apathy, whilst becoming increasingly impoverished?

When it hits, (again,) you have to wonder if blaming the people for their own "addiction to debt," will wash. When it's The Fed that can't exist without moar!

Seer's picture

"Efforts to keep the impression of inflation being low is an attempt to get as many people as possible used to living in relative poverty and become accepting of an oligarghic 1%."

Same as it ever was...

But, when one really gets down to it the view should be that it's better to live more sustainably than un-sustainably (as the 1%ers are*).

* I bet that if you and I compared our positions against that of the bulk of humanity -all 7 BILLION- that we would be in the 1% group.

Also, had we just shut the door up-front an awful lot of people wouldn't have been afforded the opportunity to "adjust."

Whether it's the 1%-ers plan or not I cannot say, but I CAN say that it's nature plan (nature doesn't do too well allowing excesses to continue).

Son of Captain Nemo's picture

...nature doesn't do too well allowing excesses to continue...

AgreedAnd this is why Au and Ag shouldn't be fooling around anymore.  Where is the law with judge and jury in assisting the "1%" with there failure in math and wasteful paper accumulation?


Alexandre Stavisky's picture

In Japan when shadow gov't became standard, the most powerful shogun would retire.  Then run everything while another puppeted out front.  Always keep an eye on what's behind the vanguard.  Sometimes it is multiple layers deep.

But Yellen's second in command?  Not, Dr. Livingstone I presume?  Maestro who taught the maestros.  "God Contended", that same land, look to their preparation for the GFC.  How very, very different.  Almost survivalist.  Current account surplus.  Net exporting.  Budget surplus. etc. etc.  Krugman antithetical course.

The last bit is most telling.  While 20-22% of world production in USA is indeed important.  Its capital markets control the globe.  They are very important.

Upon worrying about a drought but hearing it but in Galilee, he expressed relief, "I thought you meant IOWA."

Talking about grain, or agriculture, or maybe about total hegemony.

Good to be a hegemon, better to be hegemon to a hegemon.  Who survives longest and most secure?  Attila the Hun or the tapeworm inside Attila?

the question's picture

Not that I completely disagree, but if the Fed admitted to out of control inflation, how could they then justify printing at 20x the pace? Not logical.

SoilMyselfRotten's picture

This falls in nicely with the late Aaron Russo's claim that the Rockefellers/TPTB and their CFR proxies agenda is to get everyone chipped with them controlling the chips.

new game's picture

suddenly a white knight arrives with a new improved intntl. currency-can't wait...

Jumbotron's picture

His name is Fonestar and he's peddling Shitcoin !

LOL !!!!

Father Lucifer's picture

Not quickly but stealthily with the ability to blame someone else. Considering that this plot is already over 100 years old it is obvious that they have patience. What mystifies me is who in the future do they believe they are benefiting. I do believe that somewhere down the line something will fuck it all up, unfortunately there will probably be nothing left. We will all be Greece and there will be nothing left for them either. Maybe there will be a revolution and the shit can just start all over again. Meet the new BOSS same as the old .......

Seer's picture

It all runs out with cheap, available energy.  Simple as that.

Then, as fonz put it so well, we return to the historical "average."

I've got enough problems, I don't need to waste time in trying to figure out how the "wealthy" are or aren't screwing "me."  I'm just going to create a world in which I feel more able to be sustainable.  And that, my friends, is what is actually being bought at this time: we've been given time to brace for impact (no one says we're going to survive, but at least we can make the effort, that is, if we're not wanting to test the theory of "life after death").

gdogus erectus's picture

Please, everyone - peak energy is manufactured.  Please take some time and research Tesla, cold fusion, zero point energy, etc.  And not using Google, either.  We already have the transmission lines for electrical distribution and infrastructure.  Generating electricity can be done completely free.  Free.  This whole peak energy thing is 100% manufactured.  There have been alternatives for 100 years.  Research Wardenclyffe tower to start with.

A Nanny Moose's picture

I wonder if in the 18th or 19th centuries, there was a fear of peak slavery? How about peak Whale Oil around the time of JD Rockefeller?

Did we not solve the problems?

Al Gorerhythm's picture

No Kabuki = guillotines. Smoke and mirrors covers the crime.

Seer's picture

Well put!

It's a glide-path to the end.  As I've said for quite some time now, I believe that the Fed (and they probably know this) IS positioned to be the bagholder.  If we were to force this out into the public then that would make us all complicit in a future default: we couldn't look to all those creditors and claim ignorance.  The US govt will just declare a "national emergency" and stop all/any litigations based on the Fed's implosion.

Debt jubilee.  It's the only thing that has ever "worked." (it's impossible to repay both interest and principle- only growth can keep the appearance of being able to)

This "ratchet-down" on purchases is more of a statement that the Fed is running out of assets to buy (without it coming down to obvious over-inflation of valuations).  In no way, just like the sales of USTs, can there be an "event" that ends up with insufficient "interest."  We KNOW that continuing along as we've been doing that this WOULD happen; so, then, there will likely be some other action/event that is run up the flagpole.  As a consequence of all this we've been "afforded" time- we ought not discount it.

caShOnlY's picture

She's predicting a US default (on Treasuries / International debt I assume) in the near future? 

"she's" full of shit along with her article.  The man stating taper and more of it at eash FMOC meeting will not even be there!!   THEY WILL NOT START THE COLLAPSE INTERNALLY!!  THEY NEED A "SCAPEGOAT" to herd the masses anger at. 

THERE WILL BE NO TAPER, THERE WILL BE MORE DEBT CEILING CAN KICKING, THERE WILL BE A CURRENCY CRISIS.   Once China makes enough deals to affect the dollar the game will commence, you can see it already.  Then China will be manuevered into "ENEMY" position.  

The collapse will finally bring the ultimate crisis to begin cutting: Social Security, Welfare, Pensions, Paychecks, Benefits, Corporate taxes, wealth taxes, etc...  We are going to return to a manufacturing nation again.  Just open your history books and look at the pictures of old.  The ones where dirty, tired, poor people making next to nothing in factories posed next to their bearded "owner" who was wearing the nice suit and pocket watch.  

"It is coming America, trust me, the Jobs are COMING!!  .... william "jerkoff" clinton in August 2012 at obama rally (he will be right too! minimum wages for all!!!).

daemon's picture

 " I think the Fed is between a rock and a hard place and they need to pay off impossible debts while trying to preserve the value of the dollar within a narrow glide path. They're fucked.  But they're not suicidal. "

Who owns DHS ?

Bindar Dundat's picture

What happens to the U.S. dollar in the above scenerio of default?  If the U.S.  defaults do all the dollars that the banks have created simply vanish?  Would we be  without jobs or cash?   What will be the practical result if this doom gloom occurs?

Gold? Bitcoins? dollars in bills?  shares? realestate?  Where do we hide?


sgt_doom's picture

This is simply a brilliant and spot on blog posting!

Reminds me of Damon Vrabel's two-part blog posts on the global banking cartel a few years back.


Seer's picture

And those heirs have convinced us that "death taxes" are bad.

Thanks for posting this.  I think that it says a LOT.

Oldwood's picture

Death taxes don't touch the truly rich, just those hoping to become so.

Seer's picture

That's my point.  They use it as cover, as if it were really put in place (not that I'm advocating it, it's just that I'm tired of all the stupid slogans that people brainwash themselves with) it would drastically reduce the continuation of a bad gene pool (of course, as the future unfolds nature will do what we have failed to do).

Those "hoping to get rich" (always a nice trick with the carrots) don't really get nicked.  It's another of the fallacies put up by the "wealthy" to help shield themselves (and allow all the "poor" folks to bicker over).

Again, it's all nothing more than a cheap, nasty trick pulled by the uber wealthy.  Some folks just don't get it (especially those wishing to be just like "them").

Arius's picture

Now this is above my payrate ... but this statement seems a bit far fetched and it seems it is at the basis of the whole argument.  now, i dont know about other countries, but am sure is similar ... how can Bernanke control all of this, when he is appointed by the President.  THe President controls everything, plus the congress etc.  how about in other countries, how can they control the foreign exchanges in China when the counterpart is US .... too far fetched..

"each central bank... sought to dominate its government by its ability to control Treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges"

remain calm's picture

Fuck all righteous evil people.

max2205's picture

It's simple. ..the statute of limitations for prosecution run out in 2015. So the perpetrators must make it all good till then


CYA bitchezzzs

Stuck on Zero's picture

Angry mobs seldom respect the statute of limitations.


Emergency Ward's picture

Jon Corzine: "You got that right!"

Jumbotron's picture

Which "tribe" are you talking about ?

Navajo ?

Choctaw ?

Cherokee ?

Zulu ?

Please elaborate.

autofixer's picture

My wife is Hopi.  She would be glad to shove a knife up someone's ass. 

Seer's picture

Whoa!  That sounds like an environment of doing a lot of walking on egg shells!

nightshiftsucks's picture

Ha ha,does she stick knitting needles in your ear when you dont listen to her.

tenpanhandle's picture

Ah Ha....that's why I feel like I got a knife shoved up my ass with this hopi-changie stuff.

Radical Marijuana's picture

I assume you are joking, Jumbotron? Just think about the first comment under this article to get a clue to answer your question.

Personally, I think it is more important what the banksters do, than who they are. But nevertheless, although they are NOT homogeneous:



the leadning representatives of the banksters are obviously members of one kind of "Tribe."

Janet Yellen Exposed - The Truth Behind The Myth

To belabour the obvious:

"Yellen will become the 5th consecutive Jewish Fed Chair over the past 43 years (discounting the Gentile William Miller who only served 18 months before being suddenly replaced; 1978-79) The statistical probability of this incredible Jewish streak (Burns, Volcker, Greenspan, Bernanke, Yellen) being 'coincidental' represents a virtual mathematical impossibility. If Jews account for just 2% of the general population, then, all things being equal, there would be a 1/50 chance of a single Jew being selected as Fed Chair. The odds of FIVE consecutive Jews would therefore be 1/50 x 1/50 x 1/50 x 1/50 x 1/50 = 1 in 312,500,000!"

Golly Gee, I wonder if who also dominates the mass media has anything to do with why Yellen's qualifications have been misrepresented?

Since everyone is forced to use Federal Reserve Notes to pay taxes, (or the corresponding currencies in their own countries) the banksters' cancerous effects have thoroughly metastasized! Everyone that owns any property, measured by any amount of money, has been plugged into having to defend the banksters' systems, in order to defend their own little piece of the pie. There is hardly anyone who is now not part of the globalized systems of organized lies, operating organized robberies, however, the facts are the facts about which cultural group dominates the so-called Anglo-American empire. BUT, that does not mean that those superficial symbols of that organized crime gang are important with respect to what they do, since what they do is the important thing, NOT who they are!

laosuwan's picture

If Jews account for just 2% of the general population, then, all things being equal, there would be a 1/50 chance of a single Jew being selected as Fed Chair.


Fed chairs are not selected from the general population