The World According To Ron Paul

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With 72% of those polled believing "big Government" is more of a problem now than 4 years ago, it is hardly surprising that Ron Paul blasts "the failure of government is all around us" in this brief FOX news interview. Perhaps it is the fact that "Obamacare has been such a trasparent failure of big government," along with Keynesian economics, and the NSA debacles; that more and more of even the most liberal are realizing just what America has become. "It's really great news that people are starting to recognize this," Paul adds, because there is no way to replace the status quo "until people give up on what we have."


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There goes my President...

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Time to put grandpa to bed.  He had his chance.  He failed.  And he spawned a RINO.  Epic fail.

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11 .....(and counting, I'm sure after this post)...... fucktard Libertarians who still believe in the myth of freedom.

I used to be one myself.  Then I came out of the Matrix to realize that the desert of the real was even worse.....and with less freedom.

Then I truly became free....when my mind became free of the delusion that there is freedom anywhere to be found.  We all were born into Prison Planet and we will all die here in it.

Now.....back to your regularly scheduled delusion.


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28 Kool Aid drinkers and counting

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Feel clever? You shouldn't. Stupid should hurt.

Assfucks like you will be snitching for extra rice in the camps.


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LOL !!!!

Save me Captain America !!!

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By the way.....the only way either you or I will end up in camps is after we are arrested for picking up the gun and going after these guys.

And you and I are not going to do that.

You and I will be here on bitching and moaning about "phantom camps" and the other pointing out you're a cowardly moron for not acting on your beliefs.

Jumbotron's picture wife says all the time I have no ass.

To which I respond......"Well....if you spit it out I can salvage most of it."

LOL !!!!!

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"Then I truly became free....when my mind became free of the delusion that there is freedom anywhere to be found.  We all were born into Prison Planet and we will all die here in it."

Nihilistic much? Must be a pretty bleak existence for you. Why do you even bother to soldier on?

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Just to watch the freak show friend.

It's the only reality TV worth watching.

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Man up!

If you keep that attitude,  you may as well go jump off a cliff!!

It is human nature to drift negative. Everyone must focus on going positive.

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You're positively delusional if you think humanity has the capacity for freedom.

Tribalism and Feudalism is the norm for human existance........America was the outlier of history.  But it is now and will continue to revert back to the norm. 

And electing one single geriatric crank isn't going to change a fucking thing.

Instead of "manning up" like some fantasy Rambo.....why don't you grow up and become a man and just relax and watch the freak show and the decline and fall of freedom with a rational eye.

You are NOT....nor ANY of us are Americans.  We were just born here.  We're humans.  And humans have been migrating for MILLIONS of years.  When the time comes.....just leave.  The world is big.

If not.....then move inside America to a more wilderness place where you can watch from afar the psychopaths devolve in real time in the cities and suburbs.  

Otherwise Rambo.....realize this.  You can't "man up" without "gunning up".  The only way freedom can be obtained and maintained is through armed conflict.  Voting every 2-4 years and bitching and moaning....or even focusing on the "positive" will get you nowhere.  But you will fail there as well and you and your family will be branded terrorists for all of time.

Now if the psychos ever stray to my neck of the woods......I've got no problem settling it.  But in the meantime.....I am not going to exert any worry over the dissillusion of this county.  Humans are going to do what comes naturally and that is to wrap themselves in chains.....starting first in their minds.   I can't do anything about that. 

But what I can do is just go about my business and leave people alone as I like to be left alone.  Let the freak show burn itself out.  As long as they don't tread on me.


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yes the world is not free, does not mean you should voluntarily put yourself in chains.

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His humility is only outdone by his consistency. He isn't saying anything different now than in previous years, it's just catching on far more now than ever. Sadly, I fear it is catching on too late.

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In a very real sense it's catching on because it's becoming apparent to people everywhere it is too late...if things we're still like the 1990s Ron Paul's influence would be the same it was then. As things get worse and the ignorant look for answers it's important that those of us who were made aware (either by Ron Paul or others) are able to explain to them why what is happening is happening and what we need to do as a nation to fix it. I hope that there's enough austrian free-market consitutionalists out there to outweigh all the media spin when the next crisis hits. As the 20th century showed, at every crisis, the people will give up more power to the government with the belief doing so will save them from a future crisis without realizing doing so only guarantees the next crisis will be worse.


I can't help but remember the first vote on the bailouts was rejected and I gather there are a good lot more awake now than there was then. If we fail to stop tyranny during the next crisis we very well may never get another chance to stop it.

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I love that guy. He is persistant and consistant in his stances and resistant to the corruption and compromises of power.

I think I just like his no-pretenses style of speaking even though it doesn't glitter like a Romney or Obama.

 I am hopeful that the truth will have it's day.

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"I think I just like his no-pretenses style of speaking even though it doesn't glitter like a Romney or Obama."

Those 'glittery' style of speakers do that to appeal to emotion, not to any sort of objective thinking.

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I agree, Anusocracy but they also poll higher...perhaps for the very reason you list.

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That's exactly why they do it. And the best part for them is that the public doesn't really fact check then, and at least in the case o Obama, the media doesn't either. So all they have to do is speak with lofty, flowering rhetoric, and not worry about consistency. RP was nothing if not consistent, but most of what he said went right over the heads of most of our dumbed down populace.

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You indirectly bring up a good point. In essence, we have to ask ourselves if our current plight is our own fault. When reelection rates still top 90% no matter how bad things get...well, that lofty empty rhetoric works and we are responsible for our choices.

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It is never 'too late.'

We must never, never, ever give up.

(However, I do share your frustration.)

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Well,  I don't like others living off of Big-Gov but I sure don't want anybody cutting my Big-Gov scam.   Cut everybody else's first.

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Let's see cut the Dept of Housing, Dept of Education, Dept of Human Services, Dept of Homeland Security ( how Orwellian is that name?)... for start.

Thats about $300Billion. a good start and the economy wouldn't miss a beat, in fact would improve quite quickly.  

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You can also cut Medicare and Medicaid and all other publically funded health care (savings $1 Trillion/YR)

At least 80% of Defense spending ($675 Billion/yr)

All Federal Welfare programs ($400 Billion/yr)

And use every fucking penny saved to pay off debt until it is extinguished.

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Paul/Snowden 2016........

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You know, if the midterms next year have a true "Throw the Bums Out" outcome,  a real leader may emerge during following Presidential primary season..


Maybe even an Independant who'll surely run afowl the FEC's current grip on the one party/model A model B system and really get the attention of the public.  Perot had some of this in 96'.


Its time for the FEC to be defanged, thats for sure then a Paul/Snowden ticket could be a reality.



A Lunatic's picture

I'm almost terrified to see a Paul/Snowden ticket. I fear they would be handily left in the dust by a Hillary/Biden or some other such manifestation of evil and I would be forced to make choices more commonly reserved for desperate times......

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@ A Lunatic You're assuming a Republican ticket when an Independent ticket with every NON mainstream dreamer like us + the REST OF the WORLD donating $1 would ensure US of a certain victory.
Probably all too late for that shit anyway as a local community non federal decision making body outlook is happening now SO anyone with a slave mentality that this present fucked up system will prevail until 2016 is in for a shock.
Merry New Year be Happy.

A Nanny Moose's picture

You're assuming a Republican ticket when an Independent ticket with every NON mainstream dreamer like us + the REST OF the WORLD donating $1 would ensure US of a certain victory.

Yeah, until Diebold takes hold, or the Black Panthers intimidate at the polls, or the courts determine the victor. Who is "US," and what exactly are "we" winning? What are "we" voting for, exactly? Myself excuded from the "we," since I long ago recognized the the morally indefensible idea of voting....not that it would work anyway.

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Somehow, I think Biden is done, but at the moment, based on an all things being equal sort of approach, Hillary will be the next POTUS.  Oh, I don't want this, but I can't see Team Red getting its act together enough to run a "better" candidate.  The Tea Party may very well get lots and LOTS of new money to help continue the divide in the republicans.  


If the republican Presidential Primaries are full of groveling weasels seeking Tea Party supporting voters you can count on this as a way to assure a Republican Presidential Candidate that's not ready for prime time in the minds of the voters and will lose to the H.


Just my read on things at the moment.  MUCH can change.

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I used to think McCain was an inevitable next President (and by the way he campaigned, it looked like McCain himself thought so too. :-)  My takeaway - a lot can change, even in a year or two.

But we've seen, that for as long as the economy struggles, voters will lean toward socialist candidates. FDR held onto office by prolonging the Depression, because he knew that a prosperous USA would have no need for him.  I don't think Obama or Hillary are that clever, but if Obama's bungling continues to dampen recovery, that could help Hillary.

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I agree with most of what you say but I think you mischaracterize the Tea Party.  Those of us who identify with it are not all in the same camp.  The religous right captured the primary debates and offered impossible candidates.  The RINOs won with an insipid leader.  But then there are others who followed Ron Paul.  Both parties worked to minimalize him and his message.  The only hope is for people to wake up when things get worse.

seek's picture

If a "real leader" emerged, he'd be terminated.

We will get a faux behind-the-scene-appointed leader, at best. If he doesn't follow the script, he gets terminated as well.

More than likely we get an obvious pre-appointed party apparatichik like Hillary, just so they can rub people's noses in the level of control they have over the elections.

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You do know that the only person that is going to be in office is the person that "they" choose.  The same they that offed Kennedy.  The same they that control the 
CB's and most corporations.  Certainly ALL the large corps.  Vote if you want but I believe that if Ron Paul got 100% of the vote, he would not be in office and only the person "they" choose will truly win. 

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The Man Of The House.  So influential I named my company after his initials REP. Let's drink to imploding the system from the bottom silver..crash JPM crooksters.

Overfed's picture

It's too bad we never had a chance to elect him President. Oh, wait....

seek's picture

Yeah, there was a minor issue of the state-level republicans violating their own bylaws and making up vote results to keep him from having any momentum in order to prevent that choice from happening. Plus the sudden change of rules at the convention to prevent him from speaking... and having the TSA waiting to keep terrorists (aka the fucking pilot) from boarding the chartered airplane when he left the convention.

It really is too bad we never had a chance to elect him -- no sarcasm intended.

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Backing up what Seek said.  I was there for this one and I was a state delegate that was told to shut up.

They have not forgotten what we did on those days.  We rattled the whole convention.  Butler did not see everything that happened but he got it right.

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Paraphrasing Uncle Joey - It's not the votes the count, but who counts the votes.

Greenskeeper_Carl's picture

All those things were laid out in a YouTube video, I'm on my phone and can't post the link, but it shows all the times they didn't read him off on the results of various polls that had him in a close second, just skipped him all together. They alienated such a huge chunk of potential voters with how he was treated at primaries too. He was also polled as the only one who would beat Obama in a head to head race too. It's every revealing about those who run the Republican Party. They would rather have Obama in office than Ron Paul, since they chose not to run the only person who could beat Obama. Not a big mystery why either. Just 8 more years of bush with a little bit of socialized healthcare thrown in, which what do they care since it doesn't really affect them anyway. Also why a "leader" won't be able to emerge from the outside and win. Those at the top want a status quo candidate. Doesn't matter one bit to them if there is an R or a D next to his name.

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Am a hard core long-time fan and delegate for RP.  But I don't see the big move toward libery and freedom . . . quite the contrary (that poll about "big government" notwithstanding).  I wish they would have been a little more creative with questions like:  if people are really concerned about big government, why did the senate just vote 84 to 15 to EXPAND the NDAA for 2014?  Why did Repugnicons in the House overwhelmingly support it?

Yes_Questions's picture



Who butter's their bread?  They surely don't care about us and do not go to Washington to make a positive difference.


This is a broad statement I knowingly make and realize RP is different in many ways from his colleagues.  But ALL of them answer to a higher authority than voters once sworn in.  And that must change.  

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"there is no way to replace the status quo "until people give up on what we have."

Absolutely correct, only thing is that those benefitting from the "status quo", make it awfully expensive financially, socio-economically, and physically to "give up on it".

That's why we always hear "But think of the children"... the status quo know exactly how to use Lame Stream Media to get into the heads of mothers...   

Jack Burton's picture

Off topic. From a former 20 year World Bank insider. "The goal is control.  They want all of us enslaved to debt, they want all of our governments enslaved to debt, and they want all of our politicians addicted to the huge financial contributions that they funnel into their campaigns.  Since the elite also own all of the big media companies, the mainstream media never lets us in on the secret that there is something fundamentally wrong with the way that our system works."

holdbuysell's picture

Actually, I think your topic is quite on: RP has driven home his viewpoint consistently on Fiscal Policy (stop deficit spending), Monetary Policy (end the Fed and thus the control you point to), and Foreign Policy (stop the imperial wars).

And to your point on the Monetary Policy aspect as well as the Foreign Policy, I found this to be a good listen:

All Wars are Bankers' Wars:


lakecity55's picture

Despite the attacks by the MSM, RP has managed to awaken huge numbers of Americans.

We must all continue to follow his lead and simply talk to/inform others.

The PTB have a lot of power, but we outnumber them. A lot of their 'power' is illusion!

Let's snap to it!

Manipuflation's picture

Jack, you realize there there is one hell of a huge chunk of their armor missing I assume?  Their greatest weapon is the stupidity of the Fox, MSNBC, CNBC electorate.  I am only step away but this last step is a doosie.

Jack Burton's picture

more: "A former insider at the World Bank, ex-Senior Counsel Karen Hudes, says the global financial system is dominated by a small group of corrupt, power-hungry figures centered around the privately owned U.S. Federal Reserve. The network has seized control of the media to cover up its crimes, too, she explained. In an interview with The New American, Hudes said that when she tried to blow the whistle on multiple problems at the World Bank, she was fired for her efforts. Now, along with a network of fellow whistleblowers, Hudes is determined to expose and end the corruption. And she is confident of success."

Yes_Questions's picture



This is where it gets interesting.  If success happens for the Hudes' of the world, that will mean disarray in the power structure, however temporary, where only a window will exist for control of the system to be assumed by the governed.  This will not be smooth and I have this feeling we will only trust a new leader (President) to take office in such a time who'll really not want the job, but is nonetheless the right person at the right time.


The corruption will be suspended for only so long without follow through by the right people, who have the backing of the governed.