3 Things To Ponder Over Christmas

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Submitted by Lance Roberts of STA Wealth Management,


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The idea of infinite growth on a finite planet has to be faced and society has to change accordingly.



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Hmm... The steady state economy.

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Here's a 4th thing...

Why do we all lie to kids about Santa Claus? The man 'knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you're awake. He knows when you've been good or bad...". Does Santa work for the NSA?

Why the universal lie, which inevitibly leads to dissapointment and cynicism? Is it a systematic desensitization to the crony system into which kids are about to enter?

The Truth About Santa:


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Go one step further and look at religion - they almost all seem to have some entity watching everything we do and judging us according to rules we are only allowed to guess at.

Maybe NSA is doing god's work, along with GS!

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What is wrong with sustained?


I made the choice this year to buy just about nothing.  and I mean nothing....take that and ride it all the way to corporate boardrooms.  I mean nada, nothing.  bought some groceries; bought some booze; bought some chocolates;  and bought nothing else.  Nothing.

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I made the choice this year to buy just about nothing.


us too!  we bought some Stollen from the local bakery.  we bought groceries for dinner.  we bought nothing else. 

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And this choice of no off-the-moon Christmas expenditures was made as a result of unending advertising.  Unending bombardment with sales nonsense.  I made the choice not to spend one dime.  And I will not spend another manipulated dime on useless NSA spying tech.  and "Grand Theft Auto" brainwashing...or kitchen appliances that are useless dust collectors; or any other semblance of a corporate mind fuck.

I keep on my fridge a list of all the corporations who actively fund the fight against labelling food properly.  I will not buy anything. Includes Kashi fake bullshit organics.  I will buy no more electronics because the stuff I got does the job.


I have never owned a cell phone.  They are unnecessary.  They really are.  I buy used cars with no GPS.  I have a cut-off swiitch for all Wi-Fi in my home.  I also have an old hydro meter.  Not the one that puts a modem on your house and eventually will tie in with the bar codes of all the food in your home and suggest menus and shopping lists.


Somewhere people have to give a shake to what is left of brain cells.  I refuse to shop.  That is the ultimate vote here.  I refuse to spend one dime of my devalued earnings on your garbage.  F your GDP.  I refuse to shop.  I have stuff put away.  I can refuse to shop for years.

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Funny thing here.

My kids don't get much chance to watch advertising. We have TVs in the house, but mostly only watch content we select via the internet etc.

We had a ton of our young relatives here for Christmas day, and my kids were nowhere near as excited about Christmas morning as them.

Didn't get up early, or really seem to "get" what was going on (being excited about all the gifts).

I hadn't really made a huge effort to stop my children from being exposed to this aspect of western culture, I prefer to try to guide them more actively than simply by censoring, but I was gratified by the results of that inadvertant censorship.

I think I'll continue that a bit more actively.


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My kids also......the TV. Is hardly ever turned on these days. The kids avoid most advertizing as they browse the web a la carte. I never watch tv these days.....just for morons. Any decent programming comes to DVD which i watch at my leisure. We dont have to have everything right NOW.....and i rarely even pay a single dollar for my DVDs....$10 in asia gets you an arm full of the latest and greatest. The internet and electronic gadgets are only just starting to change popular behavior......but the impact will be very dramtic once it takes hold amongst the great unwashed !!

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I think the issue is 'sustained at what level'?

If you are fine with horse and buggy and candle- light for the majority of the world's population - shouldn't be a problem - except for the transition back to that and the consequences of the fact that we are already into overshoot.

If you are talking about your current standard of living - very likely not possible - as the global inputs required at the current level of technology - exceed the planets abiltiy to sustainably provide them.

There will already be consequences to what we have been doing for the last 50 years. Beyond that 'sustained' is a difficult concept for me. I think we need 'regenerative'.

For example - you can farm your food in a way that robs the soil of nutrients or you can produce food in a way the remediates the soil and increases biomatter - stuff like that - ie like the planet - we need to learn to take in a way that gives back - I am skeptical of the idea that there is a way to take, take, take - sustainably.


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Sustained in my concept is the divorce from this endless growth of GDP.


We can farm locally.  We do not need crap endlessly.  This growth model of GDP is brainwashing.  Serves no purpose but to support the 1% (who need no support).  Creates this idea that society cannot sustain life locally.

Why do we need mangos every day?  Never had a mango in my life above the 49th line in Canada.  Who needs to have access to mangos?  when local wild cranberries are everywhere?

There is absolutely no need for Year of Year GDP growth.  It is a mind fuck.  It is not going to benefit anything but a corporate bottom line.  Whose main objective is to cut labour costs, enrich the few and put an end to "useless eaters"

I vote with all these people understand. I vote with what survives of my income. I choose not to spend one dime on their crap.

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I'd rather be sustainable with a horse and buggy than dead with a Ferrari

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Gave my kids $100 each

That's it.


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And my friend is that not even overkill?

Brainwashed and bribed we arrive at Thanksgiving.  And now the adverts start for the emotional bribery going into Xmas.  And even before Christmas hits we have Boxing Day Weeks.


We serve no purpose except to consume.  And are given no respect.  I think is is the ultimate, effective vote.  We finally vote with our intelligent poverty


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Considering the entire outlay was about 350$, I do not think so.

That was for a total of 5 kids.

Wife spent 100$. She got clothing I brought back from the Far East.

So, 7 people spent a total of 500$ this Xmas.

I have been stocking up tools for over 35 years, and am constantly doing side jobs or trading tools and knives. Sometimes I do smithing on rifles for tools.

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Gave kids and grandkids $$$.

Girl#1 got $$ to get grandkids stuff. I also gave them a JRT dog from a buddy who is now on  travel. The JRT now follows the kids everywhere. If the youngest one runs off, she barks.

Girl#2 got $$ because she let her car insurance lapse.

I got some tools from Harbor Freight. Actually, a Big Tool Box. My first Big Boy Rolling Tool Box. They had it on sale for 60$ off, then reduced it agian. If you take it in the coupon, you get the difference, so the wife got 40$ more back.

I was extolling the virtues of my new discovery here the other day, so I went to try and see if they were on the Exchange, but they are a private LLC. Rusty (a nomme du guerre) who turned me on to the place actually got a real letter from the owner in CA.

The place is always packed. They always have sales. If you are in need of any kind of tools, they have them. These are not Craftsman level products (a few are) but if you need basic stuff, they have it. I am stocking up to trade stuff and do barter level repairs. My next purchase will be a welder. I can already stick good enough, but they havea class at the community college you can get state tuition for if you are over 55.

The very Best Thing about today was the whole family that is left got together in one place and we ate a ton of food the women cooked. I provided some deer jerky to some of the guys. Everone said a prayer except for the one atheist so they got to make a rational statement of hope. Then we told jokes. I did not think once about the rotten government and its shills until I logged on here, so they whole entire day was superb.

Ho Ho HO!


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Money ain't worth anything anymore.

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older kids got fiat and silver, my little ones got locally made toys.  my bride got gold with some diamonds in it....I got lead and a new micrometre.  

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There's only so much room in the House/garage for stuff!

Alleviate some suffering: www.worldvision.org

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Same here whacko. Let the mother-in-law do the shopping for the kid. Had to spend $500 for holiday foods and booze.....but that was it. Retailers will feel it, but CNBS won't be the truth outlet.

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The idea of infinite growth on a finite planet has to be faced and society has to change accordingly.


that's what this guy said...well...sorta...only he said...it's too late...

A Smartypants Scientist Makes An Easy Analogy About Our Planet, And Now I'm Scared


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I was born in 1955

I saw that infinite growth was impossible in 1967.

Felt like screaming ever since.

Time for another beer.

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July 1955..birth of rock n roll.

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I was born in late 1959... I was not far behind you.


At the age of about 9, when my parents replace a gas (Amonia) fridge with an electric one, I asked my mother how the fridge company would sell any more fridges once everyone had one... My mother replied that there were millions of Chinese people who didn't have fridges.

I just could not figure how it would be possible how the world could make so many fridges.


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Dood, the planet may be finite but the universe is infinite. We just need FREEDOM from government control to leave this finite planet.

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I suspect that a decision to quarantine us on this planet has been made at a far higher level.   We've repeatedly made a mess of things.  Hell, even 'the Gods' gave up and left some time back, expecting all of us to drown.  

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US jobs have been sent offshore and lied about. That ensures retails sales are down in the United States, so you ask how are retail sales in the places where US jobs have gone--India and China? We all know banks are shits, traipsing off to the state that gives the banks the most favorable usury laws.

For Obamacare, only two questions  makes sense.  You look at how RomneyCare has been in Massachusetts for the past 7 years. In Mass., how many medical doctors have left practice became of RomneyCare? very few, approaching the same shape as your bunghole. How many subscribers in Massachusetts like RomneyCare? It seems very few want to return to pre-RomneyCare days. Next.

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Massachusetts is an extremely rich state.

Very high per capita income, plus they get huge amounts of government money via tech and universities and hospitals.  Lots of the hospitals have extra sources of income to buffer the effects of Romneycare; sources that typical hospitals across the country will not have under Obamacare.

Actually, Obamacare will be very hard on Romneycare.  With narrow Obamacare provider networks, the Mass hospitals won't be getting the lucrative out-of-staters for specialty care.

Not a typical state at all, and their hospitals are not typical American hospitals.

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We're measuring GDP in terms of CONSUMPTION?!?!   That alone says how much we've screwed the pooch because we really don't PRODUCE all that much her anymore.  Even my blue collar father saw this mess coming 50 years back... a country that doesn't MAKE anything is doomed.  Wealth is created by ADDING VALUE - either dig up ore from the ground and cut down forests (the third world model), or convert ore to metals and trees to lumber - then meke things out of the metal and wood - these are the basis of creating value - all else is 'overhead'.  The financial sector should exist to help allocate capital to productive endeavors instead it sucks vcapital FROM the efforts that add real value and create wealth.

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For those of you who are suffering from pent-up demand and truly want to be cost effective when buying shit you don't need, here are the deep discounts you've been waiting for.

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Yessir.  That and craigslist when the credit card bills come due. 


But the only thing I'm really pondering right now is when my elk posole will be done.  Soon.  It should be soon. 

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That would be killer with elk! Vaquero, I'm jealous! I did have some venison, but in Ohio, the elk are hard to come by.

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I tried some of the brisket for this as an experiment.  It was good, but elk brisket can be a tough one to nail, and I didn't quite nail it.  It should have been a little more tender, but the flavor was good.  I started it off in the smoker, then moved it to the crock pot in some red chile, then moved it over to the posole.  What it did do was impart a phenominal flavor to the red chile.  It's something that I could make a fortune off of if only I were able to make massive quantities of it. I like to experiment with food, because sometimes you have a disaster, and others, you wind up with some of the best red chile ever.


I killed the elk that was used.  I grew the garlic and red chile that was used.  I grew and nixtmalized the corn that was used.  If supply lines break, I think I can survive, not to mention that I had some commercial hominy side by side with mine, and mine was quite a bit better.  And it feels good to be rewarded for one's own efforts in such a way. 

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Keep on using the underground economy. We bought an AR-15 on the 23rd from a guy that wanted to buy lots of cheap Chinese stuff for his children. We agreed on $410, with a 30 round mag full of ammo included in the deal...the deflationary suck is here. I have cash on hand to help me out in buying precious metals, guns and ammo.

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I remember going retail shopping once. Let's see, it was about 5 years ago.

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Service Economy Bitchezz. So with the outsourcing wtf is left , blow jobs and hookers in the USSA

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Next trick will be seasonally adjusting retailer sales and earnings with the Fed's amazinglyfuckedup adjustment factors v2.0

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cue "Janet Yellen close up" with the now infamous "scroll" (courtesy of 9/11) stating words "save us! save us!" as she testifies before Congress.

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The gift card sales will be touted loudly. Mark my words, those bastards will be desperate to meet and beat expectations.

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And when they fall very short of "expectations" they will just make some "adjustments" to the figures. I have to laugh when I see the adjusted GDP figures. 2nd 1/4 of this year the feds decided to adjust them to include some made up figure. Some clown on CNBC made the stement that the economy was no longer crawling along but was now "galloping" Hope you all had a great time with your families today and a Merry Christmas.

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Hey, I'll take Aunt Meg's 12-pound fruitcake!

Believe it or not, some of us actually like fruitcake!

I would give anything to have some of my Mom's (R.I.P.) delicious fruitcake right now!

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US Postal Service wins 6% rate increase to make up losses


"It will drive more customers away from using the Postal Service and will have ripple effects through our economy — hurting consumers, forcing layoffs, and impacting businesses," Mary Berner, president of the group, said in the email. "It doesn't delay the inevitable but will hasten it."





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US Postal Service wins 6% rate increase to make up losses


yeah, it's about those "forever" stamps...bring on the increases!

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"Forever" stamps, "forever" increasing!

Ho Ho Ho!

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Considering how the Fed has butchered the dollar over 100 years, I am one who thinks it is still a bargain to send a letter from A to B for even $0.75.

As usual, the largest expense for the PS is too big of a retirement package. If you do 20 years in the Service, like a buddy did, then work at a sorting center on machines, it is a good job, but I tell him he should only have 1 retirement package since I pay for it.

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Will be an interesting year in 2015. Might be the year that the large corps left in the US, dump all their employees onto the federal or state health insurace systems. Imagine going from no deductible to $8,000 per year for a family of 3 or 4. My employer moved us from a no deductible to $3000 per year (couple), 4-$6,000 deductible per year for a family soon after the law passed. The obvious next step to cost controls is to stop offering employer healthcare all together. So not only are the premiums going up, that family vacation money (or savings) all has to go the deductible (each and every year forever). Interesting times. 

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the "free shit army" strikes. orders everyone else to pay Moar.