RANsquawk - Week Ahead - 23rd December 2013

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December 23, 2013: banksters celebrate 100 years of absolute sovereignty!


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I'm not even going to listen, because despite over six requests my money is bet that you have not obtained a real microphone or studio and stopped the echo chamber reverberating within all of your audio.

The week ahead will be more of the same bullshit lofted and spun by FED cotton candy to benefit Wall Street and the Banksters and to fuck over the citizenry - the dying middle class.

Merry Christmas.

p.s. - I listened.  Same damn echo chamber audio, c'mon, you all are better than that, get with the program.

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The Creature From Jekyll Island (by G. Edward Griffin)
Howling Wolf - Chess Records 78 - I'm Leaving You
James Booker - That's Life

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Meanwhile, down at the intersection of Statism & Liberty...

Thought provoking article (in spite of it being from the NYT's and that progressive rags seemingly ubiquitous anti-gun rants)...we're all going to have to talk about it at some point...

"Last April, workers at Middlesex Hospital in Connecticut called the police to report that a psychiatric patient named Mark Russo had threatened to shoot his mother if officers tried to take the 18 rifles and shotguns he kept at her house. Mr. Russo, who was off his medication for paranoid schizophrenia, also talked about the recent elementary school massacre in Newtown and told a nurse that he “could take a chair and kill you or bash your head in between the eyes,” court records show. "



A) If they're going to confiscate someones gun FOREVER they really need to be institutionalized, don't they?

B) And they can't be allowed to buy gasoline or drive or use kitchen cutlery etc. for fear of what THEY MIGHT DO.

And most importantly...

C) They've decided someone seeing a shrink or on medication has no right to effectively defend themselves against common criminals (state or private).

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PBS Drops a Bombshell on the Federal Reserve’s 100th Birthday Party
By Pam Martens: December 22, 2013
"...What happened during the program, however, was that both men made the candid and bold accusation that the Federal Reserve, for the first time in its history, has assigned itself the job of propping up the stock market.

Grant had this to say: “New thing – it is in the business of talking up the stock market…The Fed is manipulating prices, especially on Wall Street.” To another question from Mack, Grant says: “The Fed has presided over the decay of finance.”"...
The Original Meters 5/5/12 New Orleans, LA @ The Howlin' Wolf - 5 songs
" Fire on the bayou
Fire on the bayou

I got a nickel now, you got a dime
Let's get together and have a good time
Goin' to buy a fifth, going to buy a joint
when you gettin' down now, you doin' things right"

"I got swamp water runnin' through my veins
The Mississippi River can't be tamed
I pole my pirogue in the middle of the night
I'm an uptown ruler, I can do it right"..."