Will The Consumer Rise In 2014?

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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Yeah right.  Everyone will have money after paying for their healthcare that has doubled in cost.

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Anyone who signs up for that mess deserves everything they don't get.......

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There's a hidden landmine in ACA that most aren't seeing yet. You've never had healthcare. Your Aunt Zelma gives you herbal tinctures for your ailments. Then you get ACA. They find a tumor the size of a grapefruit in your intestines. You now lose your job while undergoing "treatment". Maybe you die. Or wish you had. The Great Leveler hunts all alike (some things I'd rather not know)...

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I predict all will go well until oil prices hit another threshold beyond which the economy can no longer expand. That will be the breaking point.

Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will 'break economies'



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I think 0zer0 thinks that when 50 million people lose their Employer sponsored HC next year, they will just go without. They won't be able to afford the higher 0zer0care rates, even if they qualify for the subsidies. So that will put a lot of disposable money into consumers hands instead of the insurance companies. Winning!

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The rise of the planet of the apes...oops I mean US of the apes

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There are two possible ways consumers will rise in 2014.


One is with pitchforks and torches. The other is if they happen to get baked into a cake.

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You missed a third: watching porn. How appropriate that it's the third 'leg' of the 'tripod'.

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Long Betty Crocker.........

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More Air Jordan Bitchezz. Amerika loves Trailer Trash Stuff

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Trailer Trash is just so much more animated than bankers...

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So, a trick to make me open this article...  With that (first) graph I thought that this was going to be about dinosaurs, but NOOO!


Thanks for nothing!

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I know you are disappointed. In due time , relax, it will be here. 

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Anything about this?


Edward Snowden Has A Special Christmas Message For The World

Read more: http://www.businessinsider.com/edward-snowdens-christmas-video-2013-12#ixzz2oRCbIBGE

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Multinational corporations buoyed by cash-on-hand and their rising stock prices will begin to invest in staffing and infrastructure. This will then prime the pump for the small and medium sized companies who derive their income from these multinationals. These encouraging developments will allow the Fed to further reduce tapering without disturbing wall street bulls and allow pension funds and wealthy retirees to continue to ride a wave of good fortune. A continued slowdown in China will affect the investment climate there and with their export partners in Australia and New Zealand causing investors in those economies to look to the west for opportunities. This will create an upward spiral for the US financial and real estate markets, both high-end residential and commercial as well as for agricultural industrial concerns...Sarc!

Sorry, but we are all doomed.

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Thanks Fred, it's so simple a caveman can see it.

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"Lower incomes = less tax revenue in 2014"?


Are you sure you understand how this game is played?

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Dafuq? The five reasons stocks will go up?

1-5: Free money for the primary dealers, courtesy of the Fed.

Getting tired of these analcysts pretending there's a market that moves on fundamentals, and pretending there's a 'recovery' happening six years into the Greater Depression.

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just got an email fom Saks--60% off womens designer dressses----- imagine that high end designer stuff  60% OFF

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Wait for the bankruptcy sale.

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I'm waiting for "ladies panties half off".

Have a very Merry Christmas.

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I'd rather see them "rise up" and throw off the shackles of this modern day feudal system.

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"No." Next question?

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Stagnating or reduced real income (dependant on where someone on the ladder of 'wealth' actually is) combined with high addiction to consume.

This won't stop as long as people keep spending. In fact, it will only get worse, maybe not for you personally but for the generations to come and/or the nation as a community. 

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Not this "consumer".  I'll be spending as little as I can until the whole shitty corrupt mess comes apart.

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Edit... Colonel beat me to the punch

Colonel Klink's picture

Thanks Vulcan, good to see there's like minded people out there instead of just consumer sheeple.

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"However, one should not forget the last time a highly levered consumer ran into problems"

i remember it well, the worst players were bailed out with my tax dollars.........rinse and repeat?

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Send us more handouts Barry you rotten piece of shit.

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"It is likely that we will see a push by consumers to re-leverage their household balance sheet which will be hailed by the media as a return of consumer confidence."


A return of consumer stupidity.