Who Drinks The Most Alcohol?

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Whether your tipple of choice is a warm dark ale or a clear cool liquor, the price of alcohol is soaring (but there is still no inflation anywhere remember - especially in Europe) and so is demand.  From watered-down beer in the UK to rubbing-alcohol split scotch in New Jersey, stealth inflation is growing. So who is most responsible for this demand-pull (and cost-push) driven inflation in alcohol? Germany and Czech Republic (beer) and Russia (liquor) are topping the charts in per-capita demand and it seems the Italians, not content with spending less on gifts are also not drinking much...


Biggest European Beer drinkers...


Heaviest European Liquor consumers...


h/t @Amazing_Maps

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Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, Russia Motherland!!!!!!!!!!

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left out the gray countries in second map

rakia, kuchki!



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Ukraine, it seems, after drinking 5.21 litres of booze couldn't get their act together to count how much beer they drank -- Na Zdrovye, Odessa!

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Based on hanging out here for the last 3 years; Zerohedgelanders.

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Bullish for drunk driving, date rape, bad livers, and alcohol manufacturing conglomerates.

Bearish for enlightened smoking, intelligent thought, and positive contributions to society.

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Where is cartographic representation for consumption of ethyl glycol and other petroleum distillate?

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Dunno, but Czechs will be the leading force, after the scandals with the illegal booze glycol mixture.

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Russian were so drunk they forget to subtract export of vodka.

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I think i'd be interesting to see a map of silver stackers and bean hoarders (one in the same).  I'd wager it would be mostly rural America and "southern" states.  I can't even fathom a dinner party at the Waldorf talking about who has the biggest stack of canned beans buried in their backyard. Big concentrations in rural Texas, rural Florida, Kentucky... places like that. Certainly lots in Palin-country, too. 


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From your source: "Serbia has the most consumption of rakia per capita and is the largest exporter of rakia."

Many people brew their own Rakija from a variety of fruits. Mostly of plum but also from quince, apricot, pear, peach. Quality varies.

Also interesting is Rakija 'tea'. Sugar is caramelized. Rakija added and heated, then set alight for a few seconds and then water is added. Some say it is a sin to burn the alcohol and instead first caramelize the sugar, add water and then add the Rakija. The whole mixture is heated until the sugar is melted. Be careful drinking the tea (or putting the Rakija on fire). Do not take a breath while taking a sip: the alcohol vapour will go directly to your brain. Or perhaps one might be interested in doing that. This tea will warm you up for sure.

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rakia tea sounds perfect right now


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Tyler should so a graph about my drinking tonight. It will probably end unpleasantly in a sea of my own liquidity.

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On flights to and from Moscow, when land and go into reverse thrust, the cabin crew can here the vodka bottles clinking and clanking throght the seats and aisles as you slow down...

It's true..No shit..

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Russia...its black for a reason...they drink a bottle of Vodka for lunch.....

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can't fidn india in this amp, m'i durnk.

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Nah, you're sober.  You didn't spell IIndia with two I's.

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Great graphics from 2011

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30 crowns for lager in pub, no suprise here

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"...it seems the Italians, not content with spending less on gifts are also not drinking much..."

That's because the Italians make their own brew in the backyard - it doesn't get captured in the data.

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i have to excuse for 9.19 in estonia which is only possible due to finnish vodka tourism. otherwise you couldn't find a sober person here. though i can't say we don't drink a lot.

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Agree. And this probably true for all Scandinavian countries, since spirits are so much more expensive there than abroad. And there has to be a special reason too why Italian and Belgium consumption numbers are so low. I know both countries well and there drinking habits are not that different than their neighbor countries.

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in sweden and in norway there is monopoly to only sell booze in stores run by the states.

sweden http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Systembolaget

norway http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vinmonopolet

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In Norway, moonshine is quite popular. P2P booze, bitchez!

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Yep, that must be the case. You are earning a lot of money on them Suomipoika.

Sweden consumes 1.1 liters. The 0,1 thats me.

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Not to mention all of the Russians who live in Estonia (and the Baltic states in general).

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I would guess that big part of the 9.19 accounts to grey export to Scandinavia.

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Former Yugoslavia always gets the post-apocalyptic wasteland treatment. It's like the area doesn't exist anymore.

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Bombed to bits by Clinton. But it is still there. Things are hard but life is always interesting and colorful there.

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I rather doubt that this line would have been used had a chart reflecting wine consumption been included:

"it seems the Italians, not content with spending less on gifts are also not drinking much..."

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Are there charts like this for blow-jobs?


By the way, Russia .... Estonia is kicking your ass!  You gonna let that stand, Putin?

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I've been trying to make up for the Italians over the past couple of days...

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Sorry, that's further south; my bad.

superflex's picture

Try further east and a geography lesson.

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Silvr owners destroy Russians.  *hic*

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Moravians are good at something.

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     Now I know why all those Sci-Fi movies about illegal organ snatching are made/staged in Russia and Eastern European countries. eeegads...

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I've done my bit, i've done my bit. Three days in a row and a similar amount of remaining braincells. I opened another bottle of wine lastnight before i went to bed and the bastard is sitting looking at me. Its not often i pour drink down the sink...

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May the Lord our God bless and keep His chosen people, the glorious free-thinking Czechs!

There is nothing better in this world than visiting Prague after a liter of pilsner over lunch.

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My people had the misfortune of chasing the Orzel Bialy and settling on the wrong side of the Carpathians.

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I don't think the Nordic people are well represented here either. A lot of hooch wine and spirits being made in basements to avoid taxes. Booze cruises from Stockholm to Mariehamn to take advantage of duty free zones were popular when I lived there. Bottoms up!

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Call me Uninformed, but when I saw the headline, I thought the answer was "Alcoholics".

Followed by gold miners.

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Interesting but the data should have include a separate graphic for wine (and Sterno).