Fights Break Out Across America Over Latest Air Jordans Release

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There was a time in America when retail brawls only broke out around Thanksgiving dinner time (and increasingly earlier with every passing year). It appears that's no longer the case as the recent release of the Air Jordan 11s reveals. USA Today reports that following the release of Jordan 11 Retro Gamma Blue sneakers on Saturday, "the nation just about fell apart." One week ago, a crowd tore down a mall door just to get an advance ticket to buy the $185 Jordans. With the shoes now officially on sale, the world appears to be ending.

And it goes on: In Dallas, police reported to a fight in line Friday night. At 6 a.m. Saturday, customers tried to cut in line, causing a commotion that required police intervention, according to MyFoxDFW.

In the Bronx, two people brawled outside of a Foot Locker.

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i'd fuck them all up : bring it bitchez wit ur played out joints!

fonestar's picture

Ah!  It wouldn't be a ZH Christmas without some gratuitous and mindless consumer sheeple vids.  Funny this never happens when I attempt to buy a new pair of Sergio Rossi?

Kreditanstalt's picture

Never happened when I use to buy gold either.  Doesn't happen now when I buy vegetables - YET.

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Behavior of these thugs from this culture:  rape, pillage, arson, murder, theft, armed robbery, drug dealing, pimping, lazy unemployed, welfare users, fraud, theft, cellular theft, clothing glorification, lovers of themselves, boasters, racists, animal ape like swagger, gold tooth lovers, gun totting savages, etc......... Obama admirers!!!!

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Just reread the ZH policy on racial discrimination.
Truth is dead. It was a hit and run by political correctness. BTW, did you know "politically correct" is a communist term that came about in 1920s Soviet Union?
Nevertheless, it's a savage culture and it will have to be reckoned with. If not today then tomorrow. But make no WILL have to be dealt with.

mofreedom's picture

I saw that policy down at the bottom of the sire yeasterday and couldn't make myself read it...I have not been brainwashed yet.

Gringo Viejo's picture

For those that disagree with my previous post (and I fully respect your right to do so), I'd ask only that you google or wiki CHANNON CHRISTIAN. Read it and let it burn a hole in your heart.

ronaldawg's picture

I see Black people.......

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Introducing a new pair of shitty chinese shoes everyday would work wonders for the gene pool.

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These fine outstanding citizens deserve good footwear.

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I'm Buster Brown and I jus' moved to a Jordan Air.



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Nothing new under the sun...

5. Is there someone on your list that liked the movie, Gangs of New York?
This book is an enjoyable read, even if one does not live in NYC.

The Great Riots of New York 1712-1873
by Joel T. Headley

Chapter II.
The Negro Riots of 1712-1741

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Karl von Bahnhof's picture

Victory of capitalism!


Lore's picture

Is the cameraman foreign?  I can't understand anything he says.

Arius's picture

does it matter? he is mumbling something about american's rights and values...

yeah these american values ... the protection of which is keeping Pollard still in jail ...

chumbawamba's picture

What the...?  FUCK YOU ZIONIST.

chumbawamba's picture

This is the prototypical behavior of a socioeconomically repressed minority within a society...any society.  I don't care if the roles are black vs. white, Arab vs. Jew,  Protestant vs. Catholic, Indian vs. European bloodline, whatever.  The underclass are "niggers", no matter the skin color.  Did you see those Venezuelan's herding out of the electronics store with the flatscreen TVs over their heads?  And ask a typical Jew in Israel what they call the lower-cass Arabs.  Go ahead, ask one.  They'll tell you a word that starts with 'n', ends with 'r', has two 'g's in the middle, and includes the vowels 'i' and 'e'.

So you few drooling mongoloids who are quick to attribute this sort of base hooliganism to race should be ashamed of yourselves, because you're just the flip side of the coin from those you despise.

These people represent lower forms of consciousness.  This sort of crass behavior is learned and passed on.  These people should be pitied, not ridiculed.  In all honesty they are only lesser representations of ourselves, for every man and woman is capable of acting like that.  So consider yourself blessed if you aren't spiritually retarded as these people seem to be, and think about how we might help to lift up our brothers and sisters in such disharmony with the universe that they would be compelled to act out in the manner shown here.

These kind of people are merely a symptom of a sick culture.  A culture in such a feverish state that it is suffering from paranoid delusions and yet so hopped up on stimulants as to exhibit extreme psychopathy that manifests in physical aggression.  And physical aggression over trivial matters at that.  For those who have seen Idiocracy, this is literally life imitating art; prophecy, perhaps self-fulfilling; maybe even syncrhomysticism.  Whatever the case, it seems we are trapped on the set and are being forced to live out the script in our reality.  Has anyone considered yelling, "CUT!"?

I am Chumabwamba.

ronaldawg's picture

Wat u saying Willis?

They act like animals and it's society's fault becuz they are oppressed?  How convenient.....

Tsukato's picture

I'd like to ask all of you a sincere question, and really be able to guage how today's white Americans feel. Please be honest: Do you really feel there is any benefit to 15% of America's population being Humanzee? Do you feel they have helped make America a better place? How about Mexicans? Asians? Jews?

Mind you, I am not trying to promote hate. In fact, on a personal level, I like all people. I've had friends in all of the above groups. I'm talking about in group form. In this case, I see little benefit in having these groups in America. But that's just me. I also see no benefit to keeping blacks, turks, and other non-European people living in Europe, during this great downturn, with 50% youth unemployment in many countries.

Thanks for your time.

ronaldawg's picture

That's race baiting.  Julius Streicher would be proud.

Tsukato's picture

Actually I understand what Chumbawumba is saying, and totally agree. When consciousness enters form, it starts at its lowest complexity, and rises through incarnations. If a pig or dog, or gorilla dies, and has gotten the full experience, it then moves on to the simplest form of human, which is the Negroid. This is one of the reasons I think all Negroids should be quarantined in Africa, and it should be cordoned off as a world wildlife preserve. Nobody should be going in there, and messing with things, stealing resources, vaccinating anyone, or doing anything, including humanitarian missions. It is natural that Africa is plagued by disease, and incompetence. As a transmigrating form of consciousness, there is not much to experience in this form of human. Learn basic shit like eat, shit, fuck, grow food, get fucked up, die. Don't really need more than 30 years to get the full black experience, and move on to the Mongloid experience which is vastly more complex. Later, after you've moved beyond 100% facination in prestige, face, money, and assorted other bullshit, you can move on to White, and associated complexities like philosophy, spiritualism, and whatnot.

I know people are going to laugh, and rightfully so, about the mess so many white people are. This is true, and many regress to lower states of consciousness.

Lore's picture

No offense, but this is utter shit.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

"And ask a typical Jew in Israel what they call the lower-case Arabs. Go ahead, ask one. " I believe the word is "goyim," which is "Used as a disparaging term for one who is not a Jew." Use in a sentence - "Frances_Sawyer was obviously a goyim based on his views......."

vic and blood's picture

Dude! Fantastic satire. You rival Million Dollar Bonus. Well done!

walküre's picture

not true

collectively useless

Tsukato's picture

Hahahaha! Good one! You made my day! Seriously though, I live in China. A guy downstairs from my office, just opened a Hongkong restaurant, and is doing well. He's Chinese, and had spent 14 years in Angola and Nigeria, as an accountant for different Chinese companies. Anyway, he said Merry Christmas to me last night, and I asked him how the Nigerians and Angolans celebrated Christmas. What resulted was so predictable and funny. Mind you, he's never been to America, or any western country. He said on Christmas, they sit around getting shit faced all day, interspersed with dancing in filthy surroundings. He went on to say that the blacks ALWAYS spent their entire paychecks, on alcohol, on the very first day they got paid, and would come into accounting the next day, to get a loan against the next payday. I started laughing my ass off, and he and my wife didn't understand why. I told them that despite blacks being in America for 400 years, nothing had changed. It must be built into their DNA. They were shocked and thought I was putting them on at first.

Anyway, yeah, these monkeys behavior is the fault of white people. ENOUGH! People like you, and these fucking missing-links need to be shipped the fuck back to Africa.

noless's picture

I spend all of my discretionary income on alcohol.

White as fuck.

It's mainly because i have nothing else to spend it on though, and i gave up on saving, the horizon on any major purchase lands me in fucked territory anyway without a major price reset and loans at the same availability.

Also, since transaction histories can be pulled to qualify loans, there's no way i could hide that without living all cash, which would also invalidate me for a loan.

Would it really be smarter If i quit drinking and dropped all that cash in the bank at negative interest? Only to possibly lose all of it anyway in a bank or currency failure?

I already know the answer, but it's getting the money back in safely, and not getting robbed. It seems safer to be poor, less to worry about. Sell me some stocks Ass hole.

And by poor i mean American poor: roof, heat, water, food, and whatever liquor i can get until i find someone else to spend money on.

There have got to be better ways, but for my situation i just don't see one.

Rastadamus's picture

Folks like you restore my faith in humanity. As for the rest of these racist assholes they can suck a big black dicck.

noless's picture

Been a while since I've seen you knock one out like that, glad they made you a contributor.

They are attempting to live a dream that they cannot possibly afford, it's one of the main reasons i just don't give a fuck about anything at this point, if someone has a problem with how i dress or smell, give me a shirt and buy me some fucking cologne, but try to time it for after I'm fucking tossing garbage and wallowing in the dumpster, it'll be better that way.

Seriously, i just don't get people, fickle, vain, and petty is all i see.

I don't apply to customer service jobs for a reason, because your inconvenience is trivial to me, i don't understand it.

kaiserhoff's picture

Let's all celebrate


Eeyores Enigma's picture

You all here are as bad or worse than them.

You all talk about how a small number of so called elite have undermined society via control of money and there by control of everything then you all denigrate the resulting behavior of the people stuck in that manipulated situation. Must make you all feel big, better, superior, just like those elite expect you to feel.

You all should be proud. NOT!

Effing sheep...but at least you are of a superior breed of sheep. Ha!

dubbleoj's picture

It is quite odd that many here will talk of the Illuminati, the Pope, the Royals, the Banksters, the huge historical distortions and manipulations, and then go on to quote to Bible like its some untainted masterpiece. I wonder how many here think Jesus was white. Looks like the Drudge crowd has taken over.

ronaldawg's picture

Yes we have.... so what?

How come the children of the dirt poor immigrants that came here at the beginning of the 20th century don't act like this...

Psssssst..... It's because they are white.


Tsukato's picture

Are you saying Jesus was not a Caucasoid?!?!?!

Now I've heard everything here. Are you suggesting he was a Mongoloid or a Negroid!?!?


Tsukato's picture

I don't feel I'm better than Humanzee...I AM better than Humanzee.

noless's picture

It's funny because they don't realize that these motherfuckers probly haul their trash, yet they don't want to pay them more than market on a human.

It's the main reason why i think the federal government needs to be pared back to just Intel and defense, with a legitimate and effective congress which is actually representative of the population..(intent)

Washington shouldn't decide who gets to eat in Kansas. Let me starve, I'll find something.

But then i get to wondering, are we already there? Is there really any more room to move? Escape velocity or not?

Hopefully? Maybe..

El Oregonian's picture
2 Timothy 3:1-5

King James Version (KJV)

This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.

For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,

Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,

Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;

Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

ronaldawg's picture

There's something about Obama in there....

webspin's picture

Yep, even thousands of years ago their were people crying "the sky is falling, the sky is falling!".

Tsukato's picture

But thousands of years ago, white people were not bringing in millions of missing-links, letting them run wild, and paying for their lives. In addition, and  I may be wrong on this point, but I doubt whites thousands of years ago, PAID humanzees to shit out little clones, and then paid for their raising.

ronaldawg's picture

Hey who let the Stormfront guy out of his cage again?  Please put him back.

noless's picture

The sky is always falling man, unless you hold it up.


Daaaaaamn I thought that was the trailer for "Planet of the Apes 6", my bad.