Presenting The Definition Of Irony

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The trapped-in-the-Antarctic-ice Australian research vessel's mission, among others, is to examine the effect of global warming on a receding Antarctic ice shelf...


(h/t @Pedlar7)


Via The Spirit of Mawson blog (the research blog),

"Until recently it was thought this ice sheet was stable, sitting on the continental crust above today’s sea level. However there is an increasing body of evidence, including by the AAE members, that have identified parts of the East Antarctic which are highly susceptible to melting and collapse from ocean warming.


...The effects of this marked shift in westerly winds are already being seen today, triggering warm and salty water to be drawn up from the deep ocean, melting large sections of the Antarctic ice sheet with unknown consequences for future sea level rise"

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Ice taper in 3... 2... 1...

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What if we started selling BITCARBONCREDITCOINS!?!

I'm pretty sure there's enoug suckers who will buy in!

We sell half low, drive up the price by manipulating the price and sell the rest for big bucks and crash the market!!


Could work... I bet there's enough suckers out there...

What do you think?

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What does Bitcoin have to do with carbon credits?  You people could never grasp Bitcoin.

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Easy, what's the only thing powering Bitcoins?  Fossil fuels.

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This is the evidence the Fed economists can use to claim that QE is working. It freezes again because QE money printing is working -- without QE the global warming would be much worse.

Bernanke/Yellen must print more and keep printing until ice levels return to 1900 levels and there is no more global warming.

Bernanke is a hero. He has saved us from the global warming.

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If only we good; a ship-full of dead fools would be a good start.

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Time to change the handle to "SAT 325"

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Newspeak terms:

Cold = hot

warming = cooling

So for all the disbelievers in GW - now you know that it must be true.

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I feel compelled to point out it's even SUMMERTIME in the southern hemisphere right now.  

The cannibalism stories from this should be fantastic.

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Global warming at the north and freezing at the south. Let's make everyone happy.

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I know, right. Science is bullchit. Some guy in a lab coat telling me it's getting warmer and I step outside and my balls shrink inside my body it's so freaking cold. They got fancy degrees in BS but I got a shrunkin nut sack that tells me otherwise. Smart guys like us gotta stick together.

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"...You people could never grasp Bitcoin...."

Exactly why the gold and silver stackers have their doubts about bitcoin, which exists as all ones and zeros on digital storage.

Thanks for explaining it...

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He is only sixteen, give him a break. Like any other teenager he thinks he knows it all.


Stack On

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Investing Rule #1: Never invest in anything you don't understand

Internet Rule #1: Mercilessly mock anything you don't understand 

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Can we leave these people on the boat until the spring (probably summer) thaw comes?  The thought of frost bite global warming fans experiencing bitter cold is so delightful  It gives me chills.

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Uh . . . it is summer in the southern hemisphere.


That's the irony of the situation. They projected warm ocean currents would melt the ice sheet, and combined with summer heating, they could sail right through.


Nope - ain't happening.


Obviously, there is a flaw in their theory.


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Thanks for pointing out my error.  My poor reading skills are a product of public education on my part. 

Oh that is even funnier. 

Flawed but not thawed.

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yeah, but what about gold & silver, it's all just a bunch of atoms.

you should never trust atoms, they make up everything!


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How exactly does one grasp a bit coin?

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Who you calling " you people" ? That's racist! Somebody get Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton on the line quick. I demand retribution! Preferably in gold, but silver will do.

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I think he needs to apologize in South Park fashion.


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Carbon based life forms use them.

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"...never GRASP Bitcoin."


HAHAHAHAH! Get it! Never "Grasp". HAHAHAHA! That's some funny shit.


fonestar, never knew you were a comedian.

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"You people could never grasp Bitcoin." 

True, ironic, isn't it.

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Just morons.

Wonder what they would say if they ever found out about the carbon credit market (which has existed and acted as a currency for decades).

Not worth the effort to splain.

Fuck em all, they'll sink with the rot.

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No kidding right? They bitch about Bitcoin all over ZH, and then the muppets bring it up on their own...

Choose one, you special snowflakes - on topic, or about bitcoin.

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Oh the irony.  This is just too easy.  Should I?  Whether I should or not I shall.

Nobody will ever grasp Bitcoins.  They aren't real.


sudden debt         I think you should ask the resident bittard, fonestar. He will know in his infinite wisdom if that will work.

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You sell your BITCARBONCREDITCOINS and I'll sell FILTHYCOALCOINs and see who wins.  Each FILTHYCOALCOIN will be worth 1 ton of coal.  Since coal is a finite resource there can only be 4 trillion FILTHYCOALCOINs minted for the U.S.


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And we can use the ice to cool the servers.

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It will be interesting to find out who ate who after they run out of food.

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i bet those hippies are vegans, this makes shit even more interesting.

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Vegans are vegans until they get really hungry.

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reminds me of that joke - they're not vegan cause they love animals, they're vegan cause they hate plants  

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And: How do you know someone's a Vegan?  Don't worry, they'll tell you.

And Vegan's like to think that your carnivorous diet promotes the practice of cattle farming and we all 'know' cow farts add to Global Warming so if asked how you are helping say, "I'm eating the cows..." 

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i bet the ship's crew is not, and this makes shit right

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Would someone please turn up the global warming.

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This is the second time this has happened. A ship full of idiots chartered a Russian Class One Icebreaker to eco-tour the Artic Sea several years ago, to visit the scene of planetary destruction first hand; and were frozen in for a month; buring diesel fuel day and night, of course, to keep from freezing. By the way, the entire ice pack melted in 1940-1941 in the Artic but nobody paid attention; there was a world war on which kind of distracted people, and no propaganda machine. Next time somebody mentions melting ice, try to remember this fact; it's real. These things change back and forth and it's none of our business.

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@SAT800:  How dare you use history and facts!!! Someone please release the Kraken.

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You must really like the IRS.

Knock, knock....

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It should be noted that leading voices in the climate debate, including President Obama’s science czar John Holdren, were advocates of baby credits to control global cooling before they advocated carbon credits to control global warming.

See the CIA article on global cooling etc at:

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Since the ice is not melting, it's not global warming anymore so the jackass's are now caling it climate change. What a bunch of dueche bags. The climate is always changing. They finally got it right the climate is changing. They are just trying to repackage this turd and sell it another way.

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Why do so many post get off the track with crap about Bitcoin,


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Because bitcoin is just that stupid - whenever some epic stupidity comes up it is natural to associate with other things that are epically stupid.

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I saw this earlier and immediately turned on a couple "old school" incandescent light bulbs, as well as started my gas lawn mower which is now idling. They can hang tight.. they should be thawed out in a few hundred thousand years.