Twitter Now Has A Larger Market Capitalization Than 80% Of All S&P 500 Companies

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As everyone is well aware by now, Twitter investors and speculators have been on a sharp, sudden and very relentless buying spree, sending the company nearly 50% higher since the first week of December, and nearly doubling it since late November.

Why the stock has exploded the way it has, nobody knows, and frankly nobody cares: it has entered that mythical zone of raging momentum where things work, until they don't for whatever reason. But in order to present readers with a sense of where TWTR's $40 billion market cap, which is greater than 403, or 80%, of all S&P 500 companies, puts in in the context of several companies all of which have a market cap that is lower than Twitter's, we have shown on the chart below Twitter's 2014 projected Revenue compared to this same universe of immediately smaller S&P500 companies. Again, just for the sake of perspective.

Certainly, we have no doubt that Twitter's growth curve, based on the realistic assumption of infinite and growing advertising budgets, will promptly eclipse not only the revenues but certainly the earnings and cash flows of all the below-listed companies, and why not all other companies, both in the US and the world, too. Surely, more idiotic things have happened under Bernanke's centrally planned regime.

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Moar Bullshit.

Throw another log on the fire...and pour me a stiff one.

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I am old enough to remember when investors put money in "internet malls", thinking that "future growth" will make them a millionaire. Same thing with "internet portals", you remember, those "starting points" for your "web experience". 

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I still remember Webvan.


I also owned a bunch of shares of something called (something)2business or something like that.  Those were the good old days of worthless crap being worth a shit load for some odd reason...  wait a second!

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Twitter = location between twat and shitter.

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Indeed, it is the nature of the maddened crowd to frenzy round the most fashionable of speculations - particularly those whose earnings multiples and dividend yields are suffixed by, "not meaningful."


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Earnings and revenue and cash flow. Those are so not relevant.

It is all about retaining eyeballs - money is just pouring out of em.

Hurry and get with the program as sight will soon give way to a plug into your spine but by then there will only be BitCoin to judge worth.

Que fonestar...

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So, how might twitter be worth what it's trading at?

If eyeballs really do get monetized.

If you aren't paying for an app, you are not the customer. You are the product.

Twitter's users will get monetized. Productized, if you will, just as Google's users have; just as Facebook's users have.

The NSA isn't the only one interested in what everybody's thinking and who is influential (and on what topics). Every Fortune 500 company is building their own little NSA and bespoke Ministry of Truth. And there are many companies - startups, mostly - which are helping them do this.

Once the whole "data-mining the interest graph" technology ecosystem becomes ripe enough, Twitter will pick some winners and either start charging for the data, or buy the companies for their talent and technology - which will then be applied to the motherlode, the twitter "firehose". 

And the global corporations will know even more about you - who you are online, how bright you are, if you're a troll or a smart guy that people pay attention to. If you're a troublemaker or you go with the flow. If you complain and cost overhead or if you're a happy camper. If you're the type that writes bad reviews. If you're prone to talkback. 

And you will be dealt with accordingly. For you, a special deal on the latest model. For you? Sorry, out of stock.

They know some of this stuff already of course but the twitter miners will provide some nice big puzzle pieces that are currently missing.

And yeah, I do know all this for a fact, firsthand. And yeah, this is all I will / can say. Left plenty of crumbs to GIFY.

But does this make TWTR a buy? Damned if I know. But "discounted cash flow" is not how to value it; of that I am 100% certain.

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That works out to $285,714,285.71(4....) per character.  Seems reasonable...

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That market cap is absolutly okay if you have profits per share that high like Twitter ...  btw, can anyone of you experts tell something me about those Twitter profits?

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I'm working on a project to do something quite similar in a different area.

The components are mostly ready for the glue to bring it all together.

BTW, the recent NLP work from stanford has made some major inroads with applications across all sectors.

lewy14's picture

Nice demo. I'm aware of the Stanford work and I know some companies that make use of it. Personally I think sentiment analysis has a place (call center stuff) but might be overrated for social network analysis. (Might).

Have you read "Six Degrees" by Duncan Watts?


malikai's picture

On the list now. I usually go for the deep technical stuff, but this book sounds pretty cool.

Got a long flight coming up and this looks like just the read for it.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

But... but... but... this time is different! Fundermentawls 'n balins-she3ts don't matter!

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The convergence of the twat and the shitter .

booboo's picture

Thats a small internet company called Tainter

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Such a serious name; you can tell it's a real industry; very important to the productivity of the USA; and therefore it's just fine it's worth more than 80% of the companies on the S&P500.

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"The Internet? We are not interested in it"

- Bill Gates, 1993

Crash Overide's picture

Bill Gates is one of the dumbest smart guys out there and a evil asshole to boot...

Major Malfunction's picture

An evil asshole who, since 2007, has given $28 Billion (yes, billion, not million) to various charities .. 48% of his net worth.

He is way not evil. You must be getting him mixed up with the true devilspawn, Mark .. SomethingorOther, head of .. Faceblog, or some such. He's the one who deserves a boot ..

putaipan's picture

yeah. eugenics programs are expensive.

localsavage's picture

Yah because giving a bunch of money doesn't even effect your lifestyle and plastering your name all over these foundations in a look at me look at me fashion makes you great these days.  I have mor e respect for the little old lady who donates to her church....

dognamedabu's picture

That church that promises people eternal damnation or the one that says God lives on the moon?


starfcker's picture

depends on what you view as a charity. immigrant rights groups don't qualify, in my view. fuck bill gates, and every other globalist scum. globalization is not the problem. destroying the mother ship (america) in the name of globalization is

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During the internet bubble, Blue Mountain Arts (an online greeting card site) got bought for $780 million dollars.  I think the founder bought it back a few years later for 20 million.  Those were the days.  Suckers were everywhere.

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so what you are saying is........."BUY"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

But what is it backed by?  Seems like a virtual asset to me.

Should I have used the <sarc> tag?

Exponere Mendaces's picture

Good point Kirk, seems that a lot of money goes into Twitter, but nary a criticism of its ephemeral electrons being used to send messages.

Eh, par for the course in this shanty-town bereft of all critical thinking.

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Follow TWTR at  #Bullshit

TideFighter's picture

All without a sock puppet as their mascot.

El Vaquero's picture

What will be funny is if, once the TWTR bubble pops, it takes the rest of the market with it.  I get the impression that a lot of people looking for some big event to kick it off, like Lehman failing, but wouldn't it be funny if it was just Twitter's stock price declining?

The man with pointy horns's picture

It would be even funnier if it meant the demise of Twitter.

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I think it is because the name sounds like something a woman''s clitoris does when she sees me.




Lotionboy's picture

I like to call it twatter...

TulsaTime's picture

AS IF we needed another example of how removed the market is from the economy. Cue the creepy music for the rapidly approaching alpacalypse, malinvestment is the only investment going on now. How many trillion will not be enough this time? TARP II bailout estimated at only 12T, still not enough to save BOA !

cowdiddly's picture

And with Facebooks valuation priced at future earnings for the next one hundred years what possibly could go wrong?

Its a sad day when 2 of Americas biggest products for export are twitters and Likes. How far as a nation we have slid.

Phil Free's picture

And shit is GOING to happen. And -- how soon will it be?  Place yer bets!!

monopoly's picture

That is truly amazing. They never learn.

bugs_'s picture

make favorite

dobermangang's picture

This is not gonna end well.

FieldingMellish's picture

Greater fool and his money...

kedi's picture

QE. Making stupid  money, even more stupid. With little consequence. Because the stupid, will be spread out to the smart and the too poor to be so stupid. Your tax dollars at work. Forever.....

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Tell me again - how much profit does Twitter make?

Aussiekiwi's picture

Its not about profit, this time its different, Its all about volume!

Osmium's picture

Exactly.  It's different this time because companies that don't make a profit have reached a permanently high plateau.